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Mindvalley Lifebook Is It Worth Your Time? (TRUTH Revealed)

Introduction to Mindvalley Lifebook

You are not getting what you want? Are you delighted with your life? How is your love life going? You don’t feel talking to someone? Are your kids happy with you? Are you getting stressed? Do you have a purpose for living?

These are the questions that come in the minds of people who are not satisfied with their lives. People struggling with their lives are not able to get what they actually want. People are not able to manage their presence in different roles. They are getting stressed out.

To get relief, Mindvalley has introduced a program named Mindvalley Lifebook by Jon and Missy Butcher. It is a program designed for people who want to develop their personal growth, confidence, and satisfaction from their life. If you are also one who does not have a reason to live, then you should take this program.

Lifebook will help you in 12 dimensions of your life that includes career, parenting, quality of life, emotional growth, financial viability, health and fitness, and many more. Lifebook is a masterpiece designed by Mindvalley with which you will fall in love.

What is a Lifebook?

Lifebook is the book designed to recreate yourself. It is a course that highlights the essential stages of our life. You may find it difficult at the start, but once you start this program, you will be comfortable with this program.

When you look forward to working with this program, you will find some easy templates that will help you in generating Lifebook by answering the simple questions and help to complete the book.

Your Lifebook will be your story of life. You will specify the answers to questions depending upon the 12 dimensions of your life. This program will help you to polish your thoughts, make you confident, helps in introspecting, and helps to determine your passions and dreams.

Mindvalley Lifebook

Lifebook is a book by you, for you, and about you. It is your deep life thoughts. This program will help you with achieving the actual goals of your life at every stage. It will assist in analyzing your desires and make you strong enough to remove sadness, useless people, and negative thoughts from your life.

This online program will guide you at every stage of your life. The trainers of this program Jon and Missy Butcher will provide you guidance with their pre-recorded calls that you can listen to anytime you want to. 

Once you are completed with the making of your Lifebook, it will be the most important book you have ever had in your life. Lifebook program is worth spending money on. It will allow you to achieve your most meaningful goals and examine your potential.

It will give you the confidence to live your life on your own rules and expectations. You are free to live like you want to. It has many tools that will help you in personal development, authenticity, and satisfaction from life.

What are the Different Categories of Lifebook?

There are 12 different categories of Lifebook that are stated below:

  1. Intellectual Life
  2. Spiritual Life
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Emotional Life
  5. Character
  6. Parenting
  7. Your Love
  8. Life Vision
  9. Career
  10. Quality of Life
  11. Social Life
  12. Financial

Different Categories of Lifebook

What are the Pros and Cons of a Lifebook?

Pros: Mindvalley Lifebook

Creating a Lifebook has many advantages. Let us discuss them below:

  • The process of the pre and post-assessment will help you a lot to see the overall progress.
  • The videos will keep you focused and attentive.
  • Each video is divided into small segments so that you won’t feel pressured that you have to watch the whole lesson in one shot.
  • There are pro tips provided at the starting of each page.
  • The points given in the template will help you to find the reviews of other people. You can search for what others are thinking about you and what you can do about it.

Cons: Mindvalley Lifebook

With advantages, every course also has some disadvantages, and so does Lifebook. Let us see some drawbacks of Lifebook:

  • The course is offered every six months. 
  • There is a lot of study material which needs to be expanded more.
  • There should be a long and elaborate progress report for six months or a year.

What Will You Learn From Your Lifebook?

You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses by going through the 12 various dimensions of your life. By having a clear vision towards the experience, you can easily set your goals and fulfil them. You can have the idea of harmony that inspires you.

