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Is The Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass Worth It? | Honest Review

We all love creating stories that last. Stories of love and happiness so that we can enjoy the lives we have been blessed with. Creating our digital nomad lifestyle is the best part of my ‘life book’ so far and that’s why I love sharing personal development tips and resources like this one: the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass is a great go-to resource if you want some extra help to create your best life and get expert guidance emotionally and spiritually by someone who has been through it all. Therefore, this post is taking a look at how Marisa Peer may help you overcome your fears, reach your goals and support you. 

Who is Marisa Peer?

Perhaps you don’t need an introduction to Britains number one therapist. But in case, you have missed her somehow, here is a brief overview of who she is:

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Marisa Peer is a globally known expert who is well versed in transforming the feelings that one keeps in his soul and spirit. She has the pioneering methods that have gained global acclaim for the remarkable and rapid results her clients acquire. Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy audios have the support of most people who have already overcome the challenge of weight loss, infertility, anxiety, and depression that are only a few to be named. 

Why choose the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass?

If you are really serious about using mediation as a tool to improve your health, wealth or overall well-being, getting Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass is a no-brainer! It gives you full access to Marisa’s library of hypnosis audios and meditations for an annual fee of $149. If you break it down, that’s just about $12 per month (billed annually).

Through these audios, you can harness hypnotherapy’s strength to reduce the stress that harbors in all of our minds and get rid of anxious thoughts.

Many of Marisa’s clients have acclaimed how strongly driving Marisa is in her audios. She is always there to guide you through all of your mental traumas. She has brought many audios on different topics and is helping thousands of people worldwide come out of any stress they are facing and achieve the goals they are running after. 

Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass gives you access to the perfect bundles for you to attain the maximum mental health and calmness.

Popular audios and bundles by Marisa Peer:

Let’s take a look at a few audios and bundles that you can access after having purchased Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass :

  1. Calming Bundle:
    The calming bundle has a lot to offer if you are ready to accept it all. Through this bundle, you will be able to free yourself from overcoming anxiety and have better sleep. Stress anxiety and a lack of sleep are a few mental things that have negative effects on our health and overall wellbeing. When you have a mind free of any kind of stress and anxiety and can acquire a sound sleep, your body will feel more energetic the next day. This makes you ready to achieve a lot more in life. 
  2. Overcoming anxiety:
    In this audio course, Marisa helps you transform your mindset from within to allow you to be in a state of ease, comfort, and confidence. With Overcoming Anxiety will learn how to be free of any anxiety you have and allow you to lead a life free of racing thoughts or anxiety. The 25 minutes guided hypnosis can rewire your mind so that you start feeling a lot more lovable, confident, and free of any worry. 
  1. Perfect deep unbroken sleep:
    This is the course that will let you have a deep slumber so that you can wake up every morning feeling more rested and a lot more energized to live the best day. It will let you fall asleep a lot easier in the night and also avoid turning and tossing in the bed while struggling to sleep. Your mind will learn how to fall asleep a lot more faster and easier. 
  1. Perfect relaxation:
    This is the ultimate stress buster. It can help dramatically reduce any kind of stress through the mind’s power by only listening to the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass from the Perfect Relaxation bundle. This audio course is designed to help you destress and relax your mind in leading to greater clarity and more health from within. 

With the help of the above courses, you will start living a more calm life and get more control over the way your mind thinks. Through Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass, many people have acquired calm of mind. She has made available bundles for all niches and has high customer satisfaction. She has also worked with many celebrities, and they as well go with the saying that Marisa has helped them regain confidence in themselves and also allowed them to get their goals fulfilled. 

What are the other bundles offered by Marisa Peer?

Marisa is at the moment offering the following audio bundles:

– Abundance bundle 

– Ultimate confidence bundle 

– Dating and relationship bundle 

– Conception bundle 

– Mind boosting bundle

– Weight management bundle

– Calmness bundle

– Student bundle

Being named Britain’s best therapist by the Tatler magazine, Marisa has already spent nearly three decades while treating a huge client list that also includes many superstars, Royalty, CEOs, and Olympic athletes. Her USP is that she teaches only simple steps that can produce huge and dramatic life-changing results. She seamlessly brings on her one of a kind therapy room techniques that everyone can listen to and get transformed and transfixed just like that. 

Is audio more powerful than written text?

Through audios, you get to hear the expression with which the author has said things, and this way, his meaning, and idea reach you a lot faster. You can grasp the ideas and notions that the author conveys and allows you to absorb his energy and passion easily. This is why audios are considered a lot more effective than written text. 

Are you ready to be transformed and transfixed by the most calming and relaxing audios? Yes? Then, get the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass! Grab on to the opportunity to always be ready to take life by its horns!

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Mindvalley’s Yoga Quest | Honest Review

Here is my take on Mindvalley’s yoga quest. It’s a 21-day course that will take you on a journey to keep connecting with yoga and stay committed to your daily practice:

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Join this quest here:

Mindvalley’s Yoga Quest will take you on a journey to practice yoga on a daily basis for 21 days. Either if you are a beginner or seasoned yogi master, this quest is a fun and wonderful way to keep up your daily yoga routine.

Start creating a healthy habit for your body and mind:

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Lifebook Is It Worth Your Time? (TRUTH Revealed)

Introduction to Mindvalley Lifebook

You are not getting what you want? Are you delighted with your life? How is your love life going? You don’t feel talking to someone? Are your kids happy with you? Are you getting stressed? Do you have a purpose for living?

These are the questions that come in the minds of people who are not satisfied with their lives. People struggling with their lives are not able to get what they actually want. People are not able to manage their presence in different roles. They are getting stressed out.

To get relief, Mindvalley has introduced a program named Mindvalley Lifebook by Jon and Missy Butcher. It is a program designed for people who want to develop their personal growth, confidence, and satisfaction from their life. If you are also one who does not have a reason to live, then you should take this program.

Lifebook will help you in 12 dimensions of your life that includes career, parenting, quality of life, emotional growth, financial viability, health and fitness, and many more. Lifebook is a masterpiece designed by Mindvalley with which you will fall in love.

What is a Lifebook?

Lifebook is the book designed to recreate yourself. It is a course that highlights the essential stages of our life. You may find it difficult at the start, but once you start this program, you will be comfortable with this program.

When you look forward to working with this program, you will find some easy templates that will help you in generating Lifebook by answering the simple questions and help to complete the book.

Your Lifebook will be your story of life. You will specify the answers to questions depending upon the 12 dimensions of your life. This program will help you to polish your thoughts, make you confident, helps in introspecting, and helps to determine your passions and dreams.

Mindvalley Lifebook

Lifebook is a book by you, for you, and about you. It is your deep life thoughts. This program will help you with achieving the actual goals of your life at every stage. It will assist in analyzing your desires and make you strong enough to remove sadness, useless people, and negative thoughts from your life.

This online program will guide you at every stage of your life. The trainers of this program Jon and Missy Butcher will provide you guidance with their pre-recorded calls that you can listen to anytime you want to. 

Once you are completed with the making of your Lifebook, it will be the most important book you have ever had in your life. Lifebook program is worth spending money on. It will allow you to achieve your most meaningful goals and examine your potential.

It will give you the confidence to live your life on your own rules and expectations. You are free to live like you want to. It has many tools that will help you in personal development, authenticity, and satisfaction from life.

What are the Different Categories of Lifebook?

There are 12 different categories of Lifebook that are stated below:

  1. Intellectual Life
  2. Spiritual Life
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Emotional Life
  5. Character
  6. Parenting
  7. Your Love
  8. Life Vision
  9. Career
  10. Quality of Life
  11. Social Life
  12. Financial

Different Categories of Lifebook

What are the Pros and Cons of a Lifebook?

Pros: Mindvalley Lifebook

Creating a Lifebook has many advantages. Let us discuss them below:

  • The process of the pre and post-assessment will help you a lot to see the overall progress.
  • The videos will keep you focused and attentive.
  • Each video is divided into small segments so that you won’t feel pressured that you have to watch the whole lesson in one shot.
  • There are pro tips provided at the starting of each page.
  • The points given in the template will help you to find the reviews of other people. You can search for what others are thinking about you and what you can do about it.

Cons: Mindvalley Lifebook

With advantages, every course also has some disadvantages, and so does Lifebook. Let us see some drawbacks of Lifebook:

  • The course is offered every six months. 
  • There is a lot of study material which needs to be expanded more.
  • There should be a long and elaborate progress report for six months or a year.

What Will You Learn From Your Lifebook?

You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses by going through the 12 various dimensions of your life. By having a clear vision towards the experience, you can easily set your goals and fulfil them. You can have the idea of harmony that inspires you.

  • Designing a Beautiful Life: You will be able to live your life on your rules and expectations. You can spend your experience with the person you want to, and remove that person from your life with whom you do not want to.
  • Develop a Strong Will: It will help you to have a purpose in your life and helps to remove your obstacles to achieve those goals. It makes you durable inside so that you can face challenges easily. Life challenges include health issues, divorce, love problems, spiritual cases, career, parenting, and many more.
  • Strengthens the Mind: It consists of various personal growth tools from which you will learn how to plan and implement the different 12 levels of your life. It will make a rhythm in your living, encouraging your personal growth and happiness.
  • Maintain the Balance Between Life and Work: Balance of being maintained by the rule that you always have to sacrifice one thing to gain another. So, you should never be scared of it. It is part of our life to grow our career, passions, or family.
  • More Productive: If you somehow overcome your different habits and emotions, then you can be more productive in your life. These Lifebook will keep you focused and aligned so that you won’t waste long hours of your life on doing useless things without any goal.
  • Find and Respect Your Dreams: You should get free from anything you are not happy with whether its job, relations, place, or lifestyle. You have to encourage yourself to take a break and follow your dreams, passions, and spend time with those things you like to do, which gives you happiness, reinvent you.
  • Achieve Your Goals: You can go far to achieve your goals. You can seek for those methods that motivate you and help you in rising with your goals. You can even assess your results and can take records of your progress by measuring it regularly. It will keep you focused on your growth.

Design Your Dream Life

Trainers of Lifebook

Who founded Lifebook? Where do these names of Jon and Missy Butcher come from? They are the founders of Mindvalley Lifebook. They are not any teachers for personal growth, but they are entrepreneurs, adventurers, and serious lovers.

They have faced many difficulties in their early financial and emotional life. They have found around 19 companies and have made over $10 billion of sales. They have always lived their lives on their terms and rules.

They never thought of starting a program like Lifebook. They do not have any talents or knowledge about the Lifebook process, but they get to learn from their experiences. Lifebook is the program that has changed their life completely.

How Does the Mindvalley Lifebook Work?

Mindvalley Lifebook works in the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to enrol for the program and submit the refundable fee of $500 as an accountability deposit. Then you can start over the program.
  2. You can watch the training videos provided for the guidance weekly, and use that to fill up the given templates of your Lifebook.
  3. You can listen up to the recorded coaching calls of Jon and Missy Butcher.
  4. When your program gets ended, you can submit the generated refund request. Then you will get a proper refund of $500. You can have this refund after the seven weeks of the starting date of the program.

Mindvalley Lifebook

What are the Benefits of Making Your Lifebook?

Working online with Lifebook is a step by step process. You have to plan, analyze, and then you can move forward in achieving your goal. Lifebook can help you in achieving your objectives in life.

In the program of Lifebook, you will have pre-recorded training videos with Jon and Missy Butcher, who will give you classes on how to work with the 12 dimensions of your life.

During the process, you have to unleash your beliefs, patterns that you are hiding, and holding back. These hidden beliefs will be pushing you away from your achieving goals. You have to dig in yourself and discover what you want from your life.

Lifebook offers a process that will take about 3 to 6 hours a week. I do not think these are very long hours to spend on you on the improvements in your life. It is worth spending on this program that can change your life forever.

Week 1

Health and Fitness

In the first week, you will discover a new aspect of health and fitness like you always wanted. In this, you will get introduced to how Lifebook works. By this, a form of doing things will be set for the remaining chapters.

Intellectual Life

Intellectual life has the power to force you to achieve your life goals. By taking the interactive sessions that will make you feel inspired and excited to design a comfortable and peaceful life.

Week 2

Emotional Life

It will help you to make you emotionally intelligent. It will make you emotionally healthy from inside and let you earn a stable living. You can share your feelings with loved ones. Lifebook will give an exciting experience by making your emotional life great.

Your Character

In every area of your life, the character is something vital to maintaining. You have to define the person you want to become in your life as per to achieve the goal. You have to learn about the needs you want in the person to build in your life and complete it. 

Week 3

Spiritual Life

During this program, you have to analyze the religious beliefs of your life so that you can discover new goals, meaning, and perspective of your life. You will be able to gain strength to accomplish goals in your life.

Love and Relationship

You have to discover your needs of love in the relationship of your life. You can achieve in your life what you want. You have to see the steps which will help you to create incredible love in your life.

Week 4


Parenting is one of the essential categories among the 12 dimensions of life. The future is dependent on the parenting skills of a parent. It is a basic level of your life to analyze, whether you are a parent or not. You have to examine this category more in-depth to get better results.

Social Life

You need to have a social life with friends and relatives. You have to determine the crucial relationships that are reducing your stress level and contributing positively to your life. You will learn the techniques which are going to strengthen the connections and make you strong enough so that you can easily let go of the unhealthy relations.

Week 5

Financial Life

Financial life is significant to maintain and plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Mindvalley always tries to make this Lifebook program worth money. To get a healthy financial life, you have to examine the ways from where this money is coming, what is the nature of money, or how they are generated? When you process these questions, you can have a happy financial life as you have always expected.


It is essential to have a job. There are three aspects of which role is based upon. Those three aspects include a successful and satisfying career, different strategies for making career success, and money-making during the occupation.

Week 6

Quality of Life

You need to be very accurate about how you want to spend your hours, days, or years to make full use of your living. You have to determine the rewards for your intellectual, emotional, and spiritual thoughts, and how you can improve them to be a better human.

Life Vision

You have to discover by yourself by entering every stage of life and making it worth living. You have to use your deep instincts and guided visualization to have a fantastic future ahead. Your decisions at any dimension of life will affect you in both positive and negative ways, depending upon the choices you make. You have to be clear about your thoughts and visions to live your life. 

The Pricing Plan of Lifebook

Mindvalley is trying to reach one million users with Lifebook in a limited period.

BUT here is the thing:

Rather than charging you a typical enrollment fee, Jon and Missy are only asking you to put down an ‘Accountability Deposit’ of $500.

All this means is that if you finish the entire program, and create your own Lifebook, you can request for the deposit back.

In short, this entire 6-week program is free. 

Bonus Included in Lifebook

  • Bonus 1: You will get 6X recorded calls that have been already recorded with Jon and Missy Butcher. You can take coaching classes from those pre-recorded calls, in which they will be guiding you about every category of your Lifebook journey.
  • Bonus 2: You will get pages specially selected from Jon’s Personal Lifebook. Each page is loaded with great strategies and ideas that will help you to enhance your vision towards life. You will be able to determine the importance of your life and living. It will be a bonus to your life experiences.

What Will Be Provided in the Program?

The Lifebook program includes the following:

  • It has an online 6-week program that is designed with your Lifebook explaining the 12 aspects of life.
  • It has well designed, beautiful, and convenient Lifebook templates for each of the 12 categories in your Lifebook.
  • The program includes 6X already recorded coaching classes with Jon and Missy Butcher that helps you in answering many questions related to each category of the Lifebook.
  • It has various bonus pages also.
  • You can have this program on your smartphone, desktop, iPad, and Apple TV.
  • You can have lifetime access to this program, including all bonuses.
  • You will get 100% back from your $500 accountability deposit if you finished the program and created your Lifebook.

Enroll Now

Frequently Asked Questions: Mindvalley

How Much Time Does it Take to Write a Lifebook?

Easy templates are available, or you can create it by yourself also. With models, it will take 30 minutes for each chapter.

How Can a Lifebook Help Me?

Lifebook is designed for people who want to achieve something in their life but are lacking in some terms. It helps people by encouraging them to achieve their goals.

How Can I Get My Money Refund?

There is a natural process for making money refunds. You have to fill up a refund form after ending the program, and you will be refunded back with the money you have paid during enrollment.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Lifebook

Lifebook is a soul searcher. It helps people in finding themselves in every way. Users are thankful to Lifebook for making their life amazing. They got the purpose of their lives. Now, they find themselves worth living in this competitive world.

You may be uncomfortable in discovering your goals and accomplishing them, but once you join Lifebook, you will find it simple to achieve your goals. You will be filled with confidence and experience.

Lifebook is an excellent course if you want to be clear in your life. It is a journey of human introspection, in which you will know yourself. You will learn about the needs and things you have to get rid of. You should give a try to this fantastic program which will provide you with guidance at every critical dimension of your life.

Course Reviews

Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review 2024 – Is It Worth The Money?

Explaining the Core of Conscious Parenting

In this Conscious parenting Mindvalley review a father bonds with his child.
Are you ready for your conscious parenting journey?

With this Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review, you will understand why this interesting program is an excellent opportunity to deepen your skills and knowledge about the role of parents. In fact, even if you are not (yet) a parent, it will help you. Why? Because the content of this Mindvalley quest is designed to help you understand that in any type of relationship, your inner child is the one that reacts first. 

Mastering your inner child will help you improve the way you react as a parent, spouse, friend, employee, employer etc.
Check out this video to hear my Conscious Parenting Mindvalley review.

Mindvalley’s Conscious Parenting quest is the best way to give your children, from the deepest love, the opportunity to enjoy a full life. And that deeper love that we speak of, is not only the one you feel towards them as a parent. It is also what you should feel for your inner child, so that, as an adult, you can nurture it as best as possible and that is what you reflect and externalize to those who matter to you.

Conscious parenting mastery graphic.

In this Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review, we wish to highlight the work of Dr Shefali Tsabary (@drshefalitsabary) pioneer of the concept of Conscious Parenting. She stresses the importance of settling accounts with life, from the perspective of your inner child. With her experience and knowledge, she knows that as long as you have pending tasks with your childhood, the work of raising your children will be impacted by those shortcomings.

Dra. Shefali, the founder of Conscious Parenting Mindvalley

From this approach and with her conscious parenting work, she responds to the concerns that, as parents, we can continually face. That is why she advises and warns, how important it is, to nurture our inner child first so that, later, we can give our children the best of us. This is one of the most relevant contributions, according to this Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review.

Mindvalley’s gift for parents

A child holding a gift into the camera.

This Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review considers this program to be Mindvalley’s best gift for those who wish to be well-rounded parents and consciously parent their children. We explain why.

Although it sounds strange, raising a child has some similarities to modelling with clay. You have a vague idea in your mind of the piece (or child) you want to create, but it is not until you start the work that you begin to understand how complex it is to transform your idea into something real.

A clay figure can be moulded as we wish, while it is still wet and if we respect and understand its nature. As it dries, it becomes more difficult to handle and it is more difficult to fix or hide its defects. And once it is completely dry, it is no longer possible to modify it, without destroying its essence. Many times, when you want to change it, you end up deteriorating it permanently. The same can happen to your children.

What Mindvalley’s Conscious Parenting program brings to you

  • 35 days
  • 20-30 minutes per day
  • easy to digest videos with daily tasks

And that is why it is so important that you understand and internalize everything that this program can bring you so that you avoid making serious mistakes in the modelling of your children.

Children have their natural forms, which you must respect and accompany, from their correct dimension. Remember that you are the adult and, therefore, you are responsible for guiding it, but from a totally harmonious position with your healthy inner child.

If you want to achieve it, you can do it and for that, we recommend this program. It will not only be a personal experience for you but you’re gifting an enhancement to your entire family. You will learn everything about the concept of conscious parenting and you will overcome those continuous doubts and concerns that arise before the most beautiful challenge in life: being parents.

But… what does it mean to be a conscious parent?

To be a conscious parent is to assume a process of personal transformation through which we can accompany our children, with love and from our inner freedom. Once we have reconciled with what we have experienced, and we are in harmony with our inner child, with what could have been and also with what was not, then we will be the best company for our children.

Being a conscious parent means being able to allow our children to express who they really are. Understand and support them empathically, observing the world through their eyes, accepting them and understanding that they are continually evolving, respecting their essence. And learning to be a Conscious Parent is an achievement that you can obtain, forming the pair Dra. Shefali Tsabary parents.

And how can I become a better parent according to Dra. Shefali?

From Dra. Shefali’s point of view, it is logical to understand that, to be a better parent, you must take a journey of introspection into your childhood and accept and understand your unmet needs.

Remember that children are like sponges, absorbing and capturing all the stimuli around them. They feel our energy, our shortcomings and our fears. In addition, they assimilate them. To heal the wounds of your inner child. In this way, you can learn to interpret your reactions and you will understand yourself better.

By getting to know you, it will be easier to get to know your children and empathize with them. That way, you will satisfy their needs. He will feel cared for, you will take it into account and you will respect him. You will learn to see complex situations from another perspective.

In addition, parents are the example to follow for our children. Always keep this in mind. They copy our behaviors and reactions. So we must be aware of what we project, especially our expectations of them. Above all, never expect them to achieve what you, at the time, could not achieve. And they are not here to fulfil our unfulfilled wishes.

This program helps our children to be independent and free beings, united to us out of love, not out of duty or necessity, thanks to the fact that we will be better parents. Therefore, we consider that taking the program is a good decision.

Learning to be better Human Beings

For this Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review, the way knowledge is shared in this course is an excellent pedagogical strategy. In addition, they will help you evolve as a Human Being. You will change many of your paradigms, but not by repetition, but from a true conviction.

Maybe, one of the most important conscious parenting quotes is “…it is not just about learning some tricks for parents, it is a work of deep personal development, which can transform life for you and your family in general” (Dr Vegard Engen/Manager, Teacher, Researcher and Holistic Therapist Bournemouth, United Kingdom).

Conscious Parenting – Reasons Get on This Quest

The opportunities and tools provided by this Mindvalley quest are many:

You will learn to manage conflict

You learn to resolve conflicts using love and empathy. You will understand that responses such as aggression or anger should not be an option.

You will have the privilege of discovering your authentic Self

And you will be able to discover your true self and share that knowledge and learning with your children.

You will acquire skills for conscious parenting

Another accomplishment to be achieved, in with this Mindvalley quest is Mastering New Parenting Skills. Attend their Mindvalley Conscious Parenting Masterclass. You will understand.

You will understand your influence on your children

You will understand the importance of coherence between actions and speech, setting a positive example for your children, and reinforcing this behavior. Nutrition factor of this program, for this Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review.

You will internalize that you are the support your children need

You will learn to motivate your children and you will discover how to become their inspiration so that they develop their potential. All under innovative motivational techniques. This is one of the strengths of the program.

You will learn to work on emotional intelligence

Both the upbringing and the traditional school have privileged the intellect and have neglected emotional intelligence. However, conscious parenting training is intimately linked to it, and this program proves it.

You will support your child in his self-discovery

You will learn how to support your child during his personal growth process. You will understand the importance of accompanying him in his self-discovery, so that he reaffirms his personality.

You will value Self-awareness

You will value the knowledge and acceptance of who we are: self-awareness. Main base and the starting point for any emotional change we want to undertake.

Why must you take this opportunity?

For all the nutritious contributions that this program can offer you so that you become a Conscious Parent and your children have the opportunity to be whole and happy beings, we recommend the Mindvalley Conscious Parenting free masterclass by Dr Shefali Tsabary for parents. There you will understand why you should take the program.

Conscious Parenting Mindvalley Review FAQ

1. Is the program aimed only at parents of young children?

This is a program aimed at parents who want to be better, not only as parents but also as human beings. In this way, they will build a deeper and more meaningful bond with their children, regardless of age.

2. If I am not a parent, is this program recommended for me?

No. Conscious Parenting by Mindvalley is a quest for everyone who wants to become a better/ more conscious human being.  Additionally, remember that this program seeks to become a parent to your own inner child. It is designed to settle outstanding accounts with that inner child of your childhood. It helps you meet the needs that you left pending during your childhood. In this way, you can overcome the limitations of your childhood, which, even as an adult, affect your behavior.

Therefore, this program not only benefits you as a parent but also as a Human Being. So it is highly recommended whether or not you are currently a parent.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Bending Reality Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time? (Truth)

Explaining The Core Of Mindvalley Bending Reality

Want to know more about what Mindvalley Bending Reality is and how it works? You have landed at the right place. 

In the Masterclass about Bending Reality, Vishen talks about his most personal moments and shares unspoken truths about putting continuous personal transformation into practice. 

In this article, we will be discussing the in-depth meaning that lies within the concept of Bending Reality.

Reasons Why Is Vishen Qualified To Train You. 

Mindvalley, the brainchild of Vishen Lakhiani, is today an award-winning movement in the domain of education having millions of students across the globe and is growing super fast.

Lakhiani has spent more than 15 years in reanalyzing human experience and in probing further into the science of assisting humans in reaching the epitome of their potential through Mindvalley. 

Vishen has also created A-Fest, Mindvalley Quests, Mindvalley University, and many other platforms to assist in shaping lives in the arena of personal transformation.

He led Mindvalley to the way of joining and training the Fortune 500 companies, government institutes, and million others across the globe to lead their lives in extraordinary ways.

His work in the domain of personal growth also spreads across the public sector as an activist and speaker who constantly works towards bringing a change in the core systems that have an influence on our lives, including work culture, education, well-being, and politics. 

Vishen Lakhiani

Lakhiani first presented these ideas of Bending Reality in a speech in 2009 at Calgary, Alberta. There he shared the stage with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His speech included facts about Bending Reality and its application in teams and businesses. At that time, he described it as “being in the flow.”

Now let us get into details of what Bending Reality is.

The Four States Of Human Living

Vishen asks you to think of happiness in the present and vision for your future as two elements that need to be combined in a balance. An imbalance can lead to limitations and complications. Depending on how you can combine both these elements at any point in life, we can be in one of these four mind states. 

  • The Negative Spiral

The state where you aren’t happy in the present and also don’t have a vision for your future. This is the most excruciating place to be in, and you wish to get out of it ASAP.

  • The Current Reality Trap

It feels amazing to be in this state because you are happy with your present. Though there is nothing wrong with this but happiness alone is not what matters.

You need to look forward to long-term fulfilment and happiness, which comes from doing much more meaningful things. This state can get you temporary happiness but no long-term fulfilment. 

