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Donna Eden’s Classes Review 2024 (TRUTH Revealed)

Introduction to Donna Eden’s Classes

Keen to learn about Energy Medicine from Donna Eden’s Masterclass? Not sure whether it is worth joining this masterclass? 

If you are finding answers to these questions, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I will be reviewing her Energy Medicine class and cover all points and aspects of this class that you should be knowing.

But before we begin with what this Energy Medicine Masterclass is all about and how it works, let us know more about what Energy Medicine actually is. 

Diving Into Depth Of Energy Medicine

Energy, as we all know, is a life force you cannot be without. You are alive when you have it, and you aren’t when you don’t have energy. The relationship of your body with this much-needed energy is evolving for the past millions of years.

These energies are amazingly intelligent and also direct our hormones and immune system and organize our iron filings in a distinct pattern. From repairing you when you fall ill to keeping your health intact, these energies keep your mind and body at the optimal state. 

The reason why Energy Medicine proves out to be the best for you is that in this case, energy is both patient as well as the medicine. By harnessing and directing energy as medicine in an effective manner, you can raise your spirits and also find a cure to your ailments.

At the same time, energy as a patient can help you revitalize your energies that have become disturbed or are weak. You can also heal and balance your body. 

Energy Medicine works as both self-help and self-care systems, as well as a complementary approach to medical care. It addresses everything ranging from physical illness to mental or emotional disorder and thus promotes peak-level wellness and high performance. 

Energy medicine thus empowers you to have much more control over your life and body. 

From ordinary people with no prior experience in healing others or their own selves to doctors, massage therapists, nurses, acupuncturists and others who want to enjoy greater vitality and joy or looking for an answer to better health or deal with their patients in an effective manner can take benefits from this course. 

Donna Eden’s Classes

When you learn and put these Energy Medicine exercises to use, it will mobilize your energy in a way that you no longer have to medicate or endure daily fatigue or pain.

The pharma companies will definitely want you to purchase their drugs because every time you pop up a pill to stop your pain becomes their source of earning billions of dollars. Thus, Energy Medicine can save your organs along with taxes. 

The best part about Energy Medicine is anyone who wishes to learn it can pursue it. It teaches you to participate knowledgeably into well-being, health, and healing of your own selves.

You don’t need a device, just a touch of your own hands will lead you towards a happier and healthier life. Just start it any moment you feel like. 

Energy Medicine does not focus on illness or its symptoms. The main focus of Energy Medicine is to keep your bodily system of energy healthy, vital, strong, and harmonious.

You assess or diagnose your energy system and not any illness. Similarly, you do not treat illness or its symptoms but treat your energy system. 

A total of 9 Energy Systems are included in Energy Medicines, namely, Chakras, Meridians, Aura, Triple Warmer, Radian Circuits, Basic Grid, Five Rhythms, Electrics, and Celtic Waves.

Donna Eden’s Classes

Why It Is Worth To Be Trained By Donna Eden In The Field Of Energy Medicine:

In Donna Eden’s Classes, she is teaching people about how they can work with their body’s energy system in order to reclaim their natural vitality and health. She is one of the most authoritative, joyous, and sought spokesperson in the world in the area of Energy Medicine. Her healing abilities are renowned and celebrated worldwide. She trained approximately eight thousand people across the globe, including both layman people and professionals in understanding the body as a system of energy. 

She works with the body’s subtle energies to enhance health, vitality, and happiness. Donna teaches people to work with these subtle energies in an effective and joyful manner. 

She has coached in many self-empowering and health workshops across the world that was attended by over eighty thousand participants. Energy Medicine, Donna’s first book, is a classic in this domain. The book has more than 2,00,000 copies sold and is translated into 15 languages. The book has also won two National Book Awards. The sequel of this book is titled “Energy Medicine For Women” and at the esteemed Nautilus competition, it has won the award for the “best health book”. Donna, as a healer, treated more than 10,000 individual clients. 

Now that we know how amazing Donna Eden’s Classes are in the area of Energy Medicine, let us know about her Energy Medicine Masterclass. 

