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Lisa Nichols Review 2023 – Is It Worth Your Time? (Honest Opinion)

Introduction To Lisa Nichols Review

“You are the creator of your own destiny; you are the author of your story”.

These inspiring words have been quoted by America’s most excellent Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols, who is a YouTuber, an entrepreneur. She is also the CEO of Motivating the Masses, which helps people in personality development training and is one of the top ventures in the world.       

Lisa Nichols: The Struggle

Lisa Nichols’ journey from being a struggling single mother to being one of the world’s top motivational speakers, began almost 20 years ago.

The story goes back when Lisa was 27, back in 1994, she was going through the most robust phase in her life.

Being a single mother to a baby boy and having $12 in her bank account, and getting government help for her and the baby’s needs is precisely from where she started.

This was the turning point of her life, where she wanted to break through the phase of acute poverty she was stuck in.

She, despite all the hardships, wanted to stay motivated and that is how she never lost trust in herself and realized that her talent of being a help, as a motivator, would not only help the people around her but also would help her in being positive and motivated throughout the journey.

Lisa Nichols Review

Lisa Nichols had a dream to speak in front of thousands of people, and for that, she started by gaining public speaking confidence by practising in front of a mirror.

This is how she groomed her oratory skills before trying to become a public speaker. While practising, she focussed on minute details that could make her audience laugh, or move them and make them cry.

She always believed in making a connection with the audience and felt that only then, her words could help them. 

She was successful in discovering the power she has and how it can move people. And from then onwards, she has been a messiah for millions of people struggling with demotivation and consulting self-help.

The Early Life

Lisa Nichols was born in 1966 in Los Angeles, California. After she was married, she faced a lot of mental and physical abuse and chose to take care of her child on her own as a single mother.

When Lisa was 27 years of age, she was a single parent who was battling to make a decent living.

Having only $12 in her ledger, she disclosed to her child she could ‘never be that bankrupt again’. She said this was the defining moment for her.

Lisa was able to change her own life totally, which is the reason she can share the information and knowledge about life that she has with others today.

Career: Motivating the Masses

Lisa’s own flourishing has invigorated her into the impedes that various people face on their approach to self-improvement.

Lisa Nichols became the CEO of the venture Motivating the Masses in 2010, which is the world’s top companies that provide training, self-help and personality development.

Her life journey started from being a totally broke single parent to turning into the world’s generally eminent and mentioned Motivational speaker. 

Inside the association, Lisa has made workshops and undertakings that have helped various individuals and associations over the world.


They in like manner offer live occasions, instructional courses and various books by Lisa herself. 

Moving The Masses is an inconceivable resource for directors and business visionaries who need to exploit themselves and their gatherings.

The association’s pivotal to empower their customers to develop the motivation and methodology required for them to win in their own and business lives. 

She has a worldwide reach of around 80 million, changing the lives of a great many individuals en route with her inspiration and energy. 

With her assurance, she has had the option to move individuals worldwide and helped them in finding their actual potential and gifts. 

Lisa Nichols has consistently been exceptionally open about her battles with her fans, that causes them to feel associated with her, and that is the way she seeks after them towards being fruitful and propelled in their lives. 

Her biography ends up being a motivation for millions, how a broke single parent curated a multi-million dollar adventure shows that nothing is inconceivable on the off chance that you are resolved for your objectives.

Lisa Nichols: The Author 

Not exclusively is Lisa Nichols a rousing persuasive orator and instructor, she is additionally a top of the line creator.

Lisa has distributed seven books, including No Matter What, Destined For Greatness, Living Proof and Abundance Now. 


All of Lisa Nichols books rotate around the idea of carrying on with your best life and accomplishing all that you might want to accomplish. She has books on both self-awareness and business advancement.

Lisa Nichols is the author of over 6 books which have been the NewYork Times Best Sellers, with millions of copies being sold.

These books talk about the difficulties that all of us face with respect to work, connections, confidence and life objectives.


These are the books she has written, which till date, remain some of the essential books for the ‘Self Help’ genre.

Lisa Nichols: Features

Being a celebrated Motivational Speaker, she has been invited to a lot of renowned talk shows in America to talk about her life and how she has been able to help the people around the globe.

She has been a part of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, ‘The Dr Phill Show’, ‘The Steve Harvey Show’, ‘The Today Show’ – just to name a few.

She has also been featured in a lot of global level magazines such as ‘People’, ‘GQ’ and many more, for her tremendous work in the field of being a motivation for many lives.

Lisa Nichols: Motivating the Teen Spirit

Motivating The Teen Spirit is a non-profitable venture by Lisa Nichols to help teenage lives.

She has helped over 300,000 teenagers to find their purpose in life, prevented a considerable number of teen suicides, and even helped the school and university dropouts to get back to their education.

This venture offers training programs for teenage kids on how to live a happy and successful life while being motivated and positive throughout.

Lisa Nichols Review

She started with the mission of teen empowerment and helped them in leading a path of self-love. 

The movement ‘Teen Spirit’ has been launched on a global level, for teens from every country, regardless of their religion, colour, age and economic or social background.

Through this, she wants to create a world where teenagers live a happy and healthy life and pursue the path of Self Love.

She wants to make sure that the teenagers Love themselves, be themselves and are able to Speak themselves.

Lisa Nichols: Awards

In appreciation of her work, Lisa Nichols has received some of the most prestigious awards in her motivational career.

