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London and its Potential to Become a Digital Nomad Haven

Despite its ever-growing popularity in different parts of the globe, digital nomads are somewhat of a rare breed in London. Typically, this lifestyle involves travelling to cities or countries where the cost of living is relatively cheaper and the weather is comforting, for lack of a better term. A lot of millennial wanderers compile a list of places to visit – often ditching London because of the connotation of luxury and royalty. However, when it comes to a digital nomadic lifestyle, this European city offers a distinct vibe that highlights convenience and openness.

When travelling from city to city, everything begins and ends inside an airport. London, for one, is the proud home of a couple of major international runways that echo its thriving tourism and transportation sectors. Take Gatwick for instance. According to Panethos, this Crawley, West Sussex landing field has the world’s most active single-use runway and Europe’s leading airport for point-to-point flights. With the constant influx of passengers, airport management invested billions on upgrading its facilities from the inside out. Aside from having world-class amenities, Gatwick also improved its North Terminal, as well as South Terminal parking spaces. Parking4Less even points out an award winning short stay car park situated between the two terminals. In a nutshell, these developments are just the tip of the iceberg of London’s fantastic public transportation systems.

London by night.
Busy streets of London. Photo credit:

A digital nomad’s way of life revolves around the frequent use of public transportation, because they want to soak up the culture, socialize with locals, and more importantly travel around the city. London checks all of the above and more. The world-famous Tube is arguably the fastest and simplest way to travel around the city. In addition, there are local trains and trams, as well as an innovative Docklands Light Railway, that links various parts of the metropolitan. With this, digital nomads in London can drop off near Barbican Centre, where cafés such as TY Old Street and Look Mum No Hands have fast Internet connection.

Like hitting two birds with one stone, London buses offer not just cheap transportation alternatives but an excellent vantage point to see the many tourist spots en route. This iconic transportation system has stops near the city’s private workspaces along the lines of Campus London Café, Forge Co, and Somerset House, to name a few. While on the subject of touring, Visit London suggests River Bus Services as a terrific way to beat the traffic and get a distinct point of view for sightseeing.

Visiting London as a digital nomad can be a great option.
When in London, a visit to the ‘Big Ben’ is a must.

Additionally, during the summer months you’re likely to see digital nomads working on their laptops outside coffee shops, along the Camden Dock or even at some of London’s most revered parks. Famous meeting areas like Hyde Park often attract a montage of freelancers working for as long as their batteries hold out under the unrelenting sun.

All in all, London may not be the most popular destination for up-and-coming digital nomads, as it’s more suited for more experienced ones. The city, indeed, tends to fit the more seasoned batch of working travellers, but it’s not to say that people should count it out altogether. In fact, London can become one of the end goals, a target for a digital nomad to do better and aspire greater.



By Julia Jerg

Julia is the founder and chief editor of Jey Jetter, a site that showcases the option of working remotely and travel as much as you like. Julia is a former PR/marketing consultant who turned into a remote working social media manager, travel writer and public speaker living location independently since 2011. She has been to 86 countries on all 6 continents and lived in several different countries for more than six months. Her laptop is her office and the label 'digital nomad' fits best to describe her lifestyle. On this site, she writes about personal freedom, remote work and her passion for travelling.

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