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Is The Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass Worth It? | Honest Review

We all love creating stories that last. Stories of love and happiness so that we can enjoy the lives we have been blessed with. Creating our digital nomad lifestyle is the best part of my ‘life book’ so far and that’s why I love sharing personal development tips and resources like this one: the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass is a great go-to resource if you want some extra help to create your best life and get expert guidance emotionally and spiritually by someone who has been through it all. Therefore, this post is taking a look at how Marisa Peer may help you overcome your fears, reach your goals and support you. 

Who is Marisa Peer?

Perhaps you don’t need an introduction to Britains number one therapist. But in case, you have missed her somehow, here is a brief overview of who she is:

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Marisa Peer is a globally known expert who is well versed in transforming the feelings that one keeps in his soul and spirit. She has the pioneering methods that have gained global acclaim for the remarkable and rapid results her clients acquire. Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy audios have the support of most people who have already overcome the challenge of weight loss, infertility, anxiety, and depression that are only a few to be named. 

Why choose the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass?

If you are really serious about using mediation as a tool to improve your health, wealth or overall well-being, getting Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass is a no-brainer! It gives you full access to Marisa’s library of hypnosis audios and meditations for an annual fee of $149. If you break it down, that’s just about $12 per month (billed annually).

Through these audios, you can harness hypnotherapy’s strength to reduce the stress that harbors in all of our minds and get rid of anxious thoughts.

Many of Marisa’s clients have acclaimed how strongly driving Marisa is in her audios. She is always there to guide you through all of your mental traumas. She has brought many audios on different topics and is helping thousands of people worldwide come out of any stress they are facing and achieve the goals they are running after. 

Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass gives you access to the perfect bundles for you to attain the maximum mental health and calmness.

Popular audios and bundles by Marisa Peer:

Let’s take a look at a few audios and bundles that you can access after having purchased Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass :

  1. Calming Bundle:
    The calming bundle has a lot to offer if you are ready to accept it all. Through this bundle, you will be able to free yourself from overcoming anxiety and have better sleep. Stress anxiety and a lack of sleep are a few mental things that have negative effects on our health and overall wellbeing. When you have a mind free of any kind of stress and anxiety and can acquire a sound sleep, your body will feel more energetic the next day. This makes you ready to achieve a lot more in life. 
  2. Overcoming anxiety:
    In this audio course, Marisa helps you transform your mindset from within to allow you to be in a state of ease, comfort, and confidence. With Overcoming Anxiety will learn how to be free of any anxiety you have and allow you to lead a life free of racing thoughts or anxiety. The 25 minutes guided hypnosis can rewire your mind so that you start feeling a lot more lovable, confident, and free of any worry. 
  1. Perfect deep unbroken sleep:
    This is the course that will let you have a deep slumber so that you can wake up every morning feeling more rested and a lot more energized to live the best day. It will let you fall asleep a lot easier in the night and also avoid turning and tossing in the bed while struggling to sleep. Your mind will learn how to fall asleep a lot more faster and easier. 
  1. Perfect relaxation:
    This is the ultimate stress buster. It can help dramatically reduce any kind of stress through the mind’s power by only listening to the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass from the Perfect Relaxation bundle. This audio course is designed to help you destress and relax your mind in leading to greater clarity and more health from within. 

With the help of the above courses, you will start living a more calm life and get more control over the way your mind thinks. Through Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass, many people have acquired calm of mind. She has made available bundles for all niches and has high customer satisfaction. She has also worked with many celebrities, and they as well go with the saying that Marisa has helped them regain confidence in themselves and also allowed them to get their goals fulfilled. 

What are the other bundles offered by Marisa Peer?

Marisa is at the moment offering the following audio bundles:

– Abundance bundle 

– Ultimate confidence bundle 

– Dating and relationship bundle 

– Conception bundle 

– Mind boosting bundle

– Weight management bundle

– Calmness bundle

– Student bundle

Being named Britain’s best therapist by the Tatler magazine, Marisa has already spent nearly three decades while treating a huge client list that also includes many superstars, Royalty, CEOs, and Olympic athletes. Her USP is that she teaches only simple steps that can produce huge and dramatic life-changing results. She seamlessly brings on her one of a kind therapy room techniques that everyone can listen to and get transformed and transfixed just like that. 

Is audio more powerful than written text?

Through audios, you get to hear the expression with which the author has said things, and this way, his meaning, and idea reach you a lot faster. You can grasp the ideas and notions that the author conveys and allows you to absorb his energy and passion easily. This is why audios are considered a lot more effective than written text. 

Are you ready to be transformed and transfixed by the most calming and relaxing audios? Yes? Then, get the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass! Grab on to the opportunity to always be ready to take life by its horns!

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Jeffrey Allen Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time? (Truth Revealed)

Introduction To Jeffrey Allen Review

The world is changing so much faster than we could imagine. Technology has jumped into our society and has made an enormous impact.

Most importantly, it has become part of everything now, and we can not prevent ourselves from depending on it. Such significant development is made in the education industry as well.

Mindvalley helps the audience to learn life skills that are crucial to all aspects of life. It provides an education that no other platform offers. It ventures into learning about the mind, body, souls, relationships, etc.

They deal with different skill development altogether; they aim to calm the mind and soul of the person to help him deal with real-life issues.

To understand the difference better, it is crucial to exhaustively cover both the tools and gain insight into their working so that a comparison can be made.

