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Lisa Nichols Review 2024 – Is It Worth Your Time? (Honest Opinion)

Introduction To Lisa Nichols Review

“You are the creator of your own destiny; you are the author of your story”.

These inspiring words have been quoted by America’s most excellent Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols, who is a YouTuber, an entrepreneur. She is also the CEO of Motivating the Masses, which helps people in personality development training and is one of the top ventures in the world.       

Lisa Nichols: The Struggle

Lisa Nichols’ journey from being a struggling single mother to being one of the world’s top motivational speakers, began almost 20 years ago.

The story goes back when Lisa was 27, back in 1994, she was going through the most robust phase in her life.

Being a single mother to a baby boy and having $12 in her bank account, and getting government help for her and the baby’s needs is precisely from where she started.

This was the turning point of her life, where she wanted to break through the phase of acute poverty she was stuck in.

She, despite all the hardships, wanted to stay motivated and that is how she never lost trust in herself and realized that her talent of being a help, as a motivator, would not only help the people around her but also would help her in being positive and motivated throughout the journey.

Lisa Nichols Review

Lisa Nichols had a dream to speak in front of thousands of people, and for that, she started by gaining public speaking confidence by practising in front of a mirror.

This is how she groomed her oratory skills before trying to become a public speaker. While practising, she focussed on minute details that could make her audience laugh, or move them and make them cry.

She always believed in making a connection with the audience and felt that only then, her words could help them. 

She was successful in discovering the power she has and how it can move people. And from then onwards, she has been a messiah for millions of people struggling with demotivation and consulting self-help.

The Early Life

Lisa Nichols was born in 1966 in Los Angeles, California. After she was married, she faced a lot of mental and physical abuse and chose to take care of her child on her own as a single mother.

When Lisa was 27 years of age, she was a single parent who was battling to make a decent living.

Having only $12 in her ledger, she disclosed to her child she could ‘never be that bankrupt again’. She said this was the defining moment for her.

Lisa was able to change her own life totally, which is the reason she can share the information and knowledge about life that she has with others today.

Career: Motivating the Masses

Lisa’s own flourishing has invigorated her into the impedes that various people face on their approach to self-improvement.

Lisa Nichols became the CEO of the venture Motivating the Masses in 2010, which is the world’s top companies that provide training, self-help and personality development.

Her life journey started from being a totally broke single parent to turning into the world’s generally eminent and mentioned Motivational speaker. 

Inside the association, Lisa has made workshops and undertakings that have helped various individuals and associations over the world.


They in like manner offer live occasions, instructional courses and various books by Lisa herself. 

Moving The Masses is an inconceivable resource for directors and business visionaries who need to exploit themselves and their gatherings.

The association’s pivotal to empower their customers to develop the motivation and methodology required for them to win in their own and business lives. 

She has a worldwide reach of around 80 million, changing the lives of a great many individuals en route with her inspiration and energy. 

With her assurance, she has had the option to move individuals worldwide and helped them in finding their actual potential and gifts. 

Lisa Nichols has consistently been exceptionally open about her battles with her fans, that causes them to feel associated with her, and that is the way she seeks after them towards being fruitful and propelled in their lives. 

Her biography ends up being a motivation for millions, how a broke single parent curated a multi-million dollar adventure shows that nothing is inconceivable on the off chance that you are resolved for your objectives.

Lisa Nichols: The Author 

Not exclusively is Lisa Nichols a rousing persuasive orator and instructor, she is additionally a top of the line creator.

Lisa has distributed seven books, including No Matter What, Destined For Greatness, Living Proof and Abundance Now. 


All of Lisa Nichols books rotate around the idea of carrying on with your best life and accomplishing all that you might want to accomplish. She has books on both self-awareness and business advancement.

Lisa Nichols is the author of over 6 books which have been the NewYork Times Best Sellers, with millions of copies being sold.

These books talk about the difficulties that all of us face with respect to work, connections, confidence and life objectives.


These are the books she has written, which till date, remain some of the essential books for the ‘Self Help’ genre.

Lisa Nichols: Features

Being a celebrated Motivational Speaker, she has been invited to a lot of renowned talk shows in America to talk about her life and how she has been able to help the people around the globe.

She has been a part of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, ‘The Dr Phill Show’, ‘The Steve Harvey Show’, ‘The Today Show’ – just to name a few.

She has also been featured in a lot of global level magazines such as ‘People’, ‘GQ’ and many more, for her tremendous work in the field of being a motivation for many lives.

Lisa Nichols: Motivating the Teen Spirit

Motivating The Teen Spirit is a non-profitable venture by Lisa Nichols to help teenage lives.

She has helped over 300,000 teenagers to find their purpose in life, prevented a considerable number of teen suicides, and even helped the school and university dropouts to get back to their education.

This venture offers training programs for teenage kids on how to live a happy and successful life while being motivated and positive throughout.