  • Stress And Anxiety

It is amazing to think big and have a wish to attain great things, but even this is not the best state if you postpone your happiness for this.

You may be stuck in this phase if you feel that you are working really hard, and you are still not progressing, or you have no idea where you wish to go ahead. 

  • Bending Reality

This is what you call the ideal state because here you have both, now you are happy with and a vision for your future. Despite not having achieved your desired vision, you are happy. In this state, you feel both enjoyment and growth together.

This is both your destination as well as your journey. People often think that you are “LUCKY” and have the universe rooting things for you. You find the right ideas, people, and opportunities gravitating towards you. Your happiness becomes the fuel pushing you to your vision. 

MindValley Bending Reality

Knowing More About Bending Reality

Bending Reality is the sixth core principle discussed in the book The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, which is written by Vishen Lakhani.

He is the esteemed founder and CEO of MindValley, which is one of the leading companies in the domain of personal development. In his book The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, Vishen shares how you can think like the best of the non-conformist minds we have in this era.

He talks about questioning, challenging, hacking, and creating new rules and ways for how you live in order to define success in your own style. 

MindValley Bending Reality

The basic idea behind the bending Reality is that the world you are surrounded with will match up to your extent of awareness.

When you set clear intentions and guidelines as to what you really want to feel in this life of yours and give in all you focus in achieving a positive and happy state in the interest of it you will begin to enter the world where your visions and dreams become the mitochondria of what you experience every day. 

What Bending Reality For Profit And Fun Talks About

The time you begin playing and experimenting with new ways of consciousness engineering, living, and thinking your life starts feeling a lot more exciting and spacious. You wish to do a lot more and also be a lot more. You wish actually to thrive as a human. 

When you master the art of self-liberation from culture scape, you become prepared for the mastery of the next level that is mastery of the inner self. Now you are ready to redevelop and transform yourself into a completely new human and make your own mark in this universe.

But culture hackers do not like doing this in a standard way, and you won’t do it either. Rather you will question and redefine the two biggest pillars of the way we define success, which is attaining the desired goals and happiness. 

You will definitely get both, that too in enormous quantities but not be striving and struggling. Alternatively, they will come by accomplishing a delicate balance between your happiness levels and future vision.

Vishen calls it living in this state as “bending reality.” This is because he believes that luck seems to have his back and universe by his side when he puts himself in this state. It is like bending the Reality to make his days perfect and unfolding vision at an incredible speed. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that though you should have big goals, but at the same time, do not tie your happiness to these goals. You should be happy in your life even before you achieve them. 

Why Is Bending Reality Named So? 

Bending Reality is called so because when you operate in this mode, it seems that everything in your life is bending towards making things happen in an effortless manner, and everything seems possible. 

In short, you create a subtle balance between the bold vision that pulls you forward and your NOW, which you are happy in. But here is a secret, both these things are rooted in your present. 

Living in your past and letting it define who you are is pointless, and so is losing yourself in the anxiety of what the future holds for you.

Your life is all about the very moment you live in because that is what your field of possibility is. The way you engage with the ongoing moment will give a direction to your life. 

It does not feel like work when your vision pulls you continuously in bending Reality. It seems like a game you would love to play over and over.

Concurrently your happy state isn’t tied to what the future is. Right at the moment, you feel incredibly happy and elated. You are happy on your path to pursuing this vision and not only when you attain it. 

Blend Reality

Two Most Important Elements Of Bending Reality

Now that we know how Bending Reality works, it is time to take a look at the two most crucial elements of the Bending Reality. 

Be Happy With Your Now

According to Vishen, being happy with what you have at this very moment without tying it to your vision attainment is crucial. For this, you need to combine the pursuit of your vision to the sense of gratitude that you have already.

This way, you don’t have to keep waiting for happiness to come to your life. Rather happiness becomes a by-product of your vision attainment. From feeling highly motivated to move forward to a deep feeling of fulfilment, you will find your job to become a craving for you.

Even working 12 hours straight will not make you feel burned out. Lakhiani believes this to be the only way how truly incredible people have attained their vision. 

Develop an exciting future vision

Vishen throughout the concept of Bending Reality emphasizes on having a vision for the future. It can be creating a masterpiece, climbing a mountain, raising a family, or a product/service to create.   

How Does Bending Reality Feels

Vishen believes that Bending Reality feels mystical. Everything seems to fall in place. Even work doesn’t feel like work. Additionally, insights and intuitions seem to come to you easily.

This is probably because of your mind being so focused on your future vision that you are alert about everything that can help you achieve your desired goals and vision.

At the same time, you are in a joyous and happy state, which leads you to the path of creativity. At times it will seem like the right opportunities, people and coincidences are coming to you, nudges you, and pushes you towards your vision. 

For him, it is a reality model that serves him well. All these reasons make him call this the ultimate and optimal state for a human to exist in. Quite practically, he also believes in the greatest productivity hack. In that state, you feel as if you are bending the Reality to gravitate yourself to the future vision you desire without anxiety and in an efficient manner.

Everyone must have experienced this feeling at some point or the other, but the trick is to stay in this state for a longer period of time. 

The Four Stages Of Consciousness

Vishen categorizes human consciousness in four stages. 

Most people tend to live in the first stage. This place is what we call the victim mindset, where people find them to be a hostage of the world and social paradigms, stereotypes, and notions. These people believe that life is just happening to them, and they cannot control it whatsoever. They aren’t even aware enough to put up questions. 

According to Vishen, the second stage is where a person seeks wisdom and starts believing in the power residing within them. This is where most people into personal development are, and change comes in. 

The third and fourth stages are the stages in which you start living your life and begin the practical implementation of whatever you learned in stage 2. This is where living according to your aspirations and wishes, begins. At this stage, you wish to break all the barriers which were created by your lower consciousness in the past. 

Bending Reality

What Will You Get To Learn From Bending Reality Masterclass

In this free Masterclass of 90 minutes: 

  • You will learn about your consciousness level. Take up the quickfire exercise and know the level of Ascension you actually stand on out of the four levels. 
  • Next, you will learn about how you can shape the world around you according to what you think. Lakhiani talks about making the right choices intuitively with his personal framework.
  • He also talks about how to create the opportunities and outcomes that will push you to reach the epitome of your potential. 
  • You will also learn how you are a prisoner of your own thoughts. Explore how quickly you can evolve from culture scape traps and demoralizing victim state to incredible heights of creativity, self-mastery, intuition, and unity. 
  • Learn about the adversity antidote. May it be distress in your career, wealth, relationships, or health, this life-changing mind hack can assist you to rise above it quickly. 
  • Get to learn about the seven shocking side effects when you expand your consciousness.
  • By following these simple and straightforward steps, you can open doors for never-ending inspiration, stronger relationships, peace of mind, and, most importantly, the power to bend the Reality. 
  • Understand how to get the whole universe by your side. Envisage a life where opportunities, amazing fortune, and synchronicity are attracted to you like magic, which almost feels like there is a higher power trying to fix things for you every day. 
  • Get an understanding of hacking your happiness and mastering your emotions.
  • We are slaves of our emotions is what outmoded believes in. But the modern-day neurosciences have something altogether different to say. 
  • Find how you can actually grow and develop on autopilot. Autopilot growth is where you learn and expand in your life without struggling but with zero conscious efforts.
  • Many people don’t know about achieving this inaccessible state, but this Masterclass will guide you through the process. 

And many more incredible and amazing lessons and insights of personal growth that Lakhiani has gathered in the past 25 years. 

My Personal Opinion

In the Bending Reality, Lakhiani went deep into the aspect of the evolution of one’s consciousness.

From talking about the state of mind, a human should be in for someone’s mind to begin “ bending reality” to citing the experiences and studies of others with his own thoughts is pretty impactful. 

You will also find advanced techniques to apply in his famous 6-phase meditation, which you can also find on Youtube.

These techniques will help you in speeding up the process of pacing towards your vision and goals. 

If you have been putting creative visualization in practice and still have problems with manifestation, you will be amazed at how most people are doing it in the wrong manner.

Vishen offers the right techniques that brought him and others who followed it consistent and amazing results. 

FAQ: Mindvalley Bending Reality

Q.1. What Are The Four Stages Of Human Living?

Depending on how you can combine the vision for your future and happiness in your now at any point in life, we can be in one of these four mind states, namely Negative Spiral, Current Reality Trap, Stress And Anxiety, and The Bending Reality. Out of these, Bending Reality is the ideal state to live in.

Q.2. What Is The Law Of Bending Reality?

According to the law of Bending Reality, extraordinary minds have the capability to bend Reality as they have exciting and bold visions for their future without having their happiness tied to their future. They are happy in their present and thus create a balance that allows them to move ahead to attain their goals at a pace that is much faster and with tons of happiness along the way. Outsiders find them “lucky”.

Q.3 What Are The Two Most Important Elements Of Bending Reality?

When it comes to bending Reality, the two most important elements are to be happy with your present, and having an exciting vision for your future. This leads you to the path where you attain your goals, and meanwhile, you are happy on your path of pursuing the vision.

Course Reviews

Becoming Limitless Review 2024: Should You Join? (Honest Opinion)

Searching for the next level of self-mastery?

It is a course present on the mind valley application by Vishen Lakhiani. This course is designed for the students who are wandering in search of self-mastery on the next level.

At a time, we all think that we are stuck at a place and our lives are just revolving around one particular schedule. We may feel as if we are not growing or evolving.

What about the dream I have been dreaming about for a long time? What about the hard work I have been doing? Why is everything stuck on a point in life? These are the various questions we cross paths within our mind.

Is there a missing feeling inside you? Is there something that is missing in your life due to which it is getting difficult for you to cope up with the modern world?

Many students are working for their personal development, and they are not able to cross the vast gap of what they are and what they wish they would be. This course by Vishen Lakhiani is designed to help these students to cross this bridge.

Due to the difficulties faced by us in crossing this bridge, we think that the people, who are at a position in their lives where they want to be, have some magical powers and they can shape their world according to the thoughts they have. They can bend reality according to their wishes. They do not wait for the opportunities to knock their door; instead, they create opportunities for themselves.

We think that those people are different from us, and we cannot achieve that phase of life. Yes, indeed, these people are different, but how? They have achieved the phase of life that we are yet to get to. Just because we have not just achieved the phase that does not mean we can not. 

Every person on this planet can achieve this phase of life and live with their hearts in the air. 

This course is now named as “Be Extraordinary”. In this course, you will realize that everyone is capable of achieving this self-mastery. 

How can you achieve this? This course will guide you throughout every step to take to achieve this phase of your life. In short, this level of self-mastery can be achieved by evolving your conscious level.

You can level up your life by directly levelling up your conscious level. This course is excellent for people who wish to be different. It provides the guide for every level and helps you get your level up.

Who is Vishen Lakhiani?

He is the founder of Mindvalley and the person who takes this course. He struggled in his initial phase of life. He was working as a salesman in Silicon Valley. We all are aware of the disgracious behaviour the salesman goes through. He was so tired of all the abuse, language barriers, hang-ups. He was emotionally drained.

Vishen Lakhiani

He then signed himself up in a meditation class to get his everyday life a little easier. But meditation provided him with a lot more than he expected. He not just gained relaxation and peace but also was able to get successful. 

He realized that in a significantly less period he was getting better in his job and he doubled his sale and was much more relaxed and worry-free.

He was continuously doing great and was doubling his sales every month. He started thinking about the reason behind it and then came across the concept of “bending reality”. He was mesmerized by the concept, and he focused on creating Mindvalley to make meditation get some light in the world.

He created his level of consciousness by adding up his 25 years worth study. He explains these levels in this course.

In this course, he has parted the framework into four stages:

  • The culture scape barrier
  • The awakening
  • Record yourself
  • Be extraordinary/ Becoming limitless

Becoming Limitless

Explanation about the course: Becoming Limitless

Millions of people are there on this planet, and each and every one of them is living their lives at a level one of these. These levels decide the way of living as well our capacity for peace, success, fulfilment, impact and connection. 

Most of the time, people spend their entire life just being on a lower level, and they take themselves to be ordinary, but it is not that difficult to rise to any higher level. What we need is just patience and guidance. This course provides you with guidance and tells you the right steps to take to achieve the magical phase of life.

Being an extraordinary framework at the first step helps you decide the correct level at which you are living their life. This course also provides you with insights and tools to rise to another higher level.

Let us go through the levels discussed in the course:


This level is filled with the maximum percentage of the people around the world. In this level, people live their lives according to the conditions given to them. They do not think much, and they live their lives without asking several questions. These people work under the guidance of culture, society and education. 

The people at this level are so focused on fulfilling their ego and are just following the old social norms. These people are not aware of any kind of life except the traditional 9-5 job, marriage and then having kids, buying a house for kids and raising them.

Their primary purpose of life is just surviving, and in the process, they sacrifice their gift and purpose of their life. They concentrate on pleasing society somehow.

To rise from this level, you need to ask for questions against the human pattern. When you start to ask questions and do not just follow everything the society says then you have started to grow.

Level 2:

This level is also called the “Thoughts Create Reality stage”. Personal growth resides at this level. Here in this step, after asking a question now, you start to search for various ways to express yourself to the world. It may be emotionally or in a way where you can achieve better places in your professional life. 

In this, you discover the concepts of speed learning, meditation, fitness hacking and personal transformation. When you start discovering these concepts and start to follow them, then you have raised to a higher level from the everyday world. 

The people in this stage start to look through the veil placed on their minds by the cultural norms and society. They then get that they do not need to be the person society wants them to be instead, they start realizing the person they want to be.

They get their mind clear with the idea of life happening “for them” and not “to them”. After this realization, they start shaping their reality into the one they want.

At this level, people realize that your emotions and your thoughts do change your life at a more significant impact. You are now free from the race everyone is participating in without even thinking, and you get to experience things that are not easy to understand for ordinary people

Level 3:

This is the magical stage.

Till this level, you have gone through the questioning stage, and till now, you have questioned many beliefs of the traditional world. At this level, you will start to feel something new inside you. You will get introduced with some new qualities in you. You start being “a servant to a higher calling”.

These qualities can be the feeling of connectedness with the existence of all the living things, and you will start practising humanity concept more often. You will feel you are tapped into your self made inner wisdom and intuitions. 

You realize the true identity of your life, the purpose of your life. People at this stage will stop being judgemental and will start embracing everything around them. After this stage, the person will get luck and success all with him/her.

You will hence feel so much power that the passion inside you will increase up too.

At this level, your thoughts will start becoming a reality, and you will now create new opportunities for yourself. You will start feeling a connection with a higher power, and it will boost up your self-confidence.

Level 4:

In this level, you will learn to use the new qualities you are experiencing in yourself. Vishen says that this stage is challenging to get to, and not every person can get settled on this stage. The course will focus more on guiding you to reach level 3 first.

The creator of this course is Vishen Lakhiani. He is also the founder of Mindvalley. Mindvalley is a great educational platform. Over 15 years of his life, he has been spending his time reimagining the experiences faced by humans, and he is exploring the science behind guiding people to reach the maximum of their potential.

He guided Mindvalley to enter the market and prepare fortune 500 governments, companies and millions of people all over the world to be the best version of themselves. His work in personal growth has extended to help the public sector a lot. He is guiding us to evolve our lives to rise to a higher level. 

The course module:Becoming Limitless 

It is parted in 8 modules-

  • 1st Module- In this module, Vishen tells you about the framework of this course. He takes you through the reality check of our lives. He encourages you to break the social norms and dream big.
  • 2nd Module- This module teaches you to heal yourself from all the past wounds and encourage you to forgive the people who are the reason for your bad experiences in life. This will lead your mind to inner peace, and you will embrace the maximum potential.
  • 3rd Module- In this module, Vishen guides you to go beyond just the peace you are getting till now and to go the stage where you will get the real joy of life. This part guide you to navigate your emotions, and will you will be guided to hack your happiness so that you can be happy whenever you want to be. This module revolves around forgiveness, active gratitude, presence, self-love and the concept of “I am enough”. The best part of the module is the way he makes the connection between the slowing the ageing process and the emotional well being.
  • 4th module- It is all about making the way to systemize thinking. He will guide you to connect yourself with the purpose of your life. According to Vishen, this will decrease the stress level, and you will lose the anxiety you feel.
  • 5th module- In this module, he will teach you to strengthen your intuitions. You will generate a 6th sense that will help you reach the goals in your life. You will be able to see the new opportunities around you and will create new ones too.
  • 6th module- This module guides you to be ready to enter stage 3, and you can create your results fast. The module tells us about the concept of “bending reality”.
  • 7th module- The module provides you with the tools to go for your life so that you can think about the highest level of success you can imagine. 
  • 8th module- This module will guide you through inspiring people around you about the vision. Everyone doesn’t need to believe in you. Otherwise, you cannot get better. No, this is not the concept behind it. Instead, this is to guide others as well to get better like you. They will contribute to your vision or the purpose of your life. This module will guide you with the ways to influence the right people who can help you in the purpose of your life.

Becoming Limitless Review

In the course, Vishen talks about Steve Jobs and Richard Branson being able to “bend reality” and “tap into altered state” respectively. For him, the concept of “working hard” to be successful is not very logical. He thinks it is just a myth.

This myth is spoonfed to every person starting from our childhood. This concept is going on through the centuries, and this concept is wrong. This concept has made many people work hard, but there are no results.

In my opinion, indeed, the situation we faced is generally the outcome of our thoughts. If we are pessimistic about the situation, then there are larger chances that the result will be negative and vice versa.

When Vishen started to talk about this particular concept, I got interested and was so much into the course that I wanted to join it and complete it well. 

I always think there is something to learn in this world. No one can say that they know everything and do not have anything left that is left to learn—people who have achieved great heights in their life never stop learning and raising their level of knowledge.

In my opinion, whenever we learn something from anyone, we tap into their energy on a very subtle basis.

Vishen Lakhani is a great man full of intelligence, and he is thriving too. 

Yes, indeed the course is a lot of expense to the pocket. Like come on as being practical, we never think to invest $545 on a personality development course. We always ask this question: do I need a personality development course? Can’t I learn myself?

We need to go through the positive and negative points of the course for deciding whether it is worth the money or not. As for everyone, the worth of money is different.

Pros & Cons:Becoming Limitless Review

Pros of the course:

  • Great investment for the future
  • You will get the secrets behind success directly from Vishen Lakhiani.
  • Mindvalley is an educational platform that is trusted worldwide.
  • The course will provide you with the material forever, and hence you have access for your whole life. You can re-watch the course once again anytime in your future.
  • You can also pay the course money in instalments. This can get easier for the pocket.
  • You’re almost all limitations will get dropped till level 3.
  • Easy to understand. Vishen is very clear about the points he wants to explain.
  • Full access to the Mindvalley community that let you get introduced with like-minded people.
  • You will form a greater sense of purpose and the connection.
  • The concept of law of attraction will be more transparent, and you will think more about the positive things that will at least enhance your mental health.
  • The course is worth the money.
  • Modules contain techniques that need actions to help you level up your life.
  • Mindvalley offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of the product:

  • The course cost is high.
  • The course is quite large, and you need to give extra time for it. It would help if you gave about 90 minutes a week for eight weeks.
  • Though the course is said to “Be limitless” but still there is no guidance for being on the last stage that is difficult to get up to. That can be the reason for changing the name of the course to “Be extraordinary”.
  • You can not directly speak to Vishen as the modules are pre-recorded.

Conclusion: Becoming Limitless Review

At last, I would really recommend the course to everyone as it is great to be able to know these concepts. They will help you find the purpose of your life. You will be able to come out of the false image of reality. You will be able to get out of the feeling of being stuck in your life. This is a great course and will surely help.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Quest Review 2024: Is It Worth The Money? Pros & Cons

Introduction To  Mindvalley Quest Review

Have you ever thought of getting connected with Mindvalley? Or maybe you are thinking what is the use of Mindvalley? Like everyone said that it is good for your mind, is it?

You might always be thinking about these types of questions. We are here to help you out. Here, you can know more about Mindvalley Quest and its offered plans. The quest includes online videos, from where you can get the education.

You can also subscribe to the all-access plan offered by Mindvalley to access most of its quests. You will be able to gain a lot of knowledge with the help of these quests. You will also get a free certificate after completion of each quest.

So, now it is time to go on and check it out.

What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is one of the best online course platforms in the education field that helps with personal growth. It is one of the biggest education platforms available online like many educational applications such as Coursera and MasterClass.

The primary focus of this program is on self-development. It helps its users to increase their confidence and knowledge. There are more than twenty-eight quests offered by Mindvalley from which you can choose to start.

Each quest has a leader for teaching a specific course. These quests have different topics related to relationships, speed reading, chakras, parenting, hypnotherapy, flow, etc. People all over the world are getting themselves subscribed with this plan and over ten million subscriptions are there from all over the world.

Mindvalley All Access

Users can enrol for the Mindvalley All-access Pass plan that will be taught by a hypnotherapist named Marisa Peer. There are many bestselling authors and a flow expert Steven Kotler, founder Vishen Lakhiani, the law of attraction expert Michael Beckwith, and many others connected with this program.

Who is Suitable for Using Mindvalley?

Mindvalley helps in teaching motivational ideas to positively transform the user’s mind. It helps in increasing their well being, personal growth, spiritual growth, mindfulness, and productivity. It helps in maintaining the inner balance by harnessing the energy. The courses offered by Mindvalley will help in training your mind and encourage personal development.

There are some following reasons from which you can analyze that Mindvalley is the appropriate platform, you are looking for:

  • These courses will help in finding new trends like consciousness, yoga, the law of attraction, and personal development.
  • It will help in learning more non-traditional things, and you can easily implement them in your life.
  • You can easily find out the specific areas where you have to work on your personal growth. It will help you in becoming more productive and gaining success in your life.

Many people around the world are joining Mindvalley and getting inspired with it. You will be able to see the new perspectives of your life to change and encourage yourself to apply them in your life. If you want to check every online course offered by Mindvalley, you can subscribe to the All-access Mindvalley Quest pass.

What Do You Think is the Best Course in Mindvalley?

There are some of the favorite courses that are offered by Mindvalley. These few courses listed below that are our favorite too.

  • Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer
  • The M Word by Emily Fletcher
  • The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao

Marisa Peer in Uncompromised Life using hypnotic therapy to teach how to change one’s beliefs into something productive. How changing thoughts can lead you to a happy and peaceful life? How will you be more realistic in your life?

Emily Fletcher in The M Word will teach some meditation techniques to make you calm. These methods can be used every day, even when you start your day. Srikumar Rao in The Quest for Personal Mastery will teach you to focus on doing your work and not mentioning the results.

Mindvalley Program

These courses have been proven to be the life maker of people around the world. The lessons make people calm and understanding, which clears their mind by eliminating negative thoughts. It is quite useful for developing personal skills and confidence in a being.

What is Mindvalley Quest?

Quest is a type of online book represented as a video. Every quest is different from the other one. Each quest has a video of 2 to 10 hours, which is divided into various chapters. Every chapter has some instructions about some exciting tasks, which a user has to complete.

You can participate in a quest alone or with a group of your friends. You have to follow the instructions given in the program to complete the task as per the instructor. If you are creative on yourself, then you can move it through your skills and experience.

The quest will go on for 30 to 45 days. Yet it is an easy program, but you have to be careful about a few things:

Firstly, you have to make sure that you do not navigate outside the member login zone, else you will be directed to the sales page. When you try to sign back in, you won’t be going on the same page you left. It doesn’t matter if you have brought all-access plans for the quest. You won’t be getting any privileges from that.

Mindvalley has a big name in the world. It has spent a lot of money on providing these quests to their customers through Quest all-access plans. It is not so easy to enrol and use these programs with the average quality of content.

The videos are quite attractive and easy to navigate by watching them. With Mindvalley, you can have one useful and distinctive feature of speeding up the videos. There are many quests in the All-Access Quest pass, which you have to go through while subscribing to this program.

Types of Quests You Can Have Access to in Mindvalley

Below is the list of online quests which you can access by subscribing to the Mindvalley all-access pass:

  • Awaken Species by Neale Donald Walsch
  • Money EQ by Ken Honda
  • Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allan
  • Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward
  • Live By Your Own Rules by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani
  • Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • Life Visionary Mastery by Michael Beckwith
  • The Quest for the Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao
  • M Word by Emily Fletcher
  • The Habit of the Ferocity by Steven Kotler
  • Hero, Genius, and Legend by Robin Sharma
  • Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols
  • Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith
  • The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley
  • Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Transformational Hypnotherapy by Marisa Peer
  • Superbrain by Jim Kwik
  • The Yoga Quest by Cecelia Sardeo
  • The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield
  • Super Reading by Jim Kwik
  • Feng Shui For the Life by Marie Diamond
  • Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
  • The Mastery of Sleep by Michael Breus
  • Duality by Jeffrey Allen
  • The Silva Ultramind System by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Total Transformation by Christine Bullock
  • Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer

Mindvalley Quest Review

Some quests are coming soon in the Mindvalley program:

  • Integral Theory by Ken Wilber
  • Become Stress-Proof by Paul McKenna
  • Energies of Love by Donna Eden
  • Ultimate Leaderships by Keith Ferrazi
  • The Alan Watts Quests by Alan Watts
  • The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain
  • Superhuman at Work by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Mastering the Authentic Networking by the Keith Ferrazi
  • 10X Fitness by Lorenzo Delano

What is Mindvalley Quest’s All-access Pass?

The Quest All-Access Pass offered by Mindvalley will permit you to access every quest available on Mindvalley by making yearly payment. You have to pay for once in a year to subscribe to the following plan as an enrollment fee, and then you can enjoy using it.

You can start the program alone, or you can start with your group, or work in a team. Following are some perks you will get with this plan:

  • You can access more than 30 quests and many upcoming quests on Mindvalley. There is no need to buy a separate subscription for each quest.
  • You can access all the social networking sites. You can upload your pictures and videos to Facebook groups and on many other platforms.
  • You will also get a 20-minute questionnaire through which you can analyze your improvements. It will help in focusing on your life, self-love, and force you to think big.
  • The instructors on Mindvalley will provide you with efficient and useful guidance through live calls about their quest program. They will share their books, new tips, and experiences to motivate you in your life.
  • There is a definite 10-day money-back guarantee offered by Mindvalley. You have to fill some questions on the refund page while generating the cancellation request, and then you will get your refund.

