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Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts: Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

Discussing Mindvalley And It’s Three Core Principles

Mindvalley is a company committed to spread ideas and wisdom in order to encourage personal growth. So what does the mentoring program by Mindvalley do? In Mindvalley’s Three Core Concepts you will learn how to make a quantum leap.

Courses offered by Mindvalley assists people to tackle the ups and downs they face in life. In this way, people can accept the total transformation. 

In this podcast by Mindvalley, Srikumar Rao focuses on making listeners attain what is called a quantum leap.  

He shares with us all the lessons he learned in his life. This presentation by Mindvalley, in particular, is all about anecdotes and life lessons. In this article, we will probe and get into details of the core principles which will help you in “taking a quantum leap” so that “taking up the long path” is not needed anymore. 

Mindvalley and the Three Core Concepts

Mindvalley courses are instructed by people who are themselves experts in the topic. The quality of these courses is thus incredible. These courses can be accessed by users in any part of the world.  

The topics Mindvalley courses talk about are really incredible and fascinating to the extent that we get completely immersed in it. The experts teaching these courses aim at providing us with the inside knowledge about life.

As they share their experiences of life, they make sure to include anecdotes that are fun-filled. This ensures that we stay entertained and can develop a connection with what is being explained. 

Talking About The Mastermind Behind Quantum Leap

Born in 1951 in Mumbai, Srikumar Rao completed his schooling in Delhi and went to West Bengal for his graduation. In the esteemed St. Stephen’s College (located in Delhi) he held the position of a Physics Major. He then obtained his MBA degree in Ahmedabad. Along with being an incredible speaker and author, he was a professor too who was an expert in Personal Creativity and Mastery.

Quantum Leap: The Mindvalley Podcast

This Mindvalley Podcast is all about promoting personal growth like most of the other courses by Mindvalley. It is vital to know the fundamental core principles that are mentioned in this podcast if you want to take a “Quantum Leap”.

Let us dive further into details of the core principles:

MindValley University:MindValley and the Three Core Concepts

Anchoring Feelings: First Core Principle

What exactly is the quantum leap? Is it about money or fame or growth of a business? The answer is no!!! It is not always about these materialistic benefits. The followers of this course will get to explore what the actual possibility of growth is. 

If you succeed in doing it efficiently and effectively, you can see growth in a time span as little as a week or two.

Srikumar Rao emphasizes his listeners to stop and think. He talks about how money is not something you are running behind. Is it about the feeling money has to offer you? The feel of having more money or leading a life that is luxurious?  

Srikumar Rao- MindValley and the Three Core Concepts

This is not the case. It is imperative to introspect and remember that success and life are two completely different things. It is imperative to keep both these things separate in order to avoid the unneeded mess. 

If you wish to achieve the purpose of life and live it to the fullest, it is important for you to know that in reality, all you need is to feel alive; feeling alive with radiance.

Your hidden desire is to tie yourself up with the feeling of well being. You want to be assured and look for confidence that reassures you that you are doing great. You want a vibe that everything will stay all right always.   

This podcast tries to put light on the fact that the life of a human is meant to have a rough patch at some point in time. The problems are bound to come. It is imperative to tie yourself to the habit of deciding to have a great day ahead when you wake up in order to experience an incredible day.

What comes in the middle of having a great is actually the mindset we spend the day with. Most people have this notion that a great day is when everything you want happens to be just in front of you.

You cannot decide a great day based on an unclear idea of what we actually wish to happen and the unfulfilled desire because of what did not happen. It is imperative to keep in mind that problems are an integral part of life and can be a part of your great day as well. But the source of happiness can perhaps be the determination you successfully overcame it with. 

You can add a part to your great day when you bring about a change in your mindset and accept that problems are an integral part of your life. To make this quantum leap, it is vital to learn how to anchor all your feelings.

MindValley and the Three Core Concepts

In this particular podcast by Mindvalley, on the basis of how you experience life, you will learn how to take a Quantum Leap by none other than Srikumar Rao. He talks about ways that can help you bring about changes in the way you think. 

The majority of us are trapped in a glass jar placed in the dark and trying to fly around in it. We are completely clueless about where we are trying to go and how to fly away into freedom. We are prisoners of our very own mindset. In simple terms, the only person stopping us from taking this Quantum Leap is we ourselves.

This is just a tiny little part of the greater philosophy the Mindvalley Podcast has to offer to its listeners. The Core Concept 1 successfully keeps its listeners hooked, and they zealously wait to grasp all the approaches in order to take a quantum leap that can boost their lifestyle.