She has been honoured by the Ambassador Award, The Humanitarian Award from South Africa, Heart of Learning Award, to name a few from the long list.

Lisa Nichols and ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Brynes

Lisa Nichols has taken an interest in The Secret narrative and is moreover, part of The Secret book, by Rhonda Byrnes.

She contributed her comprehension of the most capable technique to quickly and enough achieve riches and use the Law of Attraction to improve your life. 

She talks about how to achieve satisfaction and explains that when we praise our stunning feelings, we will pull in even more positive assumptions to us, similarly as things that cause us to feel incredible in our lives.

Lisa talked about the Law of Attraction and notices that when you centre around your negative considerations and emotions, you’ll feel distressed and greater cynicism every day.

She says that we are the maker of our own fate. Lisa says that nobody else can settle on the choices for us – just ourselves. 

Lisa’s contribution to The Secret prompted her development as a media character. She was welcome to a wide range of syndicated programs to examine her work and information further.

Development Programs by Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols has curated an assortment of projects on offer for any individual who might want to open their boundless potential and make progress in all aspects of their life.

The uncomplicated projects can either be for your very own turn of events or business advancement. 

All these projects incorporate online courses that you can partake in at home. They are completely expected to enable others to gain ground and valuable change in their lives.

Her tasks fuse a great deal of self-improvement and advancement programs, 28 days to result, online classes for. 

These projects have been profoundly applauded by many. Clients state that Lisa assisted with completely changing themselves to improve things, live their fantasies and open their maximum capacity.

Lisa nichols

28 Days to Result

This program, 28 Days To Results, offers day by day steps to assist you with finding out about the 9 critical parts of your life, and how you can make a move to get incredible outcomes in these zones. 

All through the program, Lisa gives you 28 everyday recordings and tells you which steps to make. Every week is committed to another subject. Week 1 is called ‘Dominating The Inner Game’, the second ‘Bliss’, the third ‘Wellbeing’. The most recent week’s emphasis is on ‘Riches’. 

When Lisa talks about 28 Days To Results, she clarifies the program as something that can assist you with accomplishing Micro-wins, which would then be able to prompt Macro-wins.

These little successes can assist with keeping you persuaded and move in the direction of more significant objectives you have throughout everyday life. 

The program is intended to assist you in changing your practices, so they become a propensity. This ordinarily takes 21 days to accomplish, which is the reason why the program keeps going 28 days; to ensure the propensity has created.

Inside this fantastic system, you are additionally given an Action Journal, where you can record your procedure. Need to attempt a tester? Guarantee your complimentary duplicate of Lisa’s plenitude plan, with 24 demonstrated procedures to make the existence you need.

Online Series: NO MATTER WHAT

There is another online program that Lisa offers that is called No Matter What, and this program is a 6 section online arrangement. This internet preparing program was made by both Lisa Nichols and her COO of Motivating The Masses, Susie Carder. 

This program has been intended to assist individuals with making discoveries in all aspects of their lives and arrive at their latent capacity. The No Matter What program offers to assist you with making changes with your joy, riches and achievement. 

This No Matter What program provides recordings, activities, and worksheets for you to do. The 6 subjects that are centred around in this program are Character and Mindset, Managing Chaos, Creating a New Reality, Freedom, Your Life Plan and Becoming Non-Negotiable. 

Just as making changes throughout your life, you can likewise figure out how to evacuate snags that halted you previously. You can figure out how to deliver any negative contemplations or sentiments that could likewise be blocking you on your excursion. 

Lisa Nichols: The YouTuber

Lisa Nichols is a very popular content creator on YouTube as well. Her channel has a massive number of subscribers, and she makes sure to post a video each week, keeping her consistent with her outstanding work.

The recordings on Lisa Nichols Youtube channel go from her and others from her group shooting for arrangement, for example, ‘Thriving Power Jam’, to one-on-one recordings of Lisa offering guidance on various subjects.

Lisa makes recordings on themes, for example, self-care and acknowledgement. 

Lisa utilizes her Youtube channel to help rouse others to change their carries on with, much the same as her projects and books do. You can likewise watch cuts from Lisa’s talks at gatherings and occasions. 

The primary mission of Lisa’s Youtube channel is to convey recordings that furnish the watchers with the bit by bit devices they have to carry on with the existence that they need.

Course Reviews

Donna Eden’s Classes Review 2023 (TRUTH Revealed)

Introduction to Donna Eden’s Classes

Keen to learn about Energy Medicine from Donna Eden’s Masterclass? Not sure whether it is worth joining this masterclass? 

If you are finding answers to these questions, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I will be reviewing her Energy Medicine class and cover all points and aspects of this class that you should be knowing.

But before we begin with what this Energy Medicine Masterclass is all about and how it works, let us know more about what Energy Medicine actually is. 

Diving Into Depth Of Energy Medicine

Energy, as we all know, is a life force you cannot be without. You are alive when you have it, and you aren’t when you don’t have energy. The relationship of your body with this much-needed energy is evolving for the past millions of years.

These energies are amazingly intelligent and also direct our hormones and immune system and organize our iron filings in a distinct pattern. From repairing you when you fall ill to keeping your health intact, these energies keep your mind and body at the optimal state. 

The reason why Energy Medicine proves out to be the best for you is that in this case, energy is both patient as well as the medicine. By harnessing and directing energy as medicine in an effective manner, you can raise your spirits and also find a cure to your ailments.

