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19 Best Digital Nomad Conferences and Events in 2020 You Won’t Want to Miss

If you want to connect with and learn from like-minded people, digital nomad events and conferences are the way to go. Check out this epic list!

2020 seems to be the year of the digital nomad conferences and events. There are more and more options out there for anyone who wants to learn about this popular laptop lifestyle and connect with like-minded nomads. And it makes sense while working remotely means location-independence, digital nomad gatherings adds the people aspect to this alternative way of living.

So, whether you’ve been like me, a digital nomad for years, or you are thinking about making the leap, check your calendar and make sure to socialise at least once this year on one of these epic digital nomad conferences in 2020.



Nomad Summit

If you are on my mailing list (why wouldn’t you be!?), you might know by now that I gave a talk in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January 2020. For me, as a social media marketing coach, it was a no-brainer to help the attendees of the Nomad Summit with questions related to online business and social media. 

Watch my entire speech here:

However, many people approached me after my talk and asked me about how I actually live the digital nomad lifestyle with kids! Therefore, Johnny FD and his team invited me again as a speaker to talk about our life as a digital nomad family at the upcoming Nomad Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia. UPDATE: The event will take place in from August 14th to 17th.

Will I see you there?

>>Book your ticket with my promo code to get 10% off any ticket using JEYJETTER when making your booking!<<<

Bansko Nomad Fest

After Nomad Summit in May, you can see me on stage at Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria, from 29th of June – 5th of July 2020. I have never been to this digital nomad event before, but it is supposed to one of the biggest nomad gatherings during which the nomadic lifestyle is being celebrated. With 500+ participants and over 70 speakers, I am imagining it to be a very intense week for us!

My speech for this nomad conference will also be about life as a digital nomad mom of two. It’s really great to see, how this topic around nomadic families has become of interest to so many digital nomads out there.

>>Use my promo code juliajerg to get a 10% discount when registering your ticket. Choose your ticket option here.<<<

Why you should attend digital nomad conferences

Before we dive into the list of amazing remote retreats and nomad events that you can be part of in 2020, let us take a look at the benefits of attending such events.

  1. Boost your digital nomad career
    Digital nomad conferences are great to network and learn about others’ projects that they might need help with. In the session breaks, it’s best to mingle amongst the other attendees and chat to as many people as possible. You never know, you could meet your next business partner or remote work employer.
  2. Make new friends
    While your main focus should lie on business when attending such events, there is no harm in combining work with pleasure. So, perhaps a bonus take-away from your next nomad retreat will be that you meet a bunch of cool people who you can now call best pals and visit all over the planet.
  3. Promote your project or brand
    It’s no secret that those kinds of occasions will include a big amount of time talking to other people. So, use every conversation (if possible) to drop the name of your brand or project that you are working on and want people to know of. It’s not everyone’s favourite but the good old-fashioned business card sometimes comes in handy too!
  4. Learn from others
    Now, this is a no-brainer! Of course, you will learn a lot while attending events that include workshops and breakout sessions that aim to keep the attendees up-to-date on new trends and topics of the industry. So, even as a seasoned digital nomad, it’s always good to take a look at current topics and also listen to how others create/sustain their laptop lifestyle. 
  5. Break your routine and socialise
    Last but not least, it’s important to get out there and meet other people every now and then. If you are one of the lonesome work desk warriors who enjoy a fancy view from your desk but works from morning till night, then you already know what I mean: social life can sometimes fall short – despite the commonly promoted image of a party/beach bum lifestyle. In fact, there is a whole new niche that addresses the topic of loneliness that some digital nomads might experience when working and travelling alone. Events are a great way to change this. 
Read all about how to use networking events
to boost your digital nomad career in this post HERE!

Top Digital Nomad Events in 2020

Now, let’s see which of the many great options out there are there for you to put on your event calendar list:

1. Nomad Cruise (cancelled!)

I put Nomad Cruise here first because I think if you want to join just one nomad network then it should be this one. As a travelling nomad, you’ll like the fact that transportation and accommodation are already included. Chances are that you already know about this cool networking event on a cruise ship as it has become one of the most popular nomad conferences out there.

