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Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

The following write up covers a review of a widely renowned online course – Mindvalley Superbrain, instructed by Jim Kwik. The course is named ‘Superbrain’.

I wished to retain a little additional amount of things I learned throughout the day. Consequently, I landed at Jim Kwik’s brain training course – Superbrain.

Jim claims that one will see an effectual improvement in his/her learning potential and retain the facts that you learn throughout your life, once they go through his month-long curriculum Superbrain.

This course combines various learning and grasping techniques and tactics like reading at pace, techniques to deliver optimum performance, combined with another set of activities to deliver an impressive outcome.

One generic question that crosses one’s mind is:

Does this work in lines with what that trainer claims or is it a scam?

I’ll try to answer this question in the following Mindvalley Superbrain review article of the aforementioned online course.

Disclaimer: Professional editors assess every product individually. We may earn a commission if you purchase products through our website. However, it won’t add up additional pressure in your pockets.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2020

Is Jim Kwik compatible to go forward with as your trainer?

Honestly, Mindvalley whirls up a noisy buzz in and around the market claiming that their online credentials can bring unexpected and astonishing revamps in one’s life.

However, I do not go gaga from the hype all around. I’ll do anything just to know if these courses would leave an impact in my life by equipping me with the practical know-how of things around me.

This being a valid reason, I extensively browse and try to have a sneak peek into the buzz created around and try to look into its every element, be it the design of the course curriculum or the pedagogic skills of the trainer.

You’ll be in touch directly with Jim Kwik as far as Superbrain is concerned.

Kwik’s story about coming up with this course is an apt example of the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’. Kwik was left with a distressing brain injury, following a severe accident during his teenage days. Subsequently, his memory power diminished significantly and was now required to learn many things again.

Although he was fond of learning new things, he was left with no other option but to learn things from a different approach as his learning skills were now not as sharp as they used to be before the accident.

In this expedition, to know which techniques would suit him and which not, rigorously brainstormed many fostered learning techs available on the planet.

Jim Kwik Superbrain

As a result, he not only successfully healed his brain, but he also trained his brain to function at an utter advanced and prodigal level.

Today, he trains some well-known names all over the globe.

Before enrolling for the course, the first and foremost thing which I thought I should know was that if Jim Kwik was the right person to tab upon.

With this thought, I went through a masterclass by Mindvalley, which was available for free. Some memory-boosting techniques shared by Jim Kwik in this session.

Just in case you are the first person here, I would warn you that the moment you join this class, you will see flashing headlines and covers of the buzz by Mindvalley. Once this ends, you’ll see Jim Kwik and know him as an instructor.

Jim Kwik left a positive first impression on me; an honest, sincere, and straight forward personality. The reason I logged in with this course was that I found his story to be very apparent and full of inspiration.

Moving ahead with this article, I will be enlisting some prominent advantages you’ll be benefited by through this training. Later in subsequent paragraphs, I’ll give you a brief description to help you know what this course curriculum is actually about.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review

How is brain training beneficial?

The concept of brain training is an age-old thing. Some scientists have been nestling up to study the secrets of brain training for the last 10 decades and so. However, this theoretical consideration has been given a practical outlook in recent decades only.

It is a well-known fact that the brain is a muscular tissue, which is used every time, even when we are asleep. It does stop working out of fatigue every day. Just like our hand muscles don’t mind us doing some hand activities throughout the day, so is the case with our brain.

Our brain, when used for simple reflexes, does not get the workout it requires to remain active and intact, unless we are doing some activity which requires serious mental engagement, like studying a subject, solving a puzzle, etc.

A common myth that prevails in the contemporary era is that our brain tends to go weak with increasing age and subsequently starts losing its mental aptitude to learn new things.

However, recent research has revealed that there is no scientific base in this statement. The reason that we lose learning ability with growing age lies in the fact that we do not tend to use our brain properly and effectively, otherwise, our brain cells are powerful enough to retain the learning capacity throughout our lives.

Does brain training work?

In short, yes. But the precondition is that it must be done effectively. As per some recent studies, evidence of grey matter is found in adults when a new skill is taught to them, which is, indeed, a good sign of health.

However, neither confirming it nor denying the fact that brain training is a topic around which revolves several controversies. With ever-increasing demand, many marketers commercialized this training with mobile applications. An utter need to put a comma on these scrupulous activities called for some investigation against these lawsuits.

Brain Training

There was no legit way to demonstrate if these apps train your brain to some extent or the other. The only way out in this regard was to read out magnetic resonance imaging or biopsy of our brain in the beginning and towards the end of the training, failing to which there is no other way to prove the same.

Least to say, these mal traders have mulled the market of this training.  Several firms have been found fraudulently aligning the elderly pay for brain training, under fake promises that it will surely deal with mental disorders and chronic diseases like that of Alzheimer’s.

Can we say that brain training is a scam?

Well, the answer to this question would be a partial ‘Yes’.

Some profiteering companies can be located and anywhere in the market who fraudulently promise its customers, elderly in particular, to subscribe to their training. It is no less than a mere profit-making business for them.