Most of our lives we keep learning things that will help us to improve our career, we invest a lot of money in developing better skills that will help you perform better at a job. Still, we forget to learn life lessons the same way we learn career lessons, just like our body needs food to be healthy, our mind and soul too needs learning to keep us at peace and help us to be successful in life.

Mindvalley can fulfil this thirst for connective learning through their “transformative education“. The curriculum of Mindvalley is designed to unleash the potential of mind, body, and spirit.

We often find ourselves lonely in the situations and think it happens only to us, but at Mindvalley you can connect with people who are in the same boat as you are.

There is always a sense of relief one can get by getting validation from others that their problems are not only theirs alone.

We are always so busy running after our goals and working hard to achieve them that we forget to appreciate what we have already conquered. We fail to be grateful to the little things in life that bring joy to us.

We are where because of our success and our failures too, so we must celebrate both of them and be grateful for all the opportunities that we got in our lives to make our lives better.

Jeffery Allen Review

About Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen is a motivational speaker and life coach at Mindvalley. He has helped a lot of people to succeed in life, although according to him, his success is due to his wife, Hisami.

He loves helping people so that they can find peace, be more powerful and live their life in a pleasant manner.

In his life, he has a lot of great teachers and experiences, which he wishes now to share with the entire world.

He wants to help people by helping them find the right path to living a fulfilling life. He has shared his life philosophy to guide others in the way of success.

Jeffery Allen Review

He says that throughout the years he has tried to work around numerous methods of reasoning and played different roles in his life. And carefully examining them, he came to the conclusion that all the philosophies lead us to the same teachings over and over again.

He believes in becoming a good person and doing good things in life. The purpose of life, according to him, is simple, it is to become self-aware and understand the feelings of those who are around us.

When we are self-aware, we are able to make decisions that suit us best. Sometimes we don’t understand ourselves, how we feel or what we want because we are not connected with ourselves.

When we are careful, we become mindful of ourselves, our values, our decision-making practices, our failures, our success and our responses.

We can analyze ourselves better and improve ourselves. We often underestimate mindfulness as a way to be calm and think better, but it does more than that, it changes the way people deal with stressful situations. With mindfulness, we can deal with life and enjoy it with grace.

Better self-awareness also leads to better performance in life; when we are self-aware, we end up giving the world our unique light and make it shine brighter. We can also make an effect on the world by spreading our light. According to him, this means combining everything he loves to do in a circle of creative endeavour.  

His enthusiasm is being engaged in vitality work and bringing higher awareness of self into the life of everyone.

He recognizes the importance of new awareness, but at the same time, he also feels it is essential to have the self-awareness to get what we desire.

Without self-awareness, the use of technology goes to waste. As others use his creative results, the cycle repeats as he observes & learns from the knowledge of others.

His idea of imparting knowledge about self-awareness has taken a sharp turn after he met his wife, Hisami.

Embrace Your Energy Body

According to him, we are not clear when we teach things, and this makes it difficult to understand them. This shouldn’t be the case anymore, especially when it’s him.

He believes that we need to learn to trust our gut, this sounds crazy, especially in a world that believes in calculated moves. We are always taught to think before we do anything, and acting on instincts is not something people in the world preach about.

But it is conflicting that a lot of success stories revolve around it, a lot of people are where they are because they believed in their gut and did whatever they had to do to reach there. We should never stop trusting out guts time and again.

He believes in visualization and realization; we skip this. Still, one significant difference between great minds and others is that they are capable of visualizing; they can see themselves already achieving the goal before they have even started working.

We must have a goal and that level of belief in ourselves to succeed in our endeavours. Once you visualize your long-term goal, you will realise you can achieve it.

Spritual Fitness

Jeffrey Allen believes in the strength of visualisation and realisation and implements it in real life.

According to him, we need to understand deep work; people are very distracted at work, whatever they do; they are not focused on this, which leads to mistakes.

It is essential to be free from all sorts of distraction and be very concentrated while doing something to do it properly. If we don’t have distractions, we will perform better and be able to achieve our goals faster than we would have before that.

He preaches to be brave because this one never gets old but still people forget the importance of this. We have heard about it from time to time that being brave is a mantra to be successful in life. Being brave doesn’t mean being physically healthy; it means acting without fear.

A lot of decisions we want to take are pending to be made because we are afraid, afraid to lose or be unsuccessful. We don’t realise the number of great deals that are pending due to our inability to take a stand. We need to get rid of them and be fearless.

He understands the need to acknowledge the relationship, because if that is at the right place, it gives you strength, motivates you to perform better and keeps you on the right track.

We live most of our lives busy building careers and a name in the world, our relationships amount to such a small portion of our lives. But this small portion is the most important part; we live our entire life through this small portion so we shouldn’t be ignoring this. Improving our relationship helps improve everything else.

We have discussed it in great lengths so it must be evident that he is a believer in the strength of Self-Awareness. It is his mission to learn and to embody amazing teachings in his students and to raise awareness in the minds of people.

Awareness about one’s self and others helps us perform better in life. He wants to strip away needless nonsense within himself and the teaching; he aims to deliver the message in a clear & helpful manner. 

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Yoga App Review 2024: Should You Join?