Donna Eden's Classes

Details Of The Energy Medicine Masterclass

The course consists of a total of 8 modules. It was changed to a quest, but it didn’t affect the content much. The only difference that came in was in the format.  

With every module of Energy Medicine, you get:

PDF, Video, And Audio

You get a visual course when you purchase the Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden. It is pretty appealing and feels as if you are attending these classes live, and all of this at your comfort. This proves to be great for people who don’t like or are shy to get up and do something in front of others. This is because, in each module, you have to try out all the techniques that are taught in this masterclass.

Donna Eden and her spouse, David Feinstein, both have a group where they have people to discuss and practice particularly for the course. You can also find an audio version for this course, which can be downloaded and then listened to. In my opinion, it will not be a great idea to do this course with only audio. This is because this course has a lot of visuals and physical examples to offer. If you take up an audio course, you will miss a lot of what Donna Eden and her husband have to offer you.

You will also find PDFs to download with every module which has massive information regarding all that they are talking about. Next, you will get charts like numerous Meridian charts, Meridian Flow Wheel Chart, The Triple Warmer Chart, and also Zone Tapping Chart. You can also download these charts.

In Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine quest’s second introduction, you get a Glossary to download. It explains many things that Donna Eden talks about in her masterclass. But don’t expect it to get into in-depth details of what is taught in the class. It is still useful because you get some insight into what Donna is talking about in her class and its meaning. 

Question And Answer Section

With every module, you will have a Q&A section, which involves asking questions to Donna Eden and David Feinstein. Ask them all questions you have in your head and get them answered. 

The Energy Dance

Every module comes with Energy Dance by Donna Eden’s Daughter Titanya Dahlin. Here she puts all that you have learned throughout your module together into a dance. 

The Everyday Energy Routine 

You need to give in some time each and every day for a Daily Energy Routine besides your class every week or the time you decide to take up a class. You will learn about basic routine and detailed guidance about how you do every exercise you find in the handbook you download in the 1st module. You will also get to learn more about it in class. Next, you get a checklist in your downloaded PDF. It consists of a list of what you should do in routine and has small boxes on the side, which you can check off every day when you accomplish the task.

Getting Into Details Of Each Module 

In this section, I will present you details about each module so you have a fair idea of what you can expect out of this course. 

Module 1- Energy Medicine For Vitality And Health

In this module, the Daily Energy Routine is introduced by Donna Eden. It proves out to be invaluable and interesting because here, people learn how the energies of other people can affect you. At the same time, it also covers how you can affect the energies of other people. With a set of illustrative examples, she has to offer in the class, and it is pretty evident that we all highly influence each other’s energies on a tremendous level. It is so massive that it goes beyond one can even imagine. 

Overall, this module will help you become better in understanding your body’s needs and signals and also help you learn how your energy will affect other people. You will also learn how you can clear these energy blocks to regain a healthy energy flow. 

Module 2- Balancing, Grounding And Clearing Your Energies

Donna Eden, in this module, covers the aspect of how the energy pattern of yours can go off track and can lead you to poor productivity, happiness, and health. By the end of this module, you will learn how you can align with the Earthly Energies and also practical yet simple techniques to balance, ground, and clear your energies. 

Module 3- Befriending Spleen Meridians And Triple Warmer In Order To Relieve Stress

This module provides ample information about the cycle of the flow of energy and meridian systems. You will also get to know a lot about the importance of Triple Warmer and how you can relax it. Next up, it also gives massive insights into the Meridian Flow Wheel. 

By the end, you will learn about how your body fuels up by the Meridian system. You also discover the Meridian Flow Wheel and how you can use it. Next, you will learn to maintain a dynamic balance between Spleen meridians and Triple Warmer. I specifically liked the practical exercises that can reprogram your meridians and how you respond to stress, thus accelerating your journey towards joy and vitality. 

Module 4: Energy Tests So You Make Choices That Are Healthy

Module 4 talks about food testing and also other things to check how much your body wants them or doesn’t want them. Energetic tests like these help a lot in throwing light on things you should be consuming. By the end of this module, you will learn to put into use a biofeedback mechanism in order to check how your body responds to supplements, foods, environmental conditions, energy exercises, and other personal items. 