With perks, some facilities are not included in this plan. Let us discuss them below:

  • Lifebook Online
  • Wildfit
  • Unlimited Abundance

Many people who are getting enrolled with All-access Mindvalley Quest Pass may get disappointed when they know about the exclusion of these programs. Lifebook online is a great program offered by Mindvalley but has to be enrolled separately.

What is Included in the Mindvalley All-access Quest Pass for the Users?

The following are the few things offered by the Mindvalley to its customers after getting subscribed for the All Access Quest Pass:

  • You will be offered with an unlimited approach over 30 quests presented by Mindvalley.
  • You will have complete access to all the online communities of Mindvalley quests.
  • You will get monthly free live coaching classes through calls with all the Mindvalley authors.
  • You will get access to all upcoming quests in the next 12 months.
  • You will be having free certification for every quest you complete. You can display it on social media sites.
  • You can also use it with the desktop version, on Apple TV, and iPad app.
  • It is very easy to use its android app on any smartphone available.
  • There is a 15-day money-back guarantee offered without any condition.

Mindvalley has introduced more than thirty quests in the All-Access Quest pass and keeps on introducing new quests every year. They offer live coaching classes through calls with certifications.

Mindvalley membership

Free Certification Over the Completion of Each Quest

Every time you complete a quest, you will get a free certificate for Mindvalley, which you can take a print and post it even on social media sites. With this, you will get to know the importance of the Mindvalley All-Access pass, and it will also increase its value in the market. People around will be keen to know about Mindvalley.

What will be the Cost for All-access Mindvalley Quest Pass?

Mindvalley All Access Quest Pass is a one-time investment to access the quests offered by Mindvalley. It will cost you $599 per year with an unlimited approach to every quest.

You will find some of the quests that will cost you $1000, but they are offered for $295 with this pass and access to the free masterclasses. You have to get enrolled with at least three quests to make the purchase worth it. With unlimited access, there are few things not included like online Lifebook, Unlimited Abundance, and Wildfit.

What are the Merits and Demerits of All-access Mindvalley Quest Pass?

Like any other product in the market, the All-Access Quest Pass also has some positive and negative impacts. You have to see whether it is worth buying or not, by examining its good and bad points. Let us discuss some pros and cons below:

Pros:-Mindvalley Quest Review

There are many positive things in Mindvalley, which makes it the most popular program in the world. Because of its benefits, people like to enrol in it. Let us sum up some advantages of it:

  • Excellent quality content is published on the courses.
  • Users will get true and useful suggestions from experts all over the world.
  • The teachings from the well-experienced people will change one’s life and mind with positive vibes.
  • Expert lessons will help in increasing confidence, self-love, and personal growth.
  • It is the most affordable plan available in Mindvalley that gives access to more than 30 quests.

Cons:-Mindvalley Quest Review

  • You may find lesson videos short. Those videos are fascinating, and you will wish to see them more and more, but the video content will not be satisfying. You wish to expand those videos for a long time.
  • You have to devote your time to complete every program. You have to make time about 30 to 60 minutes per day to grasp a lesson. Then, studying a lesson, you have to follow the instructions and exercise all things that are suggested.
  • You have to set your mind in a way that you have to believe in the work.

Is There Any Other Way of Accessing Mindvalley?

You can have access to Mindvalley by installing an application on your mobile to keep it with you every time.

Mindvalley’s mobile application

Mindvalley also has a mobile application that you can easily download in your smartphones through app stores. After downloading the application, you have to log in if you have already enrolled with any Access plan else you have to get enrolled.

Then you can easily make purchases on your app. In the community section, you can share your pictures with links on the Facebook groups.

Mindvalley Connections Application

Mindvalley has introduced its connections app, which has the basic goal to connect people. It connects people with those who are already taking classes. You can easily get connected with people who are already in the circle of Mindvalley through Mindvalley meetings, users, and the latest events. It is an effective way of learning about Mindvalley and its quests.

FAQ:-Mindvalley Quest Review

Is There Any Customer Service Provided with Mindvalley Quest?

Yes, Mindvalley offers an excellent customer support service that will take your problems as their priority and try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Are There Any Extra Charges to Avail the Quest Included in the Mindvalley All-Access Pass?

No, you have to pay for once to avail this plan. Once paid, you can access any quest program you want.

What Kind of Certification is Provided by Mindvalley?

After completing each quest, you will get a completion certificate that you can take print or post on social networking sites.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Quest Review

Mindvalley is offering more than 30 quests with its subscription plans. You can subscribe for each quest separately by paying for them separately, or you can opt for the All Access plan of Mindvalley. With the All-access Quest pass, you have to pay once, and then you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

People find different ways of getting ideas and enhance their thinking skills with Mindvalley. You have to pay yearly to get subscribed to it. The course has very high-quality content and facilities that will allow you to connect with different people around the world. You can get connected on different Facebook groups and share your pictures via desktop or Mindvalley mobile application.

Mindvalley has presented quite extraordinary opportunities and offers to its customers for their growth. It will help you in enhancing your mind skills by providing you with the help of instructors in various quests.

We have provided you with the best Mindvalley Quest review, which can help you find the worth of this program by joining the Mindvalley All-access Quest Plan.

Course Reviews

MasterClass Alternatives Review 2024: Which is Better? (Truth Revealed)

Introduction of MasterClass Alternatives

What is precisely MasterClass? MasterClass is an application where experts share their knowledge with various level students. No matter if the student is in a beginner course or at an advanced level course, the experts teach every bit and piece of the knowledge they have about their expertise field.  

David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen designed this application with the idea to provide great lectures to the students across the world. It was founded in October 2014 as Yanka Industries.

MasterClass provides excellent courses in the field of Music & Entertainment, writing, Business, Culinary Arts, Politics & Society, Film & TV, Sports & Games, Lifestyle, Science and Technology, Design, Fashion and in Photography. Also, check Latest Masterclass Promo Coupon Codes Here.

MasterClass is a platform that is an online course platform and lets students from all over the world to watch and learn from the world’s best instructors. MasterClass can be accessed by the members only. Once you purchased your membership, the member can access the incredible catalogue containing more than 85 courses in various fields.

There are on average 20 video lessons in a class of about 10 minutes in general. The members also get access to the offline material provided with the course. 


These lectures can be watched on any device like a smartphone, personal computer, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and in Roku, anytime and anywhere.

The instructors on MasterClass include Serena Williams, Christina Aguilera, James Patterson and many others. The video courses available on MasterClass are exclusive and directly recorded with instructors so that to capture every little detail, the master wants to teach the students.

Though the MasterClass looks to be expensive as it costs $180 USD annually, they provide unlimited access to all the courses, and they also guarantee a 30-day refund.

This refund is given to you if you think that MasterClass is not for you then you can email them within 30 days of the subscription. You can cancel your subscription any time you want.

Masters themselves specially design the curriculum of any course on MasterClass. All the courses on the application consist of video lectures, a workbook for the class, community activities and interactive and exciting assignments.

Online platforms that provide access to various courses are a boon to students across the world as they now have an opportunity to learn from experts across the world. Beside MasterClass, many other e-education applications are providing world-class education.

Pros of MasterClass:

  • Combining stellar professionals with excellent video production will inevitably result in excellent course quality
  • The course makers share their personal experience and share their knowledge in the best possible way. They explain the concepts from their previous life experience
  • MasterClass produces high-quality videos.
  • The platform is user friendly, and a person will never get confused and will surely get along the platform well.
  • MasterClass always put new courses up and pull down the old ones (sometimes)

Cons of MasterClass:

  • It cannot replace the real classes with hands-on experience features where the instructor can offer their guidance to every student.
  • It is a little bit expensive educational platform.
  • The courses are written according to the understanding of a wide range of audience.
  • Many courses just give a basic idea about a thing. If a person wants to go in the more in-depth knowledge of a course, then it isn’t easy to get it on MasterClass.

MasterClass Alternatives:

Many applications provide various courses. Though there are few with excellent quality courses by the world’s best experts. 

MasterClass Alternative

Some of the alternatives to MasterClass are:

  • Udemy 
  • CreativeLive
  • Khan Academy
  • Coursera
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Skillshare Slideshow
  • The Great Courses

1. Udemy:

It is a crowdsourced platform where everyone can learn various courses at an affordable price. Through this platform will let you have access to all the material of the particular course you purchased for a lifetime. You can purchase the course when it is at low cost or discount and then you can study later on. The courses on Udemy are all self-paced.

Some professionals also provide their time on chats to clear the doubts, the content is all in the video, but for the doubt session, some of them provide their time equal to office timings. 

As it is allowed for all great professionals to start their class on Udemy, the platform has an extensive catalog of various online courses in it. There are plenty of courses on IT and software, Writing, Personality development, Music, Managing etc. There is a wide range of courses from small points of applying mascara to the challenging courses like artificial intelligence, hacking etc.

In the case of the Udemy platform, there are so many courses that you might find some courses not worth your time, but others are great, and you will love to purchase them.

MasterClass Alternative

Price Structure:

  • Udemy gives the instructors the choice to keep the price. If the instructor wants the course to be as a paid course, then they can decide with the course fees. 
  • The instructors sometimes keep the course free in starting to get enough reviews and then start charging fees from the new students.
  • The price of a course starts from $19.9 and above except with the sale period.

Pros of Udemy application:

  • Great variety of courses in the catalogue of online courses
  • Plenty of affordable as well as free courses
  • Lifetime access is provided on just one-time payment
  • Courses are taught in natural language which makes it easier to understand

Cons of Udemy application:

  • Many courses just provide the necessary information and are short
  • Free courses try to lure the students into buying the paid service as they are better
  • The video quality is low and not all the languages are supported
  • Class material is not much

2. CreativeLive

It is a great competitor of Udemy application. It is a premier online platform having top quality videos taught by people who accomplished great success in various fields.

They do not allow any crowd uploaded courses. Not everyone is allowed to upload their lessons on CreativeLive, so it contains only the quality courses and not any of them will be a waste of time.

There is a lot more variety of courses present on this platform. There are more than 1500 courses on this platform. This application contains lectures related to skill, business or software. You can find genre-specific classes and technique guides for software, business aids etc. 

How are these courses different from those of MasterClass? 

  • The difference is the subject matter as well as the instructors. CreativeLive have instructors who have accomplished very much in their lives across various fields while the instructors on MasterClass has celebrities as their instructors
  • Also, CreativeLive is more into practical accomplishments, while MasterClass focuses on theoretical.
  • CreativeLive contains lectures that are 30 min long which can be plus point for some people and for others it might be challenging to cope up.


The prices of the courses on CreativeLive:

  • There are some courses on this application that are free of cost, and the individual does not need to pay the price to learn from them.
  • Individual courses that are to be purchased are between the range $29 to $199 except for the sales
  • There is a “creator pass subscription” that helps get the user access to all the courses on the platform. For this subscription, the individual need to pay monthly $39 or they can also get an annual subscription with $149 

Pros of CreativeLive:

  • Wide range of courses, i.e. more than 1500 courses on the platform
  • The lessons are all professionally produced.
  • The lessons are pragmatic.
  • Instructors are all accomplished people.
  • The annual subscription is affordable too.

Cons of CreativeLive:

  • Many lessons are over 30 minutes that can be a long duration for some individuals
  • Free courses are available for only a particular set period
  • Individual courses are a little bit expensive
  • There are no certificates provided after the completion of any course

3. Khan Academy

This platform provides educational videos and lectures for school going students. This is a unique platform that is appealing for grade school students and teachers. But this is not an excellent application for creatives.

The courses on this platform focus on the skills for school going students. This contains videos and lectures related to school grade subjects. It focuses much more on STEM subjects.

The section of art & humanities is not given a significant section; instead, it just kept behind math, Computing, Science & Engineering and the other types. The number of art & Humanities courses are all focused on school grade students.

The school students and teachers generally use this application as it has videos related to the school curriculum and contains built-in assessments. Courses on this application are all free of cost, and you do not even need to register.

Khan Academy

Pros of the Khan Academy application:

  • The course is all free of cost
  • Multi-languages are supported with the help of caption support
  • Mostly the courses are high quality
  • Assessments are machine graded

Cons of the Khan Academy application:

  • There are less number of offers in the creative section
  • Mobile app only support videos and cannot do work related to assessments
  • The course structure is designed explicitly for the school-age students

4. Coursera

Coursera is the same as Khan Academy but for post-secondary students. This application provides courses from universities across the world.

This gives the freedom to the user to go through the full range of courses present on the platform. These courses are self-paced and of about 4- 12 weeks and have a name of reputed universities.

There are more than 3900 courses on this platform. This application has a wide range of courses starting from computer to art history. But these types of applications have a little more space for the science and maths side of academia.

Coursera is a great application that allows you to access courses that are accredited degrees and courses in accordance with universities and colleges.

This platform is helpful for those people who want credential help and not just personal enrichment so that they can land with a good job.

MasterClass Alternative

The pricing model for this application is:

  • There are many courses present on Coursera that are free of cost, but it also consists of paid courses
  • Most of the courses with degrees and certificates cost $49

Pros of Coursera:

  • Courses and degree from reputed colleges and universities are there in excellent video quality
  • Decent list of courses in a particular subject.
  • There are many free courses
  • Many accredited degrees and certificates programs are also available for people who wish to get a profession course added to their resume
  • The certificates can be directly uploaded to LinkedIn profile to keep it updated.

Cons of Coursera:

  • The classes are not easy to complete according to your pace.
  • The course can become lengthy for a student as they need to attend their college and university classes as well
  • The degrees and certificate courses are not free of cost
  • There are very few class offerings from a small institute.

5. LinkedIn Learning

In this application open-source courses are available with certificates. This application is also called Lynda formerly. It has a wide range of courses available as video classes.

LinkedIn Learning is an application that has quality variation. Some courses will satisfy the student while there will be others that will not be worth the time.

This application lets the user access more than 14000 classes taught primarily by professionals. There are several courses in this application, and these courses cover a lot of fields in which the creatives might be interested in. But there are many irrelevant courses too.

Guidance for course selection can be done through Learning paths.


The pricing model of LinkedIn Learning;

  • This application provides one month of the free trial.
  • After the free trial ends, the user has to start paying for the subscription. If the user decides to pay the subscription fees every month, then the cost is $29.99 per month, otherwise, if they choose to pay the annual subscription fees, then they get a discount, and the price is $19.99 per month. The subscription provides the user access to all the classes on the platform. It also provides the user with all the perks that are included in a LinkedIn Premium account.

Pros of LinkedIn Learning application:

  • The 15000+ courses are enormously selected
  • Certificates are provided after the completion of a course
  • One month free trial is given
  • When the user subscribes the application after that, they also get the perks of a LinkedIn Premium account.

Cons of LinkedIn Learning application:

  • The courses present are of varying quality. Some of the courses are great, while some are not worth the time.
  • After the initial trial month, the user can access the application only after taking the subscription.
  • The professionals that teach the lessons are not necessarily accomplished in their lives.
  • There will be the whole bundle of emails to welcome you every time you check your inbox.

6. SkillShare:

This application teaches their students in the form of the slide show, but the quality varies with the course. It is an open-source platform entirely. The rate is lower than the other application as there is an entry barrier.

There are a diverse variety of courses that can be accessed on skillshare. There are more than 25000 courses on the platform. But when it comes to music or art classes, the slide shares cannot pace up with video classes. Many courses do not offer much value, but you might be able to find a course that focuses on a particular topic.

MasterClass Alternative

The pricing model of SkillShare is:

  • There are various courses that are free to access
  • The user can take a subscription of $15 per month or $99 per year. The subscription will let the user access all courses on the platform. The user can also download the courses as many as of them wish to download.

Pros of the SkillShare application:

  • The course catalogue is long with 25000+ courses
  • There are various courses that are free to access
  • The user can download as many as courses they wish after taking the subscription

Cons of the SkillShare application:

  •  Several courses are present in deficient quality
  • Courses with higher quality are shorter
  • Amateurs form many classes

7. The Great Courses:

This application works well for college-level classes, and the user does not need to work. Initially, it was called Learning Management Systems, and at present, it is called The Learning Company.

This application has been in the market for a long time. It was started at the time the courses were on VHS tape. It is in the modern world where the courses are available on CDs, DVDs, and online streaming.

This application is a college-level education platform and is made just for non-credit learning. At present, there are many old courses as well as new courses on the platform for online streaming.

The courses on this platform are available in various formats like videos as well as in just audible format as well. Some great courses and their plus version is available on different websites though they are through the same company.

The Great Courses

The pricing model for this application:

  • The user can purchase the video courses at an affordable price, and the students can as well subscribe to the application.
  • The subscription will cost the user $19.99 per month or $30 per quarter.
  • This application comes with an initial free trial.

Pros of this application:

  • Various courses are starting from a decade back as well
  • Great professors very well teach the courses from well-known institutes.
  • The courses can be watched on Chromecast, AppleTV, Echo, fire and many others.
  • The subscription of the application can be afforded as compared to the other application subscription and is not expensive 

Cons of this application: 

  • The courses, if taken individually, are expensive
  • The individual purchase and the application subscription is not made on the same website 
  • Through this application, the user cannot download the course on any device.

Conclusion: Masterclass Alternatives

The masterClass is an excellent application with high-quality video-based courses present. The negative point of MasterClass is the cost. It is very harsh on the pocket.

Many other applications are great competitors to MasterClass and are much more affordable. Every application consists of both positive and negative sides.

It is impossible to get an application with all the positive factors. You can choose between all the applications mentioned above according to your needs. 

If you prefer high-quality videos, then you should select the application that provides high-quality video courses, like MasterClass. 

Other applications also provide great courses taught by professionals. The course is excellent only when the user can get the basic concept behind it as it is just a waste of money and time if the student is not able to get the information out from the course content. 

So, choose wisely which application is best for you and work hard to complete the course.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Alternatives Review 2024: Which is Better? (Truth Revealed)

Introduction to Mindvalley

Mindvalley is a venture to educate people beyond the school and colleges. This platform helps in catering the human body at a mental, spiritual and physical level and making people more human and more being.

With the mission of providing guidance that schools provide, Mindvalley wishes to involve the best in people, making them live a happy, satisfied, yet extraordinary life.

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley was an engineer and realized that people tend to give a very long period of their lives, dedicated to their career options and professional growth, leaving behind the things that are relevant for their mental and spiritual growth.

People no longer wish to invest their time and energy in experiencing new things that are favourable for their mind and soul or mental prosperity. With this vision, he started a venture, MindValley, to help people realize and choose the path of what exactly matters in this life, the things and experiences they tend to miss out due to their densely packed schedules and busy lives.


Mindvalley focuses on helping people take time out from their lives and become stress-free via the means of meditation and catering to overall human development.

This is achieved by their specially designed courses, that are made to unravel your mind, soul and physical aspects to the highest potential. Which, in turn, helps in leading a happy, satisfied, energetic and youthful life.

They make sure to let you be yourself and open up to the fullest, making you able to connect in a better manner with people around you, so that you can be yourself and speak yourself. It is all about being in charge of your life and making it worth living.

All of this is possible with the help of the world’s most exceptional educators, motivational speakers, activists, authors, having a reach of more than 10 million people globally. Being able to bring out the happiness and joy, Mindvalley is not just a company; it indeed has become a way of life for numerous people around the world.

The course pricing is ranged from $300 and goes up to $1000.

Mindvalley Alternatives

As Mindvalley offers a lot of courses to cater to the mental and spiritual growth of humankind, there are still some factors that might not attract you, so, there are a lot of alternatives for the same. There are numerous alternatives for Mindvalley that you can choose from for your overall development,

Here are a few from the list to help you through this:


EdX is created by Harvard and MIT graduates. It is an online education system, providing the university level programs curated by the expert’s alumnus of Top universities all over the world. EdX offers more than 4000 courses to date, being taught by the best and multilingual educators having a reach of more than 33 million people and learners on a global level.

The courses are usually weekly based learning with proper assignments and tests to help you develop and learn from a wide range of courses.

The educators for the platform hold expertise in their forte, and you can choose from a wide range of courses in all disciplines, thus making sure to fulfil all your educational and learning needs.


Pricing: The course price can range from $14 to $300 


  • An interactive learning experience with assignments and regular tests 
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Certification is provided along with each course

Cons: Mostly technical courses are available


Udemy is known for its vast educational database. It is said to be one of the best alternatives for Mindvalley. It has become the most accepted platform among learners because of its wide range of learning sources. The knowledge sources range from coding to spirituality, to language, personal growth and development and many different fortes which attract a considerable number of a wide variety of learners.

 There are a lot of courses for the disciplines that you are looking for, ranging from different educators, from all over the globe, speaking different languages, making it easy for you to choose for what you wish to go on with. 

You can choose from more than 150,000 courses, some basic ones being free of cost as well.

Mindvalley Alternative

Pricing: the course price starts from a mere value of $1.99 with the facility of lifetime subscription


  • An interactive learning experience with assignments and regular tests 
  • Lifetime subscription available
  • Certification is provided along with each course
  • Practical based learning 

Cons:  Free courses are not totally free


Coursera is a widely known online learning provider which has been recognized by various top colleges and universities from all over the globe. This is more of a professional platform providing professional certifications courses. It is known to be a top-notch Mindvalley alternative.

Coursera offers a self-paced learning experience, approved by Stanford University, having a course from 4 to 12 weeks. You are free to choose from a wide variety of more than 5000 courses ranging from maths, data science, performing arts, and many more, to cater to your mindfulness and personality development.

Mindvalley Alternative

Pricing: the course price starts from$49 subscriptions for courses  


  • Choose from a wide range of courses
  • Lifetime Subscription available
  • Certification is provided along with each course


  • Certificated only available for the paid courses
  • The period of the courses can be long sometimes

Universal Class

The Universal classes are affiliated by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training IACET. It provides certification courses to schools, universities, individuals around the globe.

There is provision for the learners to interact with the online instructor at any time of the enrolment course. 

Universal classes are providing over 500 online courses to help more than 600,00 students and learners worldwide.

These are also a fantastic alternative for Mindvalley, having the certified courses starting from the necessary time of as low as 1 hour and as high as till 5 months.

Universal Class

Pricing: the courses can range from $100 to $1000 


  • Flexible study Hours
  • Wide range of courses to choose from
  • Certification after completing the course


  • Free courses are not available
  • The time span of some courses is very long


Ed2Go is an online education platform that helps learners with their education, schooling, and colleges with ease. Ed2go educators include top-quality educators from top-notch universities around the world, who are well versed with the latest technologies and updates in the curriculum.

The best platform for learners who want to pursue homeschooling or home-based education.

With more than 1000 courses, it’s global learner reach is over 3 million. There are also such courses that offer you a professional degree after compilation, affiliated from universities around the globe.


Pricing: the courses can range from $70 to $4500, having a lot of free courses as well


  • Flexible study Hours, 
  • Highly professional industry experts as educators
  • A lot of free courses
  • Wide range of courses to choose from
  • Degree based courses are also available
  •  Certification after completing the course


  • NO internship programs are available yet
  • Not many courses in the art discipline

Code School

Code School, as the name suggests, is a platform for learners who wish to learn coding in an engaging, entertaining, and efficient manner.

It offers a wide range of courses from coding, app development, backend, full-stack, to name a few.

The team consists of one of the best coding instructors who are there to help you learn coding step by step. It is basically an interaction student-teacher learning platform.

They offer large streams such as Data Science, Cyber Security, etc. to choose from.

Mindvalley Alternative

Pricing: the prices for the courses can range from $10 to $500 


  • Offers an interactive learning experience
  • Wide range of free courses available
  • Almost all disciplines related to coding and technology are available


  • Only code based courses are available

Class Central

Class Central is basically a Massive Open Online Courses MOOC provider. This is a platform consisting of mostly free courses from top universities around the world like MIT, Harvard, to name a few.

This is the best alternative for Mindvalley as you find all the MOOCs from universities across the globe at a single platform, making it a pathway for providing you with a hassle-free and more comfortable learning experience.

class central

Pricing: The course price can range from $14 to $80 which is usually subscription-based


  • Single platform for all the MOOCs from the universities
  • Wide range of free courses available


  • No certification is provided for the courses


EduCBA is yet another online learning platform providing more than 2000 courses, having a global reach of over 500,000 learners, students and professionals.

It offers day in and day out learning experience with trainers being the industry experts themselves. The courses provided here focus more on skill development.

It also offers a lifetime subscription which means that once you pay for a course, you can access it anytime, anywhere, throughout your life.


Pricing: The course price can range from $40 to $999 with the facility of a lifetime subscription


  • An interactive learning experience with assignments and regular tests 
  • Lifetime subscription available
  • Certification is provided along with each course


  • Free courses are not available


Digital-Tutors is an online learning platform that would help you to gain skills without having to enrol in an educational institution. If you are looking for a home-based learning or skill gaining platform, Digital Tutor is for you.

On Digital-Tutors, you have an option to choose from a wide range of disciplines, with thousands of courses to learn from. This surely is a good alternative for Mindvalley, helping you develop many skills. The course forte ranges from arts, technology, business management, and others, to name a few.

It is in the top list of providing digital support to the learners throughout the course subscription.


Pricing: the prices for the courses can range from $20 to $200 having a monthly and yearly subscription option.


  • Interactive learning experience
  • Industry experts as educators
  • Lifetime Subscription available
  • Certification is provided along with each course
  • Full technical support provided throughout the course

Cons: Free courses are not available


DataFlair offers technology-related courses, such as Big Data, Coding, Development, Apache, Stack Overflow, among many others.

With a team of highly professional instructors, who teach online, the courses can have a period of 8 weeks to 12 weeks. It is a good alternative for Mindvalley as it provides lifetime access to paid courses.

It follows an interactive learning model between the instructors and learners in the form of assignments and tests regularly to regulate your learning experience.


Pricing: The course price can range from $300 to $499 with the facility of the lifetime subscription.


An interactive learning experience with assignments and regular tests 

Lifetime subscription available

Certification is provided along with each course

Practical based learning 


  • An extra certification fee is required 
  • Only technical courses are available

Market Motive

Market Motive is an online learning platform for marketing-related training. It offers professional certification courses in the field of digital marketing like search engine optimization, SEO, online marketing, e-commerce, to name a few among the list.

It also offers online webinars for the learners that cater to interactive learning models for the students.