Introduction to Mindvalley Yoga App

Yoga is not a part of everyone’s life. People do a lot of physical activities to be fit. People who do not do yoga may wonder many things while observing others who do yoga in their daily life. They may think about whether they are fit or slim enough? Are they flexible and disciplined enough? Do they have a peaceful mind and life?

Yes, these are the fundamental questions that arise in one’s mind. Any fitness exercise is never enough. You can tie yourself forever with yoga practices for long and better results. Yoga will give inner peace, strength, confidence, reduce weight, discipline, and many more benefits.

Mindvalley has introduced a Mindvalley Yoga app called Zenward, which includes a 21-day yoga quest. It can help you in achieving fitness goals if you think you are very busy, or unfit, or getting fat. Yoga is far more than an exercise, and it keeps your body balance both mentally and physically. You can start with the Mindvalley yoga quest and then lock it up in your life forever.

How is Yoga a Work In?

Yoga gives you balance over your body and mental strength that cannot be gained from any other fitness exercise. Many people around are switching from other fitness techniques to yoga. They are getting satisfied with the results and are watching people around them. 

People are becoming fit physically, but they lack mental strength and peace. What is the use of muscular physique when you do not have a sharp mind? With fitness practices, people should also prefer doing spiritual practices. These exercises will improve your mental strength and make you more stable to compete with the real world.  

Yoga is a power pack which includes everything that makes you physically, emotionally and mentally fit. It is a fantastic exercise for your body and mind. It includes the following things, which can help you with every step of your life:

Mindvalley Yoga App
  • You can do self-inspection by getting more information about yourself. It will improve your senses that can help you in making better decisions in your life.
  • Yoga improves flexibility, muscle strength, and body posture. Your age doesn’t matter because you can start yoga whenever you feel like.
  • It will help in improving your relations by giving you inner peace and help you to control your anger.
  • You can get over your traumatic experiences in the past and give your life a new start.
  • It will help you to shed excess weight from your body and maintain your perfect weight.
  • It helps in lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and making your immune system strong.
  • Your memory becomes sharp and organized.
  • It will help you to judge what is good or bad for your health.
  • It will keep you rejuvenating so that you can feel fresh every day. You will forget about being tired.
  • You will feel relieved from various chronic pains, joint pain, back pain, and many types of muscle pain.
  • It will keep you more focused on increasing your ability to concentrate. It will help in making you more productive.
  • You can get rid of anxiety, depression, stress from your life, and have a peaceful mind.
  • It will help you to make a strong connection between your body and nature. The spiritual sense will make you feel connected with this world and support you in every part of your life.

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How Yoga Affects the Functioning of Our Body?

Yoga is not only a good exercise for the body, but the mind also. As per science also, yoga has proven to be the safest and effective fitness exercise. Here is the detail about how yoga is affecting our body and our mind.

Our body is connected to our nervous system. It is the controlling section of our body. All signals are analyzed by it for further reactions. It regulates many functions of our body like digestion, breathing, and functions of several organs.

This autonomic nervous system is of two types:

Mindvalley Yoga
  • SNS: It refers to the Sympathetic Nervous System, which is directly related to your fight-or-flight responses. It triggers harmful situations like sudden loud noises, high levels of stress, or growling dogs.
  • PNS: It refers to the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is also known as the rest and digest system. Its primary function relies upon the conservation of energy by slowing down the heartbeat. It takes care of functionings like managing the working of intestines, various gland activities, and regulating the digestion process.

Both SNS and PNS go hand in hand, they are connected like if one goes down the other one goes up. Nowadays, life is full of stress, which leads to disturbed body and mind. People spend a lot of time with their unhealthy lives, and hence, facing imbalance. You may be struggling to spend some time for yourself, to relax, to get recharged, and live a healthy as well as focused life.

Yoga will help in improving the disturbance in your body and mind. It will help you to maintain the balance among various activities in your life. Yoga activates your SNS and PNS and encourages them to work properly. It will bring you back from physical, mental, and emotional torture to a happy, peaceful environment. Yoga is now influencing millions of people around the world.

What are the Pros and Cons of Doing Yoga?

Every program has pros and cons, and thus yoga does. Let us discuss them.

Pros: Mindvalley Yoga App

  • Improves Flexibility: Practicing yoga will increase flexibility in the body. It makes your muscles loose and increases the motion. 
  • Increases Strength: Easy poses of yoga practices will increase your muscle strength and endurance.
  • Improves Posture: Yoga practice will help you to improve your posture by practising various poses daily.
  • Relieving Stress: The techniques of meditation will help you in reducing stress from your life. It will help you self-introspect to improve yourself.
  • Helps in Weight Loss: Yoga will help you in reducing weight, and weight-related problems. It helps in the toning of your body.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: With improvements in body, yoga also helps in improving your mental health. It gives you inner strength physically and mentally.
  • Reduces Chronic Pain: Yoga helps in reducing back pain, chronic pain, and several types of joint pains. 

Cons: Mindvalley Yoga App

  • Expensive: You may find having yoga classes quite expensive. For each yoga session, you may have to pay a large amount of money.
  • Risk of Injuries: If your poses don’t get perfect, then you might get muscle injuries.

What is Zenward?

Zenward is a yoga platform introduced by Mindvalley, i.e., designed to help people to improve their body and mental health through yoga exercises. It is suitable for people of all age groups, body types, fitness levels, and mindset. 

The program helps people by providing high-quality instructors for yoga around the world. They guide various yoga techniques to people and help them to transform their bodies. It is a community of high-qualified yogis, which share their ideas, experiences, and support for practising yoga. 

