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Events No Digital Nomad Should Miss In 2016

Digital Nomad Events in 2016
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Almost every one of us is a digital nomad. The strong dependency we have towards technology, particularly on smartphones, is a proof that we are living in the modern world – where we can bring work wherever we go while exploring the world at the same time. The power of the internet has connected everyone with almost anything. Many successful digital nomads have proven that working and travelling the world are possible, such as Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt, Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads, and Stuart McDonald of Travel Fish.

“I truly wake up every day thankful that I’ve been able to build a life around the things I love,” said seasoned traveller and lawyer Jodi Ettenberg.

However, the transition is often not easy for many. It takes plenty of preparation, such as where to go and what to do in the next destination to maximise your stay. Check out one of our articles on how events might help you get started as a digital nomad.

Digital Nomad Events in 2016

If you already are a digital nomad, then here is a list of events you shouldn’t miss this year from June to December 2016 to help you prepare ahead:



Unlike other months, June has plenty of events for the travelling entrepreneurs. Of course, do not miss the annual Refuga Digital Nomads Festival in Umbria, Italy. It is attended by a group of entrepreneurs working while travelling the globe. There are plenty of destinations they offer, including Kilimanjaro in Africa, Thailand, Spain and Costa Rica. Attendees across the world join a bonfire talk, share knowledge, celebrate breaking free. Their next trip to Italy will be from June 25 to July 1. Do not miss visiting magnificent Rome during your short stay in Italy, where you and your new-found friends can enjoy some of the best coffee and café culture in the world. In fact, it’s called the ‘home of espresso,’ but there are some coffee break rules in Rome, such as no cappuccino after 11 am and no funky orders like an additional hazelnut shot in your coffee. But, don’t worry the result is still the best brew. This will make your stay in Italy more memorable and pleasant.



In July, you can fly to Romania and join the OFFice2Travel workation event in the gothic city of Brasove in Transylvania. From July 5-11, a selected group of digital nomads will embark on a seven-day journey to this wonderful city while staying in a private historic villa with breakfast and special dinners. Only 12 candidates will experience this one-of-a-kind Coworking camp in Europe. The staycation is placed in a 5-star mansion that offers the convenience of a mansion and a villa. Aside from this event, one can also visit the infamous Dracula’s castle in Bran, check out the summer residence of the Romanian royal family (Peles Castle), or try outdoor adventures from hiking, climbing, and Tyrolean traverse in your week stay.

Check out the event here.

Explore some new places and connect with Digital Nomads in 2016


OFFice2Travel will once again hold an event for on-the-go workers in the mountainous view of the Brasov city in August. Entitled ‘Mountain Workation,’ 10 selected digital nomads will be staying in a private villa located in the Carpathian mountains for a week (August 20-26). This coworking experience will allow one to connect with other like-minded people, escape the noise of the city, enjoy the beautiful landscape, and experience the best fresh air and nature one can find in the world. Based on a tourism source in Romania, travellers can find the Oas and Harghita range in this area, which is the ‘longest volcanic mountain chain in Europe.’ Tourists can see volcanic necks and cones, while some ranges with craters that are still preserved.

Check out the event here.

Catch some sunsets and digital nomads events in 2016!


In September, digital nomads can experience a sweet escape in Spain’s wonderful sunset station in Andalusia. Sunny Office will select freelancers and entrepreneurs who will discover the incredible coast of Zahora for 10 days (September 19-28). There will be 7-15 attendees coming from different parts of Europe (aged 23-28). They will be staying in the quiet and beautiful village of Zahora that is located between Cadiz and Tarifa. It is only 300-meter away from the beach, where the best view of the sunset and sunrise can be seen by all attendees every day.

Check out the event here.

Chiang Mai is one popular hotspot for digital nomads!


The Entrepreneur House will be holding its annual DCBKK Conference in Changmai, Thailand that lasts for 30 days. Selected attendees will be working alongside the best league of entrepreneurs worldwide. According to previous attendee Rus Huges, “The best thing about staying in The Entrepreneur House is that my productivity has increase 500%.” The even crew is the same team that put together 228 days of coworking experience in Barcelona, which they are are now extending it in Thailand. Increase your productivity and travel experience by attending in this unique digital nomad event.

Check out the event here.

Only another great reason why to visit Sydney this year!


WFA (Work From Anywhere) will be holding its annual event this year at the University of Sydney on November 5. It gathers freelancers and on-the-go entrepreneurs who are ready to explore the world, how to live, work efficiently, and learn differently with other professionals. Attendees will be welcomed with 5 successful entrepreneurs, including the best-selling author and adventurer Batalie Sisson and David Hobson of Foundr Magazine. It comes with a 2×1 hour workshops, pre-conference education, wrap-up drinks (smoothie and coffee), and a packed WFA goodie bag.

Check out the event here.

Beautiful sunsets and events are waiting for digital nomads in 2016.


Whilst many parts of the world are on winter vacation at this time, Brazil is offering tourists summer weather and great beaches all-year-round. Thus, it’s not surprising to know that DNX camp considered their end of the year event to be in Jericoacoara, Brazil, where 17 participants will be staying in a private sea-view villa from December 1-11. One of the famous spots for kitesurfing in the world, Jericoacoara was the chosen destination for the coworking camp where attendees will experience Skill Sharing, Think Tanks, DNX Tank, and Tribe Checkins. This 11-day experience will allow one to embark on plenty of extraordinary personal and career experiences in the best travel destination in the world.

Check out the event here.

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