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How to Become a Successful Travel Blogger

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A successful travel blogger needs to travel, first of all… here I went to Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Where and how to your travel blog

Ok, let’s face it: in order to become a successful travel blogger, you need to invest some time! But that’s true for everything in life. Good things take time to ripen. Is blogging not your thing? Then check out if teaching English might be your way to become a location-independent digital nomad.

Back to blogging though.

I am writing this post after only three months of blogging. Yep. I know what you’re thinking, she’s a newbie and already gives other people advice!? But, before you start, I think, I did a few things right because I already received two Awards in such a short time! Woohoo!

The first one was in September when I got nominated for the Liebster Award. This award is from bloggers who nominate other bloggers if they think they’re awesome. And the second one was even more surprising: I opened my mailbox and found a message from Tripedia that I was amongst their Top 10: Best New Travel Bloggers! Wow!

And this made me write this post in order to help you to become a successful travel blogger too! So let’s dig into it!




How to become a successful travel blogger:


7 Tips On How to Become a Successful Travel Blogger:

  1. Love what you do!
    First of all, if you want to become a successful travel blogger, you should really enjoy writing and love whatever you do. If you are not 100% satisfied with the result, don’t publish it. Better wait for a day or two, then go over it again until you are happy with your result. You should be proud of your blog posts because if YOU are enjoying them it will show in your texts and most likely someone else likes them too!
  2. Go out there and write about it!
    I know what you are thinking, this is obvious if you love travelling and want to become a successful travel blogger. But even though this sounds very basic, it is a very important thing to keep in mind: don’t start a blog and then after a while become lazy and stop writing about your adventures. All the initial work you put on your site to get your blog started would be for nothing. So keep your content flowing!
  3. Be extra-super-mega social! 
    Connect with other bloggers and join groups on Facebook. Like, share, post and comment on other people’s posts. This way you can grow your social network and become known by other bloggers too. Don’t be shy, bloggers are happy to connect and also are very helpful if you have any questions on how to start blogging. I joined the following groups and have connected with a lot of amazing and successful travel bloggers through them: We Travel We blog | Girls who Travel | Girl vs. Globe | Ultimate Travel Group | Travel Bloggers and Readers | Under 1000 Club – Aspiring Travel Writers | Digital Nomads around the World | Ultimate Blog Challenge | Nomads – a life of cheap/free travel (just to name a few!)
  4. Use Social Media
    Every successful travel blogger uses social media to support their website. I mainly use InstagramFacebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter to get traffic to my blog. It’s great to connect all your posts and share them on your different social media channels. With services like Hootsuite or Buffer, it is easy to schedule posts and share your content on different platforms at the same time. This is really helpful and saves you a lot of time! If you want to learn how to strategically use social media marketing to drive traffic to your blog, join my Facebook group for support, encouragement and networking!
    Join my social media marketing support group to drive traffic to your blog!
  5. Read, read, read but produce your own content!
    The more you read other peoples’ blogs, you will learn how blogging actually works. It’s a great way to get inspired and apply one of the infinite options out there to your personal style. Just make sure that you never copy and paste someone else’s content. This is not only bad for your Karma, it is also bad for your site’s Google ranking and will not make you a successful travel blogger. Google will only rank pages high if they have original and relevant content! Of course, you can (AND SHOULD!) share also other people’s content, watch this video on how to schedule curated content!
  6. Know your audience!
    If you want to become a successful travel blogger, make sure you find a niche and focus on whatever makes you special. I write for people that are sick and tired of their 9-5 work-life routine and want to turn into digital nomads. For my audience, it is obviously interesting to know how to save money while travelling, what helped me to break with the conventional lifestyle and which longterm travel tips I have, so they won’t ever have to go back home (if that’s their aim).
  7. Let other people see the world through your eyes
    The best part about blogging is really that you can dedicate your time to what you are passionate about. I love the fact that I found a way to travel the world and it was way overdue for me to put these stories on “paper”. I know that it is not for everyone or my way might seem extreme to most other people, but everyone finds it exciting and I am happy to share what I see out there in the world. When I tell other people about my travels and about all the wonderful places that are on this planet, I feel a special energy! And it is great to hear that my story is for some people an inspiration. This motivates me every day when I get up and it keeps me going with what I am doing right now.