The instructors will provide you with guidance daily with different challenges. They will push you to achieve tremendous goals for your body and mind. It has separate popularity with yoga that you never forget.

Mindvalley Zenward

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What are the Features Offered by Zenward?

It offers excellent features that people with easy understanding of techniques of practising yoga: 

  • Help in Increasing Wellness of Body as Well as Soul: Mindvalley is not only focusing on body wellness, but mind and soul wellness is equally important. The instructors will help you to create a unique journey of balancing body and soul.
  • Helps in Creating One’s Journey: It has a team full of experienced yoga instructors that will help you to create personal adventure at different levels of your life. 
  • Saves Money and Time: Zenward will provide you sessions from 10 to 60 minutes which you can work at any time at your homes, offices, parks, and anywhere you want. It will save not only your time but also money. You can carry your yoga sessions wherever you like with your mobiles and laptops.
  • Never Feel Alone: You can start this program with your friends, fellow teammates, and with who so ever you like to. You never have to experience the yoga journey alone. The experienced instructors will always be there for guidance. You can even upload your yoga photos and videos on social media and share them with the world.
  • Available at Affordable Prices: Zenward has offered these yoga classes to people at a very incredible price that can easily fit into anyone’s pocket. It costs less than a live yoga class where you have to practice 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  • Get a Perfect Guide: You will be provided with expert yoga ideas, experiences, and guidance. The Co-founder of Zenward, Cecilia, has made this excellent application to practice yoga daily to develop personal growth. He has managed all the yoga instructors with their training by herself. 
  • 7-day Yoga Journey: you can join a week yoga journey to balance your mind and body strength. It will make you calm and focused. Once you take the 7-day yoga adventure, you can easily add up in your life after it.

What Will be the Offerings After Enrollment for This Program on the Mindvalley Yoga App?

The program offers the following features after enrollment for this program:

  • Helps to Build a Daily Routine of Doing Yoga in No Time: Mindvalley has a team full of experienced yoga instructors. You can opt for anyone you like. Cecilia has made this 7-day journey for beginners that help them to refresh their mind. It convinces people to add yoga in their daily life. These practices will make you relaxed, motivated, and energized. It improves your breathing skills and releases body tension.
  • Several Ways to Learn and a Guide is Provided to Help Throughout the Journey: It is up to you whether you need to go for a 30-day yoga journey or a 7-day yoga challenge. Your journey will be recorded, and the experts will help you throughout your yoga journey.
  • Get Full Access to the Zenward Community Growing Day by Day: After enrolling, you will get full access to the Zenward community. You will learn about the useful insights that can help you to form various study groups, discussions. There are many things to know about different courses that encourage you throughout your yoga journey. You can make new relations with yourself, your body, soul, and the real world.
  • Customizable Yoga Courses: You can easily customize the yoga program that you have selected. There is a list of well-experienced yoga teachers. They are specialized in their unique yoga styles. So, if you ever get bored with one instructor, you can go for the teachings of another one. You can pick a class with your favourite instructor as per your mood and need. 

Mindvalley Yoga App

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What are the Pricing Plans for Using Zenward?

Mindvalley is offering two pricing plans for a subscription at affordable prices. Let us discuss them below:

  1. Monthly: It will cost you $14 per month when you start subscribing. There can be added prices in the future. The plan has offered a 30% discount when you subscribe.
  2. Yearly: It will cost you $119 per year. You can also pay the price monthly by spending $10 per month. A 50% discount is offered on the yearly pricing plan while subscribing.

Who is the Founder of Mindvalley Yoga Program?

Cecilia Sardeo is the co-founder Of Zenward introduced by Mindvalley. She is also the host of Zenward and has a community of people that love practising yoga. Day by day, new people are joining yoga with Mindvalley. She is the one giving training sessions to her instructors and managing them. 

Cecilia has introduced art to maintain the fitness of one’s body and mind. She has opted for the spiritual exercise called yoga to introduce to people so that the world can make themselves fit through easy and peaceful exercises.

After many restless years, Cecilia at the age of 28 found an unbalanced life with increasing weight, and stress in her life. Then she decided to do yoga and maintained herself.

Her experience has encouraged her to get a 500-hour yoga teacher certificate in Bali and introduce a yoga app. She discovered more powerful techniques that help her to lose weight and balance her life. Now, she is a well-certified and experienced yoga instructor who helps people with the ancient art of getting fit.

Why has Mindvalley Created Zenward?

Mindvalley is very creative and very determined for the well being of humanity. It encourages people to lead a healthy and happy life. They want humans to unleash their potential and achieve their life goals.

It believes in educating people in every aspect of life, world, and themselves. They provide innovative ideas and knowledge of every possible level so that to make them live to the fullest.

Mindvalley has created a yoga app called Zenward, to build human health and lead them to be fit. It published various tools, techniques, and communities that help them to grow. It eliminates the negative thoughts and rejuvenates your mind with peaceful and positive thoughts.

Who is Going to Deliver Yoga Sessions to the People?

