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10 Years As A Digital Nomad: A Summary

Go out and find yourself. Most people see traveling as the ultimate way to self-reflection. In this post I want to share my most valuable insights from 10 years of traveling full-time as a digital nomad. I’ll also include some tips that might help you start traveling longer for less and stay connected with friends and family at home. 

*This post may contain affiliate links, see here for full disclosure; it was first published in 2016 and updated in 2021

Traveling full-time requires flexibility and dedication because you have to organise every single day and plan a lot ahead.

How to stay connected with your friends and family?

Many people ask me this: Don’t you miss your friends and family? And my answer is a clear yes! But there are wonderful ways to keep in touch and keep an intimate connection with those you love – even at a distance. We all experienced it during the pandemic, being seperated and not able to visit our loved ones can be tough. In my case, I am so used to hop on regular video calls and keep my peeps at home updated about my travels through social media. However, there is one favorite thing I love the most: my best friends and my family – and even my former colleagues, they all have a world map hung up in their living rooms where they can track my travels! It’s a beautiful map and comes with push pins to see exactly where I have traveled to.

Traveling as a form of learning:

When you travel, you are like a sponge, or perhaps more like a student. Suddenly, you start taking notes again and pay attention to the details that your history teacher would have told you in school. This time it interests you though. But what has changed? I believe that seeing the world ‘live’ makes your synapses function differently. Everything you learn about a destination and its people, food, and culture will be printed in your memory. No history class would have ever been able to do so. Traveling full-time leaves an impression on you. I always go away from somewhere with the feeling that I actually added a new puzzle piece to this big picture called ‘earth’.

When you are traveling you learn a lot about the tradition and culture of the places that you go...
Here, we all paid attention: during our city tour in Lisbon we learned that touching this guy’s ticket brings luck.

Do every day what truly makes you happy

If you are an explorer and love the idea of seeing all the places in the world, stop surfing the web and go see them for yourself. All those dreams we have, are often never realized because we are too busy with ‘quickly’ doing other things rather than actually dedicating our time to what we really want to do. Our dreams seem to be lived by other people, those people from the magazines or Instagram. We seem to like to say that before we can ‘play’ we have to take care of our duties and do something that is ‘really important’. Yet, I’ve learned that there is nothing more important than following your passion and doing what makes you truly happy RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, your life will always feel like a long sequence of duties.

See it for yourself: traveling long-term makes you live and experience what you usually see in magazines or on postcards.
Way better than on a postcard or in a magazine: live and in full color, these views are unbeatable!

Frankie was right!

For some it might sound selfish, but you shouldn’t care because those people most likely won’t care if you die with regrets. ‘I do it my way’ is a deliberating concept for happiness. Design your life with all the creativity you have and add the details to it which make you happy. I believe that this is the key to personal freedom, from which you will enter a new dimension of life. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your personal lifestyle design. What suits you might not suit me, but that’s fine.

So, being a wAnderful soul, it has dawned on me that traveling does not have to be reduced to the short periods of vacation time that your boss approves at the end of each year. For me, the most beneficial consequence after changing my life was to become self-determined and free to choose wherever and whenever I want to go.

After 10 years of living a nomadic lifestyle, first solo, then as a couple and now with my two beautiful sons, I have learned a lot and worked even more to maintain this way of living. And even if it was not always a clear vision that I followed and it also was not always easy, I don’t regret the drastic transformation that started in 2011. In fact, traveling full-time and becoming location independent sometimes is tough. It requires a lot of determination, discipline and creativity. But it is the most rewarding lifestyle you can imagine. Be careful though, it’s very easy to crawl back into the safety net of our society which sells pre-made lifestyles. Remembering your ‘why’ is crucial…

Being a tourist for a day...even if you are traveling full-time you might enjoy the typical tourist attractions.
Dreams don’t have to be sand castles…!

Remember your ‘Why’

Living outside the system can be tough. So, the most important part for me is to remember why I chose to change my life. And perhaps you can relate to it: your 9-5-job bores you; the routine of work-eat-sleep-repeat makes you unhappy; life seems dull; your time feels wasted. If that sounds familiar, it will be easy to remember why you want to make a change.

Your motivation to find a way to make a travel-life happen is almost guaranteed. And with each new place you visit and new person you meet, you will realize that life can be so colourful and diverse. Your grey old you from the past seems to fade away. Like an old friend from the past, you get less and less emotionally attached to the past. Reality is what your life is now, and this is an important process to your personal freedom.

Once your new self is completely shaped, you feel more like a protagonist of a big adventure. You have completed the transition phase from your conventional life: welcome to your new you! As soon as you no longer feel like you are wasting your time with your daily tasks – you are living life to the fullest! Isn’t that what we are all here for?

See all the beautiful places around the world - when you travel it seems like you live life the fullest...
Let life be colorful and diverse.

Travel longer for less:

If you are serious about traveling full-time and want to know how you can get to know the world without going bankrupt, check out my post on ‘How to travel without being rich’. My first advice is to switch from tourist mode to traveller. Here is how you can adjust a few travel habits that might help you save money and experience your destination differently than ‘the average’ tourist:

  • Become social, social and triple social:

Instead of reading your Lonely Planet, you can get personal advice from real travellers: I joined many digital nomad groups on Facebook and even created my own. That’s where I get location specific info on accommodation, activities or simply if I want to know how to get to a new place in the most efficient way. You save time browsing the web and you’ll get personalised answers to all your questions. Plus you can exchange and connect with like-minded people – priceless!

But I also use those groups to learn about new trends, find out about useful tools/apps, travel deals, and to evaluate new destinations before I go. Here are my favourite ones: Digital Nomads Around the World, Girls Love Travel, The Family Travel Group and We Travel We Blog.

  • Keep Your Costs Low With Volunteering Programs

Worldpackers, HelpX, Workaway and Wwoofing are ways to get a more local experience while saving on accommodation costs.  All four organisations require an average of three to six hours of your help per day, mostly five days per week. This gives you enough time to get involved in a local project, but also still leaves you time to explore the destination you are visiting. Conditions vary from host to host and can sometimes be individually negotiated. Here is a post that includes our experience with an organic farm in Hawaii.

Wwoofing is an alternative way of traveling long-term: you can support the local community and enjoy getting to know more about the culture and people.
Our little farm on Oahu…
  • Live Like a Local

If you don’t want to ‘work’ or be actively involved in some sort of local project couchsurfing or housesitting might be a better option for you. They are a little bit less predictable though because you have to apply for a couch/house sitting gig in advance and hope that the house owner will choose you. This tip is not good for last-minute travel plans. But it is our favourite option to stay away from hostels, or if we are tired of volunteer work. And if you manage to get a house sitting gig in one of your chosen destinations, it’s like winning the lottery – a home away from home for free!

  • Start a Travel Blog

Not everyone should do this. Maintaining a blog is a big commitment and requires a lot of dedication. But even if you don’t like writing and researching you can always think of alternatives such as a photo or video blog. Either way, I would highly recommend that you have at least one online platform on which you document your travels. Whichever option you choose, or if you decide to feed them all, rest assured that this will bring you a lot of benefits for your travels. If you are interested in starting a travel blog, check out my post on ‘How to become a successful travel blogger’.

  • Traveling Full-Time is Pure Fun?

It’s a big mistake to think that it’s all very easy. When you are traveling full-time, you’ll find yourself outside your comfort zone almost every day. And that can be a bit challenging for some. That’s why I created my coaching program for aspiring digital nomads! In 1-1 sessions via video call, I guide my clients through all the phases, map out a plan with them and answer all their questions. My most recent project, Life By Design, is an online course that helps especially couples and families to create a sustainable life full of travel. You can register here to get on the waitlist.

Enjoy each end every moment! When traveling full-time, you have time to sit back and relax.


Traveling full-time or long-term is like a job – especially when you have kids! You spend a lot of time in front of your computer to organize your next flight, bus, hotel etc. Every day has to be newly created. Even if that scares you, I’d say try it out at least once in your life! I am pretty sure that you won’t regret it. For me, not knowing what I will do tomorrow is the beauty of a location-independent life. Not having a routine and living without material burdens lets me live more flexibly. As soon as I was able to appreciate the fact that I don’t have to know every single step in advance, it brought me personal freedom. Today, I live a very exciting life full of new adventures every day even with my family! Here’s to another decade of traveling!

Start a travel blog, sell products on amazon or become an online entrepreneur with whatever skill you are qualified for: digital nomads enjoy a life of full-time travelling to exotic places all around the world.
Cheers to ten years of traveling!

Did you like this post? What are your experiences from traveling full-time? Or are you about to start a nomadic life yourself? Get in touch or comment, I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this topic!


Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

How to be a Digital Nomad with No Skills

When you are young, you like to think about what you want to be when you grow up. Not many people think of becoming a digital nomad.  However, when you recognize what the digital nomad life entails, it seems too good to be true. You are able to travel, explore new places, meet new people, and all while earning an income – it seems like a dream.

But how do people do it? Everyone has a skillset of sorts, but how do you narrow it down? Is it possible to be a digital nomad with no skills?

In this article, we will talk about how to be a digital nomad with no experience.

What does it mean to get a job as a digital nomad?

The traditional 9-5 job is becoming less expected of the younger generations. More and more companies allow their employees to work from home, while some companies are going completely remote. 

No matter your degree, or even if you have a degree, you can still be a digital nomad with no skills, or rather with skills you have but have not recognized yet.

Getting a job as a digital nomad allows you to set your own schedule and work when you want. Many nomads use this freedom to travel around and work from anywhere and everywhere!

As a digital nomad, you can work from a cafe, your home,
a co-working space, or even the beach!

Jobs | How to be a Digital Nomad without experience 

Online Teaching

Teaching English online is becoming more and more popular. Many companies do not require you to have a Bachelor’s degree; however, some will require it. If you are a native English speaker, you already have one of the most critical skills you need.

If you have a TEFL, you may have a few more options, but it is not necessary for teaching online.

Some popular online companies to work for are

  • PalFish
  • DaDaABC
  • And so many more!

Companies prefer teachers to teach around 15 hours a week, but you can always work more to earn extra cash. If you live or travel in a cheap country, you can live very comfortably with your salary. 

Online teaching is excellent because you set your hours and earn between $15 – $25 / hour. 

Online teaching classes can range from one-on-one tutoring
to classes of 4 students at the same time.

Administrative Assistant 

An administrative assistant involves helping a person or a business with all things administrative. These tasks can include basic data entry, answering emails, taking notes in meetings, maintaining contact lists, etc.

