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So, you’re wondering how to become a nomad; how to transition towards a remote work lifestyle. We’ve been there, and it’s stressful. You realized the 9-5 lifestyle isn’t for you and you’ve accepted that changes have to be made. Big changes.

Living a self-determined, location-independent life is your dream, and now it’s all about turning that vision into a reality.

Whether you’re in your early twenties, having only given the corporate life a whirl for a couple of years, or you’ve been slogging away in the same old office for over a decade, it’s not too early and it’s never too late for you to join the digital nomad movement. With the right resources and planning in place, you can achieve the location-independent lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. 


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My name is Julia Jerg aka The Nomad Mompreneur, I’m a Digital Nomad Coach, blogger and host of the Digital Nomad Mom Podcast. When I am not running behind my two busy toddlers, you can find me practicing yoga, enjoying the beach or in a lengthy discussion surrounding travel and the remote work lifestyle.

After I quit my job in 2011 and after one year of solo-traveling, life happened: when I met my partner, “I” became “us”. Then (yep, you guessed it!) the “us” became “we”. Years later, here we are; a fully-fledged digital nomad family!

I use my blog to detail my discoveries and learnings over the course of my digital nomad life. So, you’ll find everything from how to get started as a digital nomad and finding remote work, to tips for traveling with kids as a nomad family.

Our mission? To help aspiring digital nomads, couples and families explore endlessly, build businesses and families remotely and gain personal autonomy.


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We won’t lie to you: becoming a digital nomad is challenging. It can be overwhelming at first, but this is where The Nomad Mompreneur comes in. We are fully equipped to help you have a smooth transition to the digital nomad lifestyle. We’ve done it ourselves, and we even added the kid factor into it.

Our digital nomad blog includes our best digital nomad tips. You’ll find everything, from getting started as a digital nomad or remote worker to the best destinations for digital nomads, whether you’re traveling solo or as a family.

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Planning a trip with kids can be stressful, especially if you’re planning a long-term trip. But, with the right resources, it needn’t be! Whether you’re planning a family gap year, short family holidays or starting your transition to becoming a digital nomad family, The Nomad Mompreneur is a great resource when it comes to family travel. We want to help you plan the best holidays for you and your kids.

Our family travel blog includes our best tips for traveling with kids as a nomad family. Here, you’ll find our recommended destinations for family travel as well as our tips for long-term travel with kids.

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If you are embarking or have embarked on the digital nomad journey, you are most likely a person who is eager to live an alternative lifestyle. We made it our mission to help you become your best self.

An online course is no guarantee to bring you success but it can help you get there more easily. That’s why we are reviewing relevant courses that help you transform your life, learn new skills and grow your business.

All course reviews are carefully made after going through the individual courses ourselves so that you can get a detailed insight into the individual courses before buying them!

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