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Superhumans At Work Mindvalley Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

Do you feel stressed working on a project? Is there a lack of spark and creativity in your team?

Kudos! You have landed in the right place. In this solution-oriented article, we will be talking about the current work scenario – this is a complete guide on how you can have excellent performance and achieve the highest goals.

What Exactly Is Mindvalley’s Superhuman At Work Community? 

Mindvalley’s Superhuman At Work Community is a pretty popular quest where they teach you important skills you should learn about leadership and attain a new pinnacle.

If you wish to be superhuman, the most important thing is to retrain your brain so that it can work at the level of a superhuman. It isn’t some sort of music. It is just learning with an extraordinary will to learn, and things will just work wonders for you. 

Superhumans At Work Mindvalley

To Start With 

Communication plays a fundamental role in any deal. The more convincing the conversation, the more people follow you, which will turn you into a leader.

You are not a leader if you cannot give someone a solution to their problems or show them a path when they need it. It is impossible to show the superhuman side of yours in that case. 

For any work, profile communication is thus imperative. If you are someone who is an introvert with thousands of creative ideas and cannot share your innovative ideas by being stuck in your comfort zone, with deep regret I need to inform you that those ideas are of no use.

If you think that by only writing down your brilliant idea, you will reach the masses and make this idea turn into reality, I am again sorry to say but this is not the way things happen.

The verbal method is many times more effective in comparison with the written method. This is because the verbal method empowers you to express your ideas in a more efficient manner as compared to the written method. 

So now the question is how to become a brilliant communicator? Here are four incredibly simple yet brilliant tips:

  1. You need to come out of the culture of sweeping things under the carpet. You should share anything and everything that, in your opinion, can prove out to be helpful for others. Even if you mispronounce some words, no one will murder you, for sure.
  2. It is imperative to speak up your mind fearlessly. Meanwhile, keep in mind to not bluff just anything in order to impress people in the room. The end result can be pretty depressing.
  3. Being a good listener too is a very important aspect you should ace in order to be a brilliant communicator. Listen to what other people have to say. You should make the conversation though. So it is advisable to act according to the environment. 
  4. Just pull this notion out of your mind that you are not lucky enough to get training. People who get training did not get wings added on their backs by training centers so that they can fly high. It all depends upon massive experience. So the next rule in the list is to feel free to connect to people.
  5. You should be your own agent of inspiration. If you face any issues in any project, it is wise to share it clearly. Opting to be silent in case of doubts will later be the reason for your stress.
  6. You should always try and understand what other people have to say. All that you say should show your knowledge, politeness, and empathy towards people. It is not about having a bitter argument with people or making them feel inferior. Doing this will lead you to a significant loss.

What Is A Humachine?

It is not rocket science to understand what Humachine is. The idea behind it is fascinating though.

In today’s time, there are things which humans cannot do, but technology can and the converse is true as well.

For you and your company to grow, combining the power of machines and humans can work wonders. 

It is wrong to think that technology can completely replace the workforce. It is vital to learn to combine these together in order to get the best of both worlds.


You should fuel yourself with the knowledge you require and also push it into other people. Let the stress of crunching numbers be on the machines as they are the best at it. 

It is vital to improve your personal skills and make it your focal point. Using this data can take your decision-making skills to the next level. At the same time, knowledge plays a very crucial role as data can be biased at times. It is important to grow aware of today’s trends.

Technology is a pretty amazing thing, but emotional intelligence which you gain from experience is something technology cannot do.

The complete understanding of your organization like the marketing strategy to negotiation, talking to people, and a lot more is limited only to you. Nobody can take that understanding away from you.

Things linked to techs, like coding and other things that seem cool today are short-lived. This is not the case with human intelligence.

Skills You Should Develop

  • Value of promises

Before making promises, you should make sure that they are realistic and the ones that are attainable. This is because making big promises is easy. Still, you will lose people’s trust and your business as well if you are unable to fulfil those promises. It is imperative to be a person who sticks to what you say and deliver the promised outcomes.

  • Focus

Focus is one of the most critical yet underrated tools if you want to achieve success at the next level. It is vital to practice mindfulness. It helps you reduce your anxiety and stress level, which improves your ability to perform.


Take a minute and look for things that can potentially disturb your focus. It can be something as small as an attractive wallpaper on your mobile phone which can lure you into giving it a look every now and then. Notifications are a never-ending distraction, and it is better to switch it off. It is a superhuman effort to maintain a deep focus.

  • Speed Learning

In this era of rat race where cut-throat competition prevails, it demands learning that too in speed. It is imperative in today’s time that every organization, business, or enterprise is time effective along with being cost-effective when compared to competitors.

You should rewire the processing of your brain in a way that it can control your habits, thoughts, and emotions when you work. With certain tactics of brainstorming, you can totally achieve this aspect. Practising at a hardcore level can help you be efficient and a speedy learner and reader.