At the same time, energy as a patient can help you revitalize your energies that have become disturbed or are weak. You can also heal and balance your body. 

Energy Medicine works as both self-help and self-care systems, as well as a complementary approach to medical care. It addresses everything ranging from physical illness to mental or emotional disorder and thus promotes peak-level wellness and high performance. 

Energy medicine thus empowers you to have much more control over your life and body. 

From ordinary people with no prior experience in healing others or their own selves to doctors, massage therapists, nurses, acupuncturists and others who want to enjoy greater vitality and joy or looking for an answer to better health or deal with their patients in an effective manner can take benefits from this course. 

Donna Eden’s Classes

When you learn and put these Energy Medicine exercises to use, it will mobilize your energy in a way that you no longer have to medicate or endure daily fatigue or pain.

The pharma companies will definitely want you to purchase their drugs because every time you pop up a pill to stop your pain becomes their source of earning billions of dollars. Thus, Energy Medicine can save your organs along with taxes. 

The best part about Energy Medicine is anyone who wishes to learn it can pursue it. It teaches you to participate knowledgeably into well-being, health, and healing of your own selves.

You don’t need a device, just a touch of your own hands will lead you towards a happier and healthier life. Just start it any moment you feel like. 

Energy Medicine does not focus on illness or its symptoms. The main focus of Energy Medicine is to keep your bodily system of energy healthy, vital, strong, and harmonious.

You assess or diagnose your energy system and not any illness. Similarly, you do not treat illness or its symptoms but treat your energy system. 

A total of 9 Energy Systems are included in Energy Medicines, namely, Chakras, Meridians, Aura, Triple Warmer, Radian Circuits, Basic Grid, Five Rhythms, Electrics, and Celtic Waves.

Donna Eden’s Classes

Why It Is Worth To Be Trained By Donna Eden In The Field Of Energy Medicine:

In Donna Eden’s Classes, she is teaching people about how they can work with their body’s energy system in order to reclaim their natural vitality and health. She is one of the most authoritative, joyous, and sought spokesperson in the world in the area of Energy Medicine. Her healing abilities are renowned and celebrated worldwide. She trained approximately eight thousand people across the globe, including both layman people and professionals in understanding the body as a system of energy. 

She works with the body’s subtle energies to enhance health, vitality, and happiness. Donna teaches people to work with these subtle energies in an effective and joyful manner. 

She has coached in many self-empowering and health workshops across the world that was attended by over eighty thousand participants. Energy Medicine, Donna’s first book, is a classic in this domain. The book has more than 2,00,000 copies sold and is translated into 15 languages. The book has also won two National Book Awards. The sequel of this book is titled “Energy Medicine For Women” and at the esteemed Nautilus competition, it has won the award for the “best health book”. Donna, as a healer, treated more than 10,000 individual clients. 

Now that we know how amazing Donna Eden’s Classes are in the area of Energy Medicine, let us know about her Energy Medicine Masterclass. 

Donna Eden's Classes

Details Of The Energy Medicine Masterclass

The course consists of a total of 8 modules. It was changed to a quest, but it didn’t affect the content much. The only difference that came in was in the format.  

With every module of Energy Medicine, you get:

PDF, Video, And Audio

You get a visual course when you purchase the Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden. It is pretty appealing and feels as if you are attending these classes live, and all of this at your comfort. This proves to be great for people who don’t like or are shy to get up and do something in front of others. This is because, in each module, you have to try out all the techniques that are taught in this masterclass.

Donna Eden and her spouse, David Feinstein, both have a group where they have people to discuss and practice particularly for the course. You can also find an audio version for this course, which can be downloaded and then listened to. In my opinion, it will not be a great idea to do this course with only audio. This is because this course has a lot of visuals and physical examples to offer. If you take up an audio course, you will miss a lot of what Donna Eden and her husband have to offer you.

You will also find PDFs to download with every module which has massive information regarding all that they are talking about. Next, you will get charts like numerous Meridian charts, Meridian Flow Wheel Chart, The Triple Warmer Chart, and also Zone Tapping Chart. You can also download these charts.

In Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine quest’s second introduction, you get a Glossary to download. It explains many things that Donna Eden talks about in her masterclass. But don’t expect it to get into in-depth details of what is taught in the class. It is still useful because you get some insight into what Donna is talking about in her class and its meaning. 

Question And Answer Section

With every module, you will have a Q&A section, which involves asking questions to Donna Eden and David Feinstein. Ask them all questions you have in your head and get them answered. 

The Energy Dance

Every module comes with Energy Dance by Donna Eden’s Daughter Titanya Dahlin. Here she puts all that you have learned throughout your module together into a dance. 

The Everyday Energy Routine 

You need to give in some time each and every day for a Daily Energy Routine besides your class every week or the time you decide to take up a class. You will learn about basic routine and detailed guidance about how you do every exercise you find in the handbook you download in the 1st module. You will also get to learn more about it in class. Next, you get a checklist in your downloaded PDF. It consists of a list of what you should do in routine and has small boxes on the side, which you can check off every day when you accomplish the task.

Getting Into Details Of Each Module 

In this section, I will present you details about each module so you have a fair idea of what you can expect out of this course. 