Market Motive

Pricing: the course is for $299 per month


  • Interactive learning experience
  • Regular webinars are conducted
  • Lifetime Subscription available
  • Certification is provided along with each course
  • Practical based learning 


  • No free courses available
  • Only marketing courses are available
  • Pricing for various courses is quite high

KelBy One

KelBy one is the most popular platform among amateur photography and film making learners. It provides detailed training for cinematography courses to level up your skills in this field. They are covering major apps like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, VSCO among the others in the list. 


Pricing: the course price starts from $9.99 per month 


  • An interactive learning experience with assignments and regular tests 
  • Lifetime subscription available
  • Practical based learning 
  • Technical support available 


  • No free trial is available
  • Only photography and cinematography courses are available

Conclusion: Mindvalley Alternatives

There is indeed no lack of online stages that you can visit to deal with your aptitudes and secure new ones.

Every one of these stages has various highlights, courses, and values, which should be appropriately considered before you conclude your online course supplier.

There is no reason for choosing an online course supplier gaining practical experience in expressions and innovative classifications when you need to get an account-based occupation.

In this way, do a money-saving advantage investigation and discover the courses that you need to take before you purchase participation of any of these online course suppliers.

Course Reviews

Jeffrey Allen Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time? (Truth Revealed)

Introduction To Jeffrey Allen Review

The world is changing so much faster than we could imagine. Technology has jumped into our society and has made an enormous impact.

Most importantly, it has become part of everything now, and we can not prevent ourselves from depending on it. Such significant development is made in the education industry as well.

Mindvalley helps the audience to learn life skills that are crucial to all aspects of life. It provides an education that no other platform offers. It ventures into learning about the mind, body, souls, relationships, etc.

They deal with different skill development altogether; they aim to calm the mind and soul of the person to help him deal with real-life issues.

To understand the difference better, it is crucial to exhaustively cover both the tools and gain insight into their working so that a comparison can be made.

Most of our lives we keep learning things that will help us to improve our career, we invest a lot of money in developing better skills that will help you perform better at a job. Still, we forget to learn life lessons the same way we learn career lessons, just like our body needs food to be healthy, our mind and soul too needs learning to keep us at peace and help us to be successful in life.

Mindvalley can fulfil this thirst for connective learning through their “transformative education“. The curriculum of Mindvalley is designed to unleash the potential of mind, body, and spirit.

We often find ourselves lonely in the situations and think it happens only to us, but at Mindvalley you can connect with people who are in the same boat as you are.

There is always a sense of relief one can get by getting validation from others that their problems are not only theirs alone.

We are always so busy running after our goals and working hard to achieve them that we forget to appreciate what we have already conquered. We fail to be grateful to the little things in life that bring joy to us.

We are where because of our success and our failures too, so we must celebrate both of them and be grateful for all the opportunities that we got in our lives to make our lives better.

Jeffery Allen Review

About Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen is a motivational speaker and life coach at Mindvalley. He has helped a lot of people to succeed in life, although according to him, his success is due to his wife, Hisami.

He loves helping people so that they can find peace, be more powerful and live their life in a pleasant manner.

In his life, he has a lot of great teachers and experiences, which he wishes now to share with the entire world.

He wants to help people by helping them find the right path to living a fulfilling life. He has shared his life philosophy to guide others in the way of success.

Jeffery Allen Review

He says that throughout the years he has tried to work around numerous methods of reasoning and played different roles in his life. And carefully examining them, he came to the conclusion that all the philosophies lead us to the same teachings over and over again.

He believes in becoming a good person and doing good things in life. The purpose of life, according to him, is simple, it is to become self-aware and understand the feelings of those who are around us.

When we are self-aware, we are able to make decisions that suit us best. Sometimes we don’t understand ourselves, how we feel or what we want because we are not connected with ourselves.

When we are careful, we become mindful of ourselves, our values, our decision-making practices, our failures, our success and our responses.

We can analyze ourselves better and improve ourselves. We often underestimate mindfulness as a way to be calm and think better, but it does more than that, it changes the way people deal with stressful situations. With mindfulness, we can deal with life and enjoy it with grace.

Better self-awareness also leads to better performance in life; when we are self-aware, we end up giving the world our unique light and make it shine brighter. We can also make an effect on the world by spreading our light. According to him, this means combining everything he loves to do in a circle of creative endeavour.  

His enthusiasm is being engaged in vitality work and bringing higher awareness of self into the life of everyone.

He recognizes the importance of new awareness, but at the same time, he also feels it is essential to have the self-awareness to get what we desire.

Without self-awareness, the use of technology goes to waste. As others use his creative results, the cycle repeats as he observes & learns from the knowledge of others.

His idea of imparting knowledge about self-awareness has taken a sharp turn after he met his wife, Hisami.

Embrace Your Energy Body

According to him, we are not clear when we teach things, and this makes it difficult to understand them. This shouldn’t be the case anymore, especially when it’s him.

He believes that we need to learn to trust our gut, this sounds crazy, especially in a world that believes in calculated moves. We are always taught to think before we do anything, and acting on instincts is not something people in the world preach about.

But it is conflicting that a lot of success stories revolve around it, a lot of people are where they are because they believed in their gut and did whatever they had to do to reach there. We should never stop trusting out guts time and again.

He believes in visualization and realization; we skip this. Still, one significant difference between great minds and others is that they are capable of visualizing; they can see themselves already achieving the goal before they have even started working.

We must have a goal and that level of belief in ourselves to succeed in our endeavours. Once you visualize your long-term goal, you will realise you can achieve it.

Spritual Fitness

Jeffrey Allen believes in the strength of visualisation and realisation and implements it in real life.

According to him, we need to understand deep work; people are very distracted at work, whatever they do; they are not focused on this, which leads to mistakes.

It is essential to be free from all sorts of distraction and be very concentrated while doing something to do it properly. If we don’t have distractions, we will perform better and be able to achieve our goals faster than we would have before that.

He preaches to be brave because this one never gets old but still people forget the importance of this. We have heard about it from time to time that being brave is a mantra to be successful in life. Being brave doesn’t mean being physically healthy; it means acting without fear.

A lot of decisions we want to take are pending to be made because we are afraid, afraid to lose or be unsuccessful. We don’t realise the number of great deals that are pending due to our inability to take a stand. We need to get rid of them and be fearless.

He understands the need to acknowledge the relationship, because if that is at the right place, it gives you strength, motivates you to perform better and keeps you on the right track.

We live most of our lives busy building careers and a name in the world, our relationships amount to such a small portion of our lives. But this small portion is the most important part; we live our entire life through this small portion so we shouldn’t be ignoring this. Improving our relationship helps improve everything else.

We have discussed it in great lengths so it must be evident that he is a believer in the strength of Self-Awareness. It is his mission to learn and to embody amazing teachings in his students and to raise awareness in the minds of people.

Awareness about one’s self and others helps us perform better in life. He wants to strip away needless nonsense within himself and the teaching; he aims to deliver the message in a clear & helpful manner. 

Course Reviews

Superhumans At Work Mindvalley Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

Do you feel stressed working on a project? Is there a lack of spark and creativity in your team?

Kudos! You have landed in the right place. In this solution-oriented article, we will be talking about the current work scenario – this is a complete guide on how you can have excellent performance and achieve the highest goals.

What Exactly Is Mindvalley’s Superhuman At Work Community? 

Mindvalley’s Superhuman At Work Community is a pretty popular quest where they teach you important skills you should learn about leadership and attain a new pinnacle.

If you wish to be superhuman, the most important thing is to retrain your brain so that it can work at the level of a superhuman. It isn’t some sort of music. It is just learning with an extraordinary will to learn, and things will just work wonders for you. 

Superhumans At Work Mindvalley

To Start With 

Communication plays a fundamental role in any deal. The more convincing the conversation, the more people follow you, which will turn you into a leader.

You are not a leader if you cannot give someone a solution to their problems or show them a path when they need it. It is impossible to show the superhuman side of yours in that case. 

For any work, profile communication is thus imperative. If you are someone who is an introvert with thousands of creative ideas and cannot share your innovative ideas by being stuck in your comfort zone, with deep regret I need to inform you that those ideas are of no use.

If you think that by only writing down your brilliant idea, you will reach the masses and make this idea turn into reality, I am again sorry to say but this is not the way things happen.

The verbal method is many times more effective in comparison with the written method. This is because the verbal method empowers you to express your ideas in a more efficient manner as compared to the written method. 

So now the question is how to become a brilliant communicator? Here are four incredibly simple yet brilliant tips:

  1. You need to come out of the culture of sweeping things under the carpet. You should share anything and everything that, in your opinion, can prove out to be helpful for others. Even if you mispronounce some words, no one will murder you, for sure.
  2. It is imperative to speak up your mind fearlessly. Meanwhile, keep in mind to not bluff just anything in order to impress people in the room. The end result can be pretty depressing.
  3. Being a good listener too is a very important aspect you should ace in order to be a brilliant communicator. Listen to what other people have to say. You should make the conversation though. So it is advisable to act according to the environment. 
  4. Just pull this notion out of your mind that you are not lucky enough to get training. People who get training did not get wings added on their backs by training centers so that they can fly high. It all depends upon massive experience. So the next rule in the list is to feel free to connect to people.
  5. You should be your own agent of inspiration. If you face any issues in any project, it is wise to share it clearly. Opting to be silent in case of doubts will later be the reason for your stress.
  6. You should always try and understand what other people have to say. All that you say should show your knowledge, politeness, and empathy towards people. It is not about having a bitter argument with people or making them feel inferior. Doing this will lead you to a significant loss.

What Is A Humachine?

It is not rocket science to understand what Humachine is. The idea behind it is fascinating though.

In today’s time, there are things which humans cannot do, but technology can and the converse is true as well.

For you and your company to grow, combining the power of machines and humans can work wonders. 

It is wrong to think that technology can completely replace the workforce. It is vital to learn to combine these together in order to get the best of both worlds.


You should fuel yourself with the knowledge you require and also push it into other people. Let the stress of crunching numbers be on the machines as they are the best at it. 

It is vital to improve your personal skills and make it your focal point. Using this data can take your decision-making skills to the next level. At the same time, knowledge plays a very crucial role as data can be biased at times. It is important to grow aware of today’s trends.

Technology is a pretty amazing thing, but emotional intelligence which you gain from experience is something technology cannot do.

The complete understanding of your organization like the marketing strategy to negotiation, talking to people, and a lot more is limited only to you. Nobody can take that understanding away from you.

Things linked to techs, like coding and other things that seem cool today are short-lived. This is not the case with human intelligence.

Skills You Should Develop

  • Value of promises

Before making promises, you should make sure that they are realistic and the ones that are attainable. This is because making big promises is easy. Still, you will lose people’s trust and your business as well if you are unable to fulfil those promises. It is imperative to be a person who sticks to what you say and deliver the promised outcomes.

  • Focus

Focus is one of the most critical yet underrated tools if you want to achieve success at the next level. It is vital to practice mindfulness. It helps you reduce your anxiety and stress level, which improves your ability to perform.


Take a minute and look for things that can potentially disturb your focus. It can be something as small as an attractive wallpaper on your mobile phone which can lure you into giving it a look every now and then. Notifications are a never-ending distraction, and it is better to switch it off. It is a superhuman effort to maintain a deep focus.

  • Speed Learning

In this era of rat race where cut-throat competition prevails, it demands learning that too in speed. It is imperative in today’s time that every organization, business, or enterprise is time effective along with being cost-effective when compared to competitors.

You should rewire the processing of your brain in a way that it can control your habits, thoughts, and emotions when you work. With certain tactics of brainstorming, you can totally achieve this aspect. Practising at a hardcore level can help you be efficient and a speedy learner and reader.

Focus on gaining the ability and explore the real potential and power your brain holds. Nobody on this Earth is a born Einstein or Newton. We are here on this planet to learn.

  • Interpersonal Abilities

Irrespective of where you work, you’re not the one alone. There is nothing like a one-person business. It is vital to be capable enough to connect with people easily and build relationships.

Interpersonal skills are thus one of the most important soft skills which companies look for these days in their candidates. That doesn’t mean you stay stuck to just interpersonal skills.

Make sure you focus and work on other areas as well. Sticking to just one skill or a single aspect limits your capabilities. You should learn multiple skills and know what skill to use when. 

  • Self-confidence

If you want to create an aura that can convince people to work for you or with, self-confidence is the key. You cannot really expect others to believe in your capabilities when you do not trust yourself.

They haven’t been with you since forever, and neither do they know you personally. It is important to flush all the negative and toxic thoughts you have about yourself and your abilities.

You need to bring optimism and develop your abilities and skills in a way that you give your best no matter what comes in your way. 

Along with these sets of skills, companies expect some more essential skills from you like a sense of responsibility and punctuality. These skills play a very crucial role wherever you go.

Having an idea about how marketing and sales work can surely help you at some stage. 

Ways To Boost Productiveness Without Burning Out

It is not compulsory to compromise on wellbeing to build a team that aces in performance.

Not just you but almost everyone and anyone wants a team that can get done with a lot of things in just a small span of time. 


It is important to do these tasks in a manner that you don’t end up feeling entangled and sick in your stomach. 

You should not get stuck in the gruntwork of appointments and emails. You end up getting stuck without any regret, but this grunt work leads to pushing the business forward. It is vital to put your focus on things that are right and matter. Don’t try to be a multi-tasker when you really aren’t. This will lead to the drainage of your energy. 

  • Learn The Skill Of Saying No 

There are only 24 hours in a day – that is true for everyone. Nobody can extend the hours you get and fit everything into a day. It is thus important to learn to say NO in a polite manner. You should pre-plan and prioritize your work.

Your priorities should change depending on the need of the situation. Sometimes you should prioritize rest rather than work when it is important. Sometimes it becomes important to finish the work rather than catching up with your friend for a couple of beers.

You can politely refuse and set a time or day once your project is done and make sure you don’t miss it. It is important to keep in mind that commitment matters a lot.

The times when you cannot handle the pressure, you shouldn’t force and exhaust yourself. Maybe you are low on rest or interest. Creativity cannot breed and thrive in a mind that is tired. 

  • Try Deleting Repetitive Tasks

This simply means that if you have a lot of repetitive tasks that are unneeded in your list, you should consider deleting them. They can become a hindrance on your way to productiveness. Give an attempt to new things as you get a chance to explore and get smarter. 

To-Do List
  • Stop Procrastinating

No matter what you do, procrastinating your work will prove out to be the worst hindrance in your process of growing. We know that postponing and delaying tasks seems to be a more comfortable and easy option than being engaged.

This is a challenge we all face at some point. To motivate yourself, try rewarding yourself when you accomplish your task. 

Discussing The Importance of Entrepreneurship 

Jeff Hoffman is a pretty renowned personality at the working superhumans in Mindvalley. He explains and emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship.

Hoffman talks about those simple tricks and techniques that are often overlooked and are underutilized. These tricks play a vital role in the process of growing.

Jeff Hoffman Mindvalley

One of the most significant factors these days for a globe-wide economic growth is entrepreneurial development. Entrepreneurs are torch-bearers and architects of the future as they provide opportunities for employment. 

An entrepreneur is someone who constantly looks for unique ideas and transforms those ideas into opportunities. The traits of an entrepreneur include his will to take the risk despite the uncertainty of the venture. 

  • Dynamic approach

An entrepreneur is someone who ensures to make the most out of sources which are limited. It requires a very dynamic approach to do this value creation without depending upon how uncertain business conditions might be.  

  • Role of innovation

It is very important to be innovative and creative to ace this field. You cannot just imitate what others do. It is important to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to and incorporate their strengths with ours to get a cutting edge over them. 

  • You Should Be Risk Taker

Business does not come with certainty. You can guarantee if the new idea will be 100 per cent successful. Chances are the new steps or ideas that can prove out to be a disaster.

But this fear should not stop an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur should be someone who is willing to take risks with his/her out-of-the-box ideas.

These entrepreneurial traits work as a bridge between you and a superhuman. These qualities help you work at a level of superhuman. 

Public Speaking Secrets You Should Know 

Eric Edmeades is a world-class speaker at Mindvalley’s superhumans at work who teaches ways to give a talk that leaves the audience speechless. 

Superhumans At Work Mindvalley Review

According to him, though it is ironic, the truth is that most people fear public speaking more than death. You will be surprised to hear that it is helpful for both your personality as well as your health.

Public speaking is both physical as well as verbal. When you are delivering a talk, you need to stand for hours at a stretch and keep moving here and there on the stage. You are continuously moving, and it seems like killing two birds with one stone. 

The larger the audience, the more you get paid. You will definitely earn more bucks when you deliver a speech to an audience of 20000 people in comparison to that of 200 people. 

In the initial phase of learning, it is vital to keep in mind that opportunities matter more than money. Money should be secondary, whereas the opportunity should be the priority.

You should focus on gaining more and more experiences, and money will follow. Sometimes you also need to compromise by giving free services in order to, later on, build a brand. 

Preparation is the most important aspect before any public speaking stint. The more the preparation, the better the performance. People generally hold a notion that you can get up on stage with freshly brewed ideas or content.

The power of public speaking should not be underrated. If you ace this field, you can prove out to be a priceless gem to the company or business you are working for.   

Here are some quick tips you should follow: 

  • Connect with your Audience 

Your talk with your audience should be reason oriented. You must have a reason to talk to your audience. Just don’t fluff anything that comes to your mind. The audience there is present to hear about the topic they were informed.

Nobody cares about your daily routine or how much you earn unless it has some relevance to your topic. You should entertain your audience with a friendly tone, and this can work wonders. Keep your talk informative and know your audience well. 

  • Keep eye contact

This is the most crucial of all. Irrespective of your audience size, large or small, you need to maintain eye contact with as many people as you can.

It is recommended to not just stick to a couple of rows in front. You need to connect with people sitting at the back as well because they are your audience too. 

  • Keep your tone confident 

It is crucial to speak whatever you want to in a confident demeanour. Don’t let that curve of smile leave you even for a second. Act like you own the show.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of rehearsal before you hit the stage. Stop overthinking that you said something wrong. Overcome your fear of the stage. Even if you made a mistake, you can simply correct it and apologize in a calm way, and you are good to go ahead.

Superhumans At Work Mindvalley Review

You need to keep in mind that this can happen to anyone. You should work on being confident, even when you are not. Try working on this part as much as possible.

Command their attention by making an eye to eye contact. When you sound confident, chances are the audience might just not notice even when you are wrong. 

  • Stay Within The Time Slot Allocated To You 

You should not go over the time allotted to you. This suggests that you are not prepared. 

  • Feedbacks

Underrating feedback can prove costly to you. You shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for feedback. You worked hard for it, and you totally deserve it.

You should not be scared of criticism. Be open and analytical to criticisms. Positive feedback can prove out to be a motivation. In contrast, negative feedback can prove out to be your best teacher. 

It is important to master the skill of public speaking. This way, you can connect with people, share ideas with others, and also paves the way for brand endorsement. 

If you are working in the field of sales, this is a must-have skill. From leaders to managers to entrepreneurs, this skill can work wonders for anyone. So go ahead and begin practising the skill of public speaking. 

Building A Team That Is Mission-Focused

Marisa Murgatroyd is a personal branding expert who shared her ideas on building a team that is highly focused on their goals. This is crucial for the welfare of both you and the company. 

Marisa Murgatroyd Mindvalley - Personal Branding

Following the tips listed below can help you be different from others. 

  1. It proves out to be a great idea to provide a framework and an example of how you want your work to be done. In order to solve practical problems, theoretical knowledge alone cannot work.
  2. Also, let others talk about their ideas as well. Recognize their contribution in forming outlines to big plans. This will motivate them and help them to think in a more creative manner. Or else, they will just rely on others to frame up things. 
  3. It is vital to be understandable and clear to everyone in the team. The working environment should be friendly and not bossy. It is great to ask your team members at least twice if they are doing great or not. 
  4. Try to keep your lectures short and precise so that most of your teammates can remember what you said. 
  5. Keep motivating your team members to stay focused and be flexible as much as possible. 
  6. It is a great idea to give credit every time your team performs great. It is a basic human nature to feel motivated when someone praises you. 

FAQ’s: Superhumans At Work Mindvalley

Does personal growth make the company grow?

Personal growth has been linked directly to a company’s growth. Generally, in any company, many of the workers lack motivation, are nascent and sometimes inexperienced too. Their growth greatly affects the company’s growth. Employees are one of the pillars which run the company.

Public speaking comes in as an inborn quality, or does one have to acquire it?

No one ever has been born with the talent of public speaking. Who has ever seen a kid going on the stage and addressing an audience? Public speaking is an important talent that is acquired by a lot of practice.

To Conclude: Superhumans At Work by Mindvalley

The Superhumans At Work Community by Mindvalley are extremely popular to date. Everything written is tried and tested. We hope that this article proves out to be beneficial for you.

Here in this article, we attempted to provide you with every important measure according to experts. You can achieve immense success by following this advice.

Our motive is to prepare and lead you to be outstanding and attain new heights. We assist you to realize your abilities and to be strong inside out. If you have any questions, you can contact us. 

Your thoughts and valuable feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you for investing your precious time with us.

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Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review 2021: Should You Join?

Introduction MindValley Unlimited Abundance

 I am sure you might have questions regarding Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance, isn’t it? In this article, you are going to get a clear idea about Mindvalley’s unlimited abundance concepts and their ideas.

The unlimited abundance house-instructions are an assemblage course for deleting every abundance block in your mind that resists you to live your life which you need and have the urge to experience.

This unlimited abundance program’s main motive is to provide you with innovative and deep energy just like the results which were experienced by the original members of the unlimited abundance program.

The original unlimited abundance program provides you with the training session which is a complete set of energy audio recordings.

Every session of this program gives you a powerful experience and hypnotic process that follows the frequency of your energy level, gives access to your brain and wraps one’s mind around, and releases you one by one from your abundance block.

The creator of Mindvalley’s unlimited abundance program is Christie Marie Sheldon. She is an experienced instinctive curer.

The main reason for initiating this program is that she wants to make one’s life free from toxicity, bring happiness, and spread positivity, cutting down all those negativity around us and giving the human mind a sorted solution to achieve their goals without any blocking. 

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review – Worth It?

Deleting all the energy within you is quite a difficult task and hardly possible for you to do it all alone. Even if you are familiar with the blocks inside you and you know what they are, the existing frequency of negative energy resists your mind to get rid of it.

It simply means that the existing pattern of your subconscious mind will always grab you back and make you feel useless and you can see the ultimate changes in your behavior.

According to Christie Marie Sheldon, an abundance block is something about the unconscious mind and degrading of energy that vandalizes your capacity to admire and hold on to wealth.

The unlimited Abundance programs wish to sort out this problem of yours and help you to introduce you to the psychological block in your life and help you to deal with it.

Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

It is especially for those who want to be happy, make money, donate to society, and show you a good path. If you are the one who is still facing problems of abundance, this program is the best which can help you.

The mission is to help these people and give them stress-free life, the unlimited abundance program gives you 24 hours session one by one and helps you to go through your mindset, understand your energy level and go through it.

This article is about the whole plan, benefits, key features, and reviews about the Unlimited Abundance program.

Why choose this program?

Do you feel like you are unhappy with your current life and something is stopping you from stepping towards your goal? Are you not satisfied with your earnings and doubting your worth in this society?

If your answer here is positive then this is what you are dealing with which is likely to be known as “abundance blocking”.


There are in total 24 abundance blocks that are holding you back and getting stuck with your life and stealing your success and opulence which you deserve.

In this program, you will find that you have all the energy hidden inside you to break these blocks. You just need some gap to work on them, this program helps you to break these abundance blocks and give you that gap which you need right now, they show you the route to get rid of this negative energy around you step by step and then all at once.

What you will learn from this program?

Here’s the list of things you will get to know what you can learn from this program.

Upraise your abundance

Realizing the things that matter to you in your life and tearing the abundance block quietly focusing on your career, prosperity, wealth, your relationships, and physical health. Also, gives you the power and potential to go through this.

MindValley Unlimited Abundance

Experts the skills of savings and increasing wealth.

Find out the unique techniques which can help you to stop excess spending of money, and instead of spending, you’ll learn to save and double up whatever you earn and also you’ll learn the ideas of investing your earnings at the right time.

Patent your goal

Learn how to initiate to reach your goal and achieve your dreams which you were fighting for, hold onto them after deleting all your abundance blocks out of your life. you will find more possibilities and learn to find the opportunities.

Build up the positive energy and mindset

Reset your mind and body and reveal the energy with new designs of positivity and unlimited opportunities. The old memories and previous vibes will be a blurred nightmare vision for you.

Ameliorate the standard of your life.

run according to your passion, profession, time, freedom, and live your life to the fullest. Rebuilt your life with positivity, no more regret, or struggling with your life. Starting over is the best solution.

Free from debt

Overcome from the emotional and zestful designs that hold you on to intolerant depts, built a plan for softly transformational out of debt, and stuck onto it without any efforts.

Wealthy success

Surpass the patterns and negative voice inside of you that questions you about your worth and earning in your life. Good job, promotions, upgrades in your business and so many other opportunities will come knocking at your doorstep with ease.

Make a remarkable successful career

Entering into a correct mental state and energetic state for being a topmost performer at your work.

Find out the solution to the problems and challenge the upcoming situation which can make you stranger, also helps you to reach new heights, and help to get you to achieve wonders.

Stories which helps you in your life

The speaker of this program will share some of the real incidents of their life which you can relate to and can learn of it something valuable. You’ll get to the importance of Unlimited Abundance and the motive of transferring your energy from one phase to another.

Question and answer sessions available

In this program session, one of the speakers Vishen Lakhiani will ask the bunch of certain but familiar questions to the founder of this program Christie on abundance blocks and life.

The questions like, what is the expected result of the session for a beginner? Is it possible to change the mindset of people through this program? Is the internet a good source for the Unlimited Abundance to deal with such kind of series problems? And many more questions were asked which will give you a clear idea about this program.

Course Review

Key features

Here are some of the key features about the Unlimited Abundance program you would like to know

  • The Unlimited Abundance program is a house-training process which is carried out online.
  • Instruct you to overcome and know your abundance block in your life one by one slowly.
  • There are in total 24 sessions of the Unlimited Abundance program which is given to you in audio and word doc form.
  • Audio sessions can be attended by any of these devices through mobile phones, desktop, or tablet, there is no such restriction for using the audio in the particular portable media device.
  • No particular time limit, you have your access to the session whenever you can and wherever you want.
  • If no results came, paid money will be returned within 90 days and no questions asked as guaranteed.