Is Control A Mirage? – 2nd Core Principle

More often than not, you must have come across people who plan their days. They plan how their day is supposed to progress. From what they will wear, drink, and eat to what tasks they will get done with, people plan their entire day. They have an estimate of outcomes for every action they took or how much they have gained within the day. 

But have we paused to think how many times were our objectives actually accomplished? We all have at least one such significant event in our lives that turned out to be a mess that required massive efforts to sort it. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly we all are a part of a rat race now. The question that prevails is how you can win this race? We all at some point in time come across a situation in life where things don’t work the way we planned it to be. 

The biggest problem with the way we lead our life is we avoid looking at the flip side of the coin. We are scared of the other side of the coin and to discover what new that side of the coin has to show. Life is a surprise package. It can surprise you with heaven or even hell.

Life is definitely not a puppet whose movements can be pre-planned or monitored. In simple terms, life is like dice rolling. It is uncertain and random, but at the same time adventurous and exciting with every new step, you take. 

The to-do lists that we make every day encourages us to complete our course of action. But the expectation of the day going absolutely the way we plan or decide will only cause disappointment, sadness, stress, and create a vibe of insecurity. 

To-Do List

Think about this in a different manner. Imagine the project we are working hard to finish, completes precisely in the way we wanted it to. A million things that could have gone didn’t occur.

But if something actually went wrong, then there would have been a room for something unanticipated which could have been a learning experience. After all, humans learn and improve when they commit mistakes.  

The illusion that we can control things going around us is meant to break. It is imperative to use this necessary evil with caution. There is no way we can have 100 percent control over what happens within us and around us. 

Accept what is impromptu if you want to put an end to brain work and strain from excessive pressure. 

Though we cannot calculate what the outcome will be, it is important to at least do our best by walking towards the direction that will lead you to peace. We can alter how we perceive things and the way we think in order to deal with situations we face on a daily basis. 

When you develop a positive second view about a certain situation, you also learn how to channel thoughts more efficiently. It is important to have unique and out-of-the-box ideas and perception of a situation. 

People who actually brought about a change in the world were able to do so because of unique perceptions. For them, the world looked like a set of building blocks that are joined together. They gambled with blocks, worked on new ideas, made an incredible combination of their knowledge and skills. End result? The world was awestruck. 

Who doesn’t know Swami Vivekananda, a philosopher, and a scholar?

Swami Vivekananda

At the World’s Parliament of the Religion he represented India and Hinduism and made a historical speech. You can imagine the extent of the impact of his speech that he got a standing ovation within the first 10 seconds of the delivery, which lasted for around 10 minutes. All of this because his speech was unique and different from all other speeches of the day.

But the path of being different is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of competence and confidence to execute. The outcomes are uncertain, as well. This is where illusion breaks and you end up losing control.

Mental Chatter- 3rd Core Concept

Mental chatter is the concept which is about what your mind speaks to you throughout the day.

Ever wondered when in the day do you start listening to words in your head? From the moment you wake up, this mental chatter begins. You would have probably noticed that your mind would not stop talking even when you are sleeping. The only thing in that scenario is that you are distracted so that your body can ease up. 

It is as annoying as that younger sibling of yours who continuously keeps talking to you, and you try to ignore them in spite of all the attempts they make to talk to you. We keep on ignoring them, going around them, and keep doing this till they are too bored or tired or just leave. 

What number of times did this actually work or helped you? Once or maybe a couple of times? Or maybe until you get into a fistfight? Or never? This is all because of the way your life is bonded with your siblings. 

They were, are, and will always be your siblings. To some extent, your life depends on them, and their life depends upon yours. Your parents too at some point in time took some step or decision because of what your sibling did, and that impacted your life as well.  

Mental Chatter - 3rd Concept Mindvalley

This is exactly how mental chatter has been with you all this while like a clingy sibling and the factor you depend upon the most when you make decisions about life or plan something. 

We all hold a notion that the world we are living in is real when, in reality, you don’t. The world you live in is a creation of your mind, which stays for your entire life and also people that are involved in your existence. This stays a fact for everyone that has that little and annoying chatterbox which is just like a sibling.  

Think about it this way: Imagine your sibling punches you straight in your shoulder. It will definitely hurt. If they punch you right again at the same place on your shoulder, it will hurt even more. This will eventually lead you to have negative thoughts that will cause sadness when they weren’t the reason you got sad.