These are all tasks you have probably done once in your life and may seem ordinary, but by freeing up jobs like these for a company, you are making their lives much easier. You free up someone’s time to focus on other parts of their business. 


Copywriting is a great way to make cash as a digital nomad! Copywriting can include many forms of writing, such as writing copy for emails, marketing, landing pages for websites, and many more mediums.

There are blogging websites that you can sign up for and apply to write articles on various topics. Some websites will pay you per word or pay a flat fee for the article.

Social Media Manager

If you are obsessed with social media (like most of us), why not make some money from it? 

Engagement is vital on social media, so many of your tasks as a social media manager will be activities you are already doing. Projects can include commenting and engaging with followers and following relevant accounts on Instagram. The position can also include managing a Facebook group by accepting member requests and engaging with the community. These are just a couple of basic examples, but there is so much for a social media manager to do.


Social media platforms are user friendly, so if you use the platform from the consumer side, you will be able to manage one from the business side. 

Girl looking at an Instagram feed on her phone.
The impression a user’s Instagram feed gives is essential to
the brand – what does your Instagram say about you?

If you want to get more in-depth with social media management, you can take over managing the client’s accounts. This includes creating content for their social media channels, engaging in hashtag research to reach the right audience, scheduling the content, and helping them grow their business overall. These are all skills you can learn with practice, from a mentor, or easily learn from online courses or videos.  

Get our Social Media Guide KICKIN’ IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA if you want to get a headstart as a social media manager:

ebook cover Kickin It On Social Media Guide
The only guide you need for your online success!

Customer Support

Customer support jobs are some of the most common remote positions and always seem to be hiring. If you are good with people, companies will hire remote customer service workers to deal with customer questions or issues. 

Communication skills are essential for a role like this, along with general people skills. Communication is usually done through chat functions, email, or phone. This is an excellent job as a digital nomad, as your time zone could work ideally for covering all hours at a company that provides 24/7 support. 

Virtual Tutoring

If you have a skill that you excel at, teach others! You can teach a range of skills through Skype or other online video platforms. 

Some ideas of skills you could teach are playing an instrument, singing, drawing, even cooking!

Another great skill is to teach another language! English is the more common example to teach online, but if English is not your native language, there is most likely demand for people wanting to learn your mother tongue! You can teach anyone, anywhere in the world, and you are already an expert at it!

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are becoming more popular and an excellent option for people starting out as a digital nomad. You can do so many tasks as a Virtual Assistant, many with skills you already have!

As mentioned before, administrative tasks and social media management are popular and can both be included in Virtual Assistant work. 

Other everyday tasks of a Virtual Assistant include but are not limited to

  • Email management
  • Website maintenance
  • Project management
  • Calendar management
  • Podcast management
  • Video editing

A great way to find Virtual Assistant clients is by joining Facebook groups dedicated to Virtual Assistants or Digital Nomads, as people will post projects and jobs that they are hiring for. 

Often, a company doesn’t know they need a Virtual Assistant, so it is up to you to sell yourself and let them know how you can make their work and life more manageable. 

Canva is a popular graphic design tool used by Virtual Assistants. 
Hint – if you need to make a resume, they have great resume templates!


Transcriptionist jobs are also another great role for new digital nomads. They might not be the most exciting online work, but there are plenty of positions available, and with time they pay well.  The job includes transcribing audio and video into text. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer to get started. You can work from the comfort of your own home and set your own work hours. This can also be done in multiple languages.

Graphic Design

Are you good at drawing or painting? Do you consider yourself to be artistic? Why not turn this passion into a business! 

Graphic designers are in high demand for online businesses. If you have an eye for aesthetics and design, you can help create branding for a company, including the logo, icons, website, colors, etc. 

There is a high demand for graphic designers, and there are numerous projects posted daily in Facebook groups.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for a while, and it is an easy way to make money. You earn a commission for promoting products and getting users to purchase them.  If you already have a following through a blog or social media, such as Pinterest or Instagram, this is a great way to earn extra income.  

You can learn more about affiliate marketing online if this is something you would be interested in.

How to find Digital Nomad Jobs

A few recommended remote job sites to look for jobs are

There are also freelancer websites where you can find more one-off jobs. You can create a profile and market yourself to potential customers. 

Next Steps

So, how to be a digital nomad with no skills? If none of the jobs listed in this article could work for you, you can develop your skills for the job you want! There are so many free or low-costing resources online to build your skills. Some great sites to check out are Udemy and Coursera, among plenty of others. 

There is so much you can learn and teach yourself from the comfort of your own home. So, if you want to be a digital nomad, there is really nothing stopping you! You either have the skill set and did not know it (until you read this article) or take the leap and teach yourself the skills you need. 

Your digital nomad journey awaits you!

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

What Digital Nomad Podcast You Need to Listen to

One media that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among digital nomads, is podcasts. You can find podcasts on almost any subject – really, have a look! As a digital nomad, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, there always seems to be new questions or challenges that come up. A digital nomad podcast is a great way to keep learning on your journey, find new inspiration, and listen to fellow nomads and travelers’ stories. 

So, what are the best digital nomad podcasts you need to listen to?

A mobile phone showing a digital nomad podcast on its screen, next to it are headphones, a notebook and a cup of cappuccino on a wooden table.
What digital nomad podcast are you listening to?

11 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts

Nomad on FIRE

The founder of Nomad on FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), Eric Richard, believes that there is more to life than working in a 9-5 job to save up for retirement. He believes that becoming a digital nomad can mean becoming financially independent, allowing us to retire early. This is the key to creating a life you love and living a happy one. 

Eric interviews digital nomads, entrepreneurs, world travelers, early retirees, and many more to gain insight and tips into living a financially independent lifestyle on the podcast.

Listen to Nomad on FIRE or jump directly to the episode where I was interviewed on.

The Nomadic Spirit Podcast

The Nomadic Spirit Podcast focuses on the digital nomad lifestyle and everything that comes with it. The podcast covers everything from packing, to digital nomad fashion to creating connections while traveling, and personal development. Hosted by Omar Mo, he helps you create that life that you want as a digital nomad (or aspiring ones). Omar works online to fund his travels, and shares tips on marketing, working online, living from a backpack, and so much more. On his show, he interviews other digital nomads about how they manage their nomadic life. 

Listen to The Nomadic Spirit and here’s my interview.

The Kevin Shee Show

The Kevin Shee Show is a learning journey for the host and for its listeners! Kevin aims to learn new topics from a variety of people. He talks with experts from fields such as health, business, technology, and investing. If you want to continue your learning journey, this digital nomad podcast allows you to learn with Kevin as he navigates these popular topics.

Listen to The Kevin Shee Show and the episode where I talk about being a digital nomad mom.

A photo collage and a title saying 11 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts you need to listen to; a microphone, smartphone, a girl with white headphones.

The Offbeat Life

Debbie, the founder of The Offbeat Life, has an amazing story and has been on a fantastic journey to get where she is. Growing up, she was encouraged to follow a more traditional path and degree, but instead, she followed her passions and found a love for the arts. Her love of photography led her to travel the world. Now, Debbie helps others who have felt lost, as she did once, and encourages them to follow a path that will challenge them and bring them joy. 

Listen to The Offbeat Life or click here to listen to how to work as a remote social media manager.

She Goes Digital

Mel is a digital nomad who helps others achieve the lifestyle she has. She went from working a 9-5 job to starting a consulting business and living the life she wanted. She is now able to work and travel freely. Originally from France, she is currently based in Bali.

Mel shares tips about business, marketing, and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Listen to She Goes Digital

Nomad Together

Many podcasts are from the perspective of solo digital nomads or couples. Welcome to Nomad Together, which is the making of Paul and Becky, Kortman, and their four children. Paul and Becky have lived the nomadic lifestyle as a couple, and starting a family has not slowed them down. The podcast gives you insight into living as a nomadic family and helps you achieve the same. 

Listen to Nomad Together

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is known for his book and idea of the 4-hour workweek. Tim supports a lifestyle that allows us to leave the corporate world and start your own business, to fund your lifestyle. The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts and widely praised. Tim talks with a range of people, from athletes to business owners, to find out what makes them tick and succeed. 

Listen to The Tim Ferriss Show


Nomadtopia shares with us digital nomad stories to keep us inspired and entertained. Amy talks to a range of digital nomads, living all over the world and doing a variety of jobs – from owning their own business to house-sitting around the world, each nomad has a unique story to share. They talk about daily life, the struggles digital nomads face, and how you can get started and make it happen.

Listen to Nomadtopia and the episode where I talk about life as a digital nomad family.

Location Indie

The Location Indie podcast gives you a behind the scenes look at being a digital nomad and location independent. Sometimes, all we see are the exciting parts of being a digital nomad and traveling the world. However, there will be struggles or issues you may face, and the Location Indie podcast addresses and shares this with us. It’s refreshing to get a full look at what it means to be a digital nomad.

Listen to Location Indie

Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher talks about business, marketing, branding, and inspiration.  She answers your questions about leaving your 9-5, working online, and how to turn your passion into a career. Jenna is a self-made millionaire and shares her tips on how she got to where she is today. Jenna is relatable, and her podcast helps you get into the mindset you need to succeed. She also interviews other successful entrepreneurs who share their business and lifestyle secrets.

Listen to Goal Digger

Digital Nomad Mom

Last but not least, we would like to mention our own podcast for (aspiring) digital nomads and especially digital nomad families (to be). The Digital Nomad Mom podcast focuses on family-specific topics and everything related to helping the listeners to get inspired and finding their way into a location-independent lifestyle.

If you have an inspiring story to share, please get in touch to become one of our future guests on the show!

Tune in to check out our Digital Nomad Mom podcast!

The digital nomad lifestyle lets us pursue our passions and live the lifestyle we want. However, you probably don’t have it all figured out (just yet). And things can change so quickly, both in the world and in the online space. So, once you find the perfect digital nomad podcast for you, it will help you keep up to date with how to navigate your digital nomad journey and how to stay current and informed while working online. 

What digital nomad podcasts do you recommend?

Not done reading yet? Here a list of digital nomad podcasts where I got interviewed on: Check them here!

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

The Only Digital Nomad Packing List You Need 2023

Network, connect and exchange knowledge with other digital nomads and travel families in our Facebook group.

Packing for a trip can be a stressful experience for a lot of people. You have an idea of what you want to bring, but when it gets down to actually packing, you question everything. You either have too much or not enough stuff or have no idea where to begin.

