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Mindvalley Relationship Review 2023: Is It Worth Trying? (TRUTH)

The Mindvalley Company represents the extraordinary chances for the students who are willing to learn the essence of your whole mind and body, with various exciting podcasts available on the website.

The Company focuses on emphasizing the importance of daily human emotional and mental health perspectives and the official podcaster’s help in dealing with them.

 The Mindvalley curriculum is mainly based on improving the quality of the human lifestyle and enriching several day-to-day life emotions.

Mindvalley Company mainly operates with the world’s best novelists and philosophers who motivate people and encourage their livelihood to be made more comfortable for them.

Mindvalley has become the home for hundreds of magnificently talented instructors, hand hired, and tribe members such as yourself who have put effort into their lives to primarily help themselves along with others as they strive to achieve the ultimate achievement of personal transformation.

Mindvalley Relations

Introduction – Mindvalley Relationship

Vishen Lakhani found Mindvalley. This has won many awards for the education movement. It has numerous students that come from all across the globe and is proliferating. Vishen has given over fifteen years of his life to Mindvalley, visualizing many other humans’ experience and surveying the science of aiding humans to reach their maximum potential.

Mindvalley has various programs available for the mass. These programs are so connectable to every individual being. It focuses on improving oneself in day to day areas such as our mind, performance, overall physical body, inner soul and peace, work, kids, teens, and parenting. And apart from these are the relationships.

This proves to be the most essential as having and maintaining a balanced relationship, and it tends to get difficult to maintain a balance between the other areas too. Hence, in this article, we will be exclusively focusing on Mindvalley relationships. 

Why Choose Mindvalley For Relations?

Human beings need a company, and they will not be able to survive alone. Loneliness is a thing that human beings always fear—basically the fear of missing out, which further leads to getting weird thoughts on personal relationships. 

The relations which we form are essential to both emotional and mental health, and really, our survival. Humans tend to possess an inherent passion for close to others. To connect and build relationships, and as we know, everyone needs a partner to spend his/her life with. 

Mindvalley helps you understand the way to learn about energy medicine to improve, strengthen, romantic relationships. As well as a deal with the problems one faces in their relationships. These include dealing with rejection, heartbreaks, and healing from within and creating a fulfilling and loving environment around us, which is full of positive vibes. 

What Mindvalley teaches us about relationships? 

  • How to express ourselves to our partner, as communication is the key to a successful relationship. But the conversation should include zest and enthusiasm along with greater empathy and compassion towards one another.
  • It teaches that Sex is essential to strengthening a relationship. It helps maintain the “spark,” which couples think nothing is left in that relationship. It ignites the want to stick to each other despite various struggles and complications. 
  • Mindvalley is a perfect place to heal from rejection or any heartbreaks. It helps an individual to take the break up in a positive way and come out of it. This works as a life-changing turn and a compelling reason to start your life and again yourself without any negativity. 

Mindvalley Relationships

Mindvalley Relationships podcasts mainly specialize in human relations and their existence. There are several podcasts and categories during which the scholars can enrol and learn the fundamentals of human relations.

Let’s inspect some podcasts available within the relationship category of Mindvalley.

Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhani

Be Extraordinary

The founding father makes the podcast of Mindvalley, which helps the readers to realize their level of mastery in mind potential.

Step l: Up Your Consciousness and, in turn, step up your life! The time has come to move up!

Be Extraordinary podcast helps you identify the level at which you are. Then, it provides you with the resources and insights to boost up your potential thinking.

Be Extraordinary may be a payment quest that may be an excellent opportunity for the people battling their mind potential and self-control issues.

Uncoupling is a conscious procedure: Katherine Woodward Thomas

Providing Conscious Uncoupling to help Heal Your Heart, assist you in Reclaiming Your Power, and move on to Live Happily Ever After.

Conscious Uncoupling straight forward five stem program provided by Katherine Thomas, which is a 5 step process to help you get through a breakup.

The Conscious Uncoupling Program provides you with several ways to heal from a breakup. The program helps you to learn that it’s okay to be aside from your partner when things don’t add your style. This quest reminds you of all the positive aspects of your lifestyle and can assist you in prioritizing yourself first.