Module 1- Energy Medicine For Vitality And Health

In this module, the Daily Energy Routine is introduced by Donna Eden. It proves out to be invaluable and interesting because here, people learn how the energies of other people can affect you. At the same time, it also covers how you can affect the energies of other people. With a set of illustrative examples, she has to offer in the class, and it is pretty evident that we all highly influence each other’s energies on a tremendous level. It is so massive that it goes beyond one can even imagine. 

Overall, this module will help you become better in understanding your body’s needs and signals and also help you learn how your energy will affect other people. You will also learn how you can clear these energy blocks to regain a healthy energy flow. 

Module 2- Balancing, Grounding And Clearing Your Energies

Donna Eden, in this module, covers the aspect of how the energy pattern of yours can go off track and can lead you to poor productivity, happiness, and health. By the end of this module, you will learn how you can align with the Earthly Energies and also practical yet simple techniques to balance, ground, and clear your energies. 

Module 3- Befriending Spleen Meridians And Triple Warmer In Order To Relieve Stress

This module provides ample information about the cycle of the flow of energy and meridian systems. You will also get to know a lot about the importance of Triple Warmer and how you can relax it. Next up, it also gives massive insights into the Meridian Flow Wheel. 

By the end, you will learn about how your body fuels up by the Meridian system. You also discover the Meridian Flow Wheel and how you can use it. Next, you will learn to maintain a dynamic balance between Spleen meridians and Triple Warmer. I specifically liked the practical exercises that can reprogram your meridians and how you respond to stress, thus accelerating your journey towards joy and vitality. 

Module 4: Energy Tests So You Make Choices That Are Healthy

Module 4 talks about food testing and also other things to check how much your body wants them or doesn’t want them. Energetic tests like these help a lot in throwing light on things you should be consuming. By the end of this module, you will learn to put into use a biofeedback mechanism in order to check how your body responds to supplements, foods, environmental conditions, energy exercises, and other personal items. 

Module 5: Working With The Pain

This module talks about dealing and managing both sudden and chronic pain quickly and energetically. Here you can also learn about how you can chase the pain through the meridian. You will get to explore the techniques to address pain and learn numerous simple yet practical Energy Medicine techniques and first aid tools that can eliminate or at least reduce pain. 

Module 6- Chakras

This class deals with major chakras we have and how they function psychologically, physiologically, and, most importantly, spiritually. You will also get to know about some techniques which you can use in order to clear and balance these chakras. Overall this module will give you a complete introduction to chakras and their primary themes. 

Module 7 – Aura

This module focuses on sensing, clearing, balancing, strengthening, and, most importantly, understanding your aura. You get an introduction to the structure and layers of the aura and how you can test the health of an Aura. Next, you can explore how to recognize and also rectify a collapsed or detached Aura so that you can support a balanced energy flow through the field of aura. Discover how to protect your energies from external influence and also optimize how you connect to the Universe. 

Module 8: The Energies of Joy And Vitality- Radiant Circuit

Donna Eden is someone who emits joy like a beam of light. The energies that produce an exceptional state of happiness and higher joy and performance are Radiant Circuits. In this module, many simple and straightforward techniques were presented that proved out to be super powerful in enhancing my joy.

You will get to learn about the system of Radiant Circuits, what the individual Radiant Circuits have to do, and how you can strengthen most of the 10 Individual circuits. You will also get to explore how these Radiant Circuits can fuel your Energy Systems in order to connect you with the epitome of spark, joy, and growth. Next, you can discover the ways to naturally tap these Radiant Circuits and explore simple and short exercises to plug in your circuits. 

Overall it proves to be an amazing course with so much information covered about Energy Medicine and how you can deal with negativity, pains, decision-making process, energies, and much much more. 


If you are someone who is super passionate to learn about Energy Medicine and the way you can use it in your life in-depth, this course alone will not prove adequate. Though this course taught by Donna Eden gives away tons of techniques that you can use to make your life better in both mental and physical health aspects, it is ultimately just a comprehensive guide towards energy medicine. 

If you are looking for in-depth details about things like meridians and chakras, you need to study further to learn more about it. But suppose you don’t really want to get too much deeper into the details of these things. In that case, information, techniques, and tips offered in this course are enough to keep you healthy and happy. 

Pricing And Time Required of Donna Eden’s Classes

There is a limited time offer: $ 349 for a one-time payment or $387 if paid in 3 installments of $129.

Catch the Free Masterclass and get the entire course for only $299 in a one-time payment or in 2 installments of $159 each.

Required time: 2 hours a week to study the contents and practice whenever you feel like it.

Comes along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

It is highly recommended to take up this Energy Medicine course by Donna Eden if you really want to experience and take control over happiness and better health. You will definitely learn tricks and techniques that can surely be a help to you. In these classes, you will find tons of examples and information which will surely give you a lot to think of and do. 

Make sure that you do the exercises that are mentioned, read every module in the handbook thoroughly, and also do exercise. It will be even better if you stay connected with their Facebook group, which is limited to Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Participants. You will find many people there who can willfully assist you in understanding more regarding energy medicine or even energy in general. The more you do and learn, the more you will grow and get benefits from your energetic awareness. 

FAQs: Donna Eden’s Classes

Q.1. What benefit will Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine give to me?

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine will help you in gaining in your body’s natural resistance and ability to regenerate and revitalize you. In this modern world, our bodies have been losing their natural abilities to regenerate and revitalize with time due to the changed lifestyle. Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine corrects this lifestyle change-induced lack of mental and physical abilities.

Q.2. What side effects does Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine have?