  • Designing a Beautiful Life: You will be able to live your life on your rules and expectations. You can spend your experience with the person you want to, and remove that person from your life with whom you do not want to.
  • Develop a Strong Will: It will help you to have a purpose in your life and helps to remove your obstacles to achieve those goals. It makes you durable inside so that you can face challenges easily. Life challenges include health issues, divorce, love problems, spiritual cases, career, parenting, and many more.
  • Strengthens the Mind: It consists of various personal growth tools from which you will learn how to plan and implement the different 12 levels of your life. It will make a rhythm in your living, encouraging your personal growth and happiness.
  • Maintain the Balance Between Life and Work: Balance of being maintained by the rule that you always have to sacrifice one thing to gain another. So, you should never be scared of it. It is part of our life to grow our career, passions, or family.
  • More Productive: If you somehow overcome your different habits and emotions, then you can be more productive in your life. These Lifebook will keep you focused and aligned so that you won’t waste long hours of your life on doing useless things without any goal.
  • Find and Respect Your Dreams: You should get free from anything you are not happy with whether its job, relations, place, or lifestyle. You have to encourage yourself to take a break and follow your dreams, passions, and spend time with those things you like to do, which gives you happiness, reinvent you.
  • Achieve Your Goals: You can go far to achieve your goals. You can seek for those methods that motivate you and help you in rising with your goals. You can even assess your results and can take records of your progress by measuring it regularly. It will keep you focused on your growth.

Design Your Dream Life

Trainers of Lifebook

Who founded Lifebook? Where do these names of Jon and Missy Butcher come from? They are the founders of Mindvalley Lifebook. They are not any teachers for personal growth, but they are entrepreneurs, adventurers, and serious lovers.

They have faced many difficulties in their early financial and emotional life. They have found around 19 companies and have made over $10 billion of sales. They have always lived their lives on their terms and rules.

They never thought of starting a program like Lifebook. They do not have any talents or knowledge about the Lifebook process, but they get to learn from their experiences. Lifebook is the program that has changed their life completely.

How Does the Mindvalley Lifebook Work?

Mindvalley Lifebook works in the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to enrol for the program and submit the refundable fee of $500 as an accountability deposit. Then you can start over the program.
  2. You can watch the training videos provided for the guidance weekly, and use that to fill up the given templates of your Lifebook.
  3. You can listen up to the recorded coaching calls of Jon and Missy Butcher.
  4. When your program gets ended, you can submit the generated refund request. Then you will get a proper refund of $500. You can have this refund after the seven weeks of the starting date of the program.

Mindvalley Lifebook

What are the Benefits of Making Your Lifebook?

Working online with Lifebook is a step by step process. You have to plan, analyze, and then you can move forward in achieving your goal. Lifebook can help you in achieving your objectives in life.

In the program of Lifebook, you will have pre-recorded training videos with Jon and Missy Butcher, who will give you classes on how to work with the 12 dimensions of your life.

During the process, you have to unleash your beliefs, patterns that you are hiding, and holding back. These hidden beliefs will be pushing you away from your achieving goals. You have to dig in yourself and discover what you want from your life.

Lifebook offers a process that will take about 3 to 6 hours a week. I do not think these are very long hours to spend on you on the improvements in your life. It is worth spending on this program that can change your life forever.

Week 1

Health and Fitness

In the first week, you will discover a new aspect of health and fitness like you always wanted. In this, you will get introduced to how Lifebook works. By this, a form of doing things will be set for the remaining chapters.

Intellectual Life

Intellectual life has the power to force you to achieve your life goals. By taking the interactive sessions that will make you feel inspired and excited to design a comfortable and peaceful life.

Week 2

Emotional Life

It will help you to make you emotionally intelligent. It will make you emotionally healthy from inside and let you earn a stable living. You can share your feelings with loved ones. Lifebook will give an exciting experience by making your emotional life great.

Your Character

In every area of your life, the character is something vital to maintaining. You have to define the person you want to become in your life as per to achieve the goal. You have to learn about the needs you want in the person to build in your life and complete it. 

Week 3

Spiritual Life

During this program, you have to analyze the religious beliefs of your life so that you can discover new goals, meaning, and perspective of your life. You will be able to gain strength to accomplish goals in your life.

Love and Relationship

You have to discover your needs of love in the relationship of your life. You can achieve in your life what you want. You have to see the steps which will help you to create incredible love in your life.

Week 4


Parenting is one of the essential categories among the 12 dimensions of life. The future is dependent on the parenting skills of a parent. It is a basic level of your life to analyze, whether you are a parent or not. You have to examine this category more in-depth to get better results.

Social Life

You need to have a social life with friends and relatives. You have to determine the crucial relationships that are reducing your stress level and contributing positively to your life. You will learn the techniques which are going to strengthen the connections and make you strong enough so that you can easily let go of the unhealthy relations.