This is exactly how the second punch works. We somehow love adding excess baggage to our own self which is already down with previous baggage. It is important to keep in mind that we can get punched repeatedly at the exact same place or even get hit on new places or even worse get a hit on a wound that is almost healed. 

All these unneeded punches are because of that annoying sibling of yours called mental chatter. 

Remember, when I earlier mentioned how we and our life depends a lot on this mental chatter? Now we will name these decisions, plans, ideas, etc. and call it a model. Models are nothing but how you perceive everything. It is also about how we like to believe that things work and take steps as per what the model requires. 

It isn’t wrong to doubt your models. This is because each model is right only to some extent. Every model can crumple at some point or the other. It is, therefore, necessary to bring a change in your models and keep bringing a change till your mind terminates this mind chatter completely.

How Do These Core Principles Bring About A Change In How You Perceive Life?

All three core principles that are explained in this entire course can lead you to a new perspective. A perspective that most people never gave a look at.

You thus get an opportunity with this course to open your eyes up to a new vision towards life. It encourages you to think about basic things in our daily life which we tend to miss out like your views, views of others as well and the fact that your views might not match with that of others.

There can be a situation where there can be a strong conflict between facts and our opinions. 

These three core principles throw light upon how there is a need to bring a change in our mindset and why there is a need to think again over the idea of quantum leap.

It is important to know that the core benefits of a quantum leap are not fame or money. The only thing you require to have a great time is a good mindset. 

Pros And Cons of Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts

Nothing on this earth is 100 percent flawless, and nor isn’t this course. There are both negative and positive aspects to everything which is important to be considered. This stands true for Mindvalley Podcasts as well. 

We already have mentioned the pros of Mindvalley and its three core principles above. In this section, we will just summarize it all to make it convenient for you and talk in general about Mindvalley. 


  1. Mindvalley offers an absolutely incredible quality of content which is backed with lots of research, expertise and personal experience. 
  2. Rather than talking about just random advice and thoughts with no relevance whatsoever, Mindvalley offers information which is actionable and highly relevant in our day to day life.
  3.  This course can turn out to be a life-changer if you are someone who is open to new ideas and thoughts.
  4. Mindvalley does an excellent job in bringing together all content even though it is difficult to find a course that can lead you to self-improvement and also assists you in developing your own self.
  5. You cannot find this material and course anywhere else, making it absolutely exclusive. 
  6. People prefer an all-access pack overpaying for each class as it is an affordable option. 


  1. The podcasts and videos you find on Mindvalley though provide great insights and are also beneficial but are mostly very short. People expecting details and in-depth content might feel disappointed.  
  2. To get maximum benefits from the course, it is imperative to give in your full commitment.
  3. You should put 30-60 minutes of your day aside in order to grasp what they are trying to teach completely. 
  4. You should also have a will to complete assignments that you are requested to complete with an open mind. 
  5. You should have a will to bring a change within your own self and also be willing to keep your old understanding and views aside. 
  6. Mindvalley course teachings or podcasts might not be fit for you if you are not willing to reanalyze your existing beliefs and ideas. 

FAQs:-Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts

Is It Possible To Interact Directly With The Instructors?

Mindvalley courses are podcasts that are pre-recorded or video courses. So, unfortunately, you cannot interact directly. If you wish to have hands-on contact, then Mindvalley is probably not the place you can approach. The courses are designed and taught by experts in such a way that even if you do not interact in a direct manner, you can still get a fulfilling experience.

Are Mindvalley Podcasts And Courses Worth My Time?

The answer is pretty simple. If you want to invest your time in you and your personal development, then obviously a podcast is worth your time without any doubt. On the contrary, if you don’t have time for the process of self-development, then Mindvalley is not your thing.

Why Are These Courses Priced So High?

We cannot put a price tag on the process of self-development. We cannot define how much these podcasts can help you in the long run. But the price the team of Mindvalley has decided is on the basis of what they felt is fair for their efforts and time they invested in creating these courses to assist your personal development and help you with a quantum leap.

Conclusion: Mindvalley And The Three Core Concepts

The experts in the field of mental well-being have created Mindvalley courses. One can bring small changes to society if he brings changes in his own life. Rather than any other aspect of life, the main focus is on own mastery.

To identify the opponent within you and deal with it brilliantly is the main purpose of this session. This is because stuffing our brain with knowledge and developing skills is all we keep running after.

Our own mind is our best friend and biggest enemy. Shouldn’t the power of mind be used for our benefit? To achieve your goal towards fulfilment, we wish you luck.

I hope you liked our Mindvalley and the Three Core Concepts article and do let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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