You will learn to revive deep inner peace and self-confidence within yourself. it’ll cause you to feel loved by someone within the sort of self-love and quintessential happiness.

Power of Parenting 

Becoming a parent is an auspicious moment, holding a tiny little child in their arms, playing with the toddler, feeding them, putting them to bed, and growing up with their child. It is a serene phase. 

Raising a child is easier said than done; every child is unique, and the psychology and economy of every parent are different. The time and facility they give their child vary a lot. Still, regardless of anything, there is a bond of true love as well as compassion.

As Children grow up, they find their parents a bit annoying and interfering, whereas parents are concerned about the safety and security of their child when he or she is out with friends late at night, driving, partying

Undesirably, they endure a communication and understanding gap. Many name it a generation gap, but this is unhealthy for both parents and the child.

power of parenting

Mindvalley introduces us to Dr Shefali, a clinical Psychologist and a wisdom teacher, plunges deep into the psychology and thought process of parents and children. She tries bringing families together, by her Mindvalley courses.

Week 1- A journey in childhood- Here Dr Shefali takes parents to their own childhood days, asks them about how their parents treated them, how they brought their child, what they used to feel in their childhood, and rewind to 25 years. 

Week 2- Speaking up Fear and Insecurities- the professionalist listens to the guardians’ fears and insecurities and how they feel left out and alone. Many parents state that their child is influenced by their friends and fear going in the wrong path.

Week 3 – Find the Emotional Key – A child is not an investment, as many people consider them to be, and baggage them with their expectations regarding their academic and co-curricular performance. But this exactly what drags families apart, they need to be empathic towards their child and build a long sustainable emotional connection.

Week 4 – Discipline Or Relation- Here parents need to decide, what they want to give priority to their strict rules and notions about how a child is supposed to be raised, or they want to live happily with their child?

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Desire and Love

Are you someone who has succeeded in achieving a long-lasting relationship? There will come a time when everything between you and your partner seems dull and tedious—been there?  

No worries, since every relationship is destined to go through a phase where you would appreciate a break from your partner. 

But coming back to the curriculum, the following topics will tell you what it’ll be about-

  • Desire as well as some of the various other essential constituents.
  • The three rigidness that results in rasping pressure in intimate connections with your loved ones.
  • Our 2 Fundamental requirements and How much part they play in creating and developing our salacious self.
  • The blunder a pair of twain create knowingly and unknowingly. 
  • Things that’ll help you two grow and lead to a deeper connection. 
  • The dissimilarity between Rumpy pumpy and Erotism.
  • The wanted response to how we are so appealed to certain things when it comes to your partner.
  • Creating your ideal one and spending your time looking for them is originally a faux pas. 
  • The logic behind the current day’s rapport is erroneous.
  • The enigma one’s necessity of adventure and the other’s security.
  • Prurient elegance and Why today’s couples require it.
  • The rudimentary behind a victorious abiding romantic Relationship.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Desire and Love

How to implement the practice of self-love?

Have you ever a feeling that you weren’t enough? Have you ever had to take the blame for things that weren’t your fault? Can you name the last time you appreciated the way you look or your work without paying attention to your ugly side? 

Yes? Okay. If you are here to change that, we have the perfect episode for you! 

Kamal Ravikant is present here to bring to your notice how appreciating yourself every now and then can make such a difference to your daily life. 

But back to why we are talking about this, the course here consists of the following:

  • One consonant design content and fortunate beings.
  • An oath, Mr Kamal made sure to follow when he was experiencing some moments he isn’t proud of.  
  • The 4 points to complete living. 
  • What was something Kamal grasped while publishing his book?
  • The drastic change in his living style after he became a CEO. 
  • How something as simple and easy as gratitude came to bring significant divergence. 
  • Why utopia is kind of in the neighborhood of our thoughts.

The art of conscious parenting.

Do you remember noting down the points your parents used to raise you? Just going like, “Nah, this is a good thing mommy does. I’m putting that down on my mental list of things I’ll follow for my kids as well.” and then, one day, you are the parent and nope, that’s not how you expected that to turn out? 

Conscious Parenting Mastery

Smiling at the memory? Well, that’s a good thing but keep in mind that these stereotypes about parenting are followed by a huge number of crowds and that is exactly why there are very few “cool mommies”. 