Focus on gaining the ability and explore the real potential and power your brain holds. Nobody on this Earth is a born Einstein or Newton. We are here on this planet to learn.

  • Interpersonal Abilities

Irrespective of where you work, you’re not the one alone. There is nothing like a one-person business. It is vital to be capable enough to connect with people easily and build relationships.

Interpersonal skills are thus one of the most important soft skills which companies look for these days in their candidates. That doesn’t mean you stay stuck to just interpersonal skills.

Make sure you focus and work on other areas as well. Sticking to just one skill or a single aspect limits your capabilities. You should learn multiple skills and know what skill to use when. 

  • Self-confidence

If you want to create an aura that can convince people to work for you or with, self-confidence is the key. You cannot really expect others to believe in your capabilities when you do not trust yourself.

They haven’t been with you since forever, and neither do they know you personally. It is important to flush all the negative and toxic thoughts you have about yourself and your abilities.

You need to bring optimism and develop your abilities and skills in a way that you give your best no matter what comes in your way. 

Along with these sets of skills, companies expect some more essential skills from you like a sense of responsibility and punctuality. These skills play a very crucial role wherever you go.

Having an idea about how marketing and sales work can surely help you at some stage. 

Ways To Boost Productiveness Without Burning Out

It is not compulsory to compromise on wellbeing to build a team that aces in performance.

Not just you but almost everyone and anyone wants a team that can get done with a lot of things in just a small span of time. 


It is important to do these tasks in a manner that you don’t end up feeling entangled and sick in your stomach. 

You should not get stuck in the gruntwork of appointments and emails. You end up getting stuck without any regret, but this grunt work leads to pushing the business forward. It is vital to put your focus on things that are right and matter. Don’t try to be a multi-tasker when you really aren’t. This will lead to the drainage of your energy. 

  • Learn The Skill Of Saying No 

There are only 24 hours in a day – that is true for everyone. Nobody can extend the hours you get and fit everything into a day. It is thus important to learn to say NO in a polite manner. You should pre-plan and prioritize your work.

Your priorities should change depending on the need of the situation. Sometimes you should prioritize rest rather than work when it is important. Sometimes it becomes important to finish the work rather than catching up with your friend for a couple of beers.

You can politely refuse and set a time or day once your project is done and make sure you don’t miss it. It is important to keep in mind that commitment matters a lot.

The times when you cannot handle the pressure, you shouldn’t force and exhaust yourself. Maybe you are low on rest or interest. Creativity cannot breed and thrive in a mind that is tired. 

  • Try Deleting Repetitive Tasks

This simply means that if you have a lot of repetitive tasks that are unneeded in your list, you should consider deleting them. They can become a hindrance on your way to productiveness. Give an attempt to new things as you get a chance to explore and get smarter. 

To-Do List
  • Stop Procrastinating

No matter what you do, procrastinating your work will prove out to be the worst hindrance in your process of growing. We know that postponing and delaying tasks seems to be a more comfortable and easy option than being engaged.

This is a challenge we all face at some point. To motivate yourself, try rewarding yourself when you accomplish your task. 

Discussing The Importance of Entrepreneurship 

Jeff Hoffman is a pretty renowned personality at the working superhumans in Mindvalley. He explains and emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship.

Hoffman talks about those simple tricks and techniques that are often overlooked and are underutilized. These tricks play a vital role in the process of growing.

Jeff Hoffman Mindvalley

One of the most significant factors these days for a globe-wide economic growth is entrepreneurial development. Entrepreneurs are torch-bearers and architects of the future as they provide opportunities for employment. 

An entrepreneur is someone who constantly looks for unique ideas and transforms those ideas into opportunities. The traits of an entrepreneur include his will to take the risk despite the uncertainty of the venture. 

  • Dynamic approach

An entrepreneur is someone who ensures to make the most out of sources which are limited. It requires a very dynamic approach to do this value creation without depending upon how uncertain business conditions might be.  

  • Role of innovation

It is very important to be innovative and creative to ace this field. You cannot just imitate what others do. It is important to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to and incorporate their strengths with ours to get a cutting edge over them. 

  • You Should Be Risk Taker

Business does not come with certainty. You can guarantee if the new idea will be 100 per cent successful. Chances are the new steps or ideas that can prove out to be a disaster.

But this fear should not stop an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur should be someone who is willing to take risks with his/her out-of-the-box ideas.

These entrepreneurial traits work as a bridge between you and a superhuman. These qualities help you work at a level of superhuman. 

Public Speaking Secrets You Should Know 

Eric Edmeades is a world-class speaker at Mindvalley’s superhumans at work who teaches ways to give a talk that leaves the audience speechless. 

Superhumans At Work Mindvalley Review

According to him, though it is ironic, the truth is that most people fear public speaking more than death. You will be surprised to hear that it is helpful for both your personality as well as your health.

