Nomad Summit Chiang Mai, Thailand 2020


Have you ever wanted to just pack your bags, book a flight, and get away? We all see these nomads on social media, but we have a million reasons why that could never work for us.

On the podcast Nicole is talking to someone who’s actually done that, in 2011 Julia Jerg quit her job, sold all of her belongings, bought a one-way ticket, and built a new life. Since then, she has travelled, lived, and worked remotely in over 80 countries. She now runs Jey Jetter, a family-travel and digital nomad blog for aspiring nomads and families. She is also a social media marketing coach, public speaker, author, course creator and blogger, and she’s speaking to us from Thailand.

Julia is sharing the story of how she went from living a life that looked good but felt bad to living the life of her dreams traveling around the world first solo and now with her husband and two kids, and it’s easier than you think.

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