Module 5: Working With The Pain

This module talks about dealing and managing both sudden and chronic pain quickly and energetically. Here you can also learn about how you can chase the pain through the meridian. You will get to explore the techniques to address pain and learn numerous simple yet practical Energy Medicine techniques and first aid tools that can eliminate or at least reduce pain. 

Module 6- Chakras

This class deals with major chakras we have and how they function psychologically, physiologically, and, most importantly, spiritually. You will also get to know about some techniques which you can use in order to clear and balance these chakras. Overall this module will give you a complete introduction to chakras and their primary themes. 

Module 7 – Aura

This module focuses on sensing, clearing, balancing, strengthening, and, most importantly, understanding your aura. You get an introduction to the structure and layers of the aura and how you can test the health of an Aura. Next, you can explore how to recognize and also rectify a collapsed or detached Aura so that you can support a balanced energy flow through the field of aura. Discover how to protect your energies from external influence and also optimize how you connect to the Universe. 

Module 8: The Energies of Joy And Vitality- Radiant Circuit

Donna Eden is someone who emits joy like a beam of light. The energies that produce an exceptional state of happiness and higher joy and performance are Radiant Circuits. In this module, many simple and straightforward techniques were presented that proved out to be super powerful in enhancing my joy.

You will get to learn about the system of Radiant Circuits, what the individual Radiant Circuits have to do, and how you can strengthen most of the 10 Individual circuits. You will also get to explore how these Radiant Circuits can fuel your Energy Systems in order to connect you with the epitome of spark, joy, and growth. Next, you can discover the ways to naturally tap these Radiant Circuits and explore simple and short exercises to plug in your circuits. 

Overall it proves to be an amazing course with so much information covered about Energy Medicine and how you can deal with negativity, pains, decision-making process, energies, and much much more. 


If you are someone who is super passionate to learn about Energy Medicine and the way you can use it in your life in-depth, this course alone will not prove adequate. Though this course taught by Donna Eden gives away tons of techniques that you can use to make your life better in both mental and physical health aspects, it is ultimately just a comprehensive guide towards energy medicine. 

If you are looking for in-depth details about things like meridians and chakras, you need to study further to learn more about it. But suppose you don’t really want to get too much deeper into the details of these things. In that case, information, techniques, and tips offered in this course are enough to keep you healthy and happy. 

Pricing And Time Required of Donna Eden’s Classes

There is a limited time offer: $ 349 for a one-time payment or $387 if paid in 3 installments of $129.

Catch the Free Masterclass and get the entire course for only $299 in a one-time payment or in 2 installments of $159 each.

Required time: 2 hours a week to study the contents and practice whenever you feel like it.

Comes along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

It is highly recommended to take up this Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden if you really want to experience and take control over happiness and better health. You will definitely learn tricks and techniques that can surely be a help to you. In these classes, you will find tons of examples and information which will surely give you a lot to think of and do. 

Make sure that you do the exercises that are mentioned, read every module in the handbook thoroughly, and also do exercise. It will be even better if you stay connected with their Facebook group, which is limited to Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Participants. You will find many people there who can willfully assist you in understanding more regarding energy medicine or even energy in general. The more you do and learn, the more you will grow and get benefits from your energetic awareness. 

FAQs: Donna Eden’s Classes

Q.1. What benefit will Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine give to me?

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine will help you in gaining in your body’s natural resistance and ability to regenerate and revitalize you. In this modern world, our bodies have been losing their natural abilities to regenerate and revitalize with time due to the changed lifestyle. Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine corrects this lifestyle change-induced lack of mental and physical abilities.

Q.2. What side effects does Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine have?

There are absolutely no disadvantages or side effects of using this technique. It is completely harmless. It is just there to rejuvenate your mind and your body to help you regain your natural healing abilities. None of the users or experts have ever noticed any side effects or harmful effects on their bodies and minds.

Q.3. Why should I prefer Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine over anyone else?

Donna Eden is in this field for a very long time now. She has written various books and has already earned the esteemed National Books Award two times. This definitely makes Donna Eden one of the best in the field. Her immense knowledge and vast experience will help you in your venture to revitalize your mind and body naturally.

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