Public speaking is both physical as well as verbal. When you are delivering a talk, you need to stand for hours at a stretch and keep moving here and there on the stage. You are continuously moving, and it seems like killing two birds with one stone. 

The larger the audience, the more you get paid. You will definitely earn more bucks when you deliver a speech to an audience of 20000 people in comparison to that of 200 people. 

In the initial phase of learning, it is vital to keep in mind that opportunities matter more than money. Money should be secondary, whereas the opportunity should be the priority.

You should focus on gaining more and more experiences, and money will follow. Sometimes you also need to compromise by giving free services in order to, later on, build a brand. 

Preparation is the most important aspect before any public speaking stint. The more the preparation, the better the performance. People generally hold a notion that you can get up on stage with freshly brewed ideas or content.

The power of public speaking should not be underrated. If you ace this field, you can prove out to be a priceless gem to the company or business you are working for.   

Here are some quick tips you should follow: 

  • Connect with your Audience 

Your talk with your audience should be reason oriented. You must have a reason to talk to your audience. Just don’t fluff anything that comes to your mind. The audience there is present to hear about the topic they were informed.

Nobody cares about your daily routine or how much you earn unless it has some relevance to your topic. You should entertain your audience with a friendly tone, and this can work wonders. Keep your talk informative and know your audience well. 

  • Keep eye contact

This is the most crucial of all. Irrespective of your audience size, large or small, you need to maintain eye contact with as many people as you can.

It is recommended to not just stick to a couple of rows in front. You need to connect with people sitting at the back as well because they are your audience too. 

  • Keep your tone confident 

It is crucial to speak whatever you want to in a confident demeanour. Don’t let that curve of smile leave you even for a second. Act like you own the show.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of rehearsal before you hit the stage. Stop overthinking that you said something wrong. Overcome your fear of the stage. Even if you made a mistake, you can simply correct it and apologize in a calm way, and you are good to go ahead.

Superhumans At Work Mindvalley Review

You need to keep in mind that this can happen to anyone. You should work on being confident, even when you are not. Try working on this part as much as possible.

Command their attention by making an eye to eye contact. When you sound confident, chances are the audience might just not notice even when you are wrong. 

  • Stay Within The Time Slot Allocated To You 

You should not go over the time allotted to you. This suggests that you are not prepared. 

  • Feedbacks

Underrating feedback can prove costly to you. You shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for feedback. You worked hard for it, and you totally deserve it.

You should not be scared of criticism. Be open and analytical to criticisms. Positive feedback can prove out to be a motivation. In contrast, negative feedback can prove out to be your best teacher. 

It is important to master the skill of public speaking. This way, you can connect with people, share ideas with others, and also paves the way for brand endorsement. 

If you are working in the field of sales, this is a must-have skill. From leaders to managers to entrepreneurs, this skill can work wonders for anyone. So go ahead and begin practising the skill of public speaking. 

Building A Team That Is Mission-Focused

Marisa Murgatroyd is a personal branding expert who shared her ideas on building a team that is highly focused on their goals. This is crucial for the welfare of both you and the company. 

Marisa Murgatroyd Mindvalley - Personal Branding

Following the tips listed below can help you be different from others. 

  1. It proves out to be a great idea to provide a framework and an example of how you want your work to be done. In order to solve practical problems, theoretical knowledge alone cannot work.
  2. Also, let others talk about their ideas as well. Recognize their contribution in forming outlines to big plans. This will motivate them and help them to think in a more creative manner. Or else, they will just rely on others to frame up things. 
  3. It is vital to be understandable and clear to everyone in the team. The working environment should be friendly and not bossy. It is great to ask your team members at least twice if they are doing great or not. 
  4. Try to keep your lectures short and precise so that most of your teammates can remember what you said. 
  5. Keep motivating your team members to stay focused and be flexible as much as possible. 
  6. It is a great idea to give credit every time your team performs great. It is a basic human nature to feel motivated when someone praises you. 

FAQ’s: Superhumans At Work Mindvalley

Does personal growth make the company grow?

Personal growth has been linked directly to a company’s growth. Generally, in any company, many of the workers lack motivation, are nascent and sometimes inexperienced too. Their growth greatly affects the company’s growth. Employees are one of the pillars which run the company.

Public speaking comes in as an inborn quality, or does one have to acquire it?

No one ever has been born with the talent of public speaking. Who has ever seen a kid going on the stage and addressing an audience? Public speaking is an important talent that is acquired by a lot of practice.

To Conclude: Superhumans At Work by Mindvalley

The Superhumans At Work Community by Mindvalley are extremely popular to date. Everything written is tried and tested. We hope that this article proves out to be beneficial for you.

Here in this article, we attempted to provide you with every important measure according to experts. You can achieve immense success by following this advice.

Our motive is to prepare and lead you to be outstanding and attain new heights. We assist you to realize your abilities and to be strong inside out. If you have any questions, you can contact us. 

Your thoughts and valuable feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you for investing your precious time with us.

By Julia Jerg

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