If you’re a digital nomad, it can be even more stressful – you are carrying your whole life around with you. 

So what do you put on your digital nomad packing list? It may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry! 

In this article, we will tell you what to pack as a digital nomad to ensure you have all the essentials and make your packing experience stress-free.

A pin for Pinterest showing a map, a camera and a man with a pen.
Pin this and save this post to Pinterest for later!

Where to begin 

You’ve scored an online job, bought your plane ticket, and are almost ready to go, but you don’t have any digital nomad gear! 

Let’s start from the beginning.

Looking to get started as a digital nomad?  

Check out my Social Media Marketing Guide

pink ebook cover with title Kickin' It On Social Media'
A great item to put on your digital nomad packing list – lightweight and super handy!

This ebook covers all the topics needed when starting out on social media or when you’re feeling stuck with your current strategy.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a small commission but come at no extra cost to you. This helps with the costs of running our blog so we can keep our content free for you. Thanks as always for your support! See the full disclosure here.

Backpack vs. Carry on Suitcase

There is a great debate between using a backpack or a suitcase for travel. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, one will better suit your traveling style. However, if you’re unsure where your travels might take you, a backpack is a more comfortable option to travel with.

Having a digital nomad backpack makes it easier to travel from place to place, without the worry of lugging your suitcase along. Especially in countries where sidewalks are non-existent, and traffic is crazy, it’s easier to navigate the streets with a backpack. 

When traveling with a suitcase, you usually want to get to your destination right away to drop it off, so you can start exploring, hands-free. With a backpack, you’re able to take your time getting to your destination and not worry about your baggage – literally.

One of the best brands for a digital nomad backpack is Osprey. This is the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads, as it is the perfect size to fit everything you need for your trip, while also meeting the carry-on restrictions for most airlines. This bag is excellent for city breaks or exploring the countryside. It’s water-resistant, comfortable, and you can fit up to 40L.

Black backpack

Great, so you have your backpack (or suitcase), but now for the hard part, what do you need to bring?

Digital Nomad Packing List – Everyday Items


One of the hardest parts of packing is thinking of what clothes to bring. Traveling light is always the way to go, so how can you keep to being a minimalist digital nomad while carrying everything you need? 

If you stick with the basics, you can’t go wrong! It can seem challenging to pack for different countries and climates, but one of the best tips I’ve received is you can always layer clothes! It’s recommended that you pack enough clothes for a week. You’re sure to pick up some new clothes on your travels!

Digital nomad fashion is what you want it to be. One great part about being a digital nomad is that you don’t have to go into an office every day, but instead, you get to choose where your office is for the day. Your outfits can range from loungewear to a bathing suit, or if you want to get dressed up, you can – it’s up to you!

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Whether you plan on walking a lot or not, most likely you will end up walking a lot. One of the best ways to explore a city is by foot, so make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes so your feet can keep up!

Flip Flop Sandals

If you’re planning to visit multiple climates and destinations, having a pair of flip flop sandals for warmer weather will make your life much easier! Flip flops are great for the beach, or if you are staying in hostels, having a pair of flip flops for showers is a necessity.

A pair of golden colored flip flop sandals

Day Bag

You might find yourself in an adventurous destination and need a bag to bring along for the day. This foldable day backpack is light to carry around and compact so that it won’t take up too much room. It folds into a zipped inner pocket that you can easily pack for your trip. You can unfold it from the pocket, into a backpack in seconds. The backpack has mesh shoulder straps with plenty of padding to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. 

It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and comfortable – what more do you need!

A green backpack and various colour options next to it.

Quick-dry towel

A quick-drying or microfiber towel is an excellent thing to have on your travels! First, it doesn’t take up much room – you can fold it down, so it takes up as much space as a t-shirt. Second, it really is quick-drying – you won’t have to worry about it getting the rest of your clothes wet.

Travel towel bag and rolled up travel towel underneath it.

Combination Lock

A combination lock is essential to keep everything safe. We recommend a combination lock (vs. a key lock), so it is one less thing to lose! Most hostels will have lockers, but it’s up to you to bring the lock. 

A blue combination lock with numbers.


You should pack the essential toiletries for your travels such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a brush, and anything else you will need! 

Keep in mind that you can purchase most toiletries on your travels, so don’t worry about bringing enough for your whole trip.

However, you should pack anything special you use, such as hair products or makeup, as you might not be able to find the same ones abroad!

What to Pack – Technology

As a digital nomad, you will be carrying some tech with you, but what is essential to bring? Of course, you will need your laptop and phone but outside of those, let’s look at what digital nomad gadgets and accessories to bring along.

World Travel Adapter

Wherever your travels might take you, you always need to be plugged in! With this world travel adapter, you will be ready to work from anywhere. This travel adapter accepts plugs from more than 150 countries. It also contains USB ports so you can charge more than one device at once. 

A black travel adapter.

Noise-canceling Headphones

As a digital nomad, you will be working from different places on your journey. Some will definitely be noisier than others, so it’s essential to have all the tools to be as productive as possible! Whether you are working from the airport, a coffee shop, or a coworking space, all the new noises will get distracting. 

Noise-cancelling headphones will keep you focused and in the zone. Over the ear, headphones take up more space than traditional headphones, but it’s worth it to keep you productive!

Black headphones.

Portable Battery Charger

As a digital nomad, you need to make sure you can work to keep living your lifestyle. Having a portable battery charger on hand will help ensure this. It’s light and compact, so you won’t even notice it’s there, and you will always be prepared and able to use your devices. 

Black portable battery charger by Anker.

Electronic Organizer

Between all your gadgets, your electronics can get tangled or damaged if they are free in your bag. An electronic organizer will keep all your devices in place and safe! This organizer is waterproof, secure, and easy to access.

An open bag to organise electronics with various color options on the side.

What to pack – Extra room

If you have extra room in your bag, here are some additional items that will make your digital nomad journey easier.


It can be hard to find time to sit down with a good book between work and life. Traveling is a great time to indulge in all those books on your booklist. A Kindle is a great way to have your choice of books on the go.

It’s great to unwind on the beach or to keep you entertained during your flights.

A Kindle from back and front.

Classic Notebook 

A writing notebook is always handy when working online. You can use it to document your trip or to make a digital nomad checklist for your work or travels. It’s a great way to keep track of everything that happens during your digital nomad journey.

Turquoise classic writing notebook.

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle keeps you hydrated and is an excellent alternative to buying plastic water bottles (the environment will thank you). Not every place you visit will have drinkable tap water, but when you do refill it, the insulated bottle will keep your water fresh and cool.  

Eight reusable drinking bottles in different colors.

Leave It At Home

External Hard Drive

While having a physical backup of your work can feel safer, you are able to back up your work in so many different ways these days – iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. An external hard drive is just another thing to lose, and most likely, you’re already backing up your work online, so it’s just added space!


It’s always fun and exciting to buy a guidebook about your next destination but leave those bulky books at home! Everything is at the tip of your fingertips on the internet so you can research your destination as you go (and document everything in your new notebook).

Packing Tips

  • If you run out of space while packing, bring items that would be expensive to replace on your trip
  • Make a copy of your passport and any other important travel documents and keep them in a different location to the real ones
  • Don’t carry a lot of cash at once. You will be able to take out money from your destination
  • You can download a map of a city in Google Maps, and use it when you are offline, without data or internet

What else is on your digital nomad packing list?

Are you interested in becoming a digital nomad, but not sure where to begin? 

Check out the ultimate guide for online success, Kickin’ It On Social Media, to help you start your digital nomad journey.

Pin for Pinterest with green-white mini van in the forest.

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

How to find the right digital nomad community

Looking to connect and network with other digital nomad families? Join our Facebook group for digital nomad and travel families here.

When you start your journey as a digital nomad, your main worry might be: “How do I meet other digital nomads?”. The world seems big and to be honest, this lifestyle can become lonely, if you don’t know how to find like-minded people. 

But the good news is, there are plenty of digital nomad communities around the world – even for families! You have the option to choose from online and offline communities!

But first of all, let’s see why you join digital nomad communities in the first place!

Why you should join a digital nomad community

Together we are stronger. That’s a common rule to live by. Especially when you cut yourself from society in the traditional way, you might feel a little lost out there in the world, all by yourself. But it doesn’t have to feel this way!

  • Affirmation: When I first started my solo backpacking travels around the world, I felt alone and like an outcast. Only when I met other people who did the same as me – on a daily basis – I realised that I wasn’t all too crazy. The same goes for digital nomads; if you meet (virtually or personally) with others who understand exactly what you are doing because they are doing it too, your universe will expand. Mindset is key for this lifestyle!
  • Network: While being social is necessary and fun, you should always keep in mind, that you could find your next online gig or clients when mingling in a digital nomad community. So, keep your eyes and ears open plus, always have your elevator pitch ready to make a quick and good first impression.
  • Mental Health: As described briefly above, we humans need other humans to feel good. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for you to take advantage of the many offers of online/ offline communities that are out there. There is no point in spending your days alone in front of the computer building your online presence and feeling lonely in real life.
  • Promote: The more digital nomads connect with like-minded people, the more we will spread the word and promote this lifestyle. So, joining a community helps increase the perception of others that this is not just a temporary thing but a new chapter in human history.

So, let’s have a look at the right digital nomad community for you!

Join an online digital nomad community today!

One of the perks of being a digital nomad is clearly the freedom to roam the world. Yet, for some, this might also be one of the challenges as it puts you constantly into the position of leaving your new friends and of having to find new ones in your next destination. However, there are ways to connect with fellow nomads even before you get to your next destination. 

Our favourite online digital nomad communities:

  • Digital Nomad and Travel Families – This is our new group and we are on a mission to grow it big! Here, we discuss family travel and nomad lifestyle questions. So, if you are a travel family or want to become one, then this group is for you!
  • Digital Nomad Families – another one for travel families and those who are constantly on the road. Here, you can connect and ask all your burning questions when it comes to travelling and working remotely as a family.
  • Digital Nomads Life: Remote Work & Travel – This is a group with zero tolerance for advertisement or spamming. It’s meant to be a place for digital nomads to share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • NomadX Support Community for Remote Workers – Here you have another great example of a growing and vibrant digital nomad community. These guys rock and help you get excited for this nomadic lifestyle!
  • Global Digital Nomads – one of the biggest one out there and yet, it feels like a group of family members. Check it out and connect with others!