As of today (April 2020), we know that one of the two planned events are cancelled. You can no longer join Nomad Cruise 10 as they announced to not go ahead with the event due to the current Coronavirus alert!

Also, the first alumni reunion on land in Mallorca got cancelled!

Ticket prices start at 145 Euro:
– May 14th – May 17th: Mallorca, Nomad Cruise Alumni Reunion

Have a look at what Nomad Cruise looks like!

2. Nomad Train

There are many cool things about this program: you get to travel with 30 like-minded digital nomads while crossing all Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway. You will make six stopovers in key cities like Moscow and Novosibirsk and enjoy fun activities while on the train. Plus, train rides are not only fun but also leave much less of a carbon footprint.

Enjoy your ride with a 50 Euro discount on your tickets! Simply use JEYJETTER when you make your reservation here! Or click this link:

Join the next group trip on the Trans-Siberian railway:
May 18th – June 2nd POSTPONED!
September 8th – September 23rd
Ticket price: 1720 Euro

NOTE: You can also choose your own dates and travel solo or with your friends! Just ask the guys at Nomad Train for more details!

Map of train route. Picture of train at the station. Picture of couple embracing at the train station. Picture of girl walking to the train to board, holding her luggage.
6 cities, 1 epic journey.
Photo from Nomad Train

3. Nomad Summit

As the name implies, this is one of the biggest nomad networking events out there. It’s a mixture of networking events and workshops, each time in a beautiful setting. So, make sure to book a few days extra before and after the conference, to enjoy the location’s attractions – their next event is going to be in Tbilisi, Georgia!

You will be able to sign up for the optional workshops to learn more and get small group training on topics you’re interested in!

Prices start at $149.00 USD:
– August 14th – 17th: Nomad Summit Tbilisi

Use JEYJETTER as a discount code to get 10% for ANY ticket including the early bird specials!

Check out the last Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

4. Coworking Safari

I love the idea of going on a safari while doing business – it is definitely a unique setting for your next networking event!

With Coworking Safari you have the choice to join them for 4, 10 and 14 nights. Together with other entrepreneurs and digital nomads, you will enjoy daily tours to enjoy the beauty of the South African scenery. And the best part, you can even get some work done as they are trying to work around your schedule!

For those who can afford to switch off their phones for more than one day: They even offer a ‘detox weekend’ – as the name suggests, you will be without WIFI for the whole weekend. Can you imagine???

Prices start at 349 Euro (self-drive…wow! Would you dare?).
Next trip: A
pril 9th, 2020

5. TBEX Travel Blog Exchange (postponed!)

Most digital nomads that I know and have met on my journey not only work remotely for a company or for different clients, but they also have a travel blog. So, if you are one of them, check out this great event where travel bloggers and digital content creators meet the travel and tourism industry. You will most likely find new business contacts, friends and hopefully new sponsors for your brand.

If you want to know how such a travel blogger event looks like, then go ahead and check out my Instagram Stories (in the Highlights section) to get an idea of how much fun it is! Or read our workation guide for the Philippines where we attended TBEX Asia in 2016.

In 2018, I was even invited to speak on stage about social media marketing, this really took my career as a social media coach to the next level.


This year, TBEX Europe got hit hard by the Covid 19 news, thanks to the virus, the event in Italy was cancelled. As of the time of writing (March 2020), the organisers declared to postpone the event to a later point during the year. Currently, they are planning to have it in September.

But don’t worry, there is still one more option for you: TBEX North America will take place in Billings, Montana. So, if this is an option, click the link below for more details.

Ticket prices start at $297 USD:
– September 11-13: Billings, Montana

Julia speaking at TBEX Ostrava on social media marketing.

Read all about how to use networking events
to boost your digital nomad career in my other post HERE!

Woman sitting in front of the ocean working on her laptop by the beach.
The Philippines have some great spots to get the most out of your workation lifestyle!

6. WIFI Tribe

Now, this is something that takes co-working retreats to the next level: with WIFI Tribe you can travel the world together with 12-25 other nomads while working online. Every 4 weeks, the so-called ‘tribe’ goes to a different country and you can join them if you are part of the community.

You can choose between different lengths of membership options, depending on how long you would like to join the community on their group slow-travel journey.