These are just a few blogging tips from a successful travel blogger like me. Make sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already to get more news and updates on how to be able to travel full-time and work remotely. Good luck and happy blogging!

One successful travel blogger: Not all who wander are lost


Did you like this post? Let me know down below in the comments if you have other tips on how to become a successful travel blogger? Why and how did you start blogging? 


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Maui – Hawaii’s Secret Favourite

Maui is wowy!

No, this is not a post about Marihuana! Even though some people might think that when reading the headline… Only AFTER having left Maui though, I learned that people in Hawaii call their dope ‘wowy’. I still thought it’s the perfect way to describe Maui (and it rhymes, which I personally like best about it!)…

I also got high on Maui, but in a different way (no drugs involved, all legal!). On our first day, we drove around with a rental car and decided spontaneously in the afternoon to go up to the top of one of the volcanoes of Hawaii, the Haleakala Crater. We reached 10.000 feet of elevation and watched the sunset from there – up their your body feels actually a bit weird – it’s more difficult to breathe and we felt a slight headache… BUT IT’S SO WORTH IT!!

Oh and don’t be fooled when driving up the long and windy route to the top of the crater, the weather can be completely different once you’ve reached the summit. We were actually a bit hesitant at the entrance gate of the National Park because it was raining and we thought there was no way to see the sunset…

After a night on the campground inside the National Park (on 8000 feet), we got rewarded and even had a clear view all the way down to the ocean.

Next Stop: Road to Hana

So, Haleakala Crater is really a must-do when on Maui! But for all those who think like me, one day is absolutely enough to spend away from the beach! Therefore we left the next morning and returned to sea level in order to drive the famous and very beautiful Road to Hana on Maui’s East Coast.

Maui's famous road to Hana
View on to the ocean and a sandy bay from the famous Road to Hana.

We stopped at so many beautiful beaches and waterfalls – one of the most beautiful drives I’ve done so far! This is absolutely the second MUST-DO on Maui: drive down the famous Road to Hana.

=> Check out: Complete Itinerary: Road to Hana 

Ocean view from the road.

Somewhere on the road, we found the perfect place to park our car and sleep in it right next to the ocean… what else can you wish for!?

At the beach, underneath some trees, the ocean in the background.
Our view from our minivan… waking up in the mornings was very easy!

Snorkelling at the Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

Well-rested and ready for new adventures, we drove down to Maui’s South Coast where all the tour agencies leave for water activities. On Hawaii Discount, we found a great deal to snorkel at Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, two of the most famous snorkel spots off Maui’s coast. We chose the Pacific Whale Foundation because our money went directly to the Foundations funds in order to protect the ocean and its marine wildlife. 

Best time to visit Maui

It’s really up to everyone’s individual taste, of course, but for us, the best time to visit Hawaii was really when it got cold in Canada, which was in October. That’s when we decided to take a three-month break in the warmth. Even if you are short on time, it’s a great destination though!


What is another plus about visiting Hawaii, it is fairly cheap to get from one island to another…and since island hopping is fun, we were really excited to fly with a little machine over to Maui. From Honolulu Airport we took Island Air to get over in less than an hour for $79 US dollars.


So, again in a nutshell, here are a few reasons why it’s really worth visiting this beauty amongst the Hawaiian islands:

  1. You get your personal feathered welcoming team on arrival at the airport!
  2. Maui has one of the most beautiful drives, the scenic Hana Road.
  3. Up on top of Haleakala Crater you’ll be breathless…
  4. No photo proof for that but you can actually see HUGE sea turtles while snorkelling only a short distance away from the shores of Maui’s beautiful beaches.


  1. Erm…honestly, I can not find any reason why not…

Hawaii Series part 2: Maui Travel Guide

Did you like Part 2 of my Hawaii series? Do you have any other suggestions on things to do while there? How was your trip? Don’t be shy, leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!