What is the best offline digital nomad community?

And now you are wondering how to connect with digital nomads in real life!? Don’t you worry, there are equally as many options as there are online. You have the option to choose from get togethers, weekend-conferences or long-term retreats. Read our full article about these great conferences and events for digital nomads here.

These are our favourite offline communities for digital nomads:

  • Nomad Summit – In January 2020, we went to mingle with more than 300 digital nomads in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was one of the seven speakers there and talked about social media marketing. We love Nomad Summit because it’s a down-to-earth event with great breakout sessions and loads of fun activities. You can find long-term relationships, new projects and make friends for life.
  • Nomad Cruise – Equally fun and informative, this was our first nomad event that we participated in. Once you have joined one of their cruises or get-togethers on land, you are in a community digital nomad style forever.
  • 7 in 7 – this stands for seven continents in seven years. You have to be quick, they have already gathered together on five continents, so only two more left for you to join. What you’ll get: fantastic locations, fun people to be around and loads of fuel for your digital nomad journey.
  • Koh Phangan Wintercamp – For digital nomad families, this is the place to be from December to March. Each year, many travel families from all over the world, but mainly from Germany, to be honest, are coming to this beautiful island in Thailand, in order to escape the winter on the Northern Hemisphere.

Not into events or conferences?

No worries. Sometimes, big crowds or organised events can be intimidating. We get it. If that’s the case, then try to connect with other digital nomads while working in a coworking space or popular cafe in town. Mostly, Starbucks or big coffee chains like this, offer good wifi and attracked remote workers…you’ll see!

Simply, start a conversation with one of the people in their hiding behind their laptops – they might be happy to connect and as lonely as you are. 😉

Do you have more tips on how to find a good digital nomad community? What is your favourite one? Tell us in the comments below!

Tools and Tips

How to choose your Digital Nomad Backpack

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a small commission but come at no extra cost to you. This helps with the costs of running our blog so we can keep our content free for you. Thanks as always for your support! See the full disclosure here.

Everyone has their own style of traveling. Maybe you prepare a detailed itinerary for your trip, or perhaps you are more of a go with the flow type of traveler. Your travel style can include everything from where you stay, what you eat, and even includes your packing methods. If you’re frequently moving around like us, you most likely have a digital nomad backpack of your own or are looking to invest in one.

Traveling with a suitcase is not the only way to travel anymore. Backpacks are becoming a popular way to travel. Backpacks are a great carry-on option to pack everything you need, while also not having to worry about lugging around a suitcase.

Many travelers try to spend the least amount of time at the airport – there are only so many airport drinks you can have before a flight. Just kidding! Once you land at your destination, it seems everyone is in a rush to get off of the plane, and out of the airport asap. One way to make a smooth exit is to travel with a backpack.

Since our trip to the Philippines, we have switched to hand luggage only. It saves us time and money on flights, especially when in Asia!

Hand holding black backpack, pin for Pinterest
Pin this to decide later which digital nomad backpack is right for you!

Best backpacks for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad has many benefits. One perk is having the option to always be on the go. This can be in the form of traveling from city to city, country to country or even working from different coffee shops and coworking spaces.

Of course, you always need to bring with you your essential items for your work and your day. When choosing a backpack, there are so many options online; it can be overwhelming to pick one!

Digital nomad backpack standing on a rock with a mountain and the sunset in the back.
Which digital nomad backpack will you choose?

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is a backpack to support you on your journey.

Let’s have a look at the best backpacks for digital nomads to fit your traveling style.

Best Carry-On Digital Nomad Backpack

If you’ve researched travel backpacks before, you most likely have come across the Osprey brand. This is the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads, as it is the perfect size to fit everything you need for your trip, while also meeting the carry-on restrictions for most airlines. Whether you are taking a city break or exploring the countryside, this bag is excellent for both. It’s resistant, comfortable, and you can fit 40L.

There is a lockable padded laptop compartment to keep your laptop safe. 

The backpack has a sleek design, with front compression straps to fit anything extra. This Osprey is a traveling backpack classic. 

Black backpack for digital nomads

See on Amazon

Best Digital Nomad Carry-On Duffel Bag

Carrying a backpack can get tiring when you have a lot of stuff. This bag is great because it’s versatile to carry. You can wear this convertible backpack in a few different ways to give your shoulders a break.  

You can opt for the classic backpack, a shoulder bag, or a hand carry bag. It’s excellent to use as a work bag or a gym bag on your travels – or both! The bag holds up to 60L, so there is room for all your day to day needs.

The bag is great for any trip – it is water-resistant, durable, holds all your items, and easy to carry. 

Black backpack duffel bag style

See on Amazon

Best Business Digital Nomad Backpack

If you travel with a lot of electronics, this is an excellent backpack for you. There are storage compartments for all your devices – a phone, a tablet, a keyboard, a mouse, a laptop – all your electronic goodies. The backpack can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

The backpack has a port for your headphones, so you can listen to your music or talk on your phone, hands-free.

There is a built-in USB charger on the outside, with a charging cable on the inside, so you can conveniently charge your phone on the go. 

The backpack has a sleek design, and looks like an expensive buy, but is available at an affordable price.

Blue digital nomad backpack

See on Amazon

Best Digital Nomad Baby Backpack

If you’re a digital nomad family, you need to be prepared for yourself and your family. 

This backpack is convenient, versatile, and cute! It’s a stylish diaper bag that stores all the necessities for your baby, including diapers, bottles, and toys. You are able to smartly organize all your items. On top of that, the backpack includes a waterproof changing pad and insulated bottle pockets to keep drinks cold. There is even a parent proof pocket, where you can conveniently access your valuables.

Lastly, there is a padded laptop pocket to keep your laptop safe. The backpack comes in a neutral style and colors, so it’s suitable for mom or dad to carry around.

 What else could you want as a digital nomad parent?

Giving your children the gift of travel from a young age, will educate and stick with them forever, and hopefully influence them to continue traveling as they grow. 

Grey digital nomad backpack when travelling with kids

See on Amazon

Best Digital Nomad Day Bag

Safety is usually something on most traveler’s minds as they venture to new places. You should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when navigating new and unknown streets. Unfortunately, petty theft, such as pickpocketing, is becoming more common around the world. One thing that can instantly ruin your trip is having something of yours stolen.

If you’re a digital nomad, you know just how important your laptop is to you – it’s what allows you to keep living your nomadic lifestyle.

This backpack is the perfect day bag, as it’s an anti-theft backpack. The backpack is made from anti-scratch and cut fabric. There are hidden zippers to the main pocket and a secret pocket in the back, so your stuff is not easily accessible while you are carrying it. There are tons of pockets inside the backpack to keep you organized and safe.

There is also a built-in charging cable inside, with the USB charging port on the outside, so you can charge your device anywhere and everywhere.

The backpack has a modern design and holds all your digital nomad accessories, and all for a great price!

There is enough to worry about when you travel, and this backpack helps to minimize some of those worries!

Black backpack with phone charger at the side

See on Amazon

Best Adventure Digital Nomad Backpack 

Exploring nature is one way to really get to know a place. This can be through walks, hikes, camping – whatever you enjoy!

However, you probably won’t want to bring your usual work bag out into the countryside. This backpack is the perfect adventure companion for your travels. It folds into a zipped inner pocket that you can easily pack for your trip. You can unfold it from the pocket, into a backpack in seconds.   

The backpack has mesh shoulder straps with plenty of padding to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. There is also a chest strap to help you lock your backpack in place securely, and take some strain off your back.

This backpack is perfect for the outdoors, as it is lightweight, yet durable, water-resistant, and comfortable. It also holds up to 35 L.

It comes in a range of fun prints and colors, all at an affordable price! It’s a great packing companion, as it won’t take up a lot of space, and you will always be ready for your next adventure.

Blue hiking backpack, different colour option on the side

See on Amazon

Best Trendy Digital Nomad Backpack

For the fashion-forward digital nomad, this backpack won’t clash with your look. It’s cute and stylish while also holding everything you need. You can carry the bag from the top handles as a tote bag, or wear it as a traditional backpack. 

The backpack has a wide opening, and stands up on its own, making it easy to pack for the day. There is a zip pocket in the back to hold your phone, keys or cards, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being able to access them.

The backpack also has side pockets big enough to hold your water bottle or coffee. 

The backpack comes in a few prints, but black is a good way to go, as it goes with everything.

Black trendy backpack with zippers.

See on Amazon

As a digital nomad, you’re regularly carrying around your essentials. From your passport to your laptop, all of these items are necessary for your digital nomad journey.  The backpacks mentioned in this article offer all the qualities of a great digital nomad backpack.

One of the most essential things you carry around is your laptop. All of the backpacks in this article offer a secure space for you to transport your laptop. 

Most of the backpacks are waterproof, which you don’t realize how important that is until you get caught in the rain. There are several compartments to keep you organized, and even secret compartments to keep your stuff safe.

After that, it’s up to you. How do you like to travel? Are you a digital nomad family? Do you love adventure? Or are you always traveling and on the go?

All of these backpacks come with great reviews, and at an affordable price. So which one will you choose?

Are you after more resources or gadgets for digital nomads? We’ve got you covered. Check out these posts here and here to get more digital nomad accessories inspo.

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

19 Best Digital Nomad Conferences and Events in 2020 You Won’t Want to Miss

2020 seems to be the year of the digital nomad conferences and events. There are more and more options out there for anyone who wants to learn about this popular laptop lifestyle and connect with like-minded nomads. And it makes sense while working remotely means location-independence, digital nomad gatherings adds the people aspect to this alternative way of living.

So, whether you’ve been like me, a digital nomad for years, or you are thinking about making the leap, check your calendar and make sure to socialise at least once this year on one of these epic digital nomad conferences in 2020.



Nomad Summit

If you are on my mailing list (why wouldn’t you be!?), you might know by now that I gave a talk in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January 2020. For me, as a social media marketing coach, it was a no-brainer to help the attendees of the Nomad Summit with questions related to online business and social media. 

Watch my entire speech here:

However, many people approached me after my talk and asked me about how I actually live the digital nomad lifestyle with kids! Therefore, Johnny FD and his team invited me again as a speaker to talk about our life as a digital nomad family at the upcoming Nomad Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia. UPDATE: The event will take place in from August 14th to 17th.

Will I see you there?