Lisa Nichols Review

She started with the mission of teen empowerment and helped them in leading a path of self-love. 

The movement ‘Teen Spirit’ has been launched on a global level, for teens from every country, regardless of their religion, colour, age and economic or social background.

Through this, she wants to create a world where teenagers live a happy and healthy life and pursue the path of Self Love.

She wants to make sure that the teenagers Love themselves, be themselves and are able to Speak themselves.

Lisa Nichols: Awards

In appreciation of her work, Lisa Nichols has received some of the most prestigious awards in her motivational career.

She has been honoured by the Ambassador Award, The Humanitarian Award from South Africa, Heart of Learning Award, to name a few from the long list.

Lisa Nichols and ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Brynes

Lisa Nichols has taken an interest in The Secret narrative and is moreover, part of The Secret book, by Rhonda Byrnes.

She contributed her comprehension of the most capable technique to quickly and enough achieve riches and use the Law of Attraction to improve your life. 

She talks about how to achieve satisfaction and explains that when we praise our stunning feelings, we will pull in even more positive assumptions to us, similarly as things that cause us to feel incredible in our lives.

Lisa talked about the Law of Attraction and notices that when you centre around your negative considerations and emotions, you’ll feel distressed and greater cynicism every day.

She says that we are the maker of our own fate. Lisa says that nobody else can settle on the choices for us – just ourselves. 

Lisa’s contribution to The Secret prompted her development as a media character. She was welcome to a wide range of syndicated programs to examine her work and information further.

Development Programs by Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols has curated an assortment of projects on offer for any individual who might want to open their boundless potential and make progress in all aspects of their life.

The uncomplicated projects can either be for your very own turn of events or business advancement. 

All these projects incorporate online courses that you can partake in at home. They are completely expected to enable others to gain ground and valuable change in their lives.

Her tasks fuse a great deal of self-improvement and advancement programs, 28 days to result, online classes for. 

These projects have been profoundly applauded by many. Clients state that Lisa assisted with completely changing themselves to improve things, live their fantasies and open their maximum capacity.

Lisa nichols

28 Days to Result

This program, 28 Days To Results, offers day by day steps to assist you with finding out about the 9 critical parts of your life, and how you can make a move to get incredible outcomes in these zones. 

All through the program, Lisa gives you 28 everyday recordings and tells you which steps to make. Every week is committed to another subject. Week 1 is called ‘Dominating The Inner Game’, the second ‘Bliss’, the third ‘Wellbeing’. The most recent week’s emphasis is on ‘Riches’. 

When Lisa talks about 28 Days To Results, she clarifies the program as something that can assist you with accomplishing Micro-wins, which would then be able to prompt Macro-wins.

These little successes can assist with keeping you persuaded and move in the direction of more significant objectives you have throughout everyday life. 

The program is intended to assist you in changing your practices, so they become a propensity. This ordinarily takes 21 days to accomplish, which is the reason why the program keeps going 28 days; to ensure the propensity has created.

Inside this fantastic system, you are additionally given an Action Journal, where you can record your procedure. Need to attempt a tester? Guarantee your complimentary duplicate of Lisa’s plenitude plan, with 24 demonstrated procedures to make the existence you need.

Online Series: NO MATTER WHAT

There is another online program that Lisa offers that is called No Matter What, and this program is a 6 section online arrangement. This internet preparing program was made by both Lisa Nichols and her COO of Motivating The Masses, Susie Carder. 

This program has been intended to assist individuals with making discoveries in all aspects of their lives and arrive at their latent capacity. The No Matter What program offers to assist you with making changes with your joy, riches and achievement. 

This No Matter What program provides recordings, activities, and worksheets for you to do. The 6 subjects that are centred around in this program are Character and Mindset, Managing Chaos, Creating a New Reality, Freedom, Your Life Plan and Becoming Non-Negotiable. 

Just as making changes throughout your life, you can likewise figure out how to evacuate snags that halted you previously. You can figure out how to deliver any negative contemplations or sentiments that could likewise be blocking you on your excursion. 

Lisa Nichols: The YouTuber

Lisa Nichols is a very popular content creator on YouTube as well. Her channel has a massive number of subscribers, and she makes sure to post a video each week, keeping her consistent with her outstanding work.

The recordings on Lisa Nichols Youtube channel go from her and others from her group shooting for arrangement, for example, ‘Thriving Power Jam’, to one-on-one recordings of Lisa offering guidance on various subjects.

Lisa makes recordings on themes, for example, self-care and acknowledgement. 

Lisa utilizes her Youtube channel to help rouse others to change their carries on with, much the same as her projects and books do. You can likewise watch cuts from Lisa’s talks at gatherings and occasions. 

The primary mission of Lisa’s Youtube channel is to convey recordings that furnish the watchers with the bit by bit devices they have to carry on with the existence that they need.

By Julia Jerg

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