Week 5

Financial Life

Financial life is significant to maintain and plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Mindvalley always tries to make this Lifebook program worth money. To get a healthy financial life, you have to examine the ways from where this money is coming, what is the nature of money, or how they are generated? When you process these questions, you can have a happy financial life as you have always expected.


It is essential to have a job. There are three aspects of which role is based upon. Those three aspects include a successful and satisfying career, different strategies for making career success, and money-making during the occupation.

Week 6

Quality of Life

You need to be very accurate about how you want to spend your hours, days, or years to make full use of your living. You have to determine the rewards for your intellectual, emotional, and spiritual thoughts, and how you can improve them to be a better human.

Life Vision

You have to discover by yourself by entering every stage of life and making it worth living. You have to use your deep instincts and guided visualization to have a fantastic future ahead. Your decisions at any dimension of life will affect you in both positive and negative ways, depending upon the choices you make. You have to be clear about your thoughts and visions to live your life. 

The Pricing Plan of Lifebook

Mindvalley is trying to reach one million users with Lifebook in a limited period.

BUT here is the thing:

Rather than charging you a typical enrollment fee, Jon and Missy are only asking you to put down an ‘Accountability Deposit’ of $500.

All this means is that if you finish the entire program, and create your own Lifebook, you can request for the deposit back.

In short, this entire 6-week program is free. 

Bonus Included in Lifebook

  • Bonus 1: You will get 6X recorded calls that have been already recorded with Jon and Missy Butcher. You can take coaching classes from those pre-recorded calls, in which they will be guiding you about every category of your Lifebook journey.
  • Bonus 2: You will get pages specially selected from Jon’s Personal Lifebook. Each page is loaded with great strategies and ideas that will help you to enhance your vision towards life. You will be able to determine the importance of your life and living. It will be a bonus to your life experiences.

What Will Be Provided in the Program?

The Lifebook program includes the following:

  • It has an online 6-week program that is designed with your Lifebook explaining the 12 aspects of life.
  • It has well designed, beautiful, and convenient Lifebook templates for each of the 12 categories in your Lifebook.
  • The program includes 6X already recorded coaching classes with Jon and Missy Butcher that helps you in answering many questions related to each category of the Lifebook.
  • It has various bonus pages also.
  • You can have this program on your smartphone, desktop, iPad, and Apple TV.
  • You can have lifetime access to this program, including all bonuses.
  • You will get 100% back from your $500 accountability deposit if you finished the program and created your Lifebook.

Enroll Now

Frequently Asked Questions: Mindvalley

How Much Time Does it Take to Write a Lifebook?

Easy templates are available, or you can create it by yourself also. With models, it will take 30 minutes for each chapter.

How Can a Lifebook Help Me?

Lifebook is designed for people who want to achieve something in their life but are lacking in some terms. It helps people by encouraging them to achieve their goals.

How Can I Get My Money Refund?

There is a natural process for making money refunds. You have to fill up a refund form after ending the program, and you will be refunded back with the money you have paid during enrollment.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Lifebook

Lifebook is a soul searcher. It helps people in finding themselves in every way. Users are thankful to Lifebook for making their life amazing. They got the purpose of their lives. Now, they find themselves worth living in this competitive world.

You may be uncomfortable in discovering your goals and accomplishing them, but once you join Lifebook, you will find it simple to achieve your goals. You will be filled with confidence and experience.

Lifebook is an excellent course if you want to be clear in your life. It is a journey of human introspection, in which you will know yourself. You will learn about the needs and things you have to get rid of. You should give a try to this fantastic program which will provide you with guidance at every critical dimension of your life.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Meditation Review 2024: Is It Worth Paying? (TRUTH)

Introduction To Mindvalley Meditation Review

In today’s hectic world, everyone is busy and stressed out. We don’t have time for ourselves. Our society has always ignored and hushed up mental issues in one’s life, yet it is crucial for our well being. Ignorance of which has caused many to suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, eating disorder, schizophrenia, and addictive behaviors.

The working of our whole body depends on the efficiency of our mind. One can have a better understanding of their internal self and how they respond to the external stimulus.