Memberships start from $900 USD.
In August, they will be in Colombia, Greece,
Bolivia, and Bali!

A collage of pictures, one each for Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America and South America.
Picture courtesy of WIFI Tribe

7. Freedom X Festival

This is a great event to network and be inspired. You will be with a like-minded community, allowing you to share ideas and build new connections, and friendships. There are both business and spiritual topics you can explore.

This year, the festival will take place in Ubud, Bali! There will be 4 stages will a full program for 5 days. This event was online!

Tickets start from $997 USD. FREE
April 8th – 12th, 2020: Bali

8. 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

The 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference aims to have 7 conferences on 7 continents in seven years. This is the fifth year, after Asia, Europe, South America, and Oceania in the first four years. This conference is exclusively for digital nomads who have been location independent for at least one year. Only 100 attendees are accepted, in order to keep the sessions intimate and engaging.

In 2020, you will get to enjoy the beauty of South Africa, as their fifth conference takes place in Cape Town. Following a week of speakers, panels, workshops, breakout sessions, parties attendees you will have the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community by doing something completely offline.

Cape Town, South Africa. October 13th to 20th, 2020

Ticket prices start at $549 USD:
– October 13th -20th, 2020: Cape Town, South Africa

Check out the recap from last year!

9. Virtual Working Summit

Sometimes even a nomad is tied to his/her location for whatever reason. For those who can’t travel but still want to learn even more about remote work, this five-day virtual event makes it possible for you to attend, no matter where you are!

During the Virtual Working Summit, you have access to recorded interviews from expert speakers on remote work. They will provide tools and techniques for you to enhance your relationships and efficiency with your remote clients, customers or co-workers.

Register for FREE to get access to the summit as soon as it starts in October 2020!

10. Unsettled

Not everyone is a fan of organised tours or set schedules. If this is you, then you should check out these guys! ‘Unsettled’ organizes group travel experiences but not like the conventional ones. There are no itineraries or set sights to be ticked off. All they do is connect people who want to explore, network, and visit a new location at their own pace.

Ticket prices start at $1200 USD

There are many dates and locations you can choose from, here are a few upcoming ones:

– March 30th – April 27th: Bali
– May 23rd – May 30th: Costa Rica
– June 27th – July 25th: Barcelona

Image of Parc GΓΌell in Barcelona, Spain.

11. Nomad City

Last year, we discovered that there are many other digital nomad families in Gran Canary! No wonder that Nomad City chose Gran Canary as their conference location!

So, if you are around in November (escaping the cold!), you should check out this amazing nomad get-together! Experienced speakers and hundreds of attendees from all over the world, will discuss the future of work during this weekend.

Prices start at 147 Euro
– November 6th – 8th: Gran Canaria, Canary, Spain

12. Social Workation

This is another great project by founder Stella Airoldi, who I personally met during our cruise from Colombia to Portugal a few years ago. She gave a speech on her social business, the 22StarsFoundation, that helps children and their families in Africa rise out of poverty.

Knowing her grounds, she is now offering trips for digital nomads in Uganda. You will get to explore the area and the community she supports with her foundation while enjoying the company of other nomads who want to make an impact while travelling.

This is the right nomad coworkation for you if you’ve ever wanted to explore Uganda with a local, network with other digital nomads and learn about how you can make a social impact while getting some work done.

Prices start at 1685 Euro:
– August 21st – September 2nd

13. Work Wanderers Cape Town Retreat

Another one in Africa – so high on my bucket list: Cape Town, have you been? This could be your next workation spot if you join the Work Wanderers program! They will be in Camps Bay, Cape Town where you will live in a villa close to the beach. Of course, you won’t be alone! This program is for like-minded other digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

Use the discount code JEYJETTER10 for 10% off all tickets!

Ticket prices start at $950 USD:
– November 7th – November 29th, 2020

19 best digital nomad conferences and events in 2020
Pin it for later and check back for any updates!

14. Edumadic

Perhaps you are still learning a new skill in order to start your digital nomad lifestyle? Or you want to add one to spice up your skillset!? Then this program might be of interest to you! With Edumadic you can travel and focus on your educational course, creative project, or entrepreneurial idea at the same time! Plus, you will be in great company. The groups spend 6 to 12 weeks together while polishing their education and travel at the same time!