However, the same is not the case for Jim Kwik. Jim never promised during the entire training period that his techniques will do wonders in a short period. He mentions that these exercises are to be done religiously and patiently. Only then you’ll slowly but steadily mark improvement in your learning skills.

So, the verdict is loud and clear: Jim Kwik is not at all a scam. It’s imperative on your part that you pierce beyond the hype for publicity of SUPERBRAIN and realize who Jim Kwik is as a trainer.

Merits of training brain:

Out of the numerous benefits that this training has got to offer, prominent ones are enlisted below:

o    Boost mental performance

o    Substantial reduction in the intensity of dementia

o    Quickly and gracefully switch between different activities

o    Significant improvement in IQ grades

o    Better concentration

o    Retention, memory, and learning power is enhanced.

What is meant by the term ‘Superbrain’?

So far, I believe I have succeeded in familiarizing you with our trainer: Jim Kwik. Now, let’s inch forward in this discussion, where I’ll brief you with things that will come along when you enrol in Superbrain.

This comprehensively designed course spread over 34 days will equip you with skills so that you learn quickly while retaining more. The reality check is that they won’t make you smarter overnight.

To regain the things he forgot after meeting with an accident which caused him a traumatic brain injury, Jim designed this course. His primary motive was to relearn the lost memories and at the same time, forgetting less.

Jim Kwik, now a well-established name, is assisting some of the most influential people around the world. From NYU to Columbia and Stanford University, from Nike to Elon Musk, Jim has impacted them all.

A common misconception that every enrollee of this course had at some point in time is the thought that this course will tell you a secret magic spell that you have to practice and that it would do wonders with your mental skills in a short period. However, the apparent reality is somewhat different.

Rather, some skills will be taught to you by this course that you will be required to enhance over time through routine practice.

Enlisting You With SUPERBRAIN

This course can be accessed at Mindvalley. This course can be enrolled in a few simple steps. The new batch starts in a gap of a week or two.

Usually, two sessions are in motion simultaneously. You can now catch up with one or wait for somedays to freshly start with the new one.

A very good thing about this course is that before actually jumping on to paid subscription; you will get an option to watch a free trial video of the same.

I highly recommend people to watch the video to know if they will be compatible with the actual sessions or not.

This tutorial video will acquaint you with the fact that a human brain has unparalleled potential to learn. A twelve-page assignment and around ten amazing brain hacks are provided along with these videos.

After signing up and paying the prescribed fees, the student comes across a welcome video. Before the actual classes start, there are 5 videos which are an hour in duration.

These videos discuss the blueprint of the course, preparation strategies, how to use quick learning tricks, how to make effective notes, and over ten-morning habits which most of the geniuses have inculcated in their routine.

Jim Kwik - Mindvalley SuperBrain Review

The Daily Assignments:  Mindvalley Superbrain

Every day, the learner is given some assignments, which one can’t skip. The assignment of the day will unlock only on that particular day. These assignments are preceded by a video generally of 5 to 15 minutes.

The pattern of teaching changes every week. However, during the 1st week, the blueprint of your class session would be something like this:

o    O.M as a technique to remember more and forget less.

o    The Sun Is Above.

o    Unlocking the superpowers of your brain using 10 secrets.

o    Bringing these techniques into practice through the concept of repetition with proper spacing.

o     Body anatomy and nutrition requirements

o    ANTs killing and Conducive Environment.

Once the video concludes, you then finish assignments. The type of assignment ranges from journaling and teaching others to post in a community Facebook group, named as ‘Tribe’.

Eight Pillars In Superbrain Training:

Superbrain consists of 8 varied sections stretched over 4 weeks, 2 per week. Apart from these, there are 2 more sections, namely, a ‘bonus’ & “intro”.

These 8 sections are listed below:

  1. The basics
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Remembering lengthy Lists
  4. Learning and retaining Names
  5. Gripping texts, Speeches, etc.
  6. Vocabulary and Languages
  7. Numbers
  8. Integrating lifestyle

Mindvalley Superbrain Review: Merits & Demerits  

Before enrolling myself with this course, my perception was that it might be a business game just like any other course where making money is the primary goal of the course provider.

However, it was not so, at least not wholly. I realized there were a significant number of business-oriented people who were enrolling for this course. It taught us to prompt learning and building a network. In the entire course, I felt that it was more inclined to a life of all-round business professionals.

I encountered both the positive and negative face of this course. This course is primarily focused on business tycoons-like personalities, not for an ordinary person. However, to reap the fruits, one can look up for this course with a different ‘Superbrain’.

Mindvalley SuperBrain- Pros & Cons


  1. Well developed content: Just as other courses of Mindvalley, this course is fully professional. The videos are exceptional. Jim is a very engaging person, and I never felt that it was an online course, I felt as if I am in a real physical classroom setting.
  2. Short and crisp videos: The videos are not lengthier and are to the point. One does not have to sit for hours for these virtual sessions. Easy to watch videos as they are only 5 to 10 minutes long. However, there lies a con at this point which I’ll take up later in this article.
  3. Achievable Goals: Everything taught here is realistic and doable. It is a cakewalk in understanding the things taught. On top of it, one could easily practically implement these techniques without much hassle.
  4. Lifetime access to the study material: you can easily access the content even after finishing up the course.
  5. Interactive and engaging community: The community of Superbrain learners on Facebook is quite active. You can easily connect with other peers of your batch.