Meditation Benefits to be reaped from Mindvalley Courses

There are several perks of meditation. Put in the most straightforward word, meditation is relaxing the mind and making room for more ideas and introspection. Our brain is working all day round, even when we are fast asleep, but this superfast and hardworking organ needs rest and inactivity.

You can get a glimpse of the benefits offered by Mindvalley Meditation below:

Mindvalley Meditation Review

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

Meditation aids in decreasing cortisol levels and Cytokines (inflammation-promoting chemicals) in the body. Reduction in stress levels goes parallel with the alleviation of anxiety.

Better Focus and Concentration

Now, how does meditation do that? It works something like sleep. I’m sure most of you have heard that sleeping is nothing but a relaxing time for your body?

Meditation is the relaxing period for your mind, which eventually spreads out to your body through the deep relaxing that it feels like it’s almost being spread through your bones!

When your mind is fresh, your productivity will increase in terms of Concentration and coming up with new ideas.

Makes You More Empathic

Have you ever felt that your brain is completely jammed, and you have shouted at your family, friend, or colleague and regretted it later? 

Meditation helps you to think better, and you consider the point of view of others. Since your brain has no extra disturbing thoughts, so your emotional intelligence gets boosted up.

Improve Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Through meditation, one can plunge into your deepest thoughts and emotions. In this mental session, you are the sufferer and healer both at the same time. So you have to solve your intrinsic and extrinsic issues yourself.

This improves your mood and will also develop a sense of self-love. We all know self- confidence is a close relative of self-love.

Help Overcoming Meditation

Addiction is nothing but an unconscious urge of Dopamine in the brain. People who do not get sufficient Dopamine from their daily routines tend to acquire it from alternative methods. 

Meditation provides calmness to your mind and will help synchronize the release of this pleasure hormone. Such that the newbie integrates meditation to this daily life and slowly gives up all his addiction and rejuvenates as a whole new personality. 

Meditation styles 

Has there been a time where you tried the thing almost every morning person has been talking about? Is that thing being meditation? But ended up disliking it to the core of the earth? 

Well, that must be because you tried a meditation style that didn’t suit you at all. And to help you learn your meditation style, we are here to help you. 

So, let’s start with the types of meditation. 

Mindful meditations. 

So, this is the most common meditation practiced, which gradually leads to better working of the brain. Like we said, it helps in relaxing the brain and letting go of the stress forced upon your mind. 

Now, this is the most basic type of meditation. It is excellent to start with if you are a beginner. 

Body meditations.

This meditation style is known for the ability with which it can ease physical pain.

 It usually takes help from your mind and spirit and helps you get rid of any abnormalities that can be cured through meditation. It also contributes to stress relief in the body.

Religious meditations.

Well, as you can say, this particular type of meditation brings out your potential about your consciousness. It is also associated with practices and philosophies of various religions. 

In addition to this, they donate in aiding you to connect with yourself and with your consciousness. 

Sound-based meditations.

Here, you take a single short word or a mantra and keep saying it while keeping your breathing incheck. 

This helps in finding inner peace and receiving calmness. 

Modern meditation.

These meditations are uniquely created with the help of modern study and traditional practices. 

They give the results just as the good as the others but are simplified to use which makes it all the better!

How will Mindvalley Meditation Review help you unlock these benefits?

Mindvalley has gathered a vast collection of courses that are all taught by experts in the field to help listeners experience the world of mediation. The experts have created a curriculum for Mindvalley listeners to adore the art and authorize them to transform their lives in the process.

Each of these courses targets a different issue that can be resolved by Mindvalley. They walk you through the various avenues of meditation to reap the maximum benefits out of it. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review

Step by step procedure to access Mindvalley Meditation Programs

Step 1 – What’s the first thing you do when you take part in something? That’s right, and you include your name and details in a form. Well, nothing changes here either. You just go ahead and fill up an online form to register your name.  

Mindvalley meditation login

Step 2 –  After filling the form, go ahead and get to access your account at Mindvalley. But to do so, you have to check your mail for the login details at first a few times if you’re a new user.  

Step 3 – Once you are in, you’ll set foot within the dashboard of the Mindvalley website for their users. Here, you will get access to the meditation tracks. 


Step 4 –  You’re just one click away from playing the tracks and relaxing in your comfy chair or the bouncy bed or the cold, hard floor to experience these quality meditations.

