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What Digital Nomad Podcast You Need to Listen to

One media that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among digital nomads, is podcasts. You can find podcasts on almost any subject – really, have a look! As a digital nomad, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, there always seems to be new questions or challenges that come up. A digital nomad podcast is a great way to keep learning on your journey, find new inspiration, and listen to fellow nomads and travelers’ stories. 

So, what are the best digital nomad podcasts you need to listen to?

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What digital nomad podcast are you listening to?

11 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts

Nomad on FIRE

The founder of Nomad on FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), Eric Richard, believes that there is more to life than working in a 9-5 job to save up for retirement. He believes that becoming a digital nomad can mean becoming financially independent, allowing us to retire early. This is the key to creating a life you love and living a happy one. 

Eric interviews digital nomads, entrepreneurs, world travelers, early retirees, and many more to gain insight and tips into living a financially independent lifestyle on the podcast.

Listen to Nomad on FIRE or jump directly to the episode where I was interviewed on.

The Nomadic Spirit Podcast

The Nomadic Spirit Podcast focuses on the digital nomad lifestyle and everything that comes with it. The podcast covers everything from packing, to digital nomad fashion to creating connections while traveling, and personal development. Hosted by Omar Mo, he helps you create that life that you want as a digital nomad (or aspiring ones). Omar works online to fund his travels, and shares tips on marketing, working online, living from a backpack, and so much more. On his show, he interviews other digital nomads about how they manage their nomadic life. 

Listen to The Nomadic Spirit and here’s my interview.

The Kevin Shee Show

The Kevin Shee Show is a learning journey for the host and for its listeners! Kevin aims to learn new topics from a variety of people. He talks with experts from fields such as health, business, technology, and investing. If you want to continue your learning journey, this digital nomad podcast allows you to learn with Kevin as he navigates these popular topics.

Listen to The Kevin Shee Show and the episode where I talk about being a digital nomad mom.

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The Offbeat Life

Debbie, the founder of The Offbeat Life, has an amazing story and has been on a fantastic journey to get where she is. Growing up, she was encouraged to follow a more traditional path and degree, but instead, she followed her passions and found a love for the arts. Her love of photography led her to travel the world. Now, Debbie helps others who have felt lost, as she did once, and encourages them to follow a path that will challenge them and bring them joy. 

Listen to The Offbeat Life or click here to listen to how to work as a remote social media manager.

She Goes Digital

Mel is a digital nomad who helps others achieve the lifestyle she has. She went from working a 9-5 job to starting a consulting business and living the life she wanted. She is now able to work and travel freely. Originally from France, she is currently based in Bali.

Mel shares tips about business, marketing, and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Listen to She Goes Digital

Nomad Together

Many podcasts are from the perspective of solo digital nomads or couples. Welcome to Nomad Together, which is the making of Paul and Becky, Kortman, and their four children. Paul and Becky have lived the nomadic lifestyle as a couple, and starting a family has not slowed them down. The podcast gives you insight into living as a nomadic family and helps you achieve the same. 

Listen to Nomad Together

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is known for his book and idea of the 4-hour workweek. Tim supports a lifestyle that allows us to leave the corporate world and start your own business, to fund your lifestyle. The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts and widely praised. Tim talks with a range of people, from athletes to business owners, to find out what makes them tick and succeed. 

Listen to The Tim Ferriss Show


Nomadtopia shares with us digital nomad stories to keep us inspired and entertained. Amy talks to a range of digital nomads, living all over the world and doing a variety of jobs – from owning their own business to house-sitting around the world, each nomad has a unique story to share. They talk about daily life, the struggles digital nomads face, and how you can get started and make it happen.

Listen to Nomadtopia and the episode where I talk about life as a digital nomad family.

Location Indie

The Location Indie podcast gives you a behind the scenes look at being a digital nomad and location independent. Sometimes, all we see are the exciting parts of being a digital nomad and traveling the world. However, there will be struggles or issues you may face, and the Location Indie podcast addresses and shares this with us. It’s refreshing to get a full look at what it means to be a digital nomad.

Listen to Location Indie

Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher talks about business, marketing, branding, and inspiration.  She answers your questions about leaving your 9-5, working online, and how to turn your passion into a career. Jenna is a self-made millionaire and shares her tips on how she got to where she is today. Jenna is relatable, and her podcast helps you get into the mindset you need to succeed. She also interviews other successful entrepreneurs who share their business and lifestyle secrets.

Listen to Goal Digger

Digital Nomad Mom

Last but not least, we would like to mention our own podcast for (aspiring) digital nomads and especially digital nomad families (to be). The Digital Nomad Mom podcast focuses on family-specific topics and everything related to helping the listeners to get inspired and finding their way into a location-independent lifestyle.

If you have an inspiring story to share, please get in touch to become one of our future guests on the show!

Tune in to check out our Digital Nomad Mom podcast!

The digital nomad lifestyle lets us pursue our passions and live the lifestyle we want. However, you probably don’t have it all figured out (just yet). And things can change so quickly, both in the world and in the online space. So, once you find the perfect digital nomad podcast for you, it will help you keep up to date with how to navigate your digital nomad journey and how to stay current and informed while working online. 

What digital nomad podcasts do you recommend?

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