Zenward has an extensive collection of top yoga instructors that will provide yoga sessions to users. Here is the list of yoga instructors below:

  • Tymi Howard: Tymi is the certified international teacher of yoga practice and a holistic coach of health. She will provide you guidance with the combination of Vinyasa and Yin yoga that will help you in awakening the inner strength, freedom, and helps you to heal.
  • Richard Schultz: Richard is one of the experienced Vinyasa yoga teachers. He will provide you guidance on how to select potent yoga with correct rhythm and flow.
  • Delamav Devi: She is a senior prana vinyasa yoga teacher. She has a great interest in yoga and will provide you guidance on how to use your body movements as medicine and how to use human cycles for existence.
  • Erin Motz: Erin is known as the fun-loving bad yogi. He loves to teach vinyasa yoga, eat french cheese and red wine to drink. He is an independent, free of judgments, and rules.
  • Dashama Gordon: Dashama is known as the Anthony Robins of yoga. He will guide with various yoga styles that come across the world. He will help you to heal yourself through yoga and lift your consciousness.
  • Aaron Kleinerman: Aaron is a specialized yoga teacher in Acrovinyasa that means doing yoga from earth to air. He will show you the brightest side of doing yoga and how it encourages excitement in a human body and makes it calm as well.
  • Lindsay Sukornyk: Lindsay is a good leadership and vinyasa yoga teacher. She has a unique knowledge of enhancing personal growth by practising yoga. 
  • Bryan Kremer: Bryan is a hatha yoga teacher. He will help you to free your spiritual, mental, and physical energy through meditation practice. He has an intense connection with the ocean.

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How is it Helping People in Improving Their Daily Life?

Designing this unique technology is playing a significant role in the lives of many people seeking fitness. The Zenward has been introduced with the Mindvalley yoga quest, which helps people in maintaining balance over their body, mind, and soul.

Mindvalley has invested a considerable amount of money in providing people with the service of yoga on this platform. This platform has enhanced the user experience and evolved the concept of digital learning.

Mindvalley is the first Academy who has introduced this application. They have launched their meditation app in 2012 named Omvana, which is famous in about 35 countries. Then another app for people who have sleeping problems named Dormio. Mindvalley designs more and more apps for the well being of people.

They want people to learn more advanced things by educating them. They are focusing on conceptual education and ideas that help people in redefining themselves. Constantly, they are working on the improvements and offers that they can provide to the world. They have introduced various programs with expert guidance around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mindvalley Yoga App

Can I Practice Yoga at My Office?

Yes, if you are having this Zenward, the yoga app by Mindvalley. Then you can carry it anywhere you want to with your mobiles and laptops.

Is it Important for Our Children to Take Yoga Classes?

Yes, yoga is essential for everyone, and anyone of any age group can practise yoga for fit body and mind.

Who is the Best Instructor in Zenward?

Zenward is a house of high-qualified yoga instructors. It is up to you which instructor you choose as per your mood and need.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Yoga App

Here, we have studied the Mindvalley yoga app named Zenward. It is getting world famous day by day. Many people are switching from other fitness exercises to yoga. Zenward has a great collection of yoga experts that will help people in every step of their classes. In this app, users will get online live courses for practising yoga.

It is the application that comes with affordable prices. You can opt for any instructor you want that matches your needs. You should consider this review, which will help you to know more about Zenward.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Academy Review 2024

Are you finding it challenging to scale your business to the peak? Maybe you are struggling to make things work in your life. For sure, you are not the only one. That’s why Vishen Lakhiani and his team over at Mindvalley have embarked on an incredible journey; to create a successful generation of humanity through transformational learning and beyond the four walls of traditional classrooms and institutions.

This Mindvalley Academy review is here to help you decide how you can turn on your propeller to keep going – there’s something on Mindvalley that will keep you up and taking your life to the next level.

Because let’s be honest, so many of us are pursuing ultimate well-being and success. But many quit, not because they lack academic know-how and certifications. No, they quit because there’s no one to encourage, no one to educate and enlighten on how to navigate the slippery path of success. They lack the skills to overcome limitations and discover the hidden power within them to attain a spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, and financial breakthrough.

Life is full of inadvertent corollaries. Addressing these corollaries is what our brick-and-mortar system of education has failed to give humanity. Hence, there is a need to fill this gap. 

Without boring you down with extended historical writing, this immersive yet concise guide covers everything you need to know about Mindvalley Academy. So let’s find answers to your questions.

What Is Mindvalley Academy?

A banner with Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani promoting a sneak peek into Mindvalley University.

Mindvalley Academy is an online learning institute that focuses on training the mind, body, and spirit. The company specializes in delivering self-development courses and has a wide range of renowned experts teaching what they do best. 

Founded in 2002 by Vishen Lakhiani in a bid to transform education into a boundless and lifelong process, Mindvalley Academy is arguably the number one online education platform specializing in “culture hacking”, which means “value recoding” and creating new models of education that transform human’s life. Irrespective of age, location, and status, you can learn anywhere, anytime.

As stated staggeringly on its website, Mindvalley Academy boasts 12 million students across 80 countries of the world, and with a projection to have helped over a billion students by the end of the year 2020, a more than feasible feat considering the pace at which the company grows. 

After digging up so much about self-improvement education, there seems to be no learning platform that rivals Mindvalley Academy. Thanks to its extensive set of life-changing courses that have helped reshaped focuses and mindsets irrespective of your present difficulties. 