Check out their itineraries and all the upcoming trips!

15. Digital Lifestyle Conference

This is an online conference where you’ll learn from over 40 entrepreneurs over 7 days. So, as much as you might love travelling, for this event, you’ll have to stay put to learn and listen. But the list of great and successful digital nomads is promising! They will share their knowledge and expertise on topics like how to make a full-time income with a lifestyle business or how to even get started. You will also learn about the newest trends in online business/ marketing – and much more!

Sign up for free, for a limited time, here!

16. Malawi Safari Trip

Sorry, guys but this is an exclusive Girls only safari! Here you’ll have the opportunity to spend one week discovering Malawi, taking part in community mentoring work, visiting the beautiful rolling tea estates, a 2-night safari, including a riverboat safari, and ending on the idyllic Mumbo Island. If you want to travel with a purpose and take part in inspiring community initiatives, this safari trip is for you. Join the ladies and discover one of the off-the-beaten tracks of Africa.

Price: GBP 2900
– April 25th – May 2nd, 2020

Image of a giraffe in the savanna. The sun is setting and there are trees surrounding the giraffe.

17. Nomad Planet

Nomad Planet is for those who want to be part of a community of professionals working remotely and experiencing the world together. You can join the program in different cities around the world, and it gives the option of choosing to stay for as short as 1.5 weeks up to a year.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to do much more than getting there! Nomad Planet takes care of all the arrangements (accommodations, travels plus activities with the group). You will have enough time to keep working on your own existing projects, and afterwards, you can explore the locations you will be living in together with your digital nomad group in your free time.

Ticket prices start from $985 USD:
– October 2020 – La Paz, Bolivia


18. DMSS Bali

Just another digital nomad event in Bali, you might think! But don’t jump too quickly to your conclusion… The “Digital Marketing Skill Share”, short DMSS, happens to be one of those conferences for digital nomads that include huge brands like Google or Hootsuite amongst their speakers but also promise to bring you down-to-earth networking fun with like-minded nomads. Their focus lies on “inspiration, creativity, and joy”.

So, if you happen to be in Asia this fall, make sure you grab one of their tickets to be part of an epic event in beautiful Seminyak, on Bali’s popular West Coast.

Tickets will be released April 1st, 2020

– October 29th – November 1st

19. Freedom Business Summit

Last but not least…We all know it: the business world is changing towards more flexible work relations aka remote work. Many digital nomad friends I have, enjoy the fact that they are location independent and so many companies have come to understand the benefits of employing remote workers or simply out-source their tasks.

During the Freedom Business Summit, you will learn from and listen to those who have already created their laptop lifestyle. So, don’t miss out on this cool conference, the line-up is promising and for sure you will learn a lot!

You need to register to get their tickets and currently there is an early bird special.

Check it out here:
– September 19th: Kyiv, Ukraine


Past Events

Digital Nomad Conferences and Events in 2019

  • Koh Phangan Wintercamp 2019
  • Nomads for Change, Bali (October)
  • Borderless Retreat, Portugal (October)
  • Remote Leadership Summit (September)
  • Invest Like a Boss Summit – Live Event in Vegas! (September)
  • Running Remote, Bali, Indonesia (June)
  • DNX Festival 2019, Berlin, Germany (June)
  • Travelcon, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (June)
  • Nomad Misfit Month, Berlin, Germany (June)
  • Nomad Cruise (April)
  • The Remote Work Summit, Online (April)
  • Remote Working Summit, Dallas, USA (March)
  • The Coworking Unconference, Goa, India (February)
  • Nomad Summit, Chiang Mai, Thailand (January)

Have we missed an event that you think that HAS to be on this list? Please let me know in the comments below, and we’ll update this post! Thanks!


This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. For more info: Disclaimer.



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Is your event calendar already full enough with digital nomad conferences but you still have some spare time to travel? Then make sure you bring along the right tools and gadgets for your trip.



