Discover The Essentials To Get Started As A Coach

Turn your passion into a profession, so that you can kickstart your coaching career, with the work/life freedom you’ve always wanted!

I feel you, you’re unfulfilled in your current job, you’re truly dreaming of making a direct impact and bringing value to people. 

You wonder how all those cool girls on Instagram are suddenly launching coaching services. 

All through social media whilst working from dreamy holiday places.

You’re stuck on identifying what being a “coach” really means to YOU and what value you have to share with those around you.

You’re overwhelmed by the variety of information and techniques thrown at you in terms of how to get to your dream coaching career.

So let me ask you….

  • Do people often come to you for a specific topic,  are you passionate about sharing your advice from past experience with them,(this can truly be for anything from marketing, wellness to parenting..) 
  • Do you dream of becoming financially independent, away from the paycheck to paycheck mentality whilst working remotely from anywhere? 
  • Do you seek to create an authentic online presence that speaks directly to your dream clients?

I have created a mega crystal clear framework to guide you in kickstarting your coaching career through 5 simple steps: 

  • Finding your niche 
  • Creating social proof 
  • Building the mindset of a successful coach
  • Deciding on your social platform 
  • Taking action & making it real

So that you can:

  • Finally, take action to become the coach you’ve always wanted 
  • Dive into the online space with confidence & clarity in your message, offers & value
  • Build an engaged community of ideal clients ready to buy your services 
  • Leverage social media in an effective and clear manner 
  • Create the right mindset to become a successful coach 
  • Build your online reputation as an authority
  • Take action today in the simplest way
  • Build a strong sustainable foundation for a long-term coaching career

The big question on my clients’ minds is how can I become a coach if I don’t have any specific talents or social media presence? 

Many clients come to me lacking clarity on where to start, because they’re missing a clear framework and get overwhelmed with the variety of information in the online space, and therefore the motivation to take action. 

I’ve been a digital nomad and social media coach for over 10 years working with clients from all over the world providing tailored strategies to help grow social media presence and build their online reputation. I also wrote an eBook, Kickin’ It On Social Media, all this experience has helped me gain clarity on how to best guide people into creating their unique remote job. And let me tell you that the most fulfilling & simple way is through coaching. 

From 9-5 to a digital nomad life

It took me 5 years to create my digital nomad & social media coaching career, but I have finally perfected ​the key steps from finding what coach you want to be, all the way to executing and getting your first client, ​ and want to share my years​ of expertise with you. 

So that you can finally cut through the overwhelm and take action towards your dream coaching career…

Inside Coach UP! you will get ….

  • A step by step framework to follow in becoming a coach 
  • A complete 90-minute workshop divided into two in-depth lessons covering the key steps divided into 5 key sections:

1. The mindset of a successful coach:
To set you up for success and get you started with confidence. 

2. Finding your niche & niching it even further down:
Creating your avatar and using the 3-level exercise to become mega clear on your niche, so you’re message and offerings speak specifically to them, and therefore you can create irresistible offerings to fit their needs.

3. Deciding with which social platform to start:
To know how to best communicate with your ideal audience, and land your first clients easily. 

4. Making it real, & taking action:
Talking to everybody about your dream, the simplest way to get started with 0 excuses & money needed. 

5. Starting to create social proof today:
To build your online reputation and establish credibility & authority for clients to eventually start coming to YOU.

Also, some extra add-ons as a gift …

  •  Bonus 1: A breakdown of the key coaching tools to get started to avoid getting overwhelmed (value 150 Euro)
  • Bonus 2: The customer journey map to help you better understand your client (value 100 Euro)
  • Bonus 3: 147 Euro off my personalized coaching package with 5 sessions to gain 1:1 guidance

Total value of course: 750 euros

Current price: 37 Euro

Here is what our students say:

I have been thinking about coaching and helping others for the last year without taking any action. This Coach UP! workshop has really helped me get started with the right mindset and intentions. I have already started developing my content and am in contact with potential coaching clients…
It was very clear to understand and easy to apply… this workshop boosted my confidence!!!

Alexis Buhagiar – Alexis Yoga

If you’re determined to kickstart your coaching career, and finally take action towards that dream click the button below to get immediate access to coach up today.

Are you ready for…

  • Following a simple framework to guide you in actually bringing your vision into action for becoming a coach?
  • Establishing the right mindset & confidence to get started before you think you’re ready?
  • The clarity in terms of how to develop and execute your coaching programs? 
  • Leveraging social media to attract your ideal client and start engaging & creating authentic conversations which eventually will lead to clients?

What’s holding you back?


1. How can I make the payment

Payment is done with PayPal 

2. Is the course self-paced or live? 

This is a self-paced online course that you can do whenever & wherever you want. However, we recommend not leaving it for more than a week, to ensure you actually take action

3. Is this right for me if I have no idea what coach I want to be? 

Yes, for sure, this course is ideal to start before you’re even ready, and ideal if you still haven’t started as this will guide you through the A-Z strategies needed from idea to execution, this will avoid you make the mistakes most people make when they start their coaching career without a clear framework. 

4. Is this right for me if I’m already starting my coaching career

Yes! This will help you gain clarity on key frameworks to scale your coaching business and re-evaluate any aspects that you seemed to have lost. 

5. Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

We are very confident that you will love this workshop. But if you are unsatisfied for any reason, reach out to us and we will give you your money back – 100%.