Nomad Resources

If we can inspire and help you to travel more and work remotely or even run your own online business, we’re doing our job. One of the ways we help fellow travelers and digital nomads is with our recommended nomad resources.

We’ve compiled all the best travel and nomad resources to ensure greater efficiency, productivity and overall happiness for all travel-loving remote workers and entrepreneurs. 

Sound like you? Brilliant! Check out our list of travel resources and work tools for smoother trip planning and working.

This page is divided into two sections:

  • Digital nomad resources
  • Travel resources

Digital Nomad Resources

Calling all digital nomads, business owners and bloggers, you are going to love these recommendations. Below, you’ll find all the resources and tools that make my life as a blogger and a digital nomad mom easier. 

And of course, since I love social media, I couldn’t resist adding those can’t-live-without tools that optimize every social media expert’s work.

Want to work on your social media strategies? I’d like to remind you that we offer 1:1 social media coaching sessions too. In these sessions, I will walk you through our proven processes and recommend tailored strategies that will help you grow your social media presence to reach your ideal clients.

The resources listed below offer great value. We’ve ensured that some are free or affordably-priced, as we’re well aware of the financial struggles that occur when transitioning to a remote lifestyle! You can also consult this list of affordable tools for digital nomads for more information.

Most Recommended Digital Nomads Tools

Here are my personal favorites when it comes to digital nomad tools.

Mindvalley logo as one of the best nomad resources.


For us, living remotely and working online means to stay curious and expand your knowledge and skills frequently. There are so many online learning platforms out there but Mindvalley is truly the best you can choose when it comes to personal growth. 12 million students from 80 countries can’t be wrong! Check them out here!


Turquoise and white Safety Wing logo with their feather symbol.


Travel Insurance is nothing sexy but worth having! And this one is made for all your digital nomad needs in mind. We love SafetyWing because it lets us sign up and cancel any time – as a digital nomad family, we need to be flexible as often our plans change. NEW: their Nomad Insurance will cover COVID-19 starting August 1st. Read more.



A tool I genuinely love because it’s such a time saver! It helps me manage and schedule my Pinterest account and allows me to be active without spending all day on the platform. With Tailwind Create I save so much time creating pins as they suggest pin designs that I can easily adapt and edit. Perfect!


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

If you want to understand how you can make money from recommending other peoples’ products then you should be rolling into Michelle Schroeder Gardners’ affiliate marketing course. It took us from a couple of hundred dollars to over 1000 $ in just one month after taking her advice. Learn her strategy and start making a passive income too. Roll in today!

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More Digital Nomad Resources

There are many apps and tools available that can help with different organizational aspects of remote work and online businesses, but working out the best ones for you and your needs can take some time. We’ve collated a list of those we and our digital nomad friends can’t live without:

  • MailChimp – My current service that I use for email marketing.
  • GSuite – Simple and so convenient to have all the business apps too.
  • Grammarly – I use the free version to make sure all my spelling is correct.
  • MailMunch – What I use to create landing pages and lead capture forms
  • Sync or Dropbox – I prefer to have my eggs *files* in several baskets…
  • – Make it short and sweet (your links!)
  • Canva – That’s where I create all my ads, images, freebies, pins for Pinterest…
  • Unsplash – If you need free stock photos, that’s the place to search for!
  • LastPass – I would be lost without it – so handy to have all your passwords in one place

Social Media Resources

When it comes to social media scheduling and managing, the following social media tools are very handy. If you wish to improve your social media strategies, check out our social media coaching services.

Blogging Resources

Own a blog or thinking about getting started as a blogger? Look no further than these blogging resources and tools. Some of these are even necessary for your blog success!

  • Keysearch – Always know what your audience wants to read aka find the right keywords and SEO optimised your articles (use this code KSDISC to get 20% off)
  • JustHost – An excellent Web Hosting provider at a very convenient starting price of $3.95 The best of them is the supporting service: You won’t be stuck by any problem.
  • Bluehost: Best WP focused Web Host server provider recommended by themselves.
  • Divi – One of the best drag and drop design frameworks from Elegant Theme that allows you to easily design and customize every part of your website.
  • Studio Press – Here you can browse for more WordPress Themes
  • Google Analytics – The best tool to analyse your website traffic
  • Google Search Console – To search for website data
  • Share-A-Sale and AmazonAssociates – Enough to get started with affiliate marketing
  • Disqus – A great tool to help increase engagement on your site.

Travel Resources

Whether you’re planning to move abroad or taking a shorter trip, the recommendations below are the travel resources we use when booking our own trips. Easy to navigate and simple to use, bookmark these travel websites and watch your travel planning stresses fly away.

Booking flights

We find the best flight deals by using Skyscanner. This website is world-renowned for its flexible and easy nature.

Booking hotels

When it comes to booking accommodation abroad, we use the three websites below:

  • Airbnb – Sometimes cheaper & better than staying in a hotel.
    With my discount code, you get 30 Euro off your stay if you use this Airbnb link to sign up for a new account. 
  • Agoda –This is the first site I check if we end up staying in a hotel.
  • – For discounted hotels worldwide. This is usually the second page I scan through before I make a decision.

More useful travel websites

There are so many travel websites available, so here’s a short list of the ones we use the most. If you’re planning your next holiday, make sure to check our travel guides.

  • World Nomads Travel Insurance – I think it’s wise to have a designated travel insurance (even if your health insurance from back home would cover). It depends on each country, but check if you’d be better off with this insurance rather than staying with your home one. It’s recommended as a Lonely Planet partner too, what can I say.
  • SafetyWing Travel Insurance – I have updated this list with another great travel insurance: so many of my nomad friends swear by the great service and unbeatable price policy of SafetyWing – and we personally are using it every time we stay longer than 60 days in one country. From nomads for nomads – check it out!
  • Get Your Guide – this is a great site where you can compare and book sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, things to do and fun activities from around the world on their site.
  • Skype – Still my number one choice when it comes to making phone calls. Often I buy a SIM card for each country I travel to, but I use up my Skype talk time instead. All I have to do is to connect to my mobile data and then I call via Skype. It’s the cheapest way, I’ve found.
  • Couchsurfing – I have used this a few times in South America, Hawaii, Europe and a couple of times in Australia. You need to build a profile and be safe in choosing a host for this free service. Here is one of my early posts on how I stretched my budget to extend my travels. Today, I prefer to stay in apartments that I rent to be able to focus on work and #getshitdone 🙂 



Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate referrals which means that by recommending products I use and love, I receive a small commission in the event that you purchase or sign up. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps support the creation of the free content that goes into this site. Please read my disclosure for more information. Thanks for your support!