The Courses MindValley Offers for your Benefit

Mindvalley has taken the effort to organize their work into various courses. A few of the meditations courses for free are-

A daisy pond: when it comes to meditating and relaxing, you slow down the natural cycle known as aging, heart rate, releasing muscle tension. This particular meditation will also get you as relaxed as it gets with the different descriptions of beautiful and calming scenery. 

daisy pond

Discovering your inner worth: remember the last time you took out time just to take a walk for no reason? Just because you wanted to? No? Well, then, this particular audio will do wonders to you with the truth. It is clear audio for self-motivation and self-love. Here, you’ll know why you are the most important person to yourself and why you should put effort into loving yourself. 

Discovering your Inner Worthiness

6 phase meditation: oh, this meditation track is from none other than the marvellous founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani! In this track, you’ll explore the deep wonders of ecstatic gratitude, and the various positive effects you’ll experience you will gain as you get the willpower to implement the ideas and practices in your daily life. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review

 Deep night: now, how many of you end up playing some soft relaxing music while working or reading or just sitting by the window, watching the raindrops slide down to the grass? Sounds calming, right? To dig into your imagination while all the music does is to let you fool around with your thoughts? 

Well, that is precisely what this track of Mindvalley’s meditation will offer. It’s a simple non-vocal music track that will let you free your thoughts and allow you to lift the pressure off your muscles with each idea released. 

Deep night

Deep rest: The Mindvalley expert who teaches this course, Paul Hoffman, has taken the initiative to bring this lovely track into the lives that many experiences every day. Here, it’s the plain relaxation that helps you eliminate the unnecessary pressure your body carries around all day. 

Even now, while you’re reading this, let go of the stress in your face muscles, make your forehead smooth out, and notice how your mind starts feeling almost light-headed with the gone pressure. 

This is precisely what the podcast “deep rest” can help you do. To feel genuinely comfortable and relaxed. You would be so relaxed that all your woes would be forgotten. 

Deep Rest

Abundance meditation: ever had a feeling that being just a bit more abundant would be helpful? In this track, Bob Proctor will present you with a nice fill of abundance and help you put together a perfect future for yourself, motivating you to get to your feet and make that happen!

Abundance meditation

An Overview Certain Meditation Courses that are Offered

All of the courses ensure the highest degree of quality. The courses provided here are qualified and highly educated professors and motivators. Many of them have this immense thinking capacity that allows them to empathize with others.  

They all more or less help you with one problem or the other. Wonder how that is? Well, the courses cover a wide range of topics that involve the initial and general encounters everyone faces. But other than that, these meditations will help you change your attitude gradually. They open up the different kind of thinking that can  

With Mindvalley meditation courses, many people were able to turn their life around. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review- Pros and Cons


Mental and Emotional Balance-  Nothing is better than having a peaceful day. No one wants the stress and unnecessary tension in their lives. Love and compassion is the dire need of any human. Meditation nurtures mental and emotional prosperity. 

While meditating, we can get a clear snapshot of our minds. The same thoughts that can drive our our actions. Thus it is clinically proven that because meditation can improve your self-image and, therefore, your self worth, people who regularly meditate tend to maintain a high sense of emotional as well as mental stability.

Boost Concentration and attentiveness- We all have work to do, but we often get tired and bored out of our daily chores. A composed mind has a better output of his skill set.

These days life is keeping us so busy that we’re down to multi tasking with no other option left. 

Now naturally, due to this, we have to devout our attention to various tasks at the same time. 

Meditation helps to gather our scattered focus. When one meditates, s/he trains their mind to be aware of action/behavior/event that is being done at that particular moment. Hence, meditation boosts one’s Concentration and enhances their Concentration.

Meditation has no requirement except time- You can literally meditate anywhere and at any time of the day. You can do it while travelling, sitting in a boring class or even while having a walk in a park.

Meditation creates an ambience of being cognizant  and conscious of all that happens around you. Just control and be aware of  your breath, and let go of all worries.

Immediate Effects- How Many times have you blanked out at an exam or at work ? Sometimes our brain stops responding in critical situations. We feel the whole world shattering on our feet, all our expectations and plans, everything makes no sense and sense of futility develops.