Vishen Lakhiani has done a great job of gathering the most prolific self-improvement talents in the world to join his mission of creating a better life for everyone. Marisa Peer, a famous UK psychologist, takes hypnotherapy on Mindvalley Academy. Emily Fletcher teaches meditation and brain expert Jim Kwik takes students in brain performance. Hands-on professionals well bake all courses on Mindvalley Academy, and they are uniquely engineered to attaining optimum performance in some of the most complicated aspects of human life.

Who Is The Founder Of Mindvalley Academy?

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley looking very confident and content towards the camera.
Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy.

The author of the book “The Code of Extraordinary Mind”, Vishen Lakhiani, is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy. A Malaysian entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker. He was a one-time Amazon’s famous author and an established Forbes author. 

Vishen Lakhiani has always advocated for and emphasizes the need for humanity to shift attention away from your life struggles and focus on self-improvement to make your life better. As contained in one of his sayings on personal development, “you need to overcome the stress of chaos by immersing yourself in yourself instead of chaos.” A mindful, thoughtful, and insightful saying that says it all about Mindvalley Academy. 

How Mindvalley Academy Works

Mindvalley’s platform is built on the foundation of helping people find their feet when life seems unbearable and exhausting. Be it marital cases, parenting difficulties, confidence building, psychological upkeep, establishing self-esteem, or other career-related problems. All their courses are designed to help proffer solutions to someone’s life adversity. I wish I had known about Mindvalley in 2011 when I quit my job and embarked on my life-transforming journey and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle.

It’s all about transformative learning, as said my Mindvalley, “it’s the learning that, inspires, activates and ushers growth in every year of life, from health, relationship, to business and spirituality.”

They offer some of the most useful career-development programs available on the internet, and becoming a student is as easy as shopping online. Whatever your goal is, maybe you need to be more thoughtful about your life or shed some weight, there’s something on Mindvalley Academy to help.

What Mindvalley Academy Courses Look Like

Mindvalley Academy courses are video-based courses and are all structured in the same way. Each video has an average of 10-20 minutes, and a course will mostly take you 30-45 days for completion. Meaning, there are about 30-45 videos that can fit well in your daily schedule one at a time.

This institute has gathered the most respected talent of the world to take charge of all the courses they offer. These seasoned professionals will guide you through the core, dive in deep on how to improve, and rewrite your story. Outside the classes, experts also recommend additional material for you to learn and grow more.

After taking you through the lesson, you will be given an after-class exercise to take action and how best to apply what you’ve learned in class. You will be given access to a community of like-minded people, going through the same issue as yours. Here, you can share thoughts, connect, and together work your way out to life.

Mindvalley Academy Courses

Presently, there are several paid and free courses available on Mind valley Academy cutting across a wide range of categories, all to help you lead an ideal life. All courses, paid or free, are categorized under five broad categories, which include: Career and Influence, Lifestyle and Productivity, Mind and Spirit, Health and Fitness, and last but not least Love and Relationship.

Below is a quick overview of what these courses entail:

  • Career and influence

Courses under this category are curated to enhance your work performance and impact your professional pursuit. Here, you can meet world-leading entrepreneurs and experts and learn their story of inspiration to fuel your digital nomad journey

  • Lifestyle and productivity

“Unleash Your Brain from All Limitation and Develop a Super Memory” by brain expert, Jim Kwik is one of the best courses under this category. They are designed to imbibe the spirit of consistency, support, and integrity and create a healthy brain to make you an exceptional talent within your organization and society.

  • Love and relationship

Struggling to hold a relationship or can’t fall in one? There is a multitude of courses here to help you forge and nurture a meaningful relationship. With the practical application, you will create a love story for yourself and everyone around you. An example is “Limitless Love and Intimacy, With The Ancient Art of Tantra” by Psalm Isadora. You will learn, unlearn, and relearn what love and relationship building is.

  • Health and fitness

Obesity, body shame, and other health complications have been, and will ever be a mainstream discussion in human’s life. Leveraging scientific discovery and orthodox wellness practice, experts like Ben Greenfield will help students attain optimal wellness and fitness goal by transforming their bodies without die-hard workout or dangerous chemicals and pills.

  • Mind and spirit

Under this category, students learn about how to challenge the convention and think outside of the box to create spiritual freedom. It gives a holistic re-evaluation of the daily practices that remain unchecked through your lifelong education. 

Who Are Mindvalley Academy Courses For?

Is Mindvalley Academy for everyone? Talking from a practical viewpoint, and in all honesty, the Mindvalley courses aren’t for everyone. For those who feel fulfilled and happy with their lives and lack nothing to improve on, there’s no need to take courses. However, for those who struggle with emotional or mental distress or feel like you are doing too little in life and your life lacks direction, Mindvalley is a great place to be. In a nutshell, their courses are incredibly valuable for the journey of life; else, you are doing great naturally.

What Mindvalley Academy Is Not

Although Mindvalley now offers coaching and mentoring services for its students, it’s yet to become a full-fledged platform for hands-on student-teacher interaction. Everything on Mindvalley is thought with relevant and useful material, and the efficacy is left to what the student can make out of it. 

This direct access to instructors is what some are looking for and what can help their situation; hopefully, Mindvalley will become one in the nearest of days. Compared to other online platforms that specialize in workshops that give students tools and direct access to change their life. Hence, it depends on what you are looking for, and you’d like to self-improve.

What People Say About Mindvalley Academy

Using Trustpilot as the ultimate source of information, Mindvalley Academy has received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. The feedback summary was impressive and encouraging as users highlight how positively these courses have influenced their lives and why they keep coming back for more. 