>>Book your ticket with my promo code to get 10% off any ticket using JEYJETTER when making your booking!<<<

Bansko Nomad Fest

After Nomad Summit in May, you can see me on stage at Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria, from 29th of June – 5th of July 2020. I have never been to this digital nomad event before, but it is supposed to one of the biggest nomad gatherings during which the nomadic lifestyle is being celebrated. With 500+ participants and over 70 speakers, I am imagining it to be a very intense week for us!

My speech for this nomad conference will also be about life as a digital nomad mom of two. It’s really great to see, how this topic around nomadic families has become of interest to so many digital nomads out there.

>>Use my promo code juliajerg to get a 10% discount when registering your ticket. Choose your ticket option here.<<<

Why you should attend digital nomad conferences

Before we dive into the list of amazing remote retreats and nomad events that you can be part of in 2020, let us take a look at the benefits of attending such events.

  1. Boost your digital nomad career
    Digital nomad conferences are great to network and learn about others’ projects that they might need help with. In the session breaks, it’s best to mingle amongst the other attendees and chat to as many people as possible. You never know, you could meet your next business partner or remote work employer.
  2. Make new friends
    While your main focus should lie on business when attending such events, there is no harm in combining work with pleasure. So, perhaps a bonus take-away from your next nomad retreat will be that you meet a bunch of cool people who you can now call best pals and visit all over the planet.
  3. Promote your project or brand
    It’s no secret that those kinds of occasions will include a big amount of time talking to other people. So, use every conversation (if possible) to drop the name of your brand or project that you are working on and want people to know of. It’s not everyone’s favourite but the good old-fashioned business card sometimes comes in handy too!
  4. Learn from others
    Now, this is a no-brainer! Of course, you will learn a lot while attending events that include workshops and breakout sessions that aim to keep the attendees up-to-date on new trends and topics of the industry. So, even as a seasoned digital nomad, it’s always good to take a look at current topics and also listen to how others create/sustain their laptop lifestyle. 
  5. Break your routine and socialise
    Last but not least, it’s important to get out there and meet other people every now and then. If you are one of the lonesome work desk warriors who enjoy a fancy view from your desk but works from morning till night, then you already know what I mean: social life can sometimes fall short – despite the commonly promoted image of a party/beach bum lifestyle. In fact, there is a whole new niche that addresses the topic of loneliness that some digital nomads might experience when working and travelling alone. Events are a great way to change this. 
Read all about how to use networking events
to boost your digital nomad career in this post HERE!

Top Digital Nomad Events in 2020

Now, let’s see which of the many great options out there are there for you to put on your event calendar list:

1. Nomad Cruise (cancelled!)

I put Nomad Cruise here first because I think if you want to join just one nomad network then it should be this one. As a travelling nomad, you’ll like the fact that transportation and accommodation are already included. Chances are that you already know about this cool networking event on a cruise ship as it has become one of the most popular nomad conferences out there.

As of today (April 2020), we know that one of the two planned events are cancelled. You can no longer join Nomad Cruise 10 as they announced to not go ahead with the event due to the current Coronavirus alert!

Also, the first alumni reunion on land in Mallorca got cancelled!

Ticket prices start at 145 Euro:
– May 14th – May 17th: Mallorca, Nomad Cruise Alumni Reunion

Have a look at what Nomad Cruise looks like!

2. Nomad Train

There are many cool things about this program: you get to travel with 30 like-minded digital nomads while crossing all Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway. You will make six stopovers in key cities like Moscow and Novosibirsk and enjoy fun activities while on the train. Plus, train rides are not only fun but also leave much less of a carbon footprint.

Enjoy your ride with a 50 Euro discount on your tickets! Simply use JEYJETTER when you make your reservation here! Or click this link:

Join the next group trip on the Trans-Siberian railway:
May 18th – June 2nd POSTPONED!
September 8th – September 23rd
Ticket price: 1720 Euro

NOTE: You can also choose your own dates and travel solo or with your friends! Just ask the guys at Nomad Train for more details!

Map of train route. Picture of train at the station. Picture of couple embracing at the train station. Picture of girl walking to the train to board, holding her luggage.
6 cities, 1 epic journey.
Photo from Nomad Train

3. Nomad Summit

As the name implies, this is one of the biggest nomad networking events out there. It’s a mixture of networking events and workshops, each time in a beautiful setting. So, make sure to book a few days extra before and after the conference, to enjoy the location’s attractions – their next event is going to be in Tbilisi, Georgia!

You will be able to sign up for the optional workshops to learn more and get small group training on topics you’re interested in!

Prices start at $149.00 USD:
– August 14th – 17th: Nomad Summit Tbilisi

Use JEYJETTER as a discount code to get 10% for ANY ticket including the early bird specials!

Check out the last Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

4. Coworking Safari

I love the idea of going on a safari while doing business – it is definitely a unique setting for your next networking event!

With Coworking Safari you have the choice to join them for 4, 10 and 14 nights. Together with other entrepreneurs and digital nomads, you will enjoy daily tours to enjoy the beauty of the South African scenery. And the best part, you can even get some work done as they are trying to work around your schedule!

For those who can afford to switch off their phones for more than one day: They even offer a ‘detox weekend’ – as the name suggests, you will be without WIFI for the whole weekend. Can you imagine???

Prices start at 349 Euro (self-drive…wow! Would you dare?).
Next trip: A
pril 9th, 2020

5. TBEX Travel Blog Exchange (postponed!)

Most digital nomads that I know and have met on my journey not only work remotely for a company or for different clients, but they also have a travel blog. So, if you are one of them, check out this great event where travel bloggers and digital content creators meet the travel and tourism industry. You will most likely find new business contacts, friends and hopefully new sponsors for your brand.

If you want to know how such a travel blogger event looks like, then go ahead and check out my Instagram Stories (in the Highlights section) to get an idea of how much fun it is! Or read our workation guide for the Philippines where we attended TBEX Asia in 2016.

In 2018, I was even invited to speak on stage about social media marketing, this really took my career as a social media coach to the next level.


This year, TBEX Europe got hit hard by the Covid 19 news, thanks to the virus, the event in Italy was cancelled. As of the time of writing (March 2020), the organisers declared to postpone the event to a later point during the year. Currently, they are planning to have it in September.

But don’t worry, there is still one more option for you: TBEX North America will take place in Billings, Montana. So, if this is an option, click the link below for more details.

Ticket prices start at $297 USD:
– September 11-13: Billings, Montana

Julia speaking at TBEX Ostrava on social media marketing.

Read all about how to use networking events
to boost your digital nomad career in my other post HERE!

Woman sitting in front of the ocean working on her laptop by the beach.
The Philippines have some great spots to get the most out of your workation lifestyle!

6. WIFI Tribe

Now, this is something that takes co-working retreats to the next level: with WIFI Tribe you can travel the world together with 12-25 other nomads while working online. Every 4 weeks, the so-called ‘tribe’ goes to a different country and you can join them if you are part of the community.

You can choose between different lengths of membership options, depending on how long you would like to join the community on their group slow-travel journey.

Memberships start from $900 USD.
In August, they will be in Colombia, Greece,
Bolivia, and Bali!

A collage of pictures, one each for Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America and South America.
Picture courtesy of WIFI Tribe

7. Freedom X Festival

This is a great event to network and be inspired. You will be with a like-minded community, allowing you to share ideas and build new connections, and friendships. There are both business and spiritual topics you can explore.

This year, the festival will take place in Ubud, Bali! There will be 4 stages will a full program for 5 days. This event was online!

Tickets start from $997 USD. FREE
April 8th – 12th, 2020: Bali

8. 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

The 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference aims to have 7 conferences on 7 continents in seven years. This is the fifth year, after Asia, Europe, South America, and Oceania in the first four years. This conference is exclusively for digital nomads who have been location independent for at least one year. Only 100 attendees are accepted, in order to keep the sessions intimate and engaging.

In 2020, you will get to enjoy the beauty of South Africa, as their fifth conference takes place in Cape Town. Following a week of speakers, panels, workshops, breakout sessions, parties attendees you will have the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community by doing something completely offline.

Cape Town, South Africa. October 13th to 20th, 2020

Ticket prices start at $549 USD:
– October 13th -20th, 2020: Cape Town, South Africa

Check out the recap from last year!

9. Virtual Working Summit

Sometimes even a nomad is tied to his/her location for whatever reason. For those who can’t travel but still want to learn even more about remote work, this five-day virtual event makes it possible for you to attend, no matter where you are!

During the Virtual Working Summit, you have access to recorded interviews from expert speakers on remote work. They will provide tools and techniques for you to enhance your relationships and efficiency with your remote clients, customers or co-workers.

Register for FREE to get access to the summit as soon as it starts in October 2020!

10. Unsettled

Not everyone is a fan of organised tours or set schedules. If this is you, then you should check out these guys! ‘Unsettled’ organizes group travel experiences but not like the conventional ones. There are no itineraries or set sights to be ticked off. All they do is connect people who want to explore, network, and visit a new location at their own pace.

Ticket prices start at $1200 USD

There are many dates and locations you can choose from, here are a few upcoming ones:

– March 30th – April 27th: Bali
– May 23rd – May 30th: Costa Rica
– June 27th – July 25th: Barcelona

Image of Parc Güell in Barcelona, Spain.

11. Nomad City

Last year, we discovered that there are many other digital nomad families in Gran Canary! No wonder that Nomad City chose Gran Canary as their conference location!

So, if you are around in November (escaping the cold!), you should check out this amazing nomad get-together! Experienced speakers and hundreds of attendees from all over the world, will discuss the future of work during this weekend.

Prices start at 147 Euro
– November 6th – 8th: Gran Canaria, Canary, Spain

12. Social Workation

This is another great project by founder Stella Airoldi, who I personally met during our cruise from Colombia to Portugal a few years ago. She gave a speech on her social business, the 22StarsFoundation, that helps children and their families in Africa rise out of poverty.

Knowing her grounds, she is now offering trips for digital nomads in Uganda. You will get to explore the area and the community she supports with her foundation while enjoying the company of other nomads who want to make an impact while travelling.

This is the right nomad coworkation for you if you’ve ever wanted to explore Uganda with a local, network with other digital nomads and learn about how you can make a social impact while getting some work done.

Prices start at 1685 Euro:
– August 21st – September 2nd

13. Work Wanderers Cape Town Retreat

Another one in Africa – so high on my bucket list: Cape Town, have you been? This could be your next workation spot if you join the Work Wanderers program! They will be in Camps Bay, Cape Town where you will live in a villa close to the beach. Of course, you won’t be alone! This program is for like-minded other digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

Use the discount code JEYJETTER10 for 10% off all tickets!

