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Is The Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass Worth It? | Honest Review

We all love creating stories that last. Stories of love and happiness so that we can enjoy the lives we have been blessed with. Creating our digital nomad lifestyle is the best part of my ‘life book’ so far and that’s why I love sharing personal development tips and resources like this one: the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass is a great go-to resource if you want some extra help to create your best life and get expert guidance emotionally and spiritually by someone who has been through it all. Therefore, this post is taking a look at how Marisa Peer may help you overcome your fears, reach your goals and support you. 

Who is Marisa Peer?

Perhaps you don’t need an introduction to Britains number one therapist. But in case, you have missed her somehow, here is a brief overview of who she is:

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Marisa Peer is a globally known expert who is well versed in transforming the feelings that one keeps in his soul and spirit. She has the pioneering methods that have gained global acclaim for the remarkable and rapid results her clients acquire. Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy audios have the support of most people who have already overcome the challenge of weight loss, infertility, anxiety, and depression that are only a few to be named. 

Why choose the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass?

If you are really serious about using mediation as a tool to improve your health, wealth or overall well-being, getting Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass is a no-brainer! It gives you full access to Marisa’s library of hypnosis audios and meditations for an annual fee of $149. If you break it down, that’s just about $12 per month (billed annually).

Through these audios, you can harness hypnotherapy’s strength to reduce the stress that harbors in all of our minds and get rid of anxious thoughts.

Many of Marisa’s clients have acclaimed how strongly driving Marisa is in her audios. She is always there to guide you through all of your mental traumas. She has brought many audios on different topics and is helping thousands of people worldwide come out of any stress they are facing and achieve the goals they are running after. 

Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass gives you access to the perfect bundles for you to attain the maximum mental health and calmness.

Popular audios and bundles by Marisa Peer:

Let’s take a look at a few audios and bundles that you can access after having purchased Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass :

  1. Calming Bundle:
    The calming bundle has a lot to offer if you are ready to accept it all. Through this bundle, you will be able to free yourself from overcoming anxiety and have better sleep. Stress anxiety and a lack of sleep are a few mental things that have negative effects on our health and overall wellbeing. When you have a mind free of any kind of stress and anxiety and can acquire a sound sleep, your body will feel more energetic the next day. This makes you ready to achieve a lot more in life. 
  2. Overcoming anxiety:
    In this audio course, Marisa helps you transform your mindset from within to allow you to be in a state of ease, comfort, and confidence. With Overcoming Anxiety will learn how to be free of any anxiety you have and allow you to lead a life free of racing thoughts or anxiety. The 25 minutes guided hypnosis can rewire your mind so that you start feeling a lot more lovable, confident, and free of any worry. 
  1. Perfect deep unbroken sleep:
    This is the course that will let you have a deep slumber so that you can wake up every morning feeling more rested and a lot more energized to live the best day. It will let you fall asleep a lot easier in the night and also avoid turning and tossing in the bed while struggling to sleep. Your mind will learn how to fall asleep a lot more faster and easier. 
  1. Perfect relaxation:
    This is the ultimate stress buster. It can help dramatically reduce any kind of stress through the mind’s power by only listening to the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass from the Perfect Relaxation bundle. This audio course is designed to help you destress and relax your mind in leading to greater clarity and more health from within. 

With the help of the above courses, you will start living a more calm life and get more control over the way your mind thinks. Through Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass, many people have acquired calm of mind. She has made available bundles for all niches and has high customer satisfaction. She has also worked with many celebrities, and they as well go with the saying that Marisa has helped them regain confidence in themselves and also allowed them to get their goals fulfilled. 

What are the other bundles offered by Marisa Peer?

Marisa is at the moment offering the following audio bundles:

– Abundance bundle 

– Ultimate confidence bundle 

– Dating and relationship bundle 

– Conception bundle 

– Mind boosting bundle

– Weight management bundle

– Calmness bundle

– Student bundle

Being named Britain’s best therapist by the Tatler magazine, Marisa has already spent nearly three decades while treating a huge client list that also includes many superstars, Royalty, CEOs, and Olympic athletes. Her USP is that she teaches only simple steps that can produce huge and dramatic life-changing results. She seamlessly brings on her one of a kind therapy room techniques that everyone can listen to and get transformed and transfixed just like that. 

Is audio more powerful than written text?

Through audios, you get to hear the expression with which the author has said things, and this way, his meaning, and idea reach you a lot faster. You can grasp the ideas and notions that the author conveys and allows you to absorb his energy and passion easily. This is why audios are considered a lot more effective than written text. 

Are you ready to be transformed and transfixed by the most calming and relaxing audios? Yes? Then, get the Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass! Grab on to the opportunity to always be ready to take life by its horns!

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By Julia Jerg

Julia is the founder and chief editor of Jey Jetter, a site that showcases the option of working remotely and travel as much as you like. Julia is a former PR/marketing consultant who turned into a remote working social media manager, travel writer and public speaker living location independently since 2011. She has been to 86 countries on all 6 continents and lived in several different countries for more than six months. Her laptop is her office and the label 'digital nomad' fits best to describe her lifestyle. On this site, she writes about personal freedom, remote work and her passion for travelling.

4 replies on “Is The Marisa Peer Hypnosis Audios – All Access Pass Worth It? | Honest Review”

This blog is very nice and informative. Thank you for sharing this information it helps me a lot.

Can we cancel the annual membership at anytime after we join the first year?
*Note* Please make sure to mention in your advertisement that the 99$ is a annual fee and not just a one-time fee.
Thank you very much

Hey Ginette, thanks for stopping by and your feedback! We will include the detail about the annual fee that you mentioned! I appreciate this!
About your question: You can cancel by contacting the support team. Read what it says on their “Refund, Return, and Cancellations” page”:

‘We deal with refunds, returns and cancellations on a case by case basis. Our aim is for you to be absolutely happy with your product. If for some reason you are not, please email us at and we will make every effort to amend the situation.’

I hope that helps and that you enjoy the audios! 🙂
Best, Julia

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