There are few critiques about this great academy, the bulk of which centers on billing and customer support, not the course content, and how they are delivered. 

Based on the general review, there’s little to no risk in taking any of the courses from Mindvalley academy, provided you are willing and ready to take action. Remember, “Heaven helps those who help themselves”. 

Mindvalley Academy Pricing And Refund Policy 

Although there are special offers and seasonal discounts for courses on Mindvalley Academy, courses generally range from free to around $900. What separates these courses most is the duration of the sessions, ending certificate inclusion, or other out of the class materials. 

Generally, Mindvalley offers a different refund policy based on several factors, since we are interested in courses here, let’s take a look at the relevant policy:

Courses have a 7-days free trial period wherein you have the liberty to opt-in or out. You will only be charged at the end of this period if you remain active, after which there will be no refund. 

Note: Before buying a course, make sure you check their website to be sure of any update. 

Wrapping It Up

There is nothing magical, or let’s say nothing like overnight success about Mindvalley Academy. The courses are only useful for those who are ready to take action. Perhaps, the high price many loathe about is purposely to push you through the courses and get your return on investment.

So, as long as you remain up and doing, utilize the strategies and do your part, there’s no worry you could become another successful student of Mindvalley’s Academy and join the community of millions who have attained life-changing personal growth and development.

Course Reviews

MasterClass Vs Mindvalley Which is Better & Why?

The MasterClass logo laid over a collage of tutors on the MasterClass platform.

If you have come this far, it is because you want to develop your personal and professional skills. For this, I bring you this review of MasterClass and Mindvalley, two platforms where it is very likely that you can get what you are looking for. I will explain the key points of each one, including the courses and instructors that you can access.

And so you can quickly establish a comparison, in each section, I will talk to you simultaneously about both platforms. In the end, I will leave you my general assessment based on this MasterClass and Mindvalley review.

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What Is The Essence Of Mindvalley And MasterClass?

I have always had a great curiosity for knowledge. And I know of many people who share this personal characteristic. I remember that the first courses I did were in language. Later, I became interested in affiliate marketing courses. And now, I like those that deal with mediation and yoga.

Since then, I have tried different teaching-learning platforms, and this is the Mindvalley Quest and MasterClass opportunity.

Mindvalley’s Quests

This is one aspect where the MasterClass and Mindvalley review finds a difference. According to Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, this is a company designed to help people achieve a more rewarding life.

Based on this, it is that they design their courses, which they call quests. Well, they consider that each one of us should be concerned with finding our balance with the world.

Each quest helps build that path. Whether it be developing mental capacities, or creating skills such as concentration and relaxation in us. For this, Lakhiani included “Quests” as part of the company name.

So personal development is the essence of Mindvalley courses. And consequently, it is the very essence of the company. However, they focus primarily on developing a healthy mind in a healthy body and on spirituality. As a gateway, this makes the platform attractive to any digital nomad, even when having a family.

Creativity Belongs To MasterClass

A selection of four of the 45+ instructors of the MasterClass online platform.
Learn from the best in their field: MasterClass instructors know their game!

When starting this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, I did not expect to find differences in the essence of these companies. I had heard that both were dedicated to personal development. However, MasterClass focuses its purpose on developing people’s creativity.

This I easily observed when browsing the categories of their website. Most are aimed at developing arts-related skills. For example, Music, Films, and TV. And at the other disciplines, creativity is essential to be successful. Like Sports, Games, Business, Politics, and Society.

Of course, the essence of MasterClass also catches the attention of digital nomads. And it is that to work traveling the world, we need to be competent in what we do. For this, we must enhance our creativity.

Watch our video review here: MasterClass vs. Mindvalley review 2020

How Do MasterClass And Mindvalley Work?

In this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, I got a similar behavior on both platforms. Basically, in both, you gain knowledge through short video-recorded classes. On average, each course has between 20 and 40 lessons. Being able to divide the content into shorter videos from 5 to 15 minutes.

However, Mindvalley’s quests are longer on average than the courses you get through MasterClass. And on both platforms, you can access lessons online or download them to your digital devices to see them later.

On the other hand, there are some differences in terms of the communication channels they use. You will also see differences in prices and their free promotions. Let’s see what this is like, shall we!?

Start transforming your life with Masterclass!

Accessing Content

Both in MasterClass and Mindvalley, you can see the lessons from any place and device. This, thanks to the fact that both platforms have an application to access classes from your mobile or tablet.

Also when doing this review of MasterClass and Mindvalley, I found that it is easy to see the content through social networks. This is good for digital nomads because they will be able to enter from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

But here is another difference. In addition to the lessons, I was able to listen to some Mindvalley podcasts. They are short audios recorded by personalities who speak on topics related to quests. You can get notifications if you subscribe to Mindvalley’s iTunes and Spotify channels.

For example, I really liked being able to listen to a podcast from NBA superstar, Reggie Jackson. In it, he talks about how visualization helps you achieve your sporting achievements. Furthermore, he talks about his planning to improve himself every day.

What Is Free And What Is Paid?

A table of three MasterClass instructors to support this MasterClass and Mindvalley review.

Here I show you separately the results of the MasterClass and Mindvalley review.