Ticket prices start at $950 USD:
– November 7th – November 29th, 2020

19 best digital nomad conferences and events in 2020
Pin it for later and check back for any updates!

14. Edumadic

Perhaps you are still learning a new skill in order to start your digital nomad lifestyle? Or you want to add one to spice up your skillset!? Then this program might be of interest to you! With Edumadic you can travel and focus on your educational course, creative project, or entrepreneurial idea at the same time! Plus, you will be in great company. The groups spend 6 to 12 weeks together while polishing their education and travel at the same time!

Check out their itineraries and all the upcoming trips!

15. Digital Lifestyle Conference

This is an online conference where you’ll learn from over 40 entrepreneurs over 7 days. So, as much as you might love travelling, for this event, you’ll have to stay put to learn and listen. But the list of great and successful digital nomads is promising! They will share their knowledge and expertise on topics like how to make a full-time income with a lifestyle business or how to even get started. You will also learn about the newest trends in online business/ marketing – and much more!

Sign up for free, for a limited time, here!

16. Malawi Safari Trip

Sorry, guys but this is an exclusive Girls only safari! Here you’ll have the opportunity to spend one week discovering Malawi, taking part in community mentoring work, visiting the beautiful rolling tea estates, a 2-night safari, including a riverboat safari, and ending on the idyllic Mumbo Island. If you want to travel with a purpose and take part in inspiring community initiatives, this safari trip is for you. Join the ladies and discover one of the off-the-beaten tracks of Africa.

Price: GBP 2900
– April 25th – May 2nd, 2020

Image of a giraffe in the savanna. The sun is setting and there are trees surrounding the giraffe.

17. Nomad Planet

Nomad Planet is for those who want to be part of a community of professionals working remotely and experiencing the world together. You can join the program in different cities around the world, and it gives the option of choosing to stay for as short as 1.5 weeks up to a year.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to do much more than getting there! Nomad Planet takes care of all the arrangements (accommodations, travels plus activities with the group). You will have enough time to keep working on your own existing projects, and afterwards, you can explore the locations you will be living in together with your digital nomad group in your free time.

Ticket prices start from $985 USD:
– October 2020 – La Paz, Bolivia


18. DMSS Bali

Just another digital nomad event in Bali, you might think! But don’t jump too quickly to your conclusion… The “Digital Marketing Skill Share”, short DMSS, happens to be one of those conferences for digital nomads that include huge brands like Google or Hootsuite amongst their speakers but also promise to bring you down-to-earth networking fun with like-minded nomads. Their focus lies on “inspiration, creativity, and joy”.

So, if you happen to be in Asia this fall, make sure you grab one of their tickets to be part of an epic event in beautiful Seminyak, on Bali’s popular West Coast.

Tickets will be released April 1st, 2020

– October 29th – November 1st

19. Freedom Business Summit

Last but not least…We all know it: the business world is changing towards more flexible work relations aka remote work. Many digital nomad friends I have, enjoy the fact that they are location independent and so many companies have come to understand the benefits of employing remote workers or simply out-source their tasks.

During the Freedom Business Summit, you will learn from and listen to those who have already created their laptop lifestyle. So, don’t miss out on this cool conference, the line-up is promising and for sure you will learn a lot!

You need to register to get their tickets and currently there is an early bird special.

Check it out here:
– September 19th: Kyiv, Ukraine


Past Events

Digital Nomad Conferences and Events in 2019

  • Koh Phangan Wintercamp 2019
  • Nomads for Change, Bali (October)
  • Borderless Retreat, Portugal (October)
  • Remote Leadership Summit (September)
  • Invest Like a Boss Summit – Live Event in Vegas! (September)
  • Running Remote, Bali, Indonesia (June)
  • DNX Festival 2019, Berlin, Germany (June)
  • Travelcon, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (June)
  • Nomad Misfit Month, Berlin, Germany (June)
  • Nomad Cruise (April)
  • The Remote Work Summit, Online (April)
  • Remote Working Summit, Dallas, USA (March)
  • The Coworking Unconference, Goa, India (February)
  • Nomad Summit, Chiang Mai, Thailand (January)

Have we missed an event that you think that HAS to be on this list? Please let me know in the comments below, and we’ll update this post! Thanks!


This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. For more info: Disclaimer.



Check out these great tips for digital nomads – all you need about your travel planning skills or how to set yourself up as a remote worker! 

Is your event calendar already full enough with digital nomad conferences but you still have some spare time to travel? Then make sure you bring along the right tools and gadgets for your trip.



19 best digital nomad conferences / events in 2020

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

Best Digital Nomad Gadgets

As a digital nomad, gadgets and devices can make your life so much easier. Of course, you’re also limited to space, so you need to pick digital gadgets carefully and cleverly.  

I’ve tried many different gadgets and devices over my nine years of travel and location independence, and it’s hard to keep up with the seemingly never-ending stream of new things. So I’ve listed some of the best digital nomad gadgets I personally use and recommend and have for quite some time now.

This is a list of gadgets and devices that help me stay organised and be more efficient while working remotely. As well as making my travels easier and safer!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission but come at no extra cost to you. This helps with the costs of running my blog so I can keep my content free for you. Thanks as always for your support! See the full disclosure here.


Must-Have Digital Nomad Gadgets

Digital Nomad Gear to Improve Your Work Productivity

First, some best gadgets for work. You should have all of these in your nomad gear pack if you’d like to work and travel with ease. These digital nomad must-haves are all gadgets that I can’t live without!

The Best Laptop for a Digital Nomad

It all starts with your laptop. There are for sure many great brands that offer travel laptops but my choice is a MacBook Air Laptop.

I bought it years ago when I lived in Perth, Western Australia, and I’ve not regretted this buy. In fact, I would get the exact same one again only with a bigger screen, as I think it makes a difference between 11″ and 13″ (mine is the smaller one).

Other than that, I think it’s the best choice for people who work remotely and travel a lot.

External Hard Drive To Keep Your Content Safe

It wouldn’t be possible for me to work remotely without my external hard disk. I use one from Toshiba that has 1TB of memory, but you’ll find a huge pool of different brands if you search for external hard drives.

Make sure to backup your files to an online platform too, in case your hard drive breaks or gets lost. For this, I use iCloud and Google Photos and try to save as many of my texts in Google drive.

External hard drive: must-have gadgets for digital nomads

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Get a FREE copy of my guide to finding remote work

An External Hard Drive Organizer

When you live out of your suitcase, you appreciate little things that help you stay organised and control the mess. An external hard drive organizer comes in really handy to protect your external hard drive and keep your cables and USB sticks all in one place.

Comes in so handy: a little organizer bag for your external hard drive and cables! THE must-have gadget for digital nomads!

Before I got mine, I used an old first aid kit bag to store my disk. People would make jokes about how I was always prepared for an emergency when they saw me sitting in a cafe with my laptop and the fire-red first aid kit next to me! LOL

Stay Charged with a Power Bank

Working while on the road can bring quite a few challenges. Finding good WIFI or a plug to recharge your devices are probably the two most common worries for digital nomads.

So, if you want to stay on top of things you should get yourself a travel power bank to be able to recharge your phone, camera and laptop wherever and whenever you want. Power banks definitely fall into the must-have electronics category for digital nomads.

Digital Nomad Gadgets: Power bank

There are plenty of options to choose from but not all power banks are actually suitable for travelling due to their weight or size. I chose this portable charger because it allows me to charge both your laptop and phone/camera.

If you are looking for a smaller and less pricey option, I recommend the Anker PowerCore 10000, which doesn’t let you charge your laptop but is a great power bank for smartphones and tablets!

Every digital nomad and remote worker should keep up to date with new technologies and work on his personal growth. That’s why we LOVE and recommend mindvalley – the only online learning platform you can really transform your life with!

Digital Nomad Laptop Stand For When You Feel Like Working With a View

Working wherever you want is one of the best parts of being a digital nomad and I enjoy it every single day. However, I am guilty of not always choosing the smartest option for replacing a proper desk or table. Of course, you could stay in your apartment or hotel room but hammocks sometimes sound too tempting… 🙂

Digital nomad gadgets: Laptop

I suggest you opt for a healthier and more productive place to work though, in order to prevent neck or back pain! Whichever choice you make, with a small laptop like my tiny MacBook Aira laptop stand helps big time to sit up straight.

Trust me, I’ve worked in all sorts of different places all over the world, such as hotel lobbies, airports, bus stations, in cafes right by the beach or even in bed. But getting older (and wiser!?), I am now choosing co-working spaces over the above options whenever possible, and bringing my folding aluminium Macbook stand!

Digital nomad gadgets: working on my laptop at the beach in Fuerteventura
Working at the beach: great for the soul, but not so great for your back… 😉 

Travel Anywhere With a World Travel Adapter

Also very high on my list of digital nomad must-haves, and something that has been in use for quite a while: my world adapter! Wherever I go, I can put my plugs in any socket in the world and don’t have to get an adapter in every new country/continent! Really great!

Digital nomad gadgets: Always prepared with a world travel adapter

Even though you can get very cheap travel adapters in supermarkets or your next door kiosk, I wouldn’t go too cheap; those ones break easily. And who wants to go shopping for a travel adapter the first thing after arriving at your new destination!? Boring!

Pocket WIFI – So You Never Lose Connection

As mentioned above: good and reliable Internet is always a hot topic amongst digital nomads. For me, this was the number one pain in the arm before I got my mobile hotspot!

I remember that on our trip from Cancun, through Central and South America, I spent hours waiting to upload pictures to my blog. And sometimes this wasn’t even possible due to a slow connection like for example on the Galapagos Islands.

Digital nomad gadgets: A pocket wifi

Finding good WiFi gadgets is the mission of most people working remotely. For a digital nomad, WiFi is essential to get work done.

This portable hotspot is SIM-card free and even comes with 1GB initial data. I think it’s a big lifesaver or actually, a huge time saver!

A Backpack Organizer

Oh, this one is one of my favourite little gadgets (perhaps the least necessary one, but I still love it!)! My backpack organizer:

Digital nomad gadgets: Stay organized and controll the mess!

This little helper I find equally useful like the above mentioned external hard drive organizer, but this one lets you literally fix everything small to the straps: from a lip balm, pens, cables to USB sticks or even a small camera. Goodbye, long searches for your stuff or messy carry-on luggage!