There are absolutely no disadvantages or side effects of using this technique. It is completely harmless. It is just there to rejuvenate your mind and your body to help you regain your natural healing abilities. None of the users or experts have ever noticed any side effects or harmful effects on their bodies and minds.

Q.3. Why should I prefer Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine over anyone else?

Donna Eden is in this field for a very long time now. She has written various books and has already earned the esteemed National Books Award two times. This definitely makes Donna Eden one of the best in the field. Her immense knowledge and vast experience will help you in your venture to revitalize your mind and body naturally.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

The following write up covers a review of a widely renowned online course – Mindvalley Superbrain, instructed by Jim Kwik. The course is named ‘Superbrain’.

I wished to retain a little additional amount of things I learned throughout the day. Consequently, I landed at Jim Kwik’s brain training course – Superbrain.

Jim claims that one will see an effectual improvement in his/her learning potential and retain the facts that you learn throughout your life, once they go through his month-long curriculum Superbrain.

This course combines various learning and grasping techniques and tactics like reading at pace, techniques to deliver optimum performance, combined with another set of activities to deliver an impressive outcome.

One generic question that crosses one’s mind is:

Does this work in lines with what that trainer claims or is it a scam?

I’ll try to answer this question in the following Mindvalley Superbrain review article of the aforementioned online course.

Disclaimer: Professional editors assess every product individually. We may earn a commission if you purchase products through our website. However, it won’t add up additional pressure in your pockets.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2020

Is Jim Kwik compatible to go forward with as your trainer?

Honestly, Mindvalley whirls up a noisy buzz in and around the market claiming that their online credentials can bring unexpected and astonishing revamps in one’s life.

However, I do not go gaga from the hype all around. I’ll do anything just to know if these courses would leave an impact in my life by equipping me with the practical know-how of things around me.

This being a valid reason, I extensively browse and try to have a sneak peek into the buzz created around and try to look into its every element, be it the design of the course curriculum or the pedagogic skills of the trainer.

You’ll be in touch directly with Jim Kwik as far as Superbrain is concerned.

Kwik’s story about coming up with this course is an apt example of the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’. Kwik was left with a distressing brain injury, following a severe accident during his teenage days. Subsequently, his memory power diminished significantly and was now required to learn many things again.

Although he was fond of learning new things, he was left with no other option but to learn things from a different approach as his learning skills were now not as sharp as they used to be before the accident.

In this expedition, to know which techniques would suit him and which not, rigorously brainstormed many fostered learning techs available on the planet.

Jim Kwik Superbrain

As a result, he not only successfully healed his brain, but he also trained his brain to function at an utter advanced and prodigal level.

Today, he trains some well-known names all over the globe.

Before enrolling for the course, the first and foremost thing which I thought I should know was that if Jim Kwik was the right person to tab upon.

With this thought, I went through a masterclass by Mindvalley, which was available for free. Some memory-boosting techniques shared by Jim Kwik in this session.

Just in case you are the first person here, I would warn you that the moment you join this class, you will see flashing headlines and covers of the buzz by Mindvalley. Once this ends, you’ll see Jim Kwik and know him as an instructor.

Jim Kwik left a positive first impression on me; an honest, sincere, and straight forward personality. The reason I logged in with this course was that I found his story to be very apparent and full of inspiration.

Moving ahead with this article, I will be enlisting some prominent advantages you’ll be benefited by through this training. Later in subsequent paragraphs, I’ll give you a brief description to help you know what this course curriculum is actually about.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review

How is brain training beneficial?

The concept of brain training is an age-old thing. Some scientists have been nestling up to study the secrets of brain training for the last 10 decades and so. However, this theoretical consideration has been given a practical outlook in recent decades only.

It is a well-known fact that the brain is a muscular tissue, which is used every time, even when we are asleep. It does stop working out of fatigue every day. Just like our hand muscles don’t mind us doing some hand activities throughout the day, so is the case with our brain.

Our brain, when used for simple reflexes, does not get the workout it requires to remain active and intact, unless we are doing some activity which requires serious mental engagement, like studying a subject, solving a puzzle, etc.

A common myth that prevails in the contemporary era is that our brain tends to go weak with increasing age and subsequently starts losing its mental aptitude to learn new things.

However, recent research has revealed that there is no scientific base in this statement. The reason that we lose learning ability with growing age lies in the fact that we do not tend to use our brain properly and effectively, otherwise, our brain cells are powerful enough to retain the learning capacity throughout our lives.

Does brain training work?

In short, yes. But the precondition is that it must be done effectively. As per some recent studies, evidence of grey matter is found in adults when a new skill is taught to them, which is, indeed, a good sign of health.

However, neither confirming it nor denying the fact that brain training is a topic around which revolves several controversies. With ever-increasing demand, many marketers commercialized this training with mobile applications. An utter need to put a comma on these scrupulous activities called for some investigation against these lawsuits.

Brain Training

There was no legit way to demonstrate if these apps train your brain to some extent or the other. The only way out in this regard was to read out magnetic resonance imaging or biopsy of our brain in the beginning and towards the end of the training, failing to which there is no other way to prove the same.

Least to say, these mal traders have mulled the market of this training.  Several firms have been found fraudulently aligning the elderly pay for brain training, under fake promises that it will surely deal with mental disorders and chronic diseases like that of Alzheimer’s.

Can we say that brain training is a scam?

Well, the answer to this question would be a partial ‘Yes’.