Unique benefits of Unlimited Abundance.

As you are familiar with the audio version of the program from the above topic as mentioned, here are some very unique benefits given below.

Pull out restricted beliefs.

It says in the name though, the Unlimited Abundance is a term which stands for removing/pulling out limiting beliefs as it restricts(remove) you from the ‘abundance’ you need.

Limiting beliefs always push you back from your desirable life, these restricted beliefs are not an easy thing as it separates you from the positive change you want from your life. These beliefs can harm you mentally, can be scary too.

Unlimited Abundance takes you to the journey of your own life and makes you see your life part by part and also helps you to understand those restricted beliefs which are stopping you to achieve your goal and give you support to fight through it.

These 24 sessions have something that you can relate to and you can come to understand where these restricted beliefs had destroyed your life which includes,

  • Personal growth
  • Quality and values
  • Step towards success
  • Family and friends
  • Self-importance
  • Economy or finance.

These sessions will turn you into a new and positive being, every session has its specialty.

Upgrade your energy.

These sessions of Unlimited Abundance will inform you at the starting of your training that you are going to work with your energy and focusing on the energy will help you to cut out the negativity inside you.

It helps you to get in a simultaneous flow of your mind where your life goes smooth with itself, they also provide you with some devices or tools which helps you to get a clear idea about energy and you go deeper in knowing about how energy plays a vital role in one’s life.

Upgrade your energy.

Your energy is the only reason behind your daily activities, feelings, your emotions, and when you get some negative feeling or thought, energy is only responsible for those abundances in your life which stops you to step ahead.

The thing is when you feel low that you have some negative vibes around you, you feel nothing, you distance yourself from people and the things you want but when you are happy, you need everything around you, you get some positive vibes around you and you start participating more in your life.

This is what the sessions do, they make you understand the worth of yourself in your life and focus on your energy and vibes.

Take actions more than you think

Have you ever noticed that when you are nervous or afraid of something you focus more on your head and those thoughts? When you are dealing with anxiety and depression, you have a less energetic level inside you and you lose the opportunities because you can’t see those opportunities coming in front of you, all you focus on is your negative mind.

For instance, if you get a debt to pay, you will worry more about the money lacking to pay your bills than finding ways to get money.

The Unlimited Abundance program speaks more about the law of attraction, they increase the wavelength of your energetic vibes and cure those through their sessions which you are doing on the weeks.

Even if you find these laws of attraction stupid you will see a difference in a few weeks within yourself and how you feel. This is what the program does, they work on you in such a way that they will allow you to focus on the positive things and teach you to take actions on them.

Pros and cons:-Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review


  • can experience the sessions online without worrying about going at a distance.
  • You have access to the Unlimited Abundance program, you can attend the session whenever and wherever you want.
  • It’s cheaper compared to the other online sessions.
  • Gives you positive results for a lifetime.
  • Give you a clear path to achieving your dreams and goals.
  • Remove all the negative vibes around you and give you some break from the chaotic life.
  • The sessions taught are not rushed up, instead they follow the rule of one step at a time.
  • Gives you better results.
  • Good quality video training and schemes available.
  • A unique way of training people with patience.
  • 30 days of free trial available.


  • Not every person can get comfortable with the online session because of network connectivity or source problems.
  • The program needs a disciplined person to work with which every person can not relate to.
  • Sometimes, expensive rates if no discount available.
  • Rushing up to finish the assignments given.
  • People’s contribution is much needed, people have to get through their past and cooperate to get better results from this session.


what is your idea about ‘money can buy anything’? ask the question in some twisted form like “what is the best thing money can buy”? it can be said as self-growth.

When you are mentally good and nothing bothers you, everything around you is good and feels better. This is what Mindvalley helps you to do, it helps you to raise your growth within yourself.

Mindvalley has its access, and to experience its program it costs only $2 a day. Separately, every program enrolment fee starts from $199 to $499 according to your plan.

If you are willing to gain more experience of the program and want to have access to it then every access will be unlocked and available for you at only $599 a year or say $2 per day.

You can have 30 days of free trial without any risk to know about this program. There is no such feature available to pay the fees of enrolment in installments but with the subscription, you have access to the program.

The program will provide you 15-days money return policy if you are not satisfied with the program and without any question, the money is refunded in your account.

FAQs:-Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

Can you complete the whole session at your convenient time if you are busy?

The answer is yes, the Unlimited Abundance Program is made only at your convenient speed. You can experience according to your step, it is significant to complete the whole session you have subscribed in but it is not necessary to complete the whole program at a specific date or time. If you are busy and have a hectic schedule, you can work on it first and once you are free at any time you can get back to the program. The more you are focused on these sessions of this program, the better and faster results you get.

How fast will I get the results and do I need any experience for energy curing?

The grace of this program is that as soon as you step up in this program and start attending your sessions you will initiate efforts with your energy level. Once the restriction(block) is removed from your mind, you will continue the session and won't feel it again in your mind throughout the process. You will begin to enjoy the sessions and will cope up as the days, and months go by. No, there’s no need to have any experience as this program is for diminishing your low energy stats and working with your positive energy. You just have to relax and follow the instructions by experts and let them have access to your ideas and powers.

For whom this Unlimited Abundance works and how does it work?

If you want to have access to your life and throw out your negative thoughts, want to resolve the debts, work on your income, make things good between your family and friends, and want to achieve your goals then this is the program you are looking for. This will help you to get better with your mind and health and gives some energy transformation in mind. The Unlimited Abundance has 24 energy transforming audio recording sessions, each session has its value as these every session works for you at an interval of time. You can also relate to some of these sessions examples they give to resolve your problems. It is very convenient and fast, affordable, and gives you better results.

Conclusion:-Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance Review

The Mindvalley Unlimited Abundance program is a training program that has its access worldwide. There is no such program available which gives us the forever life result, you can take the session wherever you are in this world and whenever you want to train yourself with the depth of knowledge and redirecting your life and living to the fullest.

Solving your problems and finding a solution to it, gaining so much of positive energy in a particular interval of time, and reaching your goals and working on it.

The program deals with your energy as mentioned above and gives you access to your own life. By joining this program you can understand things better and make your relationship good with your family, and friends.

The program gathers all the lessons in just 24 sessions, it includes life lessons, real stories, assignments, tons of information. It has access to change your life and you can see the difference right after the few sessions.

This course will not only benefit you to uplift your energy but also makes your life better by teaching you to give life a chance again and achieve your goal and aim by working on it.

It is not a waste to invest your money in this program as you are indirectly investing the money on yourself by giving yourself a break.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts: Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

Discussing Mindvalley And It’s Three Core Principles

Mindvalley is a company committed to spread ideas and wisdom in order to encourage personal growth. So what does the mentoring program by Mindvalley do? In Mindvalley’s Three Core Concepts you will learn how to make a quantum leap.

Courses offered by Mindvalley assists people to tackle the ups and downs they face in life. In this way, people can accept the total transformation. 

In this podcast by Mindvalley, Srikumar Rao focuses on making listeners attain what is called a quantum leap.  

He shares with us all the lessons he learned in his life. This presentation by Mindvalley, in particular, is all about anecdotes and life lessons. In this article, we will probe and get into details of the core principles which will help you in “taking a quantum leap” so that “taking up the long path” is not needed anymore. 

Mindvalley and the Three Core Concepts

Mindvalley courses are instructed by people who are themselves experts in the topic. The quality of these courses is thus incredible. These courses can be accessed by users in any part of the world.  

The topics Mindvalley courses talk about are really incredible and fascinating to the extent that we get completely immersed in it. The experts teaching these courses aim at providing us with the inside knowledge about life.

As they share their experiences of life, they make sure to include anecdotes that are fun-filled. This ensures that we stay entertained and can develop a connection with what is being explained. 

Talking About The Mastermind Behind Quantum Leap

Born in 1951 in Mumbai, Srikumar Rao completed his schooling in Delhi and went to West Bengal for his graduation. In the esteemed St. Stephen’s College (located in Delhi) he held the position of a Physics Major. He then obtained his MBA degree in Ahmedabad. Along with being an incredible speaker and author, he was a professor too who was an expert in Personal Creativity and Mastery.

Quantum Leap: The Mindvalley Podcast

This Mindvalley Podcast is all about promoting personal growth like most of the other courses by Mindvalley. It is vital to know the fundamental core principles that are mentioned in this podcast if you want to take a “Quantum Leap”.

Let us dive further into details of the core principles:

MindValley University:MindValley and the Three Core Concepts

Anchoring Feelings: First Core Principle

What exactly is the quantum leap? Is it about money or fame or growth of a business? The answer is no!!! It is not always about these materialistic benefits. The followers of this course will get to explore what the actual possibility of growth is. 

If you succeed in doing it efficiently and effectively, you can see growth in a time span as little as a week or two.

Srikumar Rao emphasizes his listeners to stop and think. He talks about how money is not something you are running behind. Is it about the feeling money has to offer you? The feel of having more money or leading a life that is luxurious?  

Srikumar Rao- MindValley and the Three Core Concepts

This is not the case. It is imperative to introspect and remember that success and life are two completely different things. It is imperative to keep both these things separate in order to avoid the unneeded mess. 

If you wish to achieve the purpose of life and live it to the fullest, it is important for you to know that in reality, all you need is to feel alive; feeling alive with radiance.

Your hidden desire is to tie yourself up with the feeling of well being. You want to be assured and look for confidence that reassures you that you are doing great. You want a vibe that everything will stay all right always.   

This podcast tries to put light on the fact that the life of a human is meant to have a rough patch at some point in time. The problems are bound to come. It is imperative to tie yourself to the habit of deciding to have a great day ahead when you wake up in order to experience an incredible day.

What comes in the middle of having a great is actually the mindset we spend the day with. Most people have this notion that a great day is when everything you want happens to be just in front of you.

You cannot decide a great day based on an unclear idea of what we actually wish to happen and the unfulfilled desire because of what did not happen. It is imperative to keep in mind that problems are an integral part of life and can be a part of your great day as well. But the source of happiness can perhaps be the determination you successfully overcame it with. 

You can add a part to your great day when you bring about a change in your mindset and accept that problems are an integral part of your life. To make this quantum leap, it is vital to learn how to anchor all your feelings.

MindValley and the Three Core Concepts

In this particular podcast by Mindvalley, on the basis of how you experience life, you will learn how to take a Quantum Leap by none other than Srikumar Rao. He talks about ways that can help you bring about changes in the way you think. 

The majority of us are trapped in a glass jar placed in the dark and trying to fly around in it. We are completely clueless about where we are trying to go and how to fly away into freedom. We are prisoners of our very own mindset. In simple terms, the only person stopping us from taking this Quantum Leap is we ourselves.

This is just a tiny little part of the greater philosophy the Mindvalley Podcast has to offer to its listeners. The Core Concept 1 successfully keeps its listeners hooked, and they zealously wait to grasp all the approaches in order to take a quantum leap that can boost their lifestyle.

Is Control A Mirage? – 2nd Core Principle

More often than not, you must have come across people who plan their days. They plan how their day is supposed to progress. From what they will wear, drink, and eat to what tasks they will get done with, people plan their entire day. They have an estimate of outcomes for every action they took or how much they have gained within the day. 

But have we paused to think how many times were our objectives actually accomplished? We all have at least one such significant event in our lives that turned out to be a mess that required massive efforts to sort it. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly we all are a part of a rat race now. The question that prevails is how you can win this race? We all at some point in time come across a situation in life where things don’t work the way we planned it to be. 

The biggest problem with the way we lead our life is we avoid looking at the flip side of the coin. We are scared of the other side of the coin and to discover what new that side of the coin has to show. Life is a surprise package. It can surprise you with heaven or even hell.

Life is definitely not a puppet whose movements can be pre-planned or monitored. In simple terms, life is like dice rolling. It is uncertain and random, but at the same time adventurous and exciting with every new step, you take. 

The to-do lists that we make every day encourages us to complete our course of action. But the expectation of the day going absolutely the way we plan or decide will only cause disappointment, sadness, stress, and create a vibe of insecurity. 

To-Do List

Think about this in a different manner. Imagine the project we are working hard to finish, completes precisely in the way we wanted it to. A million things that could have gone didn’t occur.

But if something actually went wrong, then there would have been a room for something unanticipated which could have been a learning experience. After all, humans learn and improve when they commit mistakes.  

The illusion that we can control things going around us is meant to break. It is imperative to use this necessary evil with caution. There is no way we can have 100 percent control over what happens within us and around us. 

Accept what is impromptu if you want to put an end to brain work and strain from excessive pressure. 

Though we cannot calculate what the outcome will be, it is important to at least do our best by walking towards the direction that will lead you to peace. We can alter how we perceive things and the way we think in order to deal with situations we face on a daily basis. 

When you develop a positive second view about a certain situation, you also learn how to channel thoughts more efficiently. It is important to have unique and out-of-the-box ideas and perception of a situation. 

People who actually brought about a change in the world were able to do so because of unique perceptions. For them, the world looked like a set of building blocks that are joined together. They gambled with blocks, worked on new ideas, made an incredible combination of their knowledge and skills. End result? The world was awestruck. 

Who doesn’t know Swami Vivekananda, a philosopher, and a scholar?

Swami Vivekananda

At the World’s Parliament of the Religion he represented India and Hinduism and made a historical speech. You can imagine the extent of the impact of his speech that he got a standing ovation within the first 10 seconds of the delivery, which lasted for around 10 minutes. All of this because his speech was unique and different from all other speeches of the day.

But the path of being different is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of competence and confidence to execute. The outcomes are uncertain, as well. This is where illusion breaks and you end up losing control.

Mental Chatter- 3rd Core Concept

Mental chatter is the concept which is about what your mind speaks to you throughout the day.

Ever wondered when in the day do you start listening to words in your head? From the moment you wake up, this mental chatter begins. You would have probably noticed that your mind would not stop talking even when you are sleeping. The only thing in that scenario is that you are distracted so that your body can ease up. 

It is as annoying as that younger sibling of yours who continuously keeps talking to you, and you try to ignore them in spite of all the attempts they make to talk to you. We keep on ignoring them, going around them, and keep doing this till they are too bored or tired or just leave. 

What number of times did this actually work or helped you? Once or maybe a couple of times? Or maybe until you get into a fistfight? Or never? This is all because of the way your life is bonded with your siblings. 

They were, are, and will always be your siblings. To some extent, your life depends on them, and their life depends upon yours. Your parents too at some point in time took some step or decision because of what your sibling did, and that impacted your life as well.  

Mental Chatter - 3rd Concept Mindvalley

This is exactly how mental chatter has been with you all this while like a clingy sibling and the factor you depend upon the most when you make decisions about life or plan something. 

We all hold a notion that the world we are living in is real when, in reality, you don’t. The world you live in is a creation of your mind, which stays for your entire life and also people that are involved in your existence. This stays a fact for everyone that has that little and annoying chatterbox which is just like a sibling.  

Think about it this way: Imagine your sibling punches you straight in your shoulder. It will definitely hurt. If they punch you right again at the same place on your shoulder, it will hurt even more. This will eventually lead you to have negative thoughts that will cause sadness when they weren’t the reason you got sad.

This is exactly how the second punch works. We somehow love adding excess baggage to our own self which is already down with previous baggage. It is important to keep in mind that we can get punched repeatedly at the exact same place or even get hit on new places or even worse get a hit on a wound that is almost healed. 

All these unneeded punches are because of that annoying sibling of yours called mental chatter. 

Remember, when I earlier mentioned how we and our life depends a lot on this mental chatter? Now we will name these decisions, plans, ideas, etc. and call it a model. Models are nothing but how you perceive everything. It is also about how we like to believe that things work and take steps as per what the model requires. 

It isn’t wrong to doubt your models. This is because each model is right only to some extent. Every model can crumple at some point or the other. It is, therefore, necessary to bring a change in your models and keep bringing a change till your mind terminates this mind chatter completely.

How Do These Core Principles Bring About A Change In How You Perceive Life?

All three core principles that are explained in this entire course can lead you to a new perspective. A perspective that most people never gave a look at.

You thus get an opportunity with this course to open your eyes up to a new vision towards life. It encourages you to think about basic things in our daily life which we tend to miss out like your views, views of others as well and the fact that your views might not match with that of others.

There can be a situation where there can be a strong conflict between facts and our opinions. 

These three core principles throw light upon how there is a need to bring a change in our mindset and why there is a need to think again over the idea of quantum leap.

It is important to know that the core benefits of a quantum leap are not fame or money. The only thing you require to have a great time is a good mindset. 

Pros And Cons of Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts

Nothing on this earth is 100 percent flawless, and nor isn’t this course. There are both negative and positive aspects to everything which is important to be considered. This stands true for Mindvalley Podcasts as well. 

We already have mentioned the pros of Mindvalley and its three core principles above. In this section, we will just summarize it all to make it convenient for you and talk in general about Mindvalley. 


  1. Mindvalley offers an absolutely incredible quality of content which is backed with lots of research, expertise and personal experience. 
  2. Rather than talking about just random advice and thoughts with no relevance whatsoever, Mindvalley offers information which is actionable and highly relevant in our day to day life.
  3.  This course can turn out to be a life-changer if you are someone who is open to new ideas and thoughts.
  4. Mindvalley does an excellent job in bringing together all content even though it is difficult to find a course that can lead you to self-improvement and also assists you in developing your own self.
  5. You cannot find this material and course anywhere else, making it absolutely exclusive. 
  6. People prefer an all-access pack overpaying for each class as it is an affordable option. 


  1. The podcasts and videos you find on Mindvalley though provide great insights and are also beneficial but are mostly very short. People expecting details and in-depth content might feel disappointed.  
  2. To get maximum benefits from the course, it is imperative to give in your full commitment.
  3. You should put 30-60 minutes of your day aside in order to grasp what they are trying to teach completely. 
  4. You should also have a will to complete assignments that you are requested to complete with an open mind. 
  5. You should have a will to bring a change within your own self and also be willing to keep your old understanding and views aside. 
  6. Mindvalley course teachings or podcasts might not be fit for you if you are not willing to reanalyze your existing beliefs and ideas. 

FAQs:-Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts

Is It Possible To Interact Directly With The Instructors?

Mindvalley courses are podcasts that are pre-recorded or video courses. So, unfortunately, you cannot interact directly. If you wish to have hands-on contact, then Mindvalley is probably not the place you can approach. The courses are designed and taught by experts in such a way that even if you do not interact in a direct manner, you can still get a fulfilling experience.

Are Mindvalley Podcasts And Courses Worth My Time?

The answer is pretty simple. If you want to invest your time in you and your personal development, then obviously a podcast is worth your time without any doubt. On the contrary, if you don’t have time for the process of self-development, then Mindvalley is not your thing.

Why Are These Courses Priced So High?

We cannot put a price tag on the process of self-development. We cannot define how much these podcasts can help you in the long run. But the price the team of Mindvalley has decided is on the basis of what they felt is fair for their efforts and time they invested in creating these courses to assist your personal development and help you with a quantum leap.

Conclusion: Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts

The experts in the field of mental well-being have created Mindvalley courses. One can bring small changes to society if he brings changes in his own life. Rather than any other aspect of life, the main focus is on own mastery.

To identify the opponent within you and deal with it brilliantly is the main purpose of this session. This is because stuffing our brain with knowledge and developing skills is all we keep running after.

Our own mind is our best friend and biggest enemy. Shouldn’t the power of mind be used for our benefit? To achieve your goal towards fulfilment, we wish you luck.

I hope you liked our Mindvalley and the Three Core Concepts article and do let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Course Reviews

Lisa Nichols Review 2024 – Is It Worth Your Time? (Honest Opinion)

Introduction To Lisa Nichols Review

“You are the creator of your own destiny; you are the author of your story”.

These inspiring words have been quoted by America’s most excellent Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols, who is a YouTuber, an entrepreneur. She is also the CEO of Motivating the Masses, which helps people in personality development training and is one of the top ventures in the world.       

Lisa Nichols: The Struggle

Lisa Nichols’ journey from being a struggling single mother to being one of the world’s top motivational speakers, began almost 20 years ago.

The story goes back when Lisa was 27, back in 1994, she was going through the most robust phase in her life.

Being a single mother to a baby boy and having $12 in her bank account, and getting government help for her and the baby’s needs is precisely from where she started.

This was the turning point of her life, where she wanted to break through the phase of acute poverty she was stuck in.

She, despite all the hardships, wanted to stay motivated and that is how she never lost trust in herself and realized that her talent of being a help, as a motivator, would not only help the people around her but also would help her in being positive and motivated throughout the journey.

Lisa Nichols Review

Lisa Nichols had a dream to speak in front of thousands of people, and for that, she started by gaining public speaking confidence by practising in front of a mirror.

This is how she groomed her oratory skills before trying to become a public speaker. While practising, she focussed on minute details that could make her audience laugh, or move them and make them cry.

She always believed in making a connection with the audience and felt that only then, her words could help them. 

She was successful in discovering the power she has and how it can move people. And from then onwards, she has been a messiah for millions of people struggling with demotivation and consulting self-help.

The Early Life

Lisa Nichols was born in 1966 in Los Angeles, California. After she was married, she faced a lot of mental and physical abuse and chose to take care of her child on her own as a single mother.

When Lisa was 27 years of age, she was a single parent who was battling to make a decent living.

Having only $12 in her ledger, she disclosed to her child she could ‘never be that bankrupt again’. She said this was the defining moment for her.

Lisa was able to change her own life totally, which is the reason she can share the information and knowledge about life that she has with others today.

Career: Motivating the Masses

Lisa’s own flourishing has invigorated her into the impedes that various people face on their approach to self-improvement.

Lisa Nichols became the CEO of the venture Motivating the Masses in 2010, which is the world’s top companies that provide training, self-help and personality development.

Her life journey started from being a totally broke single parent to turning into the world’s generally eminent and mentioned Motivational speaker. 

Inside the association, Lisa has made workshops and undertakings that have helped various individuals and associations over the world.


They in like manner offer live occasions, instructional courses and various books by Lisa herself. 

Moving The Masses is an inconceivable resource for directors and business visionaries who need to exploit themselves and their gatherings.

The association’s pivotal to empower their customers to develop the motivation and methodology required for them to win in their own and business lives. 

She has a worldwide reach of around 80 million, changing the lives of a great many individuals en route with her inspiration and energy. 

With her assurance, she has had the option to move individuals worldwide and helped them in finding their actual potential and gifts. 

Lisa Nichols has consistently been exceptionally open about her battles with her fans, that causes them to feel associated with her, and that is the way she seeks after them towards being fruitful and propelled in their lives. 

Her biography ends up being a motivation for millions, how a broke single parent curated a multi-million dollar adventure shows that nothing is inconceivable on the off chance that you are resolved for your objectives.

Lisa Nichols: The Author 

Not exclusively is Lisa Nichols a rousing persuasive orator and instructor, she is additionally a top of the line creator.

Lisa has distributed seven books, including No Matter What, Destined For Greatness, Living Proof and Abundance Now. 


All of Lisa Nichols books rotate around the idea of carrying on with your best life and accomplishing all that you might want to accomplish. She has books on both self-awareness and business advancement.

Lisa Nichols is the author of over 6 books which have been the NewYork Times Best Sellers, with millions of copies being sold.

These books talk about the difficulties that all of us face with respect to work, connections, confidence and life objectives.


These are the books she has written, which till date, remain some of the essential books for the ‘Self Help’ genre.

Lisa Nichols: Features

Being a celebrated Motivational Speaker, she has been invited to a lot of renowned talk shows in America to talk about her life and how she has been able to help the people around the globe.

She has been a part of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, ‘The Dr Phill Show’, ‘The Steve Harvey Show’, ‘The Today Show’ – just to name a few.

She has also been featured in a lot of global level magazines such as ‘People’, ‘GQ’ and many more, for her tremendous work in the field of being a motivation for many lives.

Lisa Nichols: Motivating the Teen Spirit

Motivating The Teen Spirit is a non-profitable venture by Lisa Nichols to help teenage lives.

She has helped over 300,000 teenagers to find their purpose in life, prevented a considerable number of teen suicides, and even helped the school and university dropouts to get back to their education.

This venture offers training programs for teenage kids on how to live a happy and successful life while being motivated and positive throughout.

Lisa Nichols Review

She started with the mission of teen empowerment and helped them in leading a path of self-love. 

The movement ‘Teen Spirit’ has been launched on a global level, for teens from every country, regardless of their religion, colour, age and economic or social background.

Through this, she wants to create a world where teenagers live a happy and healthy life and pursue the path of Self Love.

She wants to make sure that the teenagers Love themselves, be themselves and are able to Speak themselves.

Lisa Nichols: Awards

In appreciation of her work, Lisa Nichols has received some of the most prestigious awards in her motivational career.

She has been honoured by the Ambassador Award, The Humanitarian Award from South Africa, Heart of Learning Award, to name a few from the long list.

Lisa Nichols and ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Brynes

Lisa Nichols has taken an interest in The Secret narrative and is moreover, part of The Secret book, by Rhonda Byrnes.

She contributed her comprehension of the most capable technique to quickly and enough achieve riches and use the Law of Attraction to improve your life. 

She talks about how to achieve satisfaction and explains that when we praise our stunning feelings, we will pull in even more positive assumptions to us, similarly as things that cause us to feel incredible in our lives.

Lisa talked about the Law of Attraction and notices that when you centre around your negative considerations and emotions, you’ll feel distressed and greater cynicism every day.

She says that we are the maker of our own fate. Lisa says that nobody else can settle on the choices for us – just ourselves. 

Lisa’s contribution to The Secret prompted her development as a media character. She was welcome to a wide range of syndicated programs to examine her work and information further.

Development Programs by Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols has curated an assortment of projects on offer for any individual who might want to open their boundless potential and make progress in all aspects of their life.

The uncomplicated projects can either be for your very own turn of events or business advancement. 

All these projects incorporate online courses that you can partake in at home. They are completely expected to enable others to gain ground and valuable change in their lives.

Her tasks fuse a great deal of self-improvement and advancement programs, 28 days to result, online classes for. 