In such conditions, all one needs to do is, sit down and try clearing their thoughts for just five minutes. It is very similar to restarting a machine or computer, and work wonders. These five minutes can save your whole day.

Sleep Better- A Sound mind has a sound sleep. Are you one of those who have trouble sleeping? All you do is change position all night and tolerate your restless brain? You can’t compromise on your sleep for it is compulsory for physical rest.

Then this might come helpful to you! Just Before bed practice deep breathing and sweep all the distorted thoughts in a corner of your brain.


Lack of motivation- yes, that’s right. If you are used to procrastinating, leaving your work unfinished or are too lazy to do even start working on your thoughts and ideas, meditations may not be good news for you. 

A few researches have confirmed that the disinterest can come from non-attachment which is actually a common skill most individuals who practice meditation strive for. 

Your basic senses may experience a change- ever felt like someone called out your name but you’re not sure if you heard it or felt it? 

Well, that is something that will be happening around 5 times more to a meditator who was unfortunately to encounter such bad luck but allow me to tell you a few things that might happen like seeing a light that doesn’t exist, hallucinations, visions, smell something that isn’t present at that moment, etc. 

Negative thoughts might become your daily routine- many reach out to meditation because of its ability to help you become a better person in every aspect.

But that might fireback. There’s a chance that you get delusional and may lose control over yourself to work on things you need to.

Reliving moments you would like to forget- as the heading already says, there’s a good chance that meditation may bring up repressed/suppressed emotions and memories.

FAQ- Mindvalley Meditation Review

Why should I sit through the entire course?

Find it too, time-consuming? Feel like it's not worth your time? Well, that is where you are wrong. These Mindvalley courses will help open up your mind like never before. Wake up to feel a whole lot fresher than ever before.

Does meditation really work?

Yes! Meditation is often overlooked, and people don't always understand the real value that it provides. It is the best prescription for a whole suite of problems. Problems ranging from insomnia to depression and sometimes even addiction.

How practical are these Mindvalley courses?

They can be as effective as you make them, or as ineffective as you choose. If you listen to all the courses with patience, you are assured of getting results. If you do not correctly follow the instructions given to you in the course or not listen to their ideas with an open mind, then no, you will not see results.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Meditation Review

We know that meditation is the need of the hour, and MindValley is an excellent medium that provides self-development and relaxing podcasts and sessions from the experts. MindValley bridges the gap of the destitute to expert consultancy.

 It is a one-stop destination for those who seek any assistance and encouragement for acquiring mental stability. 

Mindful Pondering helps to tackle fundamental life issues. It makes you happy, calm, and confident. We then reverberate this positive energy to our physical surroundings and make it a better place not just for ourselves but for everybody who is a part of it.

 Meditation is no magic and is neither easy. One cannot achieve mental stability in one night. You will need to invest time and energy. It demands self-determination and consistency. 

In the long term, you can make the most out of it, and starting meditation is your initial step towards a better and productive life.


Where to Stay in Copán while Visiting the Mayan Ruins

If you wonder where to stay in Copan, this place is really something you should consider: Don Udo’s Hotel is a very great choice. The nice and welcoming staff plus the hotel’s great location plays a big role in remembering Copan as a pleasant place. The hotel has all the commodities of a really decent mid to high-end hotel and adds to a good quality stay while visiting the ruins of Copán! Actually, it is one of the nicest accommodations that we have had in quite some time, so let’s give it a closer look and see why Don Udo’s Hotel makes it into our Reviews category.

View from the roof terrace
A little Oasis surrounded by ancient Mayan Ruins and beautiful mountain scenery…

Nice, clean and spacious Rooms

We stayed in one of the standard rooms with a Queen-size bed and had our own private bathroom enclosed. The rooms are normal sized, and leave enough room for two people in order to feel comfortable. All rooms come with a flat TV, a closet to store things and a really comfy bed. I loved the mattress and the pillows, it was really hard getting up in the morning and almost too tempting to stay in bed all day! When we came in late at night after a long trip from Guatemala, the shops in Copán were all closed, so it was great to find two welcoming water bottles next to our beds.