  1. Some resources, being free, hit conscience. One can find some free lectures available on the site. Since a person is paying money to access the course, he would appreciate if these free resources would have been awarded to them as bonuses rather than free lectures, which is available to anyone who browses through the site. Though not every material, but few videos are made available for free, accessible to everyone.
  2. You cannot ditch a lecture: A general tendency of the learner is such that one would want to skip a video if it is short and doesn’t interest him/her. However, such a thing is not possible here. Signing in each day for short videos could be a troublesome task for many, especially for people with tiresome tight schedules.
  3. Not aligned to everyone’s interest: Some lessons do not appeal to everyone’s interest. For example, learning names. At this point, I strongly realized that the course is more centered on business-minded people. Since not everyone has a business mindset, this course fails to cater to the needs of every individual.

My Personal Experience: Mindvalley Superbrain Review

All in all, I would give this course a thumbs up. Although there were some grey areas too, the overall effectiveness of this course can’t be undermined. As far as I am concerned, the initial section turned me on for moving ahead with this course.

One best thing which Superbrain taught me was how the negative vibes can seriously impact our outlook and approaches, and how we as humans could learn to transform these negative vibes into positive ones. In this regard, Jim explains that negative thoughts are generated on their own and can be curbed with the effective implementation of the taught techniques.

Once the positive thoughts are embedded within us, our learning capacities increase by leaps and bound. No part of our life is excluded from this. Personally, when I studied and learned daily, I was astonished to know that every word of Jim in this context holds.

Being short in length and easy to understand, these lessons require that one give their 100 % into this learning. You’ll end up learning a meagre amount of content if you are not giving it all your dedication.

No doubt the videos are amazing, but you leverage the taught things once you practically implement this in your assignments and activities. Journaling and teaching the concept to others would catalyze your learning and embed the concepts deep and permanent into your mind.

I was perplexed quite a few times watching the video. Then eventually came out more sorted when I performed activities of the taught things. Although there were some videos I needed to watch more often to cement the input explained thereon.

However, even with these loopholes, I had a good time learning new things through the Superbrain course. It would be at 1st spot on my list of most recommended courses to exercise one’s brain.

Not just memory, but rather an influential learning ride

After finishing this course, I could reflect my learning in ‘Out of the box’, which is a virtual workshop, whose instructor is Rudalande. Same as Jim Kwik, Rudalande has since been helping famous personalities all through his life.

 Out of the Box is a more deep learning ride.

The workshop is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to know who you are as a person, at deeper levels. An exhaustive set of videos, lectures, quizzes, and problems, and exercises help you in this entailing journey to know yourself.

You will be familiarised with the paradox of how you’re past experiences and subconscious thoughts affect your life

Once you know the root cause of all the worries, you’d be able to live life from a new end. Among all the reviews of OUT OF THE BOX, one common thing was that it impacted more or less some levels of the life of those who underwent this workshop.

Superbrain is centered on developing skills that would help you to learn better. On the other hand, Out of the Box is about building deep knowledge about oneself so that could reframe your perspectives towards life. This is the price difference between the two which I witnessed.

Both these courses run parallel to each other. To have a deeper insight into Out of the Box, reach out for free masterclasses on how to develop personal potential. 

Conclusion: Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2020 

Superbrain is your ideal stop if you want to exercise your brain so as it retains learning power even with increasing age.

I implemented some methods taught herein and felt how important it is to maintain our mental health.

As I said before, Kwik’s course will not tell you a magic spell that would resolve all your learning problems. Rather, it is something you have to inculcate in your routine and practice daily. Only then, you’ll notice significant improvements in your learning horizons.

If you are someone who wants to learn more, I believe Superbrain is worth every penny. Even if this isn’t the case, still you’ll go back to learning so many useful things from here. You can channelize your newly acquired inputs/skills to physically and psychologically improve yourself, and most importantly, you’re brain.

By Julia Jerg

Julia is the founder and chief editor of Jey Jetter, a site that showcases the option of working remotely and travel as much as you like. Julia is a former PR/marketing consultant who turned into a remote working social media manager, travel writer and public speaker living location independently since 2011. She has been to 86 countries on all 6 continents and lived in several different countries for more than six months. Her laptop is her office and the label 'digital nomad' fits best to describe her lifestyle. On this site, she writes about personal freedom, remote work and her passion for travelling.

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THanks Julia,
I am looking into taking this course. However, I see jim kwik offers a superbrain course on his site. $300 instead of $350 and 12 1 hour videos plus a slew of bonuses.
My question to you is – Do you know if it is the same content.
I was very impressed with his free video

I am not sure if it’s the same but did you see that Mindvalley’s course entails 30 days of 15-20 minute videos plus bonuses as well? I think you can’t go wrong with either of them! He is really great and has a lot on offer! I am excited for you to start your transformation! <3

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