Hiking Ford’s Cove Trail on Hornby Island

Canada – a bundle pristine nature spots

Canada’s main attraction is its stunning nature with plenty of hiking trails and campsites. People from all over the world come to this beautiful country to see its wildlife, forests, mountains and beaches. It’s worth the visit for nature lovers and be sure to find endless trails for your hikes. Put Canada on your bucket list, if you want to explore yourself, go hiking trails and nature’s beauty.


Hiking Ford's Cove Trail on beautiful Hornby Island
Hiking Ford’s Cove Trail on beautiful Hornby Island in British Columbia, Canada


Our favourite spot in beautiful Canada

We spent 7 months in Canada, on the beautiful East Coast, Vancouver Island to be precise. We enjoyed Canada’s friendly people, it’s raw nature and outdoor possibilities. We were very lucky to spend a warm and pleasant spring and summer in Canada. I would have stayed longer if only the cold wasn’t my biggest dislike. But I would go back any time and we are taking Canada with us in our heart and the friends we made!

Ford's Cove Trail, Hornby Island
Not all who wander are lost…

One favourite spot of ours is Hornby Island… a small island of Vancouver Island, Canada’s secret gem. People go there during the summer and enjoy a very relaxed beach vibe with loads of cultural events such as concerts or art exhibitions. Make sure you reserve a room well in advance, accommodation tends to fill up quickly and even on the campgrounds people fight over spots!

Have you been to Canada? Do you have a favourite mountain/trail?