You can get the MasterClass All-Access Pass by paying 180 USD. With this, you have access to the entire catalogue of the platform for one year. Eventually, you must renew the license. Thus, you have access to more than 85 classes, with an average of 20 lessons per class, and 10 minutes per lesson.

In MasterClass, you decide which classes to watch. So, you can be in a chef Gordon Ramsey class, and stop momentarily to see a lesson from another chef. For example, it could be a lesson from Tomas Keller’s Meats, Stocks, and Willows.

But in MasterClass, there are lessons free too. In certain jurisdictions, you can access MasterClass Free Trial All-Access Pass for one day. And at the end of this period, the annual cost is automatically charged to you the payment method that you register at the beginning.

Now let’s talk about Mindvalley. On this platform, you pay $ 595 for full access to all courses. In the MasterClass and Mindvalley review, I verified in the first fifteen days that this platform has more than 30 quests.

The good thing is that they do the Mindvalley Life Assessment. This is a 22-minute test that tells you the areas of your being that you must attend to first. I used these results and took a quest for the area that I need to reinforce.

Besides, you can test the quality of the platform with some free Mindvalley courses. For example, I enrolled in Vishen Lakhiani’s “The Three Keys to Transformative Learning” course. It seemed great what he discussed, and his way of explaining was very clear.

Guarantees Of These Learning Platforms

In MasterClass you have a guarantee for 30 days after the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied with the learning experience, your subscription will be refunded. On the other hand, in Mindvalley, the guarantee is for 15 days. If you decide to cancel it in this period, they also return your entire subscription.

Excellent Lessons

I have no bad things to say about the lessons in this MasterClass and Mindvalley review. Both learning platforms really have excellent quality videos. These are short, with clear and in-depth explanations.

Also, each lesson is a very pleasant experience on any of these platforms. The reason is that you can watch the videos whenever you want and even from the comfort of your bedroom. This is very convenient for any digital nomad, and even more so in these times of social quarantine.

MasterClass and Mindvalley Categories

MasterClass has the lessons classified into eight categories. These are:

  • Writing
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Culinary Arts
  • Film and TV
  • Business, Politics and Society
  • Games Design and Sports
  • Photography, Fashion, and Lifestyle
  • Science and Technology

For its part, Mindvalley classifies its quests as follows:

  • Mind
  • Performance
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Kids, Teens and Parenting

The Instructors

MasterClass and Mindvalley have world-renowned and experienced instructors. Like guitarist Carlos Santana, film director Martin Scorsese, and tennis player Serena Williams, in MasterClass. And also, Jim Kwik (accelerated learning, fast reading, brain performance, …), Marisa Peer (Britain’s # 1 hypnotherapist), and Vishen Lakhiani (learning and personal development), at Mindvalley.

To test the quality of the instructors, I signed up for Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani and Business Leadership with Howard Schultz. They are extraordinary instructors. Then, I will continue my personal development on both learning platforms.

There are veteran teachers available for different careers in Masterclass listed below:

Carlos Santana Masterclass ReviewGuitar
Mira Nair Masterclass ReviewIndependent filmmaking
Helen Mirren Masterclass ReviewActing
Samuel Jackson Masterclass ReviewActing
Serena Williams Masterclass ReviewTennis
Gordon Ramsay Masterclass ReviewCooking
Masterclass Free TrialFree Trial
Dominique Ansel masterclass reviewCooking
Wolfgang puck masterclass reviewCooking
Will wright masterclass reviewGame Design
Dan Brown Masterclass ReviewWriting thrillers
Stephen Curry Masterclass ReviewShooting, Ball handling and scoring in Basketball
Garry Kasparov Masterclass ReviewChess
Jimmy Chin Masterclass ReviewAdventure photography
Spike Lee masterclass reviewFilmmaking
Christina Aguilera Masterclass ReviewSinging
Ken Burns Masterclass ReviewDocumentary filmmaking
Werner Herzog Masterclass ReviewFilm-making
Aaron Sorkin Masterclass ReviewScreenwriting
Jodie foster masterclass reviewFilm making
Deadmau5 Masterclass ReviewElectronic music production
Usher Masterclass ReviewArt of performance
James Patterson masterclass reviewWriting
Marc Jacobs Masterclass ReviewFashion designing
Herbie Hancock Masterclass ReviewJazz
Chris Hadfield masterclass reviewSpace Exploration

Other masterclass reviews,

Mindvalley Vs. MasterClass

After what you have read in this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, you will have already formed an opinion of these learning platforms. But for us all to be happy, beloved digital nomads, here is my conclusion.

As I said, if the creative part catches your attention or you have an artist hidden inside you, you had better enrol in MasterClass. If you are looking to elevate your spirit and develop your awareness, I recommend Mindvalley.

Among the different criteria that I presented in this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, in my opinion, the main points of comparison are the following:

  • Although both platforms have excellent videos, as far as image and sound are concerned, I stick with those of MasterClass.
  • MasterClass instructors have better credentials that support their experience and knowledge. In turn, Mindvalley instructors use better motivational techniques. Hence, this platform has a lower dropout rate in its courses.
  • Mindvalley talks and podcasts are a plus compared to the communication channels MasterClass uses.
  • MasterClass does not grant course certification or any masterclass discount, while at Mindvalley, you get the certificate when you finish each quest.
  • Mindvalley is biased towards Eastern religious practices.

Really, in general, I think that these two learning platforms are excellent. But which one is better than another for you, depends on which skills you want to reinforce.