These projects have been profoundly applauded by many. Clients state that Lisa assisted with completely changing themselves to improve things, live their fantasies and open their maximum capacity.

Lisa nichols

28 Days to Result

This program, 28 Days To Results, offers day by day steps to assist you with finding out about the 9 critical parts of your life, and how you can make a move to get incredible outcomes in these zones. 

All through the program, Lisa gives you 28 everyday recordings and tells you which steps to make. Every week is committed to another subject. Week 1 is called ‘Dominating The Inner Game’, the second ‘Bliss’, the third ‘Wellbeing’. The most recent week’s emphasis is on ‘Riches’. 

When Lisa talks about 28 Days To Results, she clarifies the program as something that can assist you with accomplishing Micro-wins, which would then be able to prompt Macro-wins.

These little successes can assist with keeping you persuaded and move in the direction of more significant objectives you have throughout everyday life. 

The program is intended to assist you in changing your practices, so they become a propensity. This ordinarily takes 21 days to accomplish, which is the reason why the program keeps going 28 days; to ensure the propensity has created.

Inside this fantastic system, you are additionally given an Action Journal, where you can record your procedure. Need to attempt a tester? Guarantee your complimentary duplicate of Lisa’s plenitude plan, with 24 demonstrated procedures to make the existence you need.

Online Series: NO MATTER WHAT

There is another online program that Lisa offers that is called No Matter What, and this program is a 6 section online arrangement. This internet preparing program was made by both Lisa Nichols and her COO of Motivating The Masses, Susie Carder. 

This program has been intended to assist individuals with making discoveries in all aspects of their lives and arrive at their latent capacity. The No Matter What program offers to assist you with making changes with your joy, riches and achievement. 

This No Matter What program provides recordings, activities, and worksheets for you to do. The 6 subjects that are centred around in this program are Character and Mindset, Managing Chaos, Creating a New Reality, Freedom, Your Life Plan and Becoming Non-Negotiable. 

Just as making changes throughout your life, you can likewise figure out how to evacuate snags that halted you previously. You can figure out how to deliver any negative contemplations or sentiments that could likewise be blocking you on your excursion. 

Lisa Nichols: The YouTuber

Lisa Nichols is a very popular content creator on YouTube as well. Her channel has a massive number of subscribers, and she makes sure to post a video each week, keeping her consistent with her outstanding work.

The recordings on Lisa Nichols Youtube channel go from her and others from her group shooting for arrangement, for example, ‘Thriving Power Jam’, to one-on-one recordings of Lisa offering guidance on various subjects.

Lisa makes recordings on themes, for example, self-care and acknowledgement. 

Lisa utilizes her Youtube channel to help rouse others to change their carries on with, much the same as her projects and books do. You can likewise watch cuts from Lisa’s talks at gatherings and occasions. 

The primary mission of Lisa’s Youtube channel is to convey recordings that furnish the watchers with the bit by bit devices they have to carry on with the existence that they need.

Course Reviews

Donna Eden’s Classes Review 2024 (TRUTH Revealed)

Introduction to Donna Eden’s Classes

Keen to learn about Energy Medicine from Donna Eden’s Masterclass? Not sure whether it is worth joining this masterclass? 

If you are finding answers to these questions, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I will be reviewing her Energy Medicine class and cover all points and aspects of this class that you should be knowing.

But before we begin with what this Energy Medicine Masterclass is all about and how it works, let us know more about what Energy Medicine actually is. 

Diving Into Depth Of Energy Medicine

Energy, as we all know, is a life force you cannot be without. You are alive when you have it, and you aren’t when you don’t have energy. The relationship of your body with this much-needed energy is evolving for the past millions of years.

These energies are amazingly intelligent and also direct our hormones and immune system and organize our iron filings in a distinct pattern. From repairing you when you fall ill to keeping your health intact, these energies keep your mind and body at the optimal state. 

The reason why Energy Medicine proves out to be the best for you is that in this case, energy is both patient as well as the medicine. By harnessing and directing energy as medicine in an effective manner, you can raise your spirits and also find a cure to your ailments.

At the same time, energy as a patient can help you revitalize your energies that have become disturbed or are weak. You can also heal and balance your body. 

Energy Medicine works as both self-help and self-care systems, as well as a complementary approach to medical care. It addresses everything ranging from physical illness to mental or emotional disorder and thus promotes peak-level wellness and high performance. 

Energy medicine thus empowers you to have much more control over your life and body. 

From ordinary people with no prior experience in healing others or their own selves to doctors, massage therapists, nurses, acupuncturists and others who want to enjoy greater vitality and joy or looking for an answer to better health or deal with their patients in an effective manner can take benefits from this course. 

Donna Eden’s Classes

When you learn and put these Energy Medicine exercises to use, it will mobilize your energy in a way that you no longer have to medicate or endure daily fatigue or pain.

The pharma companies will definitely want you to purchase their drugs because every time you pop up a pill to stop your pain becomes their source of earning billions of dollars. Thus, Energy Medicine can save your organs along with taxes. 

The best part about Energy Medicine is anyone who wishes to learn it can pursue it. It teaches you to participate knowledgeably into well-being, health, and healing of your own selves.

You don’t need a device, just a touch of your own hands will lead you towards a happier and healthier life. Just start it any moment you feel like. 

Energy Medicine does not focus on illness or its symptoms. The main focus of Energy Medicine is to keep your bodily system of energy healthy, vital, strong, and harmonious.

You assess or diagnose your energy system and not any illness. Similarly, you do not treat illness or its symptoms but treat your energy system. 

A total of 9 Energy Systems are included in Energy Medicines, namely, Chakras, Meridians, Aura, Triple Warmer, Radian Circuits, Basic Grid, Five Rhythms, Electrics, and Celtic Waves.

Donna Eden’s Classes

Why It Is Worth To Be Trained By Donna Eden In The Field Of Energy Medicine:

In Donna Eden’s Classes, she is teaching people about how they can work with their body’s energy system in order to reclaim their natural vitality and health. She is one of the most authoritative, joyous, and sought spokesperson in the world in the area of Energy Medicine. Her healing abilities are renowned and celebrated worldwide. She trained approximately eight thousand people across the globe, including both layman people and professionals in understanding the body as a system of energy. 

She works with the body’s subtle energies to enhance health, vitality, and happiness. Donna teaches people to work with these subtle energies in an effective and joyful manner. 

She has coached in many self-empowering and health workshops across the world that was attended by over eighty thousand participants. Energy Medicine, Donna’s first book, is a classic in this domain. The book has more than 2,00,000 copies sold and is translated into 15 languages. The book has also won two National Book Awards. The sequel of this book is titled “Energy Medicine For Women” and at the esteemed Nautilus competition, it has won the award for the “best health book”. Donna, as a healer, treated more than 10,000 individual clients. 

Now that we know how amazing Donna Eden’s Classes are in the area of Energy Medicine, let us know about her Energy Medicine Masterclass. 

Donna Eden's Classes

Details Of The Energy Medicine Masterclass

The course consists of a total of 8 modules. It was changed to a quest, but it didn’t affect the content much. The only difference that came in was in the format.  

With every module of Energy Medicine, you get:

PDF, Video, And Audio

You get a visual course when you purchase the Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden. It is pretty appealing and feels as if you are attending these classes live, and all of this at your comfort. This proves to be great for people who don’t like or are shy to get up and do something in front of others. This is because, in each module, you have to try out all the techniques that are taught in this masterclass.

Donna Eden and her spouse, David Feinstein, both have a group where they have people to discuss and practice particularly for the course. You can also find an audio version for this course, which can be downloaded and then listened to. In my opinion, it will not be a great idea to do this course with only audio. This is because this course has a lot of visuals and physical examples to offer. If you take up an audio course, you will miss a lot of what Donna Eden and her husband have to offer you.

You will also find PDFs to download with every module which has massive information regarding all that they are talking about. Next, you will get charts like numerous Meridian charts, Meridian Flow Wheel Chart, The Triple Warmer Chart, and also Zone Tapping Chart. You can also download these charts.

In Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine quest’s second introduction, you get a Glossary to download. It explains many things that Donna Eden talks about in her masterclass. But don’t expect it to get into in-depth details of what is taught in the class. It is still useful because you get some insight into what Donna is talking about in her class and its meaning. 

Question And Answer Section

With every module, you will have a Q&A section, which involves asking questions to Donna Eden and David Feinstein. Ask them all questions you have in your head and get them answered. 

The Energy Dance

Every module comes with Energy Dance by Donna Eden’s Daughter Titanya Dahlin. Here she puts all that you have learned throughout your module together into a dance. 

The Everyday Energy Routine 

You need to give in some time each and every day for a Daily Energy Routine besides your class every week or the time you decide to take up a class. You will learn about basic routine and detailed guidance about how you do every exercise you find in the handbook you download in the 1st module. You will also get to learn more about it in class. Next, you get a checklist in your downloaded PDF. It consists of a list of what you should do in routine and has small boxes on the side, which you can check off every day when you accomplish the task.

Getting Into Details Of Each Module 

In this section, I will present you details about each module so you have a fair idea of what you can expect out of this course. 

Module 1- Energy Medicine For Vitality And Health

In this module, the Daily Energy Routine is introduced by Donna Eden. It proves out to be invaluable and interesting because here, people learn how the energies of other people can affect you. At the same time, it also covers how you can affect the energies of other people. With a set of illustrative examples, she has to offer in the class, and it is pretty evident that we all highly influence each other’s energies on a tremendous level. It is so massive that it goes beyond one can even imagine. 

Overall, this module will help you become better in understanding your body’s needs and signals and also help you learn how your energy will affect other people. You will also learn how you can clear these energy blocks to regain a healthy energy flow. 

Module 2- Balancing, Grounding And Clearing Your Energies

Donna Eden, in this module, covers the aspect of how the energy pattern of yours can go off track and can lead you to poor productivity, happiness, and health. By the end of this module, you will learn how you can align with the Earthly Energies and also practical yet simple techniques to balance, ground, and clear your energies. 

Module 3- Befriending Spleen Meridians And Triple Warmer In Order To Relieve Stress

This module provides ample information about the cycle of the flow of energy and meridian systems. You will also get to know a lot about the importance of Triple Warmer and how you can relax it. Next up, it also gives massive insights into the Meridian Flow Wheel. 

By the end, you will learn about how your body fuels up by the Meridian system. You also discover the Meridian Flow Wheel and how you can use it. Next, you will learn to maintain a dynamic balance between Spleen meridians and Triple Warmer. I specifically liked the practical exercises that can reprogram your meridians and how you respond to stress, thus accelerating your journey towards joy and vitality. 

Module 4: Energy Tests So You Make Choices That Are Healthy

Module 4 talks about food testing and also other things to check how much your body wants them or doesn’t want them. Energetic tests like these help a lot in throwing light on things you should be consuming. By the end of this module, you will learn to put into use a biofeedback mechanism in order to check how your body responds to supplements, foods, environmental conditions, energy exercises, and other personal items. 

Module 5: Working With The Pain

This module talks about dealing and managing both sudden and chronic pain quickly and energetically. Here you can also learn about how you can chase the pain through the meridian. You will get to explore the techniques to address pain and learn numerous simple yet practical Energy Medicine techniques and first aid tools that can eliminate or at least reduce pain. 

Module 6- Chakras

This class deals with major chakras we have and how they function psychologically, physiologically, and, most importantly, spiritually. You will also get to know about some techniques which you can use in order to clear and balance these chakras. Overall this module will give you a complete introduction to chakras and their primary themes. 

Module 7 – Aura

This module focuses on sensing, clearing, balancing, strengthening, and, most importantly, understanding your aura. You get an introduction to the structure and layers of the aura and how you can test the health of an Aura. Next, you can explore how to recognize and also rectify a collapsed or detached Aura so that you can support a balanced energy flow through the field of aura. Discover how to protect your energies from external influence and also optimize how you connect to the Universe. 

Module 8: The Energies of Joy And Vitality- Radiant Circuit

Donna Eden is someone who emits joy like a beam of light. The energies that produce an exceptional state of happiness and higher joy and performance are Radiant Circuits. In this module, many simple and straightforward techniques were presented that proved out to be super powerful in enhancing my joy.

You will get to learn about the system of Radiant Circuits, what the individual Radiant Circuits have to do, and how you can strengthen most of the 10 Individual circuits. You will also get to explore how these Radiant Circuits can fuel your Energy Systems in order to connect you with the epitome of spark, joy, and growth. Next, you can discover the ways to naturally tap these Radiant Circuits and explore simple and short exercises to plug in your circuits. 

Overall it proves to be an amazing course with so much information covered about Energy Medicine and how you can deal with negativity, pains, decision-making process, energies, and much much more. 


If you are someone who is super passionate to learn about Energy Medicine and the way you can use it in your life in-depth, this course alone will not prove adequate. Though this course taught by Donna Eden gives away tons of techniques that you can use to make your life better in both mental and physical health aspects, it is ultimately just a comprehensive guide towards energy medicine. 

If you are looking for in-depth details about things like meridians and chakras, you need to study further to learn more about it. But suppose you don’t really want to get too much deeper into the details of these things. In that case, information, techniques, and tips offered in this course are enough to keep you healthy and happy. 

Pricing And Time Required of Donna Eden’s Classes

There is a limited time offer: $ 349 for a one-time payment or $387 if paid in 3 installments of $129.

Catch the Free Masterclass and get the entire course for only $299 in a one-time payment or in 2 installments of $159 each.

Required time: 2 hours a week to study the contents and practice whenever you feel like it.

Comes along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

It is highly recommended to take up this Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden if you really want to experience and take control over happiness and better health. You will definitely learn tricks and techniques that can surely be a help to you. In these classes, you will find tons of examples and information which will surely give you a lot to think of and do. 

Make sure that you do the exercises that are mentioned, read every module in the handbook thoroughly, and also do exercise. It will be even better if you stay connected with their Facebook group, which is limited to Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Participants. You will find many people there who can willfully assist you in understanding more regarding energy medicine or even energy in general. The more you do and learn, the more you will grow and get benefits from your energetic awareness. 

FAQs: Donna Eden’s Classes

Q.1. What benefit will Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine give to me?

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine will help you in gaining in your body’s natural resistance and ability to regenerate and revitalize you. In this modern world, our bodies have been losing their natural abilities to regenerate and revitalize with time due to the changed lifestyle. Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine corrects this lifestyle change-induced lack of mental and physical abilities.

Q.2. What side effects does Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine have?

There are absolutely no disadvantages or side effects of using this technique. It is completely harmless. It is just there to rejuvenate your mind and your body to help you regain your natural healing abilities. None of the users or experts have ever noticed any side effects or harmful effects on their bodies and minds.

Q.3. Why should I prefer Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine over anyone else?

Donna Eden is in this field for a very long time now. She has written various books and has already earned the esteemed National Books Award two times. This definitely makes Donna Eden one of the best in the field. Her immense knowledge and vast experience will help you in your venture to revitalize your mind and body naturally.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

The following write up covers a review of a widely renowned online course – Mindvalley Superbrain, instructed by Jim Kwik. The course is named ‘Superbrain’.

I wished to retain a little additional amount of things I learned throughout the day. Consequently, I landed at Jim Kwik’s brain training course – Superbrain.

Jim claims that one will see an effectual improvement in his/her learning potential and retain the facts that you learn throughout your life, once they go through his month-long curriculum Superbrain.

This course combines various learning and grasping techniques and tactics like reading at pace, techniques to deliver optimum performance, combined with another set of activities to deliver an impressive outcome.

One generic question that crosses one’s mind is:

Does this work in lines with what that trainer claims or is it a scam?

I’ll try to answer this question in the following Mindvalley Superbrain review article of the aforementioned online course.

Disclaimer: Professional editors assess every product individually. We may earn a commission if you purchase products through our website. However, it won’t add up additional pressure in your pockets.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2020

Is Jim Kwik compatible to go forward with as your trainer?

Honestly, Mindvalley whirls up a noisy buzz in and around the market claiming that their online credentials can bring unexpected and astonishing revamps in one’s life.

However, I do not go gaga from the hype all around. I’ll do anything just to know if these courses would leave an impact in my life by equipping me with the practical know-how of things around me.

This being a valid reason, I extensively browse and try to have a sneak peek into the buzz created around and try to look into its every element, be it the design of the course curriculum or the pedagogic skills of the trainer.

You’ll be in touch directly with Jim Kwik as far as Superbrain is concerned.

Kwik’s story about coming up with this course is an apt example of the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’. Kwik was left with a distressing brain injury, following a severe accident during his teenage days. Subsequently, his memory power diminished significantly and was now required to learn many things again.

Although he was fond of learning new things, he was left with no other option but to learn things from a different approach as his learning skills were now not as sharp as they used to be before the accident.

In this expedition, to know which techniques would suit him and which not, rigorously brainstormed many fostered learning techs available on the planet.

Jim Kwik Superbrain

As a result, he not only successfully healed his brain, but he also trained his brain to function at an utter advanced and prodigal level.

Today, he trains some well-known names all over the globe.

Before enrolling for the course, the first and foremost thing which I thought I should know was that if Jim Kwik was the right person to tab upon.

With this thought, I went through a masterclass by Mindvalley, which was available for free. Some memory-boosting techniques shared by Jim Kwik in this session.

Just in case you are the first person here, I would warn you that the moment you join this class, you will see flashing headlines and covers of the buzz by Mindvalley. Once this ends, you’ll see Jim Kwik and know him as an instructor.

Jim Kwik left a positive first impression on me; an honest, sincere, and straight forward personality. The reason I logged in with this course was that I found his story to be very apparent and full of inspiration.

Moving ahead with this article, I will be enlisting some prominent advantages you’ll be benefited by through this training. Later in subsequent paragraphs, I’ll give you a brief description to help you know what this course curriculum is actually about.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review

How is brain training beneficial?

The concept of brain training is an age-old thing. Some scientists have been nestling up to study the secrets of brain training for the last 10 decades and so. However, this theoretical consideration has been given a practical outlook in recent decades only.

It is a well-known fact that the brain is a muscular tissue, which is used every time, even when we are asleep. It does stop working out of fatigue every day. Just like our hand muscles don’t mind us doing some hand activities throughout the day, so is the case with our brain.

Our brain, when used for simple reflexes, does not get the workout it requires to remain active and intact, unless we are doing some activity which requires serious mental engagement, like studying a subject, solving a puzzle, etc.

A common myth that prevails in the contemporary era is that our brain tends to go weak with increasing age and subsequently starts losing its mental aptitude to learn new things.

However, recent research has revealed that there is no scientific base in this statement. The reason that we lose learning ability with growing age lies in the fact that we do not tend to use our brain properly and effectively, otherwise, our brain cells are powerful enough to retain the learning capacity throughout our lives.

Does brain training work?

In short, yes. But the precondition is that it must be done effectively. As per some recent studies, evidence of grey matter is found in adults when a new skill is taught to them, which is, indeed, a good sign of health.

However, neither confirming it nor denying the fact that brain training is a topic around which revolves several controversies. With ever-increasing demand, many marketers commercialized this training with mobile applications. An utter need to put a comma on these scrupulous activities called for some investigation against these lawsuits.

Brain Training

There was no legit way to demonstrate if these apps train your brain to some extent or the other. The only way out in this regard was to read out magnetic resonance imaging or biopsy of our brain in the beginning and towards the end of the training, failing to which there is no other way to prove the same.

Least to say, these mal traders have mulled the market of this training.  Several firms have been found fraudulently aligning the elderly pay for brain training, under fake promises that it will surely deal with mental disorders and chronic diseases like that of Alzheimer’s.

Can we say that brain training is a scam?

Well, the answer to this question would be a partial ‘Yes’.

Some profiteering companies can be located and anywhere in the market who fraudulently promise its customers, elderly in particular, to subscribe to their training. It is no less than a mere profit-making business for them.

However, the same is not the case for Jim Kwik. Jim never promised during the entire training period that his techniques will do wonders in a short period. He mentions that these exercises are to be done religiously and patiently. Only then you’ll slowly but steadily mark improvement in your learning skills.

So, the verdict is loud and clear: Jim Kwik is not at all a scam. It’s imperative on your part that you pierce beyond the hype for publicity of SUPERBRAIN and realize who Jim Kwik is as a trainer.

Merits of training brain:

Out of the numerous benefits that this training has got to offer, prominent ones are enlisted below:

o    Boost mental performance

o    Substantial reduction in the intensity of dementia

o    Quickly and gracefully switch between different activities

o    Significant improvement in IQ grades

o    Better concentration

o    Retention, memory, and learning power is enhanced.

What is meant by the term ‘Superbrain’?

So far, I believe I have succeeded in familiarizing you with our trainer: Jim Kwik. Now, let’s inch forward in this discussion, where I’ll brief you with things that will come along when you enrol in Superbrain.

This comprehensively designed course spread over 34 days will equip you with skills so that you learn quickly while retaining more. The reality check is that they won’t make you smarter overnight.

To regain the things he forgot after meeting with an accident which caused him a traumatic brain injury, Jim designed this course. His primary motive was to relearn the lost memories and at the same time, forgetting less.

Jim Kwik, now a well-established name, is assisting some of the most influential people around the world. From NYU to Columbia and Stanford University, from Nike to Elon Musk, Jim has impacted them all.

A common misconception that every enrollee of this course had at some point in time is the thought that this course will tell you a secret magic spell that you have to practice and that it would do wonders with your mental skills in a short period. However, the apparent reality is somewhat different.

Rather, some skills will be taught to you by this course that you will be required to enhance over time through routine practice.

Enlisting You With SUPERBRAIN

This course can be accessed at Mindvalley. This course can be enrolled in a few simple steps. The new batch starts in a gap of a week or two.

Usually, two sessions are in motion simultaneously. You can now catch up with one or wait for somedays to freshly start with the new one.

A very good thing about this course is that before actually jumping on to paid subscription; you will get an option to watch a free trial video of the same.

I highly recommend people to watch the video to know if they will be compatible with the actual sessions or not.

This tutorial video will acquaint you with the fact that a human brain has unparalleled potential to learn. A twelve-page assignment and around ten amazing brain hacks are provided along with these videos.

After signing up and paying the prescribed fees, the student comes across a welcome video. Before the actual classes start, there are 5 videos which are an hour in duration.

These videos discuss the blueprint of the course, preparation strategies, how to use quick learning tricks, how to make effective notes, and over ten-morning habits which most of the geniuses have inculcated in their routine.

Jim Kwik - Mindvalley SuperBrain Review

The Daily Assignments:  Mindvalley Superbrain

Every day, the learner is given some assignments, which one can’t skip. The assignment of the day will unlock only on that particular day. These assignments are preceded by a video generally of 5 to 15 minutes.

The pattern of teaching changes every week. However, during the 1st week, the blueprint of your class session would be something like this:

o    O.M as a technique to remember more and forget less.

o    The Sun Is Above.

o    Unlocking the superpowers of your brain using 10 secrets.

o    Bringing these techniques into practice through the concept of repetition with proper spacing.

o     Body anatomy and nutrition requirements

o    ANTs killing and Conducive Environment.

Once the video concludes, you then finish assignments. The type of assignment ranges from journaling and teaching others to post in a community Facebook group, named as ‘Tribe’.

Eight Pillars In Superbrain Training:

Superbrain consists of 8 varied sections stretched over 4 weeks, 2 per week. Apart from these, there are 2 more sections, namely, a ‘bonus’ & “intro”.

These 8 sections are listed below:

  1. The basics
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Remembering lengthy Lists
  4. Learning and retaining Names
  5. Gripping texts, Speeches, etc.
  6. Vocabulary and Languages
  7. Numbers
  8. Integrating lifestyle

Mindvalley Superbrain Review: Merits & Demerits  

Before enrolling myself with this course, my perception was that it might be a business game just like any other course where making money is the primary goal of the course provider.

However, it was not so, at least not wholly. I realized there were a significant number of business-oriented people who were enrolling for this course. It taught us to prompt learning and building a network. In the entire course, I felt that it was more inclined to a life of all-round business professionals.

I encountered both the positive and negative face of this course. This course is primarily focused on business tycoons-like personalities, not for an ordinary person. However, to reap the fruits, one can look up for this course with a different ‘Superbrain’.

Mindvalley SuperBrain- Pros & Cons


  1. Well developed content: Just as other courses of Mindvalley, this course is fully professional. The videos are exceptional. Jim is a very engaging person, and I never felt that it was an online course, I felt as if I am in a real physical classroom setting.
  2. Short and crisp videos: The videos are not lengthier and are to the point. One does not have to sit for hours for these virtual sessions. Easy to watch videos as they are only 5 to 10 minutes long. However, there lies a con at this point which I’ll take up later in this article.
  3. Achievable Goals: Everything taught here is realistic and doable. It is a cakewalk in understanding the things taught. On top of it, one could easily practically implement these techniques without much hassle.
  4. Lifetime access to the study material: you can easily access the content even after finishing up the course.
  5. Interactive and engaging community: The community of Superbrain learners on Facebook is quite active. You can easily connect with other peers of your batch.


  1. Some resources, being free, hit conscience. One can find some free lectures available on the site. Since a person is paying money to access the course, he would appreciate if these free resources would have been awarded to them as bonuses rather than free lectures, which is available to anyone who browses through the site. Though not every material, but few videos are made available for free, accessible to everyone.
  2. You cannot ditch a lecture: A general tendency of the learner is such that one would want to skip a video if it is short and doesn’t interest him/her. However, such a thing is not possible here. Signing in each day for short videos could be a troublesome task for many, especially for people with tiresome tight schedules.
  3. Not aligned to everyone’s interest: Some lessons do not appeal to everyone’s interest. For example, learning names. At this point, I strongly realized that the course is more centered on business-minded people. Since not everyone has a business mindset, this course fails to cater to the needs of every individual.

My Personal Experience: Mindvalley Superbrain Review

All in all, I would give this course a thumbs up. Although there were some grey areas too, the overall effectiveness of this course can’t be undermined. As far as I am concerned, the initial section turned me on for moving ahead with this course.

One best thing which Superbrain taught me was how the negative vibes can seriously impact our outlook and approaches, and how we as humans could learn to transform these negative vibes into positive ones. In this regard, Jim explains that negative thoughts are generated on their own and can be curbed with the effective implementation of the taught techniques.

Once the positive thoughts are embedded within us, our learning capacities increase by leaps and bound. No part of our life is excluded from this. Personally, when I studied and learned daily, I was astonished to know that every word of Jim in this context holds.

