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Mindvalley Academy Review 2024

Are you finding it challenging to scale your business to the peak? Maybe you are struggling to make things work in your life. For sure, you are not the only one. That’s why Vishen Lakhiani and his team over at Mindvalley have embarked on an incredible journey; to create a successful generation of humanity through transformational learning and beyond the four walls of traditional classrooms and institutions.

This Mindvalley Academy review is here to help you decide how you can turn on your propeller to keep going – there’s something on Mindvalley that will keep you up and taking your life to the next level.

Because let’s be honest, so many of us are pursuing ultimate well-being and success. But many quit, not because they lack academic know-how and certifications. No, they quit because there’s no one to encourage, no one to educate and enlighten on how to navigate the slippery path of success. They lack the skills to overcome limitations and discover the hidden power within them to attain a spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, and financial breakthrough.

Life is full of inadvertent corollaries. Addressing these corollaries is what our brick-and-mortar system of education has failed to give humanity. Hence, there is a need to fill this gap. 

Without boring you down with extended historical writing, this immersive yet concise guide covers everything you need to know about Mindvalley Academy. So let’s find answers to your questions.

What Is Mindvalley Academy?

A banner with Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani promoting a sneak peek into Mindvalley University.

Mindvalley Academy is an online learning institute that focuses on training the mind, body, and spirit. The company specializes in delivering self-development courses and has a wide range of renowned experts teaching what they do best. 

Founded in 2002 by Vishen Lakhiani in a bid to transform education into a boundless and lifelong process, Mindvalley Academy is arguably the number one online education platform specializing in “culture hacking”, which means “value recoding” and creating new models of education that transform human’s life. Irrespective of age, location, and status, you can learn anywhere, anytime.

As stated staggeringly on its website, Mindvalley Academy boasts 12 million students across 80 countries of the world, and with a projection to have helped over a billion students by the end of the year 2020, a more than feasible feat considering the pace at which the company grows. 

After digging up so much about self-improvement education, there seems to be no learning platform that rivals Mindvalley Academy. Thanks to its extensive set of life-changing courses that have helped reshaped focuses and mindsets irrespective of your present difficulties. 

Vishen Lakhiani has done a great job of gathering the most prolific self-improvement talents in the world to join his mission of creating a better life for everyone. Marisa Peer, a famous UK psychologist, takes hypnotherapy on Mindvalley Academy. Emily Fletcher teaches meditation and brain expert Jim Kwik takes students in brain performance. Hands-on professionals well bake all courses on Mindvalley Academy, and they are uniquely engineered to attaining optimum performance in some of the most complicated aspects of human life.

Who Is The Founder Of Mindvalley Academy?

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley looking very confident and content towards the camera.
Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy.

The author of the book “The Code of Extraordinary Mind”, Vishen Lakhiani, is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy. A Malaysian entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker. He was a one-time Amazon’s famous author and an established Forbes author. 

Vishen Lakhiani has always advocated for and emphasizes the need for humanity to shift attention away from your life struggles and focus on self-improvement to make your life better. As contained in one of his sayings on personal development, “you need to overcome the stress of chaos by immersing yourself in yourself instead of chaos.” A mindful, thoughtful, and insightful saying that says it all about Mindvalley Academy. 

How Mindvalley Academy Works

Mindvalley’s platform is built on the foundation of helping people find their feet when life seems unbearable and exhausting. Be it marital cases, parenting difficulties, confidence building, psychological upkeep, establishing self-esteem, or other career-related problems. All their courses are designed to help proffer solutions to someone’s life adversity. I wish I had known about Mindvalley in 2011 when I quit my job and embarked on my life-transforming journey and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle.

It’s all about transformative learning, as said my Mindvalley, “it’s the learning that, inspires, activates and ushers growth in every year of life, from health, relationship, to business and spirituality.”

They offer some of the most useful career-development programs available on the internet, and becoming a student is as easy as shopping online. Whatever your goal is, maybe you need to be more thoughtful about your life or shed some weight, there’s something on Mindvalley Academy to help.

What Mindvalley Academy Courses Look Like

Mindvalley Academy courses are video-based courses and are all structured in the same way. Each video has an average of 10-20 minutes, and a course will mostly take you 30-45 days for completion. Meaning, there are about 30-45 videos that can fit well in your daily schedule one at a time.

This institute has gathered the most respected talent of the world to take charge of all the courses they offer. These seasoned professionals will guide you through the core, dive in deep on how to improve, and rewrite your story. Outside the classes, experts also recommend additional material for you to learn and grow more.

After taking you through the lesson, you will be given an after-class exercise to take action and how best to apply what you’ve learned in class. You will be given access to a community of like-minded people, going through the same issue as yours. Here, you can share thoughts, connect, and together work your way out to life.