Some profiteering companies can be located and anywhere in the market who fraudulently promise its customers, elderly in particular, to subscribe to their training. It is no less than a mere profit-making business for them.

However, the same is not the case for Jim Kwik. Jim never promised during the entire training period that his techniques will do wonders in a short period. He mentions that these exercises are to be done religiously and patiently. Only then you’ll slowly but steadily mark improvement in your learning skills.

So, the verdict is loud and clear: Jim Kwik is not at all a scam. It’s imperative on your part that you pierce beyond the hype for publicity of SUPERBRAIN and realize who Jim Kwik is as a trainer.

Merits of training brain:

Out of the numerous benefits that this training has got to offer, prominent ones are enlisted below:

o    Boost mental performance

o    Substantial reduction in the intensity of dementia

o    Quickly and gracefully switch between different activities

o    Significant improvement in IQ grades

o    Better concentration

o    Retention, memory, and learning power is enhanced.

What is meant by the term ‘Superbrain’?

So far, I believe I have succeeded in familiarizing you with our trainer: Jim Kwik. Now, let’s inch forward in this discussion, where I’ll brief you with things that will come along when you enrol in Superbrain.

This comprehensively designed course spread over 34 days will equip you with skills so that you learn quickly while retaining more. The reality check is that they won’t make you smarter overnight.

To regain the things he forgot after meeting with an accident which caused him a traumatic brain injury, Jim designed this course. His primary motive was to relearn the lost memories and at the same time, forgetting less.

Jim Kwik, now a well-established name, is assisting some of the most influential people around the world. From NYU to Columbia and Stanford University, from Nike to Elon Musk, Jim has impacted them all.

A common misconception that every enrollee of this course had at some point in time is the thought that this course will tell you a secret magic spell that you have to practice and that it would do wonders with your mental skills in a short period. However, the apparent reality is somewhat different.

Rather, some skills will be taught to you by this course that you will be required to enhance over time through routine practice.

Enlisting You With SUPERBRAIN

This course can be accessed at Mindvalley. This course can be enrolled in a few simple steps. The new batch starts in a gap of a week or two.

Usually, two sessions are in motion simultaneously. You can now catch up with one or wait for somedays to freshly start with the new one.

A very good thing about this course is that before actually jumping on to paid subscription; you will get an option to watch a free trial video of the same.

I highly recommend people to watch the video to know if they will be compatible with the actual sessions or not.

This tutorial video will acquaint you with the fact that a human brain has unparalleled potential to learn. A twelve-page assignment and around ten amazing brain hacks are provided along with these videos.

After signing up and paying the prescribed fees, the student comes across a welcome video. Before the actual classes start, there are 5 videos which are an hour in duration.

These videos discuss the blueprint of the course, preparation strategies, how to use quick learning tricks, how to make effective notes, and over ten-morning habits which most of the geniuses have inculcated in their routine.

Jim Kwik - Mindvalley SuperBrain Review

The Daily Assignments:  Mindvalley Superbrain

Every day, the learner is given some assignments, which one can’t skip. The assignment of the day will unlock only on that particular day. These assignments are preceded by a video generally of 5 to 15 minutes.

The pattern of teaching changes every week. However, during the 1st week, the blueprint of your class session would be something like this:

o    O.M as a technique to remember more and forget less.

o    The Sun Is Above.

o    Unlocking the superpowers of your brain using 10 secrets.

o    Bringing these techniques into practice through the concept of repetition with proper spacing.

o     Body anatomy and nutrition requirements

o    ANTs killing and Conducive Environment.

Once the video concludes, you then finish assignments. The type of assignment ranges from journaling and teaching others to post in a community Facebook group, named as ‘Tribe’.

Eight Pillars In Superbrain Training:

Superbrain consists of 8 varied sections stretched over 4 weeks, 2 per week. Apart from these, there are 2 more sections, namely, a ‘bonus’ & “intro”.

These 8 sections are listed below:

  1. The basics
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Remembering lengthy Lists
  4. Learning and retaining Names
  5. Gripping texts, Speeches, etc.
  6. Vocabulary and Languages
  7. Numbers
  8. Integrating lifestyle

Mindvalley Superbrain Review: Merits & Demerits  

Before enrolling myself with this course, my perception was that it might be a business game just like any other course where making money is the primary goal of the course provider.

However, it was not so, at least not wholly. I realized there were a significant number of business-oriented people who were enrolling for this course. It taught us to prompt learning and building a network. In the entire course, I felt that it was more inclined to a life of all-round business professionals.

I encountered both the positive and negative face of this course. This course is primarily focused on business tycoons-like personalities, not for an ordinary person. However, to reap the fruits, one can look up for this course with a different ‘Superbrain’.

Mindvalley SuperBrain- Pros & Cons


  1. Well developed content: Just as other courses of Mindvalley, this course is fully professional. The videos are exceptional. Jim is a very engaging person, and I never felt that it was an online course, I felt as if I am in a real physical classroom setting.
  2. Short and crisp videos: The videos are not lengthier and are to the point. One does not have to sit for hours for these virtual sessions. Easy to watch videos as they are only 5 to 10 minutes long. However, there lies a con at this point which I’ll take up later in this article.
  3. Achievable Goals: Everything taught here is realistic and doable. It is a cakewalk in understanding the things taught. On top of it, one could easily practically implement these techniques without much hassle.
  4. Lifetime access to the study material: you can easily access the content even after finishing up the course.
  5. Interactive and engaging community: The community of Superbrain learners on Facebook is quite active. You can easily connect with other peers of your batch.