So, here we bring Dr Shefali Tsabary who is a psychologist and parenting expert who explains the effects of stereotypes and the most reasons where parents might be wrong. 

Watch my full review here:

Can Anxiety be turned into a Deep Connection?

Have you ever felt left out of a group? As if you didn’t matter? Do you suffer from shyness? Or can you just be suffering from anxiety? Whatever the case, maybe Andrew Horn will walk you through it all. 

The main topic that he helps people out within this course is understanding how it feels to be socially anxious. He helps us understand the superior power of the social flow that he is passionate about. 

He also mentions a concept called the “Flow Triggers,” and he helps users understand how they work and how they can benefit by using them.

Mindvalley Relationship

Attracting the ideal lover

This Mindvalley course was taken up by Katherine Thomas. She had told her audience that the key lies in being brave. She is an expert who is reputed around the world and is an experienced family therapist who also helps with marriage issues. 

She tells us that the secret to attracting our ideal lover is to be straight up, take action, and remain bold. Listeners are sure to be sitting at the edge of their seats as they try to grasp each piece of information that they get from her.


Below we will talk a bit about both the positive and negative effects of Mindvalley relationships courses. 

The Pros of Mindvalley Relationship

  • Mindvalley is home to some of the best Teachers and thus offers the best Training, all of which are here for you! Mindvalley has gathered some of the top teachers and writers who help you with all your issues in life.
  • You should surround yourself with those you motivate and uplift you every day. With the best teachers helping you with your problems, you do not have to feel alone in this battle of life.
  • Special Discounts On Global Mindvalley Events. Grab every opportunity that is given to you in this program.
  • Access to humanity’s most Powerful Lifestyle Design System. The teachers in the Mindvalley help you understand the best lifestyle design suitable for you and your life.
  • With all the exciting and useful podcasts and programs offered to you, get in the best shape of your life.

Cons of Mindvalley Relationship 

  • The videos can, at times, be too short. This might not be much useful to the viewers or the students.
  • The students’ commitment is necessary to get along with the programs and quests offered or conducted by the teachers. It might not be possible for all the students or viewers to be mentally committed to spare at least between thirty and sixty minutes a day to attend the programs and lessons given by us. 
  • Willingness to change is essential for the students. If they are unwilling to change or take a step forward in their lives, none of these programs doesn’t make sense to them.
  • Believing the outcome or change is necessary. The students have to find their teachers and work harder to get the result.

FAQs- Mindvalley Relationship

Will one course help me that much?

The courses which are offered by Mindvalley can only be used as a guide. Yes, they can help you. That too, they can do it to a high degree, even. Finally, you will have to be the person who gets things together and makes the final step. To ensure that you come out on top and remain that important person in your life.

How will Mindvalley courses redefine my life?

Mindvalley has made a lasting impact on the lives of many to date and will continue to do so in the future. Mindvalley courses are taught by experts in their respective fields and have always been made, keeping the viewers in mind.

Is it worth paying for these courses?

I believe that the price is quite fair for the hurt that one may be experiencing when looking at this course. The struggle to lose someone you loved dearly is not something to be meddled with, which is why the price tag on these Mindvalley courses is justified.

Conclusion – Mindvalley Relationship

Mindvalley Relations is a course that many would kill to lay their hands on! During a time period, when you are at your most vulnerable. Did your girlfriend dump you? Children left you? Having problems with the people who seem to be the most important to you?

Yes, it will be tough. Only you would know how you are feeling at a time like that. One can only begin to fathom the relief you would gain when you realize these things don’t just happen to you.

It is just a bump in the valley known as life. It can be nothing more than just a little set back to something that redefines your life. Mindvalley Relations provides a suite of courses in which you can use to help feel better about yourself. 

By Julia Jerg

Julia is the founder and chief editor of Jey Jetter, a site that showcases the option of working remotely and travel as much as you like. Julia is a former PR/marketing consultant who turned into a remote working social media manager, travel writer and public speaker living location independently since 2011. She has been to 86 countries on all 6 continents and lived in several different countries for more than six months. Her laptop is her office and the label 'digital nomad' fits best to describe her lifestyle. On this site, she writes about personal freedom, remote work and her passion for travelling.

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