Mindvalley Academy Courses

Presently, there are several paid and free courses available on Mind valley Academy cutting across a wide range of categories, all to help you lead an ideal life. All courses, paid or free, are categorized under five broad categories, which include: Career and Influence, Lifestyle and Productivity, Mind and Spirit, Health and Fitness, and last but not least Love and Relationship.

Below is a quick overview of what these courses entail:

  • Career and influence

Courses under this category are curated to enhance your work performance and impact your professional pursuit. Here, you can meet world-leading entrepreneurs and experts and learn their story of inspiration to fuel your digital nomad journey

  • Lifestyle and productivity

“Unleash Your Brain from All Limitation and Develop a Super Memory” by brain expert, Jim Kwik is one of the best courses under this category. They are designed to imbibe the spirit of consistency, support, and integrity and create a healthy brain to make you an exceptional talent within your organization and society.

  • Love and relationship

Struggling to hold a relationship or can’t fall in one? There is a multitude of courses here to help you forge and nurture a meaningful relationship. With the practical application, you will create a love story for yourself and everyone around you. An example is “Limitless Love and Intimacy, With The Ancient Art of Tantra” by Psalm Isadora. You will learn, unlearn, and relearn what love and relationship building is.

  • Health and fitness

Obesity, body shame, and other health complications have been, and will ever be a mainstream discussion in human’s life. Leveraging scientific discovery and orthodox wellness practice, experts like Ben Greenfield will help students attain optimal wellness and fitness goal by transforming their bodies without die-hard workout or dangerous chemicals and pills.

  • Mind and spirit

Under this category, students learn about how to challenge the convention and think outside of the box to create spiritual freedom. It gives a holistic re-evaluation of the daily practices that remain unchecked through your lifelong education. 

Who Are Mindvalley Academy Courses For?

Is Mindvalley Academy for everyone? Talking from a practical viewpoint, and in all honesty, the Mindvalley courses aren’t for everyone. For those who feel fulfilled and happy with their lives and lack nothing to improve on, there’s no need to take courses. However, for those who struggle with emotional or mental distress or feel like you are doing too little in life and your life lacks direction, Mindvalley is a great place to be. In a nutshell, their courses are incredibly valuable for the journey of life; else, you are doing great naturally.

What Mindvalley Academy Is Not

Although Mindvalley now offers coaching and mentoring services for its students, it’s yet to become a full-fledged platform for hands-on student-teacher interaction. Everything on Mindvalley is thought with relevant and useful material, and the efficacy is left to what the student can make out of it. 

This direct access to instructors is what some are looking for and what can help their situation; hopefully, Mindvalley will become one in the nearest of days. Compared to other online platforms that specialize in workshops that give students tools and direct access to change their life. Hence, it depends on what you are looking for, and you’d like to self-improve.

What People Say About Mindvalley Academy

Using Trustpilot as the ultimate source of information, Mindvalley Academy has received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. The feedback summary was impressive and encouraging as users highlight how positively these courses have influenced their lives and why they keep coming back for more. 

There are few critiques about this great academy, the bulk of which centers on billing and customer support, not the course content, and how they are delivered. 

Based on the general review, there’s little to no risk in taking any of the courses from Mindvalley academy, provided you are willing and ready to take action. Remember, “Heaven helps those who help themselves”. 

Mindvalley Academy Pricing And Refund Policy 

Although there are special offers and seasonal discounts for courses on Mindvalley Academy, courses generally range from free to around $900. What separates these courses most is the duration of the sessions, ending certificate inclusion, or other out of the class materials. 

Generally, Mindvalley offers a different refund policy based on several factors, since we are interested in courses here, let’s take a look at the relevant policy:

Courses have a 7-days free trial period wherein you have the liberty to opt-in or out. You will only be charged at the end of this period if you remain active, after which there will be no refund. 

Note: Before buying a course, make sure you check their website to be sure of any update. 

Wrapping It Up

There is nothing magical, or let’s say nothing like overnight success about Mindvalley Academy. The courses are only useful for those who are ready to take action. Perhaps, the high price many loathe about is purposely to push you through the courses and get your return on investment.

So, as long as you remain up and doing, utilize the strategies and do your part, there’s no worry you could become another successful student of Mindvalley’s Academy and join the community of millions who have attained life-changing personal growth and development.

By Julia Jerg

Julia is the founder and chief editor of Jey Jetter, a site that showcases the option of working remotely and travel as much as you like. Julia is a former PR/marketing consultant who turned into a remote working social media manager, travel writer and public speaker living location independently since 2011. She has been to 86 countries on all 6 continents and lived in several different countries for more than six months. Her laptop is her office and the label 'digital nomad' fits best to describe her lifestyle. On this site, she writes about personal freedom, remote work and her passion for travelling.

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