DSC02821 copy

Udo_1 - 18 bed

In general there are four different room categories: Two basic rooms which are referred to as ‘Backpacker rooms’ (even though these are no dorms and come with a double bed); a few Standard rooms with either Queen or Twin beds, four Junior Suits and one Suite. The rooms are all circled around the open patio in the middle of the hotel, so they are equally good located and all share the same view.

Suite in Don Udo's Hotel
We did not stay in the Suite, but got to take a look at it anyway 🙂

Dutch Owner with a Passion for Chocolate

We got the chance to talk to ‘Don Udo’ in person and it was a real pleasure hearing all about the hotel and his current project: Don Udo decided to transform one of the hotel rooms into a little chocolate fabric where he started making all sorts of different and very delicious chocolate. Being of Dutch heritage, it was almost no surprise to find them really tasty. We also got a sample of his dark and medium chocolates… we were very impressed how delicious chocolate can taste made in a hotel room!

Chocolate fabric in Don Udo's Hotel
Preparing heart-shaped chocolate for Valentine’s Day: Don Udo mixes talent with his passion for chocolate! The results are delicious…

He told us that there is no big chocolate production in Honduras even though the country has like its neighbour Guatemala one of finest cacao in the world. Yet, Honduras mostly exports the base for chocolatiers in Europe. After tasting Don Udo’s chocolate we can tell that his vision to become a chocolatier in Central America is a great idea! I loved the rich and very chocolaty taste and see high potential, yum!

Chocolate Tasting in Don Udo's chocolate fabric
One of my highlights, I must admit… REAL chocolate is so hard to find and this was absolutely delicious one!!!

Personal, friendly and very helpful staff

Like the Hotel Owner himself, so is his staff very polite and helpful. They definitely contribute to the nice and pleasant atmosphere of this place. It always makes you feel a little bit better when there is someone smiling at you after a long and exhausting trip. This was the case when we arrived late at night to Copan. We had a bit of a rocky start while crossing the border from Guatemala to Honduras and the girls at the reception were really friendly and helpful showing us a warm welcome. We heard from guests that sometimes during dinner time the kitchen crew comes out and gives a short round of applause. Small gestures like this, I guess, are part of the concept of the hotel, it has a very personal approach and lets you feel welcomed and at home.

Reception at Don Udo's Hotel
Welcoming and very friendly staff gives this place a special touch!


A place to chill and relax after visiting the Copán ruins

In general, there is a very relaxing and calming vibe in the hotel. It feels like a little oasis in the middle of busy Copán. The entrance area has a little pond and the sound of flowing water gives you instantly a feeling of tranquillity. The hotel was built by Don Udo 10 years ago which is why you can find some details that have a European touch. It’s neat and spacious and in the centre of the hotel, there is an open space. All rooms and other facilities are located around this area in the middle.

Don Udo's Hotel has a beautiful outside patio in the centre
The open-air patio in the middle of the hotel gives it a very nice and spacious feel.

Outdoor terrace with chill-out area
My favourite place…just me and the comfy hammock 🙂

Our room was on the second floor, so we had a view down from the little walkway to the outdoor inner space. Up, on this level, you also find a chill-out area where you can sit in and read or work. This common space was my favourite place (just after the bed) because of the hammocks to chill in. 😀 From up there we also had a wonderful view and felt the peaceful vibe even more than this hotel radiates. All in all, Copan was a great start to discovering a new country. We really enjoyed our first stop in Honduras and would come back any time, not only for the chocolate!!!

At Don Udo's Hotel you'll find excellent accommodation and delicious chocolate!
He got me on my sweet tooth…dark chocolate, semi-dark, milk chocolate, Don Udo has them all! Real Honduran chocolate made by a Dutch! The perfect combination for a delicious product!

Have you ever been to Honduras? Do you still wonder where to stay in Copan? Don’t look further and let me know how you liked it! Safe travels you all!



Check out what to do while you are in Copan – spoiler alert: it includes the Copan Ruins!

Or perhaps you’re headed to the coast and need a guide for the islands of Roatan and Utila?

While you are in Honduras, don’t skip one of their most beautiful corners, the Pico Bonito National Park!



Where to stay in Copan, Honduras


Thank you Don Udo for hosting us and letting us stay at your great hotel!
Like always, all opinion are MY OWN. So, to everyone else, no worries on biases or BS, you won’t find that here. I keep this real. Thanks for the support!