19 best digital nomad conferences / events in 2020

By Julia Jerg

Julia is the founder and chief editor of Jey Jetter, a site that showcases the option of working remotely and travel as much as you like. Julia is a former PR/marketing consultant who turned into a remote working social media manager, travel writer and public speaker living location independently since 2011. She has been to 86 countries on all 6 continents and lived in several different countries for more than six months. Her laptop is her office and the label 'digital nomad' fits best to describe her lifestyle. On this site, she writes about personal freedom, remote work and her passion for travelling.

62 replies on “19 Best Digital Nomad Conferences and Events in 2020 You Won’t Want to Miss”

hi !!

it’s a non-profit Festival to raise money for children in indonesia
please support it

Awesome list. Thanks for putting it together. Can we also add Freedom Summit to the list as well?

This is the summit I’m co-organizing.

Hey Pavlo, thanks for your comment and glad you find the list useful! Sure, we’ll have a look at your event and will add it to our list – thanks for this! Cheers

That is such a great list. For nomads who would love to invest in mindfulness and appreciate personal approaches – I would point out Borderless Retreat. The retreats are in partnership with Selina and the next one will be 4-10th of October 2019. Thank you!

Thank you, Maris, for stopping by and reading our post! And also for the tip, I will check it out and possibly add it to the list!

Looks like some glam events Julia! Definitely more than a few by where I have traveled, or may be traveling. That Bali one sounds glorious. I may be in the USA at that time but always love a trip to the Island of the Gods πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing!


I had no idea that there are so many events held through the year which are for digital nomads! Really nice to see this, it’s something I have been considering for myself too – becoming a digital nomad. I was working freelance jobs for about 8-9 months but found the lifestyle a bit hard, with having to look for work constantly. I think I might want to attend one of these, only for the sake of interacting with other digital nomads. A little disappointed to see that none of the events are being held in the UAE or Oman, or even in India for that matter! Geographically, Egypt is the closest to me so maybe I can combine tourism with a visit to the Coworkinn kite camp.

Thanks for your comment, Medha! Yes, it requires a lot of effort if you haven’t established a stable pool of clients or if you’re not running a successful online business. But for this exact matter, those events are perfect! Hopefully, you’ll get to visit one, I am sure you’ll like it! If you like, subscribe to my blog, I regularly post about how to sustain your travels/lifestyle as a dn!

Yes,t TravelCon is supposed to be great! I am trying to get there next year! This year, I’ll be at TBEX in the Czech Republic though…

These all sound like awesome events! I’m doing TBEX North America this year, in September, but that’s the only thing on the schedule so far. Bali never takes much convincing to get me to visit, so maybe I need to go to Running Remote.

Absolutely, Bali sounds always great! And Running Remote seems to be a great event. I haven’t been but it is really tempting…

Wow I had no idea these were even a thing and I have been a travel writer for almost 3 years (living under a rock-haha). I would love to do the cruise or even Koh Samui! These sound amazing and I love networking.

Haha, that happened to me too. Before I even heard of the term ‘digital nomad’ I had been living like one for more than 2 years… sometimes we don’t see the obvious lol. Glad you like the list!

Thank you so much for compiling this incredible. I really had no idea there were so many conferences for digital nomads. We’re going to TravelCon and really looking forward to it. Will look into other conferences as well. Very helpful. Thanks!

I am SO bummed I missed the kite camp this year! That sounds amazing. I’ve actually never heard of most of these, but I know many people are going to TravelCon this year.

Oh I am sure there will be more kite camps, it seems like THE new thing! I’ll update the list if I hear of any other kite digital nomad events!

I’m not a digital nomad, but good to know that there are so events for digital nomads. I’d imagine you need some way to feel part of a community while living that lifestyle.

It’s always nice to connect and see that there are other people who share your values and lifestyle. But moreover, these events are a great way to network and get inspired for new business ideas!

I haven’t heard of most of these. TBEX I have and I have went to one before. Thanks for sharing these. I will have to look into them a bit more.

Thanks, Holly! Yes, TBEX is the most known amongst travel bloggers… keep digging, there might be some more interesting for you too!

I didn’t know there were other digital nomad events other than TBEX! DNX, Coworkationi, etc, complete a host of alternatives. I wonder why they never have any near where I live? I hope they organize one!