Again, you’ll appreciate those type of things, even more, when you have lived out of your bag for quite a while.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Working anywhere other than an office (or perhaps your home) can mean a lot of noise and thus a lot of distraction. So, I recommend creating your own personal creative space by using this noise-cancelling gadget.

Of course, headphones use up more space than earphones but I find it’s so worth it: my noise-cancelling headphones help me stay focused every time I work from a busy cafe, airport, hotel lobby etc. This is something every digital nomad should get!

Digital nomad gadgets: noise-cancelling earphones to stay focused while working remotely!

If you prefer earphones instead, then you’ll find plenty of different types and it comes down to your personal taste which ones you like best. For me, I prefer the actual headphones over earphones. For some reason, the latter never stay in my ear and fall out as soon as I move...

Are you an (aspiring) digital nomad with a (travel) blog? Then you are the perfect fit for my Facebook group where we discuss social media marketing and how it can be strategically used to drive traffic to your site! Request to join:

Join my private Facebook group for digital nomads and travel bloggers


2. Digital Nomad Essentials for Travel

There are so many helpful things you could get to make your trips safer and more comfortable. Perhaps I’ll write another post for nomad travel gear one day. But today, I share just a few great travel gadgets that I think are useful and necessary when travelling long-term.

Add these items to your digital nomad packing list for a smoother, stress-free travel experience.

A Camera to Capture Your Adventures

This is the newest amongst my digital nomad gadgets and I am really excited to have this baby on board! For the past six years, I had been eying other people with their wide-angle zoom cameras. It’s become a gadget I can’t live without.

I wanted one too, but I always decided against one. Simply because I thought they are too big, too heavy and too nerve-wracking to carry along (considering their value!).

But… now, since we have our little nomad baby in our lives, who is determining our pace and travel style, I thought it was time to upgrade our travel gear.

Digital nomad gadgets: My Canon camera, my baby!

Before that, we would use a Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless Digital Camera which is a great camera, especially for videos. In fact, according to the sales guy I remember, it is one of the best 4k cameras of that size!

Digital nomad gadgets: a small but really potent travel camera

I’d say, get a small camera at first and see if you like photography at all. And then, you can always get a bigger and more professional one later. It’s definitely a lot easier to travel with a small camera, for sure, the pictures’ quality increase a lot though! Ah, your call!

Luggage Scale So There Won’t Be Any Surprises at the Airport

Honestly, get yourself a luggage weigher! It’s possibly the best travel gadget. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to unpack and re-organise my luggage at the airport before I got one of these! Seriously, it’s a small tool that can save you a lot of time (and money!).

In the Philippines, for example, did we fly a lot between the different islands and were travelling with only a carry-on bag! For some reason, I managed to get to the airport always with more stuff in my suitcase.

Air Asia is very strict and lets you only take 7kg, which is NOT a lot, considering the weight of your beach towel alone! So each time, I had to get out some clothes to meet the 7kg (and then board the plane with 10 layers of extra clothes looking like a complete fool!) Get a luggage weigher, seriously!

Stay on Time with a Travel Alarm Clock

When you go on vacation, the last thing you think about is getting up early, I know. But as soon as travelling becomes part of your lifestyle, you’re back to ‘normal’ things like getting up early. True story!

So, I’d say, get yourself a travel alarm clock to never miss a plane or train and which is also great if you need to save battery on your phone.

Digital nomad gadgets: travel alarm clock

And to be honest, sleeping in when you’re in paradise spots like this one, would be a waste of time anyways!

What are your must-have digital nomad gadgets? I am sure, there are many more that are not on this list! Leave a comment and share your thoughts, thanks and happy travels!

Best digital nomad gadgets I can't live without
You should def pin this!
Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

How To Connect And Expand Your Digital Nomad Network

-This post was last updated on the 18th of April 2020-

When you are constantly on the move, it is hard to connect with a digital nomad network, right?


There are plenty of ways to connect with other people and grow your business network even if you are a remotely working nomad. This post is about how you can use live events and social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to network and grow your brand awareness.

First, let’s start with what a professional business network is, for those who aren’t sure.

What Is A Professional Network

What is networking, and how does it work?

Great question!

A professional network is a group of people you are connected to – for professional business reasons. Your network would include anyone who is like-minded and can help you move forward in your profession as a digital nomad.

This digital nomad network should be more than just a collection of names: it should be a collective of other professionals that you have formed a relationship with. There should be mutual respect and trust built in a business environment with everyone in your business network.

Your network, if done properly, will be a goldmine of referrals and work leads, as well as advise and knowledge shared.

How To Network Professionally

While everyone has their own networking technique, here are some pointers if you aren’t sure how to start:

  • Use all available options – you’ll read more about networking opportunities below, use all of these to their full potential and you’ll find yourself with a full and resourceful network.
  • Connect on a personal level – as we said above, you need to create relationships with your network. Don’t expect someone to be a connection simply because you send them an email or two.
  • Keep in contact – on that note, make sure you stay in contact with your connections as well. You don’t need to message them every day, but be sure to make contact once in a while to ensure you don’t become strangers.
  • Give as much (or more) than you take – your network works best when you have value to offer to your connections as much as they have to offer you.

Why Professional Networking Is Important

A professional network can help you in so many areas. When you’re a digital nomad, your network is most likely what will help you gain more work. Finding clients through recommendations and referrals is a great way to get work.

Expand Your Network As Working Nomad

Ok, so we know WHY you need a business network, but HOW do you expand your professional network? Read on to learn more…

Building A Network At Live Events

I will state the obvious now: meeting with someone in person is simply the best way of building your business network. As much as I am a digital gal’, you’ll leave a deeper impression and get a real feel for the other person when you get to talk to someone face to face.

This year, I was invited to one of the featured speakers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at the Nomad Summit, one of the largest conferences for digital nomads. And you know what? It’s such a game-changer to meet people in real life.

During the three-day conference, I had so many great and inspiring conversations, met potential business partners, got invitations to press trips, made friends and learned from the many informative workshops.

It was my third time attending such an event – and for the second time, I was part of the speaker crew like at TBEX Ostrava. I wrote a full article about our experience during this one travel blogger event in the Philippines.

Last year’s speech was about ‘How to drive traffic to your blog with social media’.

Download my entire speech here!

And this year in Chiang Mai, I talked about how you can use social media to create and boost your online presence. Check out this video to see my full presentation in Chiang Mai:

Networking Methods While at a Conference Like TBEX or Nomad Summit

  • Make your time count:

Come to such an event with a business mindset. Ask yourself before the event who are the people I want to talk to? What session do I want to attend?

  • Practice your elevator pitch:

There are many small talk situation where you will casually have to answer questions like who you are, what you do and why you are here. So, make the most out of these situations and include all the details that make your brand unique. You never know if the person you just met at the lunch buffet might be the DMO of your next travel destination.

  • Dress professionally and wear comfy shoes:

You’ll walk a lot during these types of events, so choose some shoes that won’t bother you after a while. Also, your first impression counts and the people you meet might make their decision to work with you, or not, based on your professional appearance. So, even if the overall topic of a conference like TBEX is travel, leave your tank tops and board shorts at home!

  • Don’t be shy:

I know it might be a bit frightening to talk to random strangers. But if you get there with a mindset to go back home with new and valuable contacts, there is no way around it: you’ll have to talk to other people. News flash: Everyone else is in the same situation, and most people don’t bite. So, relax and enjoy meeting many inspiring people!

Live Events Summary:

‘Surround yourself with quality people.’

Tony Robbins

This quote by Tony Robbins stresses a core ability that successful people master when building their business network. It applies to real life but also online platforms, choosing the ‘right’ contacts to connect with is crucial as a digital nomad to build a tribe around yourself. Not only can they potentially lead to future paid projects, but you will also be able to rely on a strong foundation.

Most of my clients and many collaborations come to life because of the connections I’ve made. Vitamin B is key. So, try to look at Facebook and LinkedIn as your online bazaar for new business connections and focus on those who will benefit you as a brand.

Are we connected yet?

There are many other great conferences for digital nomads throughout the year. Click here to see a list of events in 2020 to get inspired and make a wishlist for next year.

A bunch of people wearing hats in a small hat factory in the Czech Republic
A great way to grow your business network – or make new friends – is actually AFTER the conference is over! This picture was taken in a hat factory during our FAM trip after TBEX. Aren’t we crazy hats, I mean, cats?

Professional Networking Online – Using Social Platforms to Network Yourself

There is a clear go-to platform when it comes to building a professional network and that is LinkedIn.

Social media expert Andrew Chow says, ‘LinkedIn is like your virtual CV, you need to showcase what you have on offer and why people should work with you.’

With a few simple but effective strategies you can make your LinkedIn profile work for you and attract the right people. Check out my LinkedIn profile to get inspired.

Building Your Professional Network on LinkedIn:

  • To use LinkedIn in your favour, you’ll want to be active on the platform. Andrew suggests posting once a day before 9 am and providing valuable statements along with industry insights to your audience.
  • Always behave professionally and showcase your expertise.
  • Remember to think about the bigger picture before you post: will this statement/ article that I am going to share help to solve a problem/inspire or motivate my audience?
  • In my case, as a travel blogger, Andrew suggests showcasing my 20 best travel articles in order to attract the right brands and tourism boards. This way, it becomes immediately clear what Jey Jetter stands for and this way they’ll know what standard of writing/work they can expect from me when they collaborate with me.

Additionally, it is useful to list specific keywords in the skills sections. So, again, for me, that means to mention long-term travel, nomadic life, digital nomad tips as opposed to a generic keyword like ‘travel’.  

Your goal on LinkedIn is to present yourself as a ‘thought leader’ in your niche. So, be sure to share new industry insights and add your own comments to it. This way your business network will perceive you as the expert in your field.

Action steps for growing your business network on LinkedIn

-> Connect with people in your niche but also think outside your niche. Ask yourself: who can profit from my service?

-> Re-post your existing articles from your blog on your LinkedIn profile (BUT keep them to a maximum of 600 words; if the original article is longer than that, make part 1, part 2, part 3). At the end of your post, add “The existing article was published on”. This helps you with building link juice too!

-> Post once per day (or more). Motivate on Monday, inspire on Friday. Always ask the right questions or add a call-to-action at the end.

-> Go through your old business cards and contacts from former jobs and invite them to connect on LinkedIn!