Being short in length and easy to understand, these lessons require that one give their 100 % into this learning. You’ll end up learning a meagre amount of content if you are not giving it all your dedication.

No doubt the videos are amazing, but you leverage the taught things once you practically implement this in your assignments and activities. Journaling and teaching the concept to others would catalyze your learning and embed the concepts deep and permanent into your mind.

I was perplexed quite a few times watching the video. Then eventually came out more sorted when I performed activities of the taught things. Although there were some videos I needed to watch more often to cement the input explained thereon.

However, even with these loopholes, I had a good time learning new things through the Superbrain course. It would be at 1st spot on my list of most recommended courses to exercise one’s brain.

Not just memory, but rather an influential learning ride

After finishing this course, I could reflect my learning in ‘Out of the box’, which is a virtual workshop, whose instructor is Rudalande. Same as Jim Kwik, Rudalande has since been helping famous personalities all through his life.

 Out of the Box is a more deep learning ride.

The workshop is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to know who you are as a person, at deeper levels. An exhaustive set of videos, lectures, quizzes, and problems, and exercises help you in this entailing journey to know yourself.

You will be familiarised with the paradox of how you’re past experiences and subconscious thoughts affect your life

Once you know the root cause of all the worries, you’d be able to live life from a new end. Among all the reviews of OUT OF THE BOX, one common thing was that it impacted more or less some levels of the life of those who underwent this workshop.

Superbrain is centered on developing skills that would help you to learn better. On the other hand, Out of the Box is about building deep knowledge about oneself so that could reframe your perspectives towards life. This is the price difference between the two which I witnessed.

Both these courses run parallel to each other. To have a deeper insight into Out of the Box, reach out for free masterclasses on how to develop personal potential. 

Conclusion: Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2020 

Superbrain is your ideal stop if you want to exercise your brain so as it retains learning power even with increasing age.

I implemented some methods taught herein and felt how important it is to maintain our mental health.

As I said before, Kwik’s course will not tell you a magic spell that would resolve all your learning problems. Rather, it is something you have to inculcate in your routine and practice daily. Only then, you’ll notice significant improvements in your learning horizons.

If you are someone who wants to learn more, I believe Superbrain is worth every penny. Even if this isn’t the case, still you’ll go back to learning so many useful things from here. You can channelize your newly acquired inputs/skills to physically and psychologically improve yourself, and most importantly, you’re brain.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Relationship Review 2024: Is It Worth Trying? (TRUTH)

The Mindvalley Company represents the extraordinary chances for the students who are willing to learn the essence of your whole mind and body, with various exciting podcasts available on the website.

The Company focuses on emphasizing the importance of daily human emotional and mental health perspectives and the official podcaster’s help in dealing with them.

 The Mindvalley curriculum is mainly based on improving the quality of the human lifestyle and enriching several day-to-day life emotions.

Mindvalley Company mainly operates with the world’s best novelists and philosophers who motivate people and encourage their livelihood to be made more comfortable for them.

Mindvalley has become the home for hundreds of magnificently talented instructors, hand hired, and tribe members such as yourself who have put effort into their lives to primarily help themselves along with others as they strive to achieve the ultimate achievement of personal transformation.

Mindvalley Relations

Introduction – Mindvalley Relationship

Vishen Lakhani found Mindvalley. This has won many awards for the education movement. It has numerous students that come from all across the globe and is proliferating. Vishen has given over fifteen years of his life to Mindvalley, visualizing many other humans’ experience and surveying the science of aiding humans to reach their maximum potential.

Mindvalley has various programs available for the mass. These programs are so connectable to every individual being. It focuses on improving oneself in day to day areas such as our mind, performance, overall physical body, inner soul and peace, work, kids, teens, and parenting. And apart from these are the relationships.

This proves to be the most essential as having and maintaining a balanced relationship, and it tends to get difficult to maintain a balance between the other areas too. Hence, in this article, we will be exclusively focusing on Mindvalley relationships. 

Why Choose Mindvalley For Relations?

Human beings need a company, and they will not be able to survive alone. Loneliness is a thing that human beings always fear—basically the fear of missing out, which further leads to getting weird thoughts on personal relationships. 

The relations which we form are essential to both emotional and mental health, and really, our survival. Humans tend to possess an inherent passion for close to others. To connect and build relationships, and as we know, everyone needs a partner to spend his/her life with. 

Mindvalley helps you understand the way to learn about energy medicine to improve, strengthen, romantic relationships. As well as a deal with the problems one faces in their relationships. These include dealing with rejection, heartbreaks, and healing from within and creating a fulfilling and loving environment around us, which is full of positive vibes. 

What Mindvalley teaches us about relationships? 

  • How to express ourselves to our partner, as communication is the key to a successful relationship. But the conversation should include zest and enthusiasm along with greater empathy and compassion towards one another.
  • It teaches that Sex is essential to strengthening a relationship. It helps maintain the “spark,” which couples think nothing is left in that relationship. It ignites the want to stick to each other despite various struggles and complications. 
  • Mindvalley is a perfect place to heal from rejection or any heartbreaks. It helps an individual to take the break up in a positive way and come out of it. This works as a life-changing turn and a compelling reason to start your life and again yourself without any negativity. 

Mindvalley Relationships

Mindvalley Relationships podcasts mainly specialize in human relations and their existence. There are several podcasts and categories during which the scholars can enrol and learn the fundamentals of human relations.

Let’s inspect some podcasts available within the relationship category of Mindvalley.

Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhani

Be Extraordinary

The founding father makes the podcast of Mindvalley, which helps the readers to realize their level of mastery in mind potential.

Step l: Up Your Consciousness and, in turn, step up your life! The time has come to move up!

Be Extraordinary podcast helps you identify the level at which you are. Then, it provides you with the resources and insights to boost up your potential thinking.

Be Extraordinary may be a payment quest that may be an excellent opportunity for the people battling their mind potential and self-control issues.

Uncoupling is a conscious procedure: Katherine Woodward Thomas

Providing Conscious Uncoupling to help Heal Your Heart, assist you in Reclaiming Your Power, and move on to Live Happily Ever After.

Conscious Uncoupling straight forward five stem program provided by Katherine Thomas, which is a 5 step process to help you get through a breakup.

The Conscious Uncoupling Program provides you with several ways to heal from a breakup. The program helps you to learn that it’s okay to be aside from your partner when things don’t add your style. This quest reminds you of all the positive aspects of your lifestyle and can assist you in prioritizing yourself first.

You will learn to revive deep inner peace and self-confidence within yourself. it’ll cause you to feel loved by someone within the sort of self-love and quintessential happiness.

Power of Parenting 

Becoming a parent is an auspicious moment, holding a tiny little child in their arms, playing with the toddler, feeding them, putting them to bed, and growing up with their child. It is a serene phase. 

Raising a child is easier said than done; every child is unique, and the psychology and economy of every parent are different. The time and facility they give their child vary a lot. Still, regardless of anything, there is a bond of true love as well as compassion.

As Children grow up, they find their parents a bit annoying and interfering, whereas parents are concerned about the safety and security of their child when he or she is out with friends late at night, driving, partying

Undesirably, they endure a communication and understanding gap. Many name it a generation gap, but this is unhealthy for both parents and the child.

power of parenting

Mindvalley introduces us to Dr Shefali, a clinical Psychologist and a wisdom teacher, plunges deep into the psychology and thought process of parents and children. She tries bringing families together, by her Mindvalley courses.

Week 1- A journey in childhood- Here Dr Shefali takes parents to their own childhood days, asks them about how their parents treated them, how they brought their child, what they used to feel in their childhood, and rewind to 25 years. 

Week 2- Speaking up Fear and Insecurities- the professionalist listens to the guardians’ fears and insecurities and how they feel left out and alone. Many parents state that their child is influenced by their friends and fear going in the wrong path.

Week 3 – Find the Emotional Key – A child is not an investment, as many people consider them to be, and baggage them with their expectations regarding their academic and co-curricular performance. But this exactly what drags families apart, they need to be empathic towards their child and build a long sustainable emotional connection.

Week 4 – Discipline Or Relation- Here parents need to decide, what they want to give priority to their strict rules and notions about how a child is supposed to be raised, or they want to live happily with their child?

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Desire and Love

Are you someone who has succeeded in achieving a long-lasting relationship? There will come a time when everything between you and your partner seems dull and tedious—been there?  

No worries, since every relationship is destined to go through a phase where you would appreciate a break from your partner. 

But coming back to the curriculum, the following topics will tell you what it’ll be about-

  • Desire as well as some of the various other essential constituents.
  • The three rigidness that results in rasping pressure in intimate connections with your loved ones.
  • Our 2 Fundamental requirements and How much part they play in creating and developing our salacious self.
  • The blunder a pair of twain create knowingly and unknowingly. 
  • Things that’ll help you two grow and lead to a deeper connection. 
  • The dissimilarity between Rumpy pumpy and Erotism.
  • The wanted response to how we are so appealed to certain things when it comes to your partner.
  • Creating your ideal one and spending your time looking for them is originally a faux pas. 
  • The logic behind the current day’s rapport is erroneous.
  • The enigma one’s necessity of adventure and the other’s security.
  • Prurient elegance and Why today’s couples require it.
  • The rudimentary behind a victorious abiding romantic Relationship.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Desire and Love

How to implement the practice of self-love?

Have you ever a feeling that you weren’t enough? Have you ever had to take the blame for things that weren’t your fault? Can you name the last time you appreciated the way you look or your work without paying attention to your ugly side? 

Yes? Okay. If you are here to change that, we have the perfect episode for you! 

Kamal Ravikant is present here to bring to your notice how appreciating yourself every now and then can make such a difference to your daily life. 

But back to why we are talking about this, the course here consists of the following:

  • One consonant design content and fortunate beings.
  • An oath, Mr Kamal made sure to follow when he was experiencing some moments he isn’t proud of.  
  • The 4 points to complete living. 
  • What was something Kamal grasped while publishing his book?
  • The drastic change in his living style after he became a CEO. 
  • How something as simple and easy as gratitude came to bring significant divergence. 
  • Why utopia is kind of in the neighborhood of our thoughts.

The art of conscious parenting.

Do you remember noting down the points your parents used to raise you? Just going like, “Nah, this is a good thing mommy does. I’m putting that down on my mental list of things I’ll follow for my kids as well.” and then, one day, you are the parent and nope, that’s not how you expected that to turn out? 

Conscious Parenting Mastery

Smiling at the memory? Well, that’s a good thing but keep in mind that these stereotypes about parenting are followed by a huge number of crowds and that is exactly why there are very few “cool mommies”. 

So, here we bring Dr Shefali Tsabary who is a psychologist and parenting expert who explains the effects of stereotypes and the most reasons where parents might be wrong. 

Watch my full review here:

Can Anxiety be turned into a Deep Connection?

Have you ever felt left out of a group? As if you didn’t matter? Do you suffer from shyness? Or can you just be suffering from anxiety? Whatever the case, maybe Andrew Horn will walk you through it all. 

The main topic that he helps people out within this course is understanding how it feels to be socially anxious. He helps us understand the superior power of the social flow that he is passionate about. 

He also mentions a concept called the “Flow Triggers,” and he helps users understand how they work and how they can benefit by using them.

Mindvalley Relationship

Attracting the ideal lover

This Mindvalley course was taken up by Katherine Thomas. She had told her audience that the key lies in being brave. She is an expert who is reputed around the world and is an experienced family therapist who also helps with marriage issues. 

She tells us that the secret to attracting our ideal lover is to be straight up, take action, and remain bold. Listeners are sure to be sitting at the edge of their seats as they try to grasp each piece of information that they get from her.


Below we will talk a bit about both the positive and negative effects of Mindvalley relationships courses. 

The Pros of Mindvalley Relationship

  • Mindvalley is home to some of the best Teachers and thus offers the best Training, all of which are here for you! Mindvalley has gathered some of the top teachers and writers who help you with all your issues in life.
  • You should surround yourself with those you motivate and uplift you every day. With the best teachers helping you with your problems, you do not have to feel alone in this battle of life.
  • Special Discounts On Global Mindvalley Events. Grab every opportunity that is given to you in this program.
  • Access to humanity’s most Powerful Lifestyle Design System. The teachers in the Mindvalley help you understand the best lifestyle design suitable for you and your life.
  • With all the exciting and useful podcasts and programs offered to you, get in the best shape of your life.

Cons of Mindvalley Relationship 

  • The videos can, at times, be too short. This might not be much useful to the viewers or the students.
  • The students’ commitment is necessary to get along with the programs and quests offered or conducted by the teachers. It might not be possible for all the students or viewers to be mentally committed to spare at least between thirty and sixty minutes a day to attend the programs and lessons given by us. 
  • Willingness to change is essential for the students. If they are unwilling to change or take a step forward in their lives, none of these programs doesn’t make sense to them.
  • Believing the outcome or change is necessary. The students have to find their teachers and work harder to get the result.

FAQs- Mindvalley Relationship

Will one course help me that much?

The courses which are offered by Mindvalley can only be used as a guide. Yes, they can help you. That too, they can do it to a high degree, even. Finally, you will have to be the person who gets things together and makes the final step. To ensure that you come out on top and remain that important person in your life.

How will Mindvalley courses redefine my life?

Mindvalley has made a lasting impact on the lives of many to date and will continue to do so in the future. Mindvalley courses are taught by experts in their respective fields and have always been made, keeping the viewers in mind.

Is it worth paying for these courses?

I believe that the price is quite fair for the hurt that one may be experiencing when looking at this course. The struggle to lose someone you loved dearly is not something to be meddled with, which is why the price tag on these Mindvalley courses is justified.

Conclusion – Mindvalley Relationship

Mindvalley Relations is a course that many would kill to lay their hands on! During a time period, when you are at your most vulnerable. Did your girlfriend dump you? Children left you? Having problems with the people who seem to be the most important to you?

Yes, it will be tough. Only you would know how you are feeling at a time like that. One can only begin to fathom the relief you would gain when you realize these things don’t just happen to you.

It is just a bump in the valley known as life. It can be nothing more than just a little set back to something that redefines your life. Mindvalley Relations provides a suite of courses in which you can use to help feel better about yourself. 

Course Reviews

Jim Kwik Review 2024: Should You Join it? (Honest Opinion)

“Brighter Brain Brilliant Life”

In today’s scenario, it works on the topmost mantra that “If knowledge is power, then learning is a superpower”. Jim Kwik works on this mantra and helps people to enrol and grasp advances, current ideas, and build oneself onto a different level.

Its one of the world’s number 1 couch that helps you to upgrade your mind and boost mental performance to open the doors to a remarkable and notable life.

Over 25 years, esteemed and eminent brain couch, Jim Kwik, has worked lately with many of the CEOs, executives, athletes and celebrities in various industries to uplift and upgrade the brain performance through increased and accelerated learning programs and proven methods for brain fitness.

The ability to recall expeditiously, making prompt agile decisions, boosting focus, and producing efficient performance are the core areas that are being developed by logging into the courses of Jim Kwik.

 To be superheroes, you need superpowers that come along with this course:-

  1. to upgrade your brain to have a full focus and concentration
  2. It’s the best thing to get on a journey from slow learner to fast learner conquering the world and learning at exponential speeds.
  3. We are waiting to unblock all the expertise and hidden talents in you.

In this Jim Kwik review article, we will be doing a complete detailed review of Jim Kwik and get to learn everything about him.

Jim Kwik Review – Is He Legit? 

About Jim Kwik

As Valentine’s Day marks the fall in love, similarly, the podcast of Jim Kwik marks the fall in love with learning!!! A love of learning exposes us to a world where we work to achieve our goals and expand our skill sets to lead a content, satisfactory life.

Jim Kwik Review

Jim Kwik’s podcast helps you in learning the ways that could turn your life by discovering different and unique strategies to make you discover the portions and the insights of your love for learning.

After the childhood injury, he committed himself to enhance his mental performance and created immense, dramatic strategies for the same. His adherence and devotion to benefit others to discharge their brainpower and live a life of huge power and purpose.

The focus of Jim Kwik in on learning so, here are some reasons why you have to love learning.

Why Love Learning?            

 1) The first step to growing your business comes through growing yourself.

2) Goals are accomplished through learning only.

3) A task to be delivered to the next step requires quite hard work and learning.

4) It’s important to remember that you are either growing or decaying, so, someone who loves to learn always grows.

5) Your boredom, frustration, and confusion get easily wiped off when you learn from this podcast.

“Limitless” is the book written by Jim Kwik that deals with dropping off your anticipated limitations. Offer you to reach beyond your imaginations and innovations and hold up the power to make you limitless. It will aid you in learning everything faster and uplifting your career, business, education, and even though your relationships as well.

These pages will make you discover certain things about yourself:-

1) The seclusion of memory and recall.

2) The Fastest simple method to learn anything.

3) A process to make yourself a “Superhero”.

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Who is Jim Kwik?


Jim Kwik is proudly titled as the “boy with the broken brain” He is a deft, adroit person that believes that learning is power, is today a social entrepreneur, ardent speaker internationally, and a speed reading expert.

He is in charge as the CEO of Kwik Learning whose aim is to make people agile, canny, and resourceful by making them learn to be brainy and reaching their full potential.

Early Life, Education Background

At the age of five, Jim Kwik suffered from a head injury and come up as a person who has to live with a learning disability thinking he cannot be good as the other ones.

As a kid, he was admired for reading comic books and superheroes stories, the books kept him alive,  and he didn’t stop to learn and always hoping to improve.

Jim later started learning the complications with his brain and develop different tactics and expedite learning systems.

He believed that one can always rebuild one’s brains. He doesn’t limit his beliefs and develops a dedication to help people on the same thing.

Business Career

He believes that despite anyone’s age, family background or education one can use his/ her brains to find new ideas.

He had spent his last 25 years to learn and grab new ideas and use his brain to his best interests.

Business Career: Jim kwik

Interesting Facts  

Throughout his career, Jim has met renowned, lively people such as Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Stan Lee, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey.  

Luckily, he always concluded that our education system still uses methods that are buggy and old, and we reside in a world of spaceships and supercomputers, so learning skills should be the topmost priority as it is never too late to learn many new skills.  

Kwik Learning… How?

The ability to READ gives essence to your Success.

Free masterclasses are being provided by the Kwik learning that seeks to speak without glancing, missing words, or losing any troy of Comprehension.

Kwik Learning

The things that you learn in the masterclass!!

1) It will help you to increase reading speed directly from 25% to 50%.

2) It activates certain areas of your brain, thus, improving your comprehension.

3) Hype your concentration and focus on this amazing master class.

4) Say goodbye to your bad habits.

5) Provides you the levels of personal change.

6) Ways to eliminate your procrastination.

What Does Jim Kwik Do?

Jim Kwik aims at spreading positivity around the world. Jim Kwik is one of the prominent brain coaches around the world.  Brain-based coaching is an approach embedded in neuroscience.

Brain-based coaching enhances the principles and practices of coaching to create powerful, positive, and transformational changes for the coach.

Jim Kwik will be using his deep knowledge at every point which helps to create a brain-friendly coaching environment.

That helps to focus on our thinking, helps in icebreaking, enhances new thinking and insights, enlarges your brains preference for hardwiring, and implants new learning and behavior.

Jim Kwik Review - Works

Jim Kwik has spent decades working along with industrial experts like CEOs, executives, sportspersons, super-achievers of various industries, students, celebrities to enhance their brain performance through worldrenowned learning programs.

Along being a brain-based coach he is an author of the bookLIMITLESS

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Limitless – Author

Limitless is one of  the self-help books as it mainly focuses on personality development and  acts as an exordium to reader

Jim Kwik believes that we humans hold the best technology with us -that is our brain. So he named his book limitless as there should be no limit to human brains.

The book limitless in divided into 4 parts:

  1. 1. Free Your Mind
  2. Limitless Mindset
  3. Limitless Motivation
  4. Limitless Methods

Which helps the reader to overcome his struggles and transform them into strengths.

Jim Kwik’s book “limitless” is available on Amazon with a  5-star rating and feedback from the buyers.

Limitless – Author Jim kwik

Kwik Podcast: Jim Kwik Review

Jim Kwik provides the feature of a podcast so that even busy people can learn and become active in no time. Jim Kwik podcasts are everywhere around the internet, you get to listen to him over apple podcasts, Spotify, and at play stores.

Kwik brain podcast has more than 21 million downloads and over 3,100 peoples rating and with 4.8 as an average star rank.

Kwik Brain Podcasts mainly help busy people to reach out to their mental status and help them to think in a broader sense that helps them to develop themselves in the fields of learning and behavior.

Kwik podcast

Online Courses:

Jim Kwik has broken the traditional boundaries of learning. He expanded his teaching all over the world by designing online courses. Kwik online courses help the coachee to stay connected and learn. Kwik online courses and corporate training include:

Online courses:

  1.       Kwik Recall masterclass
  2.       Kwik Reading
  3.       Kwik Thinking
  4.       Kwik Student

Corporate training:

  1. Corporate Reading
  2. Corporate Recall


Being a Brain-based coach, it’s obvious that Jim Kwik is a public speaker too. He has been among the most intellectual platforms around the world.

A huge number of people turn up to auditoriums to hear him and get motivated and learn the process of developing their mental abilities. Jim Kwin takes these opportunities to train the mass crowd to help them to reach their ambitions.


Jim Kwik always aims at making a better society, better thought process, so he always posts various posts that share useful strategies and tips to those who apply. Do follow Jim Kwik on youtube.


Jim Kwin has a very unique way to make people feel motivated, he has his merchandise that is accessible to everyone. Check out his t-shirt collection on the official website.

What Does Jim Kwik Teach? 

Jim Kwik has always been a support system for different organizations, personals, students by improving their capabilities to recall fastly, to enhance reading skills, to make smart decisions, boost focus, and improve productivity.

Jim Kwik has designed a structured course by world-class learning programs that help an individual to improve his thinking abilities.

Jim Kwik Online Courses

His available online courses are:

1. Kwik Recall :

As said earlier, Kwik believes that the human brain has the most advanced technology in the world. We need to believe that there is nothing like good memory or bad memory, everyone can retain even the smallest detail.

This course helps you to focus on your memory power which helps an individual to improve his storage capacity and enables us to be conscious about the past happenings and future events.

2. Kwik Reading:

Human beings spend a lot of time reading, at a point we may not believe it but it’s true.. so there is nothing like a good reader or a bad reader, it’s just we have issues with reading habits.

Jim Kwik has come up with a course to enhance the reading skills of an individual so that it helps the user to improve the speed, focus, comprehension, and retention of the subject matter. Which helps the user to complete tasks in time.

3. Jim Kwik Thinking:

Jim Kwik, as a brain-based coach, has a great knowledge of neurosciences. Apart from science, he shares how a human being can use his brain to improve his area of interest by engaging thoughts.

Kwik thinking specifies how to think faster and smarter. This course enables an individual to confidently make decisions, overcome hurdles, and maximize their success. Thinking is the only way to take essential steps of success and make an effective impact on the subject matter.

4. Kwik Student:

Jim Kwik created an atmosphere for students where they need not get frustrated because of their academic stress. Kwik students teach students with contemporary world skills.

Kwik teaching mainly deals with sharpening your memory, analyzing, and recalling abilities with no stress course.

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

What Is His Podcast?

Jim Kwik always aims at making a better society, better thought process, so he always posts various posts that share useful strategies and tips to those who apply.

Jim Kwik Podcast

Jim Kwik provides the feature of a podcast so that even busy people can learn and become active in no time.

Jim Kwik podcasts are everywhere around the internet, you get to listen to him over apple podcasts, Spotify, and at play stores. Kwik brain podcast has more than 21 million downloads and over 3,100 peoples rating and with 4.8 as an average star rank.

Kwik Brain Podcasts mainly help busy people to reach out to their mental stimulate and help them to think in a broader sense that helps them to develop themselves in the fields of learning and behavior.

These podcasts are fun-based and very friendly. They are very useful to the visitors as these podcasts are very effective and efficient.

Jim Kwik Review – Pros & Cons 

There are always two sides to a story. One which has a positive outlook in life and another which has a negative outlook in life. We choose what we believe.

The same is the case with Jim Kwik’s courses and podcasts. Jim Kwik’s masterclass is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is in search of a detail orientated masterclass.

The podcast is a bonus to Jim Kwik’s ideologies, theories, and techniques to unleash a person’s true genius and brainpower for faster learning and to live a life with greater productivity, power, and purpose. 


  • Jim Kwik’s masterclass focuses on personal development, finding inner self, and improving brain powers.
  • Jim Kwik inspires people in 150 countries through his online masterclass, courses, and podcasts. 
  • The most important thing about his masterclass and podcasts is to inspire people of all age groups around the world. He believes in the pathway of self-love and motivates people to focus on it. 
  • You can listen to his podcasts anytime from any corner of the world at your own convenient time. 
  • The idea behind Jim Kwik’s courses and podcasts is to never give up on life. Instead, fight back the hurdles which life throws at you and grow as a strong person ideally. 


  • One major default of this podcast is not having one on one interaction with Jim Kwik personally. 
  • The program is not available to watch it for free although you can buy it with discounts and get it for a cheaper price which helps you save both time and money. 
  • There’s no guarantee that one can learn everything from one session but it could be a start to learn things slowly and gain knowledge accordingly. 
  • Even though you are investing a lot of time in the sessions you can still download and resume watching whenever you can. 

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Jim Kwik Review By Clients 

Client reviews give you an insight into how the Courses and MasterClasses work and what benefit you get out of all these programs. These are actual people who have attended and listened to Jim Kwik’s masterclass, courses, and podcasts which made a huge difference in their life. 

Claudine C Bastien 

Claudine is a musician, yoga instructor, and sole proprietor from Philadelphia, United States. 

She says, “ I am curious and excited to reclaim my brain!” Claudine’s problem is she cannot remember names and technical words. English is a second language for her.

As a child, Claudine was an A+ student which brought a lot of bullying to her when she was in 4th grade as she could understand the entire mechanic’s demo and the Astronomy class.

She is a beginner on Jim Kwik’s masterclass and there are 11 lessons which she needs to catch up but all in all she is very happy and satisfied with the course and helping her to reclaim her brain. 

Eve Smith 

Eve is retired and has an interest in American History. She likes to improve her memory and find new opportunities to engage in stimulating conversations.