  1. Some resources, being free, hit conscience. One can find some free lectures available on the site. Since a person is paying money to access the course, he would appreciate if these free resources would have been awarded to them as bonuses rather than free lectures, which is available to anyone who browses through the site. Though not every material, but few videos are made available for free, accessible to everyone.
  2. You cannot ditch a lecture: A general tendency of the learner is such that one would want to skip a video if it is short and doesn’t interest him/her. However, such a thing is not possible here. Signing in each day for short videos could be a troublesome task for many, especially for people with tiresome tight schedules.
  3. Not aligned to everyone’s interest: Some lessons do not appeal to everyone’s interest. For example, learning names. At this point, I strongly realized that the course is more centered on business-minded people. Since not everyone has a business mindset, this course fails to cater to the needs of every individual.

My Personal Experience: Mindvalley Superbrain Review

All in all, I would give this course a thumbs up. Although there were some grey areas too, the overall effectiveness of this course can’t be undermined. As far as I am concerned, the initial section turned me on for moving ahead with this course.

One best thing which Superbrain taught me was how the negative vibes can seriously impact our outlook and approaches, and how we as humans could learn to transform these negative vibes into positive ones. In this regard, Jim explains that negative thoughts are generated on their own and can be curbed with the effective implementation of the taught techniques.

Once the positive thoughts are embedded within us, our learning capacities increase by leaps and bound. No part of our life is excluded from this. Personally, when I studied and learned daily, I was astonished to know that every word of Jim in this context holds.

Being short in length and easy to understand, these lessons require that one give their 100 % into this learning. You’ll end up learning a meagre amount of content if you are not giving it all your dedication.

No doubt the videos are amazing, but you leverage the taught things once you practically implement this in your assignments and activities. Journaling and teaching the concept to others would catalyze your learning and embed the concepts deep and permanent into your mind.

I was perplexed quite a few times watching the video. Then eventually came out more sorted when I performed activities of the taught things. Although there were some videos I needed to watch more often to cement the input explained thereon.

However, even with these loopholes, I had a good time learning new things through the Superbrain course. It would be at 1st spot on my list of most recommended courses to exercise one’s brain.

Not just memory, but rather an influential learning ride

After finishing this course, I could reflect my learning in ‘Out of the box’, which is a virtual workshop, whose instructor is Rudalande. Same as Jim Kwik, Rudalande has since been helping famous personalities all through his life.

 Out of the Box is a more deep learning ride.

The workshop is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to know who you are as a person, at deeper levels. An exhaustive set of videos, lectures, quizzes, and problems, and exercises help you in this entailing journey to know yourself.

You will be familiarised with the paradox of how you’re past experiences and subconscious thoughts affect your life

Once you know the root cause of all the worries, you’d be able to live life from a new end. Among all the reviews of OUT OF THE BOX, one common thing was that it impacted more or less some levels of the life of those who underwent this workshop.

Superbrain is centered on developing skills that would help you to learn better. On the other hand, Out of the Box is about building deep knowledge about oneself so that could reframe your perspectives towards life. This is the price difference between the two which I witnessed.

Both these courses run parallel to each other. To have a deeper insight into Out of the Box, reach out for free masterclasses on how to develop personal potential. 

Conclusion: Mindvalley Superbrain Review 2020 

Superbrain is your ideal stop if you want to exercise your brain so as it retains learning power even with increasing age.

I implemented some methods taught herein and felt how important it is to maintain our mental health.

As I said before, Kwik’s course will not tell you a magic spell that would resolve all your learning problems. Rather, it is something you have to inculcate in your routine and practice daily. Only then, you’ll notice significant improvements in your learning horizons.

If you are someone who wants to learn more, I believe Superbrain is worth every penny. Even if this isn’t the case, still you’ll go back to learning so many useful things from here. You can channelize your newly acquired inputs/skills to physically and psychologically improve yourself, and most importantly, you’re brain.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Relationship Review 2023: Is It Worth Trying? (TRUTH)

The Mindvalley Company represents the extraordinary chances for the students who are willing to learn the essence of your whole mind and body, with various exciting podcasts available on the website.

The Company focuses on emphasizing the importance of daily human emotional and mental health perspectives and the official podcaster’s help in dealing with them.

 The Mindvalley curriculum is mainly based on improving the quality of the human lifestyle and enriching several day-to-day life emotions.

Mindvalley Company mainly operates with the world’s best novelists and philosophers who motivate people and encourage their livelihood to be made more comfortable for them.

Mindvalley has become the home for hundreds of magnificently talented instructors, hand hired, and tribe members such as yourself who have put effort into their lives to primarily help themselves along with others as they strive to achieve the ultimate achievement of personal transformation.

Mindvalley Relations

Introduction – Mindvalley Relationship

Vishen Lakhani found Mindvalley. This has won many awards for the education movement. It has numerous students that come from all across the globe and is proliferating. Vishen has given over fifteen years of his life to Mindvalley, visualizing many other humans’ experience and surveying the science of aiding humans to reach their maximum potential.

Mindvalley has various programs available for the mass. These programs are so connectable to every individual being. It focuses on improving oneself in day to day areas such as our mind, performance, overall physical body, inner soul and peace, work, kids, teens, and parenting. And apart from these are the relationships.