Linkedin Summary:

  • LinkedIn is great to showcase your expertise, make every word count
  • Post regularly and with the intention of presenting yourself as a ‘thought leader’
  • Use specific keywords in the skills section (NOT: ‘travel’ but ‘long-term travel’)

LinkedIn profile Julia Jerg - how to improve your business network

Expand your business network with Facebook:

Facebook has turned into much more than ‘just a social platform’.

Yes, it’s great that you can connect with long lost friends, but if you are after the real deal, change your mindset and use it for your biz. There are experts who claim that there is no money to be made on Facebook. But if you are smart about it, you can still use it as a tool to connect with the ‘right’ people AND eventually make money off of it.

And that’s why you need to look at Facebook groups as the gold nuggets of the platform. They are a powerful tool for growing your business network and building up your reputation as an expert.

It is crucial to be active in groups that are relevant to your niche. Again, for me as a travel blogger, there are great groups to connect with other digital nomads and travel bloggers, get advice and help others out who seek help with their lifestyle and blogging tasks.

But when it comes to my actual profession, (I am a social media manager, did you know?), I also dedicate some time to showcase my knowledge on social media.

Additionally, I created a Facebook group to help other travel bloggers and digital nomads to become more successful on social media. Through this, I generate a lot of valuable direct contacts who are not ‘only’ group members, instead, I count them into my business network.

Are you a member yet? Request to join here!

Action Steps For Growing Your Business Network On Facebook:

-> Find 5-10 Facebook groups that you find useful to your brand. Engage with the group members, ask the right questions, answer other people’s questions and offer your advice on topics you’re knowledgeable about.

-> Dedicate 15-20 min per day to comment on other people’s posts and try to answer questions that show your expertise.

-> Share industry insights but add a comment to establish a reputation as a thought leader

-> Check the competition and see how they are running their ads. If you want to know why they are doing great, you can use this tool and adopt their ads’ strategy.

Facebook Summary:

When you spend time on Facebook, use it wisely and share only articles that contribute to your overall mission: in my case, it is travel tips, digital nomad topics, and advice for social media marketing. My audience can follow my business page for digital nomad advice and travel inspiration. In my Facebook group, I share social media tips and network with like-minded people.


Grow your business network as a digital nomad

So, What’s the Best Way to Expand Your Business Network

I think a healthy mix of in-person and online networking is best.

Obviously, you can’t attend every possible network event that’s out there; but I suggest that you pick a few each year. Use them to build your brand and make deeper connections with people that you perhaps already know from social media.

Then, of course, update your LinkedIn profile today, get active on this platform and use it to showcase your expertise. I hope I’ve convinced you, in this post, that Facebook is not only about socialising and finding new friends.

As stated above, Facebook groups have such great potential for you to make business contacts too!

If you want to know more about how social media marketing can benefit your brand/blog, watch my free webinar – I’ll show you a few hacks to improve your performance online. Or contact me to get a 1:1 coaching session with me.

What are your favourite and most effective ways to grow your business network as a digital nomad?

Do you have any other tips?

Share your thoughts below, we’d love to know! 


Perhaps you need some inspiration to get your digital nomad life set up? Here are some resources that help me a lot.

Or check out which digital nomad gadgets we use to organise our lives!

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

10 Best Free Travel Apps that You Must Have When Traveling

Travel planning has become a lot easier nowadays. We live in a digital world and can enjoy a full range of useful tools which make it a lot easier than in former times! Thanks to great travel apps, it’s been a blast for us to keep on top of our routes and bookings. Yet, you have to know which one to use. There are some awesome free travel apps that help you enjoy your holidays from the planning to your destination: here is a list of 10 best free travel apps that will prove to be useful throughout your globetrotting adventures. We hope you enjoy your new free travel apps for your next travel planning!

10. Waze

If you’re driving, then Waze is a must-have app, when travelling. It is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app that will show you all you need to know about the road you’re on. You’re getting information about the streets, real-time traffic conditions, gas stations, and you’re even seeing Waze users on the road in real-time. It’s fun, useful and free!

For iOS and Android.

9. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is, we believe, the only air travel app you’ll ever need. It’s been voted time and time again as the best travel app and it’s free to download and use. With 50 million users a month, Skyscanner provides you with all you need to make sure you easily and quickly book the best flight for your needs. For those of you are constantly on the go, it’s truly a must-have app!

For iOS and Android.

8. BringFido

Dog lovers, don’t think we’ve forgotten you! If you want to take man’s best friend with you on your vacation, then you will need BringFrido to let you know which places are pet-friendly. It will also tell you about where the dog attractions are, the airline pet policies, dog events, outdoor restaurants and even dog restaurants. The app is free and it’s waiting for you to download it!

For iOS.

7. Uber

The taxi is dead, long live Uber! Uber is the best way to move when you’re on vacation. If you’re not sure about which bus to take, call yourself an Uber and be done with it. It’s just a tiny bit more costly than a taxi but wildly more comfortable and it’s also safer. Uber is available in 76 countries and 473 cities! Download the app, it’s so simple to use it!

For iOS and Android.

6. PackPoint Packing for Sheraton

This packing list travel companion will help you get and stay organized when travelling. It’s a great tool for those who feel overwhelmed by packing and those who love to be as organized as possible. The app itself is powered by TripIt, and the two can work together if you want to (importing info from PackPoint into TripIt). Select the activities you’ll be doing on your vacation and PackPoint will tell you what you need! If you’re going on a photography holiday, then PackPoint will remind you to pack your batteries and everything else you need for your trip. Just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

For iOS and Android.

5. Lola Travel

Lola Travel is the newest app on our list and it is also the most promising one. For now, Lola Travel is a free app that requires an invitation to join. It is a personal travel service for pretty much anything you need when you’re travelling: hotels, flights, tours, etc. It connects its customers with the company’s travel consultants, which means that you’re going to have a personal travel assistant who’s going to do all the elbow grease for you. Again, it is free for now, but it plans to introduce a yearly or monthly subscription.

For iOS.

4. TripIt

All your travel plans, in one place, is the TripIt’s tagline. It’s that simple and that effective. Forward your flight email, hotel booking or calendar to the app and it will take care of the rest! It works for train rides, buses, hotels, hostels and even all of them put together. You won’t need to write down anything on a piece of paper, ever again. TripIt will do everything for you and it’s free! It’s also one of the most popular travel apps in the world, so give it a try!

For Android.

3. Wiffinity

Wiffinity let you find and connect to over 300,000 hot spots from around the world. So, even before you arrive to your destination, you’ll have all the hot spots listed in the app, and their passwords! It’s got great coverage and you can even use the app offline, once you’ve uploaded the map for offline use. Think about it, you’re in a foreign country, you don’t speak the language and you’re looking for a Wi-Fi password. With Wiffinity, it’s so much easier!

For Android.

2. Triposo – Your Smart Travel Guide

Triposo is a smart travel guide app that you must try! It will give you tailored recommendations about hotels, sights, restaurants and activities! You can even do the booking through the app and you’ll be pleased to know that the app also works offline. So, if you’re even in a city and you feel overwhelmed by all the options, open Triposo and let it guide you!

For iOS and Android.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate has been around for what seems like forever and is one of the must-have travel apps, but it was only last year that the live translation feature was introduced, and the live translation is what makes the Google Translate app spectacularly useful. Simply point your phone’s camera to a sign or piece of writing in a foreign language, and Google will translate it in real time. You just can’t make this stuff up!

For iOS and Android.

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Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

Are Digital Nomad Programs an Option to Start Your New Lifestyle?

When I decided to quit my job in 2011 and travel the world, I wish someone would have taken me by the hand to show me my options for leaving the 9-5-routine. Today, there are more and more digital nomad programs that help people find a smooth way into a location independent lifestyle. Terminal3, for example, is created for those who work online and want to travel with others for six months (July-Dec. 2016). And then there is the Nomad Cruise that connects digital nomads and entrepreneurs on a cruise ship. Check out our blog post about our trip from Colombia to Portugal with 200 fellow digital nomads. 

Beaches, mountains you pick your scenery in your new style of living!
This could be you, going for a run before you even have had breakfast! Photo credit: Terminal3


In 2011 it seemed to be a crazy thought of mine, when I first considered not going back home to pick up my old career path that I left behind to travel for a short 6-month break. That I never returned and changed my reality seems today like a logical step. But back then, it was a bit scary at times: what if I won’t be able to ‘make it’ out there in the world…. what if Germany, my home, my safe haven, was my only option to make money and create my life… All these thoughts, fears and doubts pop up, thanks to society that shows us only one way: after school you go to university or get a job, then start a family and have a house/car and dog. Whoever dares to do something else is mostly considered an outcast, loser or lazy bum. But, if I look at my life today, I feel like I am not working less than I used to do back in my office job. The difference is significant though, as today I work next to the beach or in a nice cafe plus, whenever I want to.

Working in cafes or at the beach has become my daily routine.
Not your normal office, right? Gotta love this remote lifestyle!

Sounds great? Yes, it is! And if you wonder how to do that too, then perhaps you might be interested to follow a crowd of people who do exactly the same: work remotely while discovering the world. The concept of Terminal3 is super straight forward: you join a bunch of digital nomads and enjoy the luxury while someone else does the travel planning and organisation for you. Flights, visas, accommodation and activities are all taken care of. As a bonus, you will get to know others who might have great ideas to inspire your own path, or you might even meet your future business partner on this trip. Working remotely can be lonely if you don’t have a partner at your side, so anyone who loves to brainstorm and enjoy the company of people with the same lifestyle, should sign up!

Hiking, biking, or the beach - your choices are what matter!
Isn’t it always greater in good company?! Photo credit: Terminal3

With the creation of more and more programs like Terminal3 we learn about a shift in the thinking pattern of people who desperately want to break out of their routine. It is great to see that it becomes less and less scary for others to accept this new type of work-life style as something normal. At the end of May, we are stoked to hop onto a cruise ship that will be relocated from Cartagena (Colombia) to Lisbon (Portugal). On top of this really economic transportation option comes the bonus for us: this very cruise ship hosts another digital nomad event called “Nomad Cruise” where around 200 online entrepreneurs get together and exchange ideas and visions on a 13-day cruise across the Atlantic Ocean.

Nomad Cruise from Columbia to Portugal, we are in!
All you need to know: dates and program, wanna come??? 😀

For both of these digital nomad programs, there are still spots left and we will be posting in the following weeks a few more details about them. We really think that these are great options for anyone who is already working remotely and especially for people who want to change their lifestyle towards location independence. Stay tuned and spread the word – it would be great to meet one of the events!