She lives in Conyers, United States. Eve says, “I’ve noticed a difference in my energy” A week ago she came across Mindvalley’s masterclass free segment with Jim Kwik.

She was intrigued by the masterclass and wanted to learn about the prospect of her life to improve her memory and prosper in life. 

Eugene Chong 

Eugene is a Music Instructor, DML Creative Music from Sungai Petani, Malaysia. Eugene says, “My life has changed in tremendous ways” He always believed in learning and how to learn things.

His life has been changed in tremendous ways and he is thankful to Mindvalley, Vishen, and Jim Kwik. He believes learning is not about being perfect but making lifelong progress and becoming the best version of ourselves every day. 

FAQs – Jim Kwik Review

Q. Are Jim Kwik courses free or paid?

A. . Well unfortunately all the courses of Jim Kwik's are paid. They are not for free but the good thing about this is you can explore multiple sessions to explore and gain insights on how to develop your brain functions by following different procedures that are explained in the sessions. Jim Kwik will change your life with a positive outlook and helps in functioning your brain faster through simple yet ideal methods.

Q. What is the idea behind Jim Kwik's Masterclass?

Q. Is spending money on Jim Kwik's Masterclass worth it?

A. Honesty spending money on an online program can be tricky but in Jim Kwik's masterclass, you will receive authentic information that helps you in gaining knowledge about personal development and helps you find your inner self and increases your focus on life.

Conclusion: Jim Kwik Review

Jim Kwik is known as the “the boy with the broken brain”. He had a childhood injury at the age of five which left him struggling at school. He was never good like the others when it comes to learning.

He often talked about “superhero brains”  and “superpowers”. Jim believes no matter how old you are, where you are from or the level of education you obtain should never stop you from exploring and learning new things in life. Jim is the founder of Kwik Learning, speed-reading training, and memory improvement. 

Jim helps in obtaining long-term memory. He inspires people to learn more in less time and he also focuses on a positive outlook in life. He speaks about how negative outlook impacts one’s life.

He talks about his life journey as to how it impacted his life and motivates people to focus on all the good things in life.

He is on a mission to teach people how to learn faster, memory improvement, boost confidence, improve self productivity, and sharpen memory which helps in the development of the brain.

He inspires people on how to find a purpose in life and motivates people to focus on how to fight on our own and to never give up and remove the barriers which are present in the journey. 

I hope you liked our Jim Kwik review and do let us know what you think about him in the comments below.

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Meditation Review 2024: Is It Worth Paying? (TRUTH)

Introduction To Mindvalley Meditation Review

In today’s hectic world, everyone is busy and stressed out. We don’t have time for ourselves. Our society has always ignored and hushed up mental issues in one’s life, yet it is crucial for our well being. Ignorance of which has caused many to suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, eating disorder, schizophrenia, and addictive behaviors.

The working of our whole body depends on the efficiency of our mind. One can have a better understanding of their internal self and how they respond to the external stimulus.

Meditation Benefits to be reaped from Mindvalley Courses

There are several perks of meditation. Put in the most straightforward word, meditation is relaxing the mind and making room for more ideas and introspection. Our brain is working all day round, even when we are fast asleep, but this superfast and hardworking organ needs rest and inactivity.

You can get a glimpse of the benefits offered by Mindvalley Meditation below:

Mindvalley Meditation Review

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

Meditation aids in decreasing cortisol levels and Cytokines (inflammation-promoting chemicals) in the body. Reduction in stress levels goes parallel with the alleviation of anxiety.

Better Focus and Concentration

Now, how does meditation do that? It works something like sleep. I’m sure most of you have heard that sleeping is nothing but a relaxing time for your body?

Meditation is the relaxing period for your mind, which eventually spreads out to your body through the deep relaxing that it feels like it’s almost being spread through your bones!

When your mind is fresh, your productivity will increase in terms of Concentration and coming up with new ideas.

Makes You More Empathic

Have you ever felt that your brain is completely jammed, and you have shouted at your family, friend, or colleague and regretted it later? 

Meditation helps you to think better, and you consider the point of view of others. Since your brain has no extra disturbing thoughts, so your emotional intelligence gets boosted up.

Improve Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Through meditation, one can plunge into your deepest thoughts and emotions. In this mental session, you are the sufferer and healer both at the same time. So you have to solve your intrinsic and extrinsic issues yourself.

This improves your mood and will also develop a sense of self-love. We all know self- confidence is a close relative of self-love.

Help Overcoming Meditation

Addiction is nothing but an unconscious urge of Dopamine in the brain. People who do not get sufficient Dopamine from their daily routines tend to acquire it from alternative methods. 

Meditation provides calmness to your mind and will help synchronize the release of this pleasure hormone. Such that the newbie integrates meditation to this daily life and slowly gives up all his addiction and rejuvenates as a whole new personality. 

Meditation styles 

Has there been a time where you tried the thing almost every morning person has been talking about? Is that thing being meditation? But ended up disliking it to the core of the earth? 

Well, that must be because you tried a meditation style that didn’t suit you at all. And to help you learn your meditation style, we are here to help you. 

So, let’s start with the types of meditation. 

Mindful meditations. 

So, this is the most common meditation practiced, which gradually leads to better working of the brain. Like we said, it helps in relaxing the brain and letting go of the stress forced upon your mind. 

Now, this is the most basic type of meditation. It is excellent to start with if you are a beginner. 

Body meditations.

This meditation style is known for the ability with which it can ease physical pain.

 It usually takes help from your mind and spirit and helps you get rid of any abnormalities that can be cured through meditation. It also contributes to stress relief in the body.

Religious meditations.

Well, as you can say, this particular type of meditation brings out your potential about your consciousness. It is also associated with practices and philosophies of various religions. 

In addition to this, they donate in aiding you to connect with yourself and with your consciousness. 

Sound-based meditations.

Here, you take a single short word or a mantra and keep saying it while keeping your breathing incheck. 

This helps in finding inner peace and receiving calmness. 

Modern meditation.

These meditations are uniquely created with the help of modern study and traditional practices. 

They give the results just as the good as the others but are simplified to use which makes it all the better!

How will Mindvalley Meditation Review help you unlock these benefits?

Mindvalley has gathered a vast collection of courses that are all taught by experts in the field to help listeners experience the world of mediation. The experts have created a curriculum for Mindvalley listeners to adore the art and authorize them to transform their lives in the process.

Each of these courses targets a different issue that can be resolved by Mindvalley. They walk you through the various avenues of meditation to reap the maximum benefits out of it. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review

Step by step procedure to access Mindvalley Meditation Programs

Step 1 – What’s the first thing you do when you take part in something? That’s right, and you include your name and details in a form. Well, nothing changes here either. You just go ahead and fill up an online form to register your name.  

Mindvalley meditation login

Step 2 –  After filling the form, go ahead and get to access your account at Mindvalley. But to do so, you have to check your mail for the login details at first a few times if you’re a new user.  

Step 3 – Once you are in, you’ll set foot within the dashboard of the Mindvalley website for their users. Here, you will get access to the meditation tracks. 


Step 4 –  You’re just one click away from playing the tracks and relaxing in your comfy chair or the bouncy bed or the cold, hard floor to experience these quality meditations.

The Courses MindValley Offers for your Benefit

Mindvalley has taken the effort to organize their work into various courses. A few of the meditations courses for free are-

A daisy pond: when it comes to meditating and relaxing, you slow down the natural cycle known as aging, heart rate, releasing muscle tension. This particular meditation will also get you as relaxed as it gets with the different descriptions of beautiful and calming scenery. 

daisy pond

Discovering your inner worth: remember the last time you took out time just to take a walk for no reason? Just because you wanted to? No? Well, then, this particular audio will do wonders to you with the truth. It is clear audio for self-motivation and self-love. Here, you’ll know why you are the most important person to yourself and why you should put effort into loving yourself. 

Discovering your Inner Worthiness

6 phase meditation: oh, this meditation track is from none other than the marvellous founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani! In this track, you’ll explore the deep wonders of ecstatic gratitude, and the various positive effects you’ll experience you will gain as you get the willpower to implement the ideas and practices in your daily life. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review

 Deep night: now, how many of you end up playing some soft relaxing music while working or reading or just sitting by the window, watching the raindrops slide down to the grass? Sounds calming, right? To dig into your imagination while all the music does is to let you fool around with your thoughts? 

Well, that is precisely what this track of Mindvalley’s meditation will offer. It’s a simple non-vocal music track that will let you free your thoughts and allow you to lift the pressure off your muscles with each idea released. 

Deep night

Deep rest: The Mindvalley expert who teaches this course, Paul Hoffman, has taken the initiative to bring this lovely track into the lives that many experiences every day. Here, it’s the plain relaxation that helps you eliminate the unnecessary pressure your body carries around all day. 

Even now, while you’re reading this, let go of the stress in your face muscles, make your forehead smooth out, and notice how your mind starts feeling almost light-headed with the gone pressure. 

This is precisely what the podcast “deep rest” can help you do. To feel genuinely comfortable and relaxed. You would be so relaxed that all your woes would be forgotten. 

Deep Rest

Abundance meditation: ever had a feeling that being just a bit more abundant would be helpful? In this track, Bob Proctor will present you with a nice fill of abundance and help you put together a perfect future for yourself, motivating you to get to your feet and make that happen!

Abundance meditation

An Overview Certain Meditation Courses that are Offered

All of the courses ensure the highest degree of quality. The courses provided here are qualified and highly educated professors and motivators. Many of them have this immense thinking capacity that allows them to empathize with others.  

They all more or less help you with one problem or the other. Wonder how that is? Well, the courses cover a wide range of topics that involve the initial and general encounters everyone faces. But other than that, these meditations will help you change your attitude gradually. They open up the different kind of thinking that can  

With Mindvalley meditation courses, many people were able to turn their life around. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review- Pros and Cons


Mental and Emotional Balance-  Nothing is better than having a peaceful day. No one wants the stress and unnecessary tension in their lives. Love and compassion is the dire need of any human. Meditation nurtures mental and emotional prosperity. 

While meditating, we can get a clear snapshot of our minds. The same thoughts that can drive our our actions. Thus it is clinically proven that because meditation can improve your self-image and, therefore, your self worth, people who regularly meditate tend to maintain a high sense of emotional as well as mental stability.

Boost Concentration and attentiveness- We all have work to do, but we often get tired and bored out of our daily chores. A composed mind has a better output of his skill set.

These days life is keeping us so busy that we’re down to multi tasking with no other option left. 

Now naturally, due to this, we have to devout our attention to various tasks at the same time. 

Meditation helps to gather our scattered focus. When one meditates, s/he trains their mind to be aware of action/behavior/event that is being done at that particular moment. Hence, meditation boosts one’s Concentration and enhances their Concentration.

Meditation has no requirement except time- You can literally meditate anywhere and at any time of the day. You can do it while travelling, sitting in a boring class or even while having a walk in a park.

Meditation creates an ambience of being cognizant  and conscious of all that happens around you. Just control and be aware of  your breath, and let go of all worries.

Immediate Effects- How Many times have you blanked out at an exam or at work ? Sometimes our brain stops responding in critical situations. We feel the whole world shattering on our feet, all our expectations and plans, everything makes no sense and sense of futility develops.

In such conditions, all one needs to do is, sit down and try clearing their thoughts for just five minutes. It is very similar to restarting a machine or computer, and work wonders. These five minutes can save your whole day.

Sleep Better- A Sound mind has a sound sleep. Are you one of those who have trouble sleeping? All you do is change position all night and tolerate your restless brain? You can’t compromise on your sleep for it is compulsory for physical rest.

Then this might come helpful to you! Just Before bed practice deep breathing and sweep all the distorted thoughts in a corner of your brain.


Lack of motivation- yes, that’s right. If you are used to procrastinating, leaving your work unfinished or are too lazy to do even start working on your thoughts and ideas, meditations may not be good news for you. 

A few researches have confirmed that the disinterest can come from non-attachment which is actually a common skill most individuals who practice meditation strive for. 

Your basic senses may experience a change- ever felt like someone called out your name but you’re not sure if you heard it or felt it? 

Well, that is something that will be happening around 5 times more to a meditator who was unfortunately to encounter such bad luck but allow me to tell you a few things that might happen like seeing a light that doesn’t exist, hallucinations, visions, smell something that isn’t present at that moment, etc. 

Negative thoughts might become your daily routine- many reach out to meditation because of its ability to help you become a better person in every aspect.

But that might fireback. There’s a chance that you get delusional and may lose control over yourself to work on things you need to.

Reliving moments you would like to forget- as the heading already says, there’s a good chance that meditation may bring up repressed/suppressed emotions and memories.

FAQ- Mindvalley Meditation Review

Why should I sit through the entire course?

Find it too, time-consuming? Feel like it's not worth your time? Well, that is where you are wrong. These Mindvalley courses will help open up your mind like never before. Wake up to feel a whole lot fresher than ever before.

Does meditation really work?

Yes! Meditation is often overlooked, and people don't always understand the real value that it provides. It is the best prescription for a whole suite of problems. Problems ranging from insomnia to depression and sometimes even addiction.

How practical are these Mindvalley courses?

They can be as effective as you make them, or as ineffective as you choose. If you listen to all the courses with patience, you are assured of getting results. If you do not correctly follow the instructions given to you in the course or not listen to their ideas with an open mind, then no, you will not see results.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Meditation Review

We know that meditation is the need of the hour, and MindValley is an excellent medium that provides self-development and relaxing podcasts and sessions from the experts. MindValley bridges the gap of the destitute to expert consultancy.

 It is a one-stop destination for those who seek any assistance and encouragement for acquiring mental stability. 

Mindful Pondering helps to tackle fundamental life issues. It makes you happy, calm, and confident. We then reverberate this positive energy to our physical surroundings and make it a better place not just for ourselves but for everybody who is a part of it.

 Meditation is no magic and is neither easy. One cannot achieve mental stability in one night. You will need to invest time and energy. It demands self-determination and consistency. 

In the long term, you can make the most out of it, and starting meditation is your initial step towards a better and productive life.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Courses Review 2024: Are Mindvalley Courses Worth It? (TRUTH)

Mindvalley is a popular community of leaders and entrepreneurs. It organizes various seminars and meeting sessions where all successful leaders are invited to take part. 

Today, in this post we are going to talk about Mindvalley Courses in detail. Are they worth it? 

Let’s find out: 

Why Mindvalley Courses?

It is an excellent stage to showcase your own leadership skills and learn from others. You find people who are either more intelligent than you or at your level. 

Everyone is a master of their respective fields. When you think of a way that can bring positive change in your life, you need the willingness to act and think differently.

And to give you this, Mindvalley courses have been designed. It will change your approach to something and how you see this world. The Mindvalley courses are worth to buy.

Do They Have An Academy?

Yes, it is Mindvalley Academy, where more than 300,000 students connect from all over the world. This is open to all personal growth teachers and authors, thought-leaders, experts, and plenty more.

This academy is much more than just education. Top American teachers help you discover every aspect of life and outside that you have never known before.

It focusses on not only mindfulness and well-being but also in health and longevity. This academy has an online presence so that there is no barricade in the path of success.

Mindvalley University

This is an event for Mindvalley students. It is a 21-day course to immerse into the best content and teachings of Mindvalley. This is also a top-class curated community that takes place in new cities spectacularly.

MindValley University

The program is designed based on the latest demands, and it teaches you to tackle real-world problems that today’s literacy system lacks.

It consists of workshops, talks, seminars, and of course, networking opportunities that guide to live extraordinarily.

Here you can meet and be a part of a community that lets you discover new and growing cultures as well as experiences. This event now attracts 1000+ students each year. 

The Mindvalley Platform is created by Vishen Lakhiani

Things to expect:

  1. You will get a chance to connect with a massive community of people like you. From entrepreneurs to students, you will meet everyone here. 
  1. You can connect and boost your business. Maybe you get a Co-founder for your company. Who knows?
  1. You will learn how to create a strong bond with family and friends.
  1. After learning from world-class leaders, you will acquire real-life skills that ultimately leads to a happy life.
  1. You will be able to develop a forwarding path that leads to the next level of success. You definitely become a better version of yourself. 
  1. Through Mindvalley, you get several opportunities to discover a new city and explore new experiences.
  1. The best part is that you will not only change your life, but your family’s too because you are taught to better your relations and become more connected around you. 

This is why we confidently say that today’s education system is not going to teach you this. You find your type of people. That is what we call a tribe. You will never feel lonely.

Some Famous Mindvalley Teachers:

Vishen Lakhiani
Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley
Verne Harnish
Verne Harnish, entrepreneur and author.

Lisa Nicholas
Lisa Nicholas, motivational speaker
Sri Sri Ravishankar
Sri Sri Ravishankar, spiritual leader

The quality of people you meet in Mindvalley can blow your mind. You find everyone loving, open-minded, and entirely into self-growth. They are change-makers for sure.

They broaden your minds and teach you to create a love for learning.

19 Best Mindvalley Courses

Everyone in the business of self-growth has come across Mindvalley. This platform specializes in teaching quality of life experiences.

Here are some best Mindvalley courses.

Super Reading

Super reading is speed reading. After completing this course, you feel fortunate to have it.

This is a course of three weeks in which teacher Jim Kwik teaches how to read well with 10-20 minutes daily exercise. It boosts your reading comprehension, as well as information processing. 

It is best for those looking to engage with more useful content without sacrificing their precious time.


This exciting program focuses on harnessing those treasured forces of energy present in and around your body.

You are taught to open your intuition, tap into the undiscovered energy, and enjoy a beautiful life.

You will be able to unlock your energy and get ready for the highest calling. It centers heavily on envisioning your desires and lets you harness your power you just opened.

7 Days To Break Up With Sugar

This program is pretty cool, as its name suggests. The class lasts for seven days.

This is a short program, so it can be a plus or minus depending on how you take it.

MindValley Course - 7 Days To Break Up With Sugar

Sugar and salt are powerful addictives that cause you to crave more and more.  Everything in excess has a damaging tendency. This is why excess sugar results in weight gain, insulin insensitivity, other health issues.

Through this class, you will learn to master over your super cravings. It emphasizes on being conscious of what to eat and what to not.

Conscious Parenting Mastery

This is a sort of parenting class that nurtures your inner child but also plays a part in a parent. So, you can raise children making a more impactful connection. 

MindValley Course - Conscious Parenting Mastery

It doesn’t center around the kids but the parents. If the parents improve as an individual, the family improves as a whole.

Check out my review:

Speak And Inspire

It is clear that the class teaches how to build public speaking skills. It is high in demand now. 

Jerry Seinfeld says that public speaking is more fearful than death. MindValley Course - Speak And Inspire

Everyone faces some issues and nervousness while standing on stage to speak the very first time.

Here your body language and confident tone work magic, and these become more powerful weapons for public speakers.

This class is all about tried-and-true techniques and is a course of 30 days. Here you learn how to channel charisma through awareness, estimate the real power of the story, and tap into others’ hearts. You harness emotional life experiences. 

Feng Shui For Life

We call the energy of our surroundings as Feng Shui. 

This is a spiritual course that teaches you to change the balance of the energy present around us. MindValley Course - Feng Shui For Life

Just make it simple, does a cluttered room makes you happy? No, right. Because you like everything arranged around you, a messy room or a messy life makes you calm less.  

Marie Dimond is a Feng Shui consultant and works for Steven Spielberg and the Rolling stones. She teaches you to reconfigure your environment to boost productivity and achieve happiness for sure.

Getting a knack of interior design is tantamount to that, isn’t it?

Little Humans

The testimonials of this course are glowing and very promising.

This course strengthens your pillars by teaching you Emotional Intelligence, education plus growth, external influences, routines and rituals, relationships. 

Sixteen parenting experts make you get a good cross-section of ideas and techniques of parenting.

You will crave to dig deeper into the ocean of knowledge.

Mind Valley Yoga Quest

Yoga is not just tricky stretching and expensive yoga pants.

Along with stretching, it strengthens your heart, soul, and mind. 

This is 21 days solid course with practical sessions to make you gain mastery over strength-awareness and muscle-flexibility. You learn better stress management and many down the line.

Hero. Genius. Legend

It is a behemoth of a course. Over the span of 66 days, Robin Sharma teaches leadership, life mapping, productivity through a quest.

Hero. Genius. Legend

Each day, you spend 10 minutes pondering insightful ideas that impact your productivity and future.

Life Visioning Mastery

Michael Bernard Beckworth, a founder of a trans-denominational spiritual community, takes this class.Life Visioning Mastery

Through this course, you will be able to create a roadmap and reduce the victim consciousness in you. You will replace negative energy with a positive one. The class helps you to discover the purpose of life using manifesting techniques. 

This is the best class for life coaching and learning new age spirituality. You should give this session a try. You get what you pay for. 


This is tantamount to super reading and is a 30-day course. This trains you to rewire your brain to comprehend things easily and retain more information efficiently.MindValley Courses - Superbrain

This super technique is well researched and well-tried. It improves memorization, vocab list, and learning without going through any trauma or injury.

Be Extraordinary Quest

Vishen Lakhiani’s be extraordinary quest focuses on motivating adolescents to gain purpose, confidence, compassion, self-acceptance.

It helps you know how to actualize a goal, understand your talents, improve connections, and boom confidence.

This is a 10-day curriculum that features 20 minutes of content videos to achieve self-growth. 

Learn to be logical and short enough so that you don’t bore others. He is a great teacher and motivator for sure.

The Longevity Blueprint 

This course is all about achieving optimum fitness and extending it throughout your life.

These promises fix for all your body related issues. The Longevity Blueprint 

Your trainer Ben Greenfield combines flexibility, cardio, and strength training to meet your fitness goals. He underestimates long, grueling workouts. 

You acquire sustainable habits and reach peak fitness. It is long, but an excellent factor is high.

The New Psychology Of Winning

You want to win, reach goals, and feel content with your life. This is an 85-day quest to increase productivity, achieve super performance, and get what you deserve. You notice that you come back with more substantial setbacks than ever.The New Psychology Of Winning

This class is fundamental to develop the winner’s mentality. It is honest, not couched in layers of puzzling terminology.

This session deserves appreciation as it has helped many. 

Unlocking Transcendence

If you yearn to feel connected to the universe, unlocking transcendence quest is just for you.Unlocking Transcendence - Best Mindvalley Courses

It is a 60-day class that focuses on mental, physical, emotional, impact awareness.

 It brings enlightenment and motivates you to enlighten others.

It moves your focus away from materialistic things and put on spiritual matters.

The Mastery Of Sleep

If you are among those who struggle to have a sound sleep, this course promises the solution. Michael Brus brings you the best remedy that takes you through deep uninterrupted sleep patterns.

He says evening routines play an essential part in night’s sleep. You might try to use your surroundings to your advantage rather than blaming it for the interruption. The diet schedule works in union with a sleep schedule. He introduces you to sleep robbers and promising solutions.

This is a real 30-day course with actionable content.

Everyday Bliss

Life is full of stress, but it can be stress-free if you walk on these techniques.

Become resilient to stress, focus on better sleep, and overcome fears. 

Chakra Healing - Best Mindvalley Courses

This 21-day journey with a 15 minute a day lesson makes your life stress free.

This sort of courses are blessings to remove negativity from our lives.

Chakra Healing

Chakras are not a common word in the western world. It refers to pools of energy that swirls around our body.

There are seven main chakras through which energy is supplied. If these get blocked, mental state imbalances and suffers.

Teacher Anodea Judith shows ways to harness your spiritual energy so that you can heal and balance your chakras. You learn to access high consciousness. 

She guides you on how to unlock chakras that lead to positive actions in all aspects of life.

This training can directly and quickly affect your life.

The Money EQ Quest

It teaches you to make a positive relationship with money and make sound financial decisions.

It is a direct 21-day course that draws a map between you and money. You will gain the ability to tackle problems immediately.

How To Get Benefit From It Now?

In this corona outbreak, you and everyone are stuck at home, isolating from others.

Don’t blame the situation. Instead, make use of it. You have enough time left with you. It is a godly chance to stuck in Mindvalley Courses.

It is the most significant self-educational program going viral through the internet. Each course is knowledgeable and unusual that can open your eyes and change the way you view this world. It enlightens you and makes you focused on the right things that can lead to success for sure.

The mind valley company has a range of experts who teaches you how to groom skills and be unique than most of the others out there.

Take the first step. You will understand why we talk so much about it. The courses in it are all about transformative learning but are insightful and logical. It’s a little addictive. Addiction to good habits, never harmful.

What Is An All-access Pass In Mindvalley Quest?

This is a pass that grants you full access to almost each and every quest. Cool, no?All-access Pass In Mindvalley Quest

This Mindvalley all-access quest gives you an outstanding opportunity to be a better version of ourselves.

Don’t worry about the charges and all. They are quite affordable and come with a 10-day money-back guarantee. Do you have better offers?

Don’t fear if you are unsure about the comes. It happens first. Each teacher here is very down-to-earth and relatable that your fears put to rest.


  • Mindvalley courses are of high quality.
  • You get a lot of advice from experts and professionals.
  • The classes can change your life for good.
  • You get invaluable information.
  • You get self-development training


  • The videos are short at times. But each of them is incredibly full of insights. 
  • This course requires commitment like any other course. You need to commit to giving 30-60 minutes per day to get the lessons and complete the given assignments.
  • You need the willingness to change. Mindvalley courses are of no use. Suppose you do not apply it. On applying, it brings positive change. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are Mindvalley courses for?

Mindvalley courses are for everyone who wants to improve themselves, feel more happy and confident than before. If you are so glad and want no improvement and changes in your life, then you should not be bothered to take up this course.

Price of Mindvalley courses?

Experts teach you on this platform without costing you an arm and a leg. Charges may vary for different courses. The all-access pass will cost you $595 a year or $20 per session. You get a 10-day money-back guarantee too.

Can I find a mobile App?

Yes, it has, and it is fantastic. The app is easy to understand and of good quality. You can watch the videos on the phone or laptop, whatever works best for you.

To Conclude: Are Mindvalley Course Worth It? 

We tried our best to give you the best. Everything mentioned in this article is well-researched and time-tested. We recommend you to try the Mindvalley Course at least once. It is quite affordable, and at last, you get what you pay for. Giving accurate information to the readers is our primary motive. 

Stay tuned for more valuable information.