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REVIEW A great hostel and party location in Playa del Carmen

This post is going to be a review about our hostel in Playa del Carmen, but it is also about traveling and electronic music. Since 3 years I have been traveling with a passionate electronic music fan, perhaps now it’s time to introduce my travel buddy and partner in life before I start with my review:

Introducing the photographer and travel buddy.
Meet the man behind the camera who is responsible for most of the pictures on this blog: the boyfriend.

So whenever there is a concert on our way, he is the one who leads the way. Last Sunday we travelled to Playa del Carmen to see a DJ from London, Laura Jones. We stayed right where the concert took place: Hostel 3B.

Here is my review about our stay at Hostel 3B in Playa del Carmen:

Hostel 3B
Friendly staff and welcoming entrance area: Hostel 3B

First of all, it’s the staff that makes this place a very nice place to stay. Everyone is super-friendly and helpful and it feels like visiting friends when you arrive. For a long-term traveller like me, this is something really important that I appreciate a lot. It’s nice to feel welcomed, so that you’ll be able to relax and feel comfortable and that’s what happened at Hostel 3B!

Accommodation: My room

The hostel offers different room types that you can choose from: 2 female dorms, 4 mixed dorms and 5 private rooms. The hostel’s slogan is ‘Chic & Cheap’ and they stand by their word. It’s a very stylish place to stay and the price is ok for a touristic hotspot like Playa del Carmen. The dorms are between 16-20 USD depending on the season and privates range from 50 to 67 USD. My room was for girls only with 8 beds. It was a very spacious, clean and friendly room with an ensuite bathroom with shower. The beds are big and have comfortable mattresses. I really liked the room.

Spacious room with separate areas to give a bit more privacy.

The highlight of this hostel is for sure its lounge area. Every Sunday they organize concerts in their rooftop bar that has a swimming pool. The entrance is free for hostel guests and open for other people too. This makes it a bit messy when it comes to the fact that everyone has access to the hostel’s facilities and you can literally access all areas. The good thing is that the rooms have locks, so no one can enter your room without a key. Also, the lockers are big enough to store all your valuables in case someone enters.


Events: Rooftop bar with swimming pool


It’s a great international audience that you’ll find in Playa del Carmen. That’s why most locations have no problems in organizing events with famous DJs from around the world. Hostel 3B has it’s own event location on top of the building. The lounge is called SOS Lounge and organises great music events on Sundays. We took a video from that night with DJ Laura Jones. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel: Click here to watch the short video of the party.

hurting feet
My feet hurt from dancing too much 🙂

Playa del Carmen is the ‘Ibizza’ of Mexico – a hotspot for parties and concerts with musicians and DJs from around the world. Especially in December and January many international artists come and attract thousands of people from around the world. One major event takes place in January, the BPM.

SOS Lounge with Laura Jones
Getting ready for her gig: Laura Jones


Facilities: What you get during your stay

Like in most established places, Wi-Fi and breakfast are the basic standards that you will also find at Hostel 3B. The internet connection is good if you are on the bottom or at the rooftop lounge level. It doesn’t work in the rooms though. The breakfast includes coffee, fruit and toast. It’s basic but and similar to most of the hostels that we have stayed so far in Mexico.

There are two areas to hang out during the day: the entrance area that is connected with a small kitchen where you can prepare your food. And the rooftop lounge area that is open during the day if you want to take a dip in the pool or relax on the sofa beds.


The area: Playa del Carmen

The hostel is located in the central area of Playa del Carmen. If you want to read more about the area and the things to do in the surrounding area, check out my blog post about ‘Day-trips from Cancun’.


Allover experience

• Clean and trendy rooms/facilities
• Friendly staff
• Wi-Fi and breakfast included
• Free events on Sundays open to the public
• International DJs

So, whoever is looking for a place to party and meet people from around the world in a nice and friendly ambience is perfect at Hostel 3B. I would go back!



DID YOU LIKE THIS REVIEW OF MY HOSTEL IN PLAYA DEL CARMEN? Have you been to Playa del Carmen? Feel free to like, share and comment on it!!! Happy travels, y’all! 😀