This list is a great resource for anyone who works as our aspires to be a digital nomad. I’m planning on Travelcon myself but Workation in the Canary Islands would be amazing!

Yes, the Canary Islands are absolutely fab! We just spent a month on Fuerteventura. Going back for a workation definitely sounds tempting!

We’re digital nomads and had no idea there were so many events going on. Community is so important in the nomadic world…we all live such alternative lives that it’s important to know we we’re not alone. Really love the one in the Canary Islands about using your influence for good. We’re road tripping North America this year so if you hear of any between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. please let us know!

Cool, another digital nomad couple out there! Hi! πŸ™‚ I totally agree, a community is very important after a while… and for sure, I will let you know if I come across other events close to you! Have fun on your road trip!

There are some really great conferences being organised and held around the world for digital nomads and bloggers these days. I went to TBEX for the first time last year and had a blast – it’s just hard living in New Zealand as most of the host countries are so bloody far away from here! It would be awesome for something to be held in NZ or Australia. Asia is the closest…I’d like to know what Travcon ends up being like, it sounds pretty worthwhile.

Oh, I see! I didn’t realize that there were no events for NZ and OZ… perhaps a good opportunity and I’m sure someone will soon think of this too! πŸ™‚ Yes, everyone seems to fancy Travcon over TBEX for example. Really curious how people will like it!

I had no idea there were so many events like this! I’m not a digital nomad myself, but would welcome the opportunity to combine a bit of work with my travels!

WOW! Such a cool list of digital nomad events! I had no idea so many events exist until i read your post. You must have put in a lot of effort collating all information. The CoworkInn Kite Camp looks really interesting to me.

Thanks for your comment, Archana! Yes, it should be fun to combine kitesurfing with work/networking! Let me know if you ever make it to one of them…

You must have put a lot of effort in compiling this list of Digital Nomad Events for 2018. If given the chance, I would like to join the event with the kite surfing. I haven’t tried this before and I’m sure it would be a lot of fun. Plus I’ve never been to Egypt.

So funny, the kite event seems to be very popular, you are the third person who mentions it in the comments! I fancy this one too, they definitely hit the nail

Cool list of events! I love how specific some of these events are too – like the CoworkInn Kite Camp – would love to try kitsurfing with like minded peops! And I love the idea of a nomad cruise! Thanks for this list – going to see how many I can work in!

Thanks, Megan! Ha, I know, the kitesurfing event seems to hit the nail combining two current trends… Keep me posted if you’ll be able to go to one or even more of them!

I had no idea there were so many events like this out there. Are they generally in the language of the country they where they are held? Very interesting.

Hey Kathleen, I know, right! They are usually in English but there are some events in German and Spanish too. It’s a very popular lifestyle and it seems like spreading out across the world. So for sure there will be events in other languages eventually…

Yes, that’s true, by the number of co-working spaces you can definitely tell how many more people are in need of alternative workspaces… Haven’t planned it yet, but I will check it out!

Wow so many events to choose from and I didn’t realize that until I read this blog!
I am interested in CoworkInn Kite Camp and Coworkation as I think flying a kite sounds really fun, and coworkation explore video-making which I am also currently working on that right now, great post and thanks a tone for sharing! @ knycx.journeying

I am glad you liked the post and sounds like a great plan to me! I am also very interested in the video-making event actually! πŸ™‚ Hope you’ll be able to make it to one of those!

What an amazing calendar of events you complied for digital nomads like us! I’ve never attended any conference of this sort, but I think it’s a great opportunity to make friends and network. I’ll love to join one this year!

That’s a good idea, Chloe! You’ll definitely like it if you want to connect with other people, find new projects or are in search of people for your projects! And of course, usually those events take place in cool locations, so most of the time you’ll have a great time after work too! πŸ™‚

Well, that’s amazing. Quite a worldwide community! I love the support there is for each other. I’m considerig Nomadic Matt’s Travel Con but perhaps another year. Waiting to see how much space there is for Boomers in the digital space.

Hey Elaine, thanks for your comment! You’d be surprised how wide the age range is amongst people who like the idea of working and living location independently! You should give it a try! πŸ™‚

Thanks Jaime, you can always go to these events as a blogger too. Most of them touch topics that are relevant for bloggers too!

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