This proves to be the most essential as having and maintaining a balanced relationship, and it tends to get difficult to maintain a balance between the other areas too. Hence, in this article, we will be exclusively focusing on Mindvalley relationships. 

Why Choose Mindvalley For Relations?

Human beings need a company, and they will not be able to survive alone. Loneliness is a thing that human beings always fear—basically the fear of missing out, which further leads to getting weird thoughts on personal relationships. 

The relations which we form are essential to both emotional and mental health, and really, our survival. Humans tend to possess an inherent passion for close to others. To connect and build relationships, and as we know, everyone needs a partner to spend his/her life with. 

Mindvalley helps you understand the way to learn about energy medicine to improve, strengthen, romantic relationships. As well as a deal with the problems one faces in their relationships. These include dealing with rejection, heartbreaks, and healing from within and creating a fulfilling and loving environment around us, which is full of positive vibes. 

What Mindvalley teaches us about relationships? 

  • How to express ourselves to our partner, as communication is the key to a successful relationship. But the conversation should include zest and enthusiasm along with greater empathy and compassion towards one another.
  • It teaches that Sex is essential to strengthening a relationship. It helps maintain the “spark,” which couples think nothing is left in that relationship. It ignites the want to stick to each other despite various struggles and complications. 
  • Mindvalley is a perfect place to heal from rejection or any heartbreaks. It helps an individual to take the break up in a positive way and come out of it. This works as a life-changing turn and a compelling reason to start your life and again yourself without any negativity. 

Mindvalley Relationships

Mindvalley Relationships podcasts mainly specialize in human relations and their existence. There are several podcasts and categories during which the scholars can enrol and learn the fundamentals of human relations.

Let’s inspect some podcasts available within the relationship category of Mindvalley.

Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhani

Be Extraordinary

The founding father makes the podcast of Mindvalley, which helps the readers to realize their level of mastery in mind potential.

Step l: Up Your Consciousness and, in turn, step up your life! The time has come to move up!

Be Extraordinary podcast helps you identify the level at which you are. Then, it provides you with the resources and insights to boost up your potential thinking.

Be Extraordinary may be a payment quest that may be an excellent opportunity for the people battling their mind potential and self-control issues.

Uncoupling is a conscious procedure: Katherine Woodward Thomas

Providing Conscious Uncoupling to help Heal Your Heart, assist you in Reclaiming Your Power, and move on to Live Happily Ever After.

Conscious Uncoupling straight forward five stem program provided by Katherine Thomas, which is a 5 step process to help you get through a breakup.

The Conscious Uncoupling Program provides you with several ways to heal from a breakup. The program helps you to learn that it’s okay to be aside from your partner when things don’t add your style. This quest reminds you of all the positive aspects of your lifestyle and can assist you in prioritizing yourself first.

You will learn to revive deep inner peace and self-confidence within yourself. it’ll cause you to feel loved by someone within the sort of self-love and quintessential happiness.

Power of Parenting 

Becoming a parent is an auspicious moment, holding a tiny little child in their arms, playing with the toddler, feeding them, putting them to bed, and growing up with their child. It is a serene phase. 

Raising a child is easier said than done; every child is unique, and the psychology and economy of every parent are different. The time and facility they give their child vary a lot. Still, regardless of anything, there is a bond of true love as well as compassion.

As Children grow up, they find their parents a bit annoying and interfering, whereas parents are concerned about the safety and security of their child when he or she is out with friends late at night, driving, partying

Undesirably, they endure a communication and understanding gap. Many name it a generation gap, but this is unhealthy for both parents and the child.

power of parenting

Mindvalley introduces us to Dr Shefali, a clinical Psychologist and a wisdom teacher, plunges deep into the psychology and thought process of parents and children. She tries bringing families together, by her Mindvalley courses.

Week 1- A journey in childhood- Here Dr Shefali takes parents to their own childhood days, asks them about how their parents treated them, how they brought their child, what they used to feel in their childhood, and rewind to 25 years. 

Week 2- Speaking up Fear and Insecurities- the professionalist listens to the guardians’ fears and insecurities and how they feel left out and alone. Many parents state that their child is influenced by their friends and fear going in the wrong path.

Week 3 – Find the Emotional Key – A child is not an investment, as many people consider them to be, and baggage them with their expectations regarding their academic and co-curricular performance. But this exactly what drags families apart, they need to be empathic towards their child and build a long sustainable emotional connection.

Week 4 – Discipline Or Relation- Here parents need to decide, what they want to give priority to their strict rules and notions about how a child is supposed to be raised, or they want to live happily with their child?

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Desire and Love

Are you someone who has succeeded in achieving a long-lasting relationship? There will come a time when everything between you and your partner seems dull and tedious—been there?  

No worries, since every relationship is destined to go through a phase where you would appreciate a break from your partner. 

But coming back to the curriculum, the following topics will tell you what it’ll be about-

  • Desire as well as some of the various other essential constituents.
  • The three rigidness that results in rasping pressure in intimate connections with your loved ones.
  • Our 2 Fundamental requirements and How much part they play in creating and developing our salacious self.
  • The blunder a pair of twain create knowingly and unknowingly. 
  • Things that’ll help you two grow and lead to a deeper connection. 
  • The dissimilarity between Rumpy pumpy and Erotism.
  • The wanted response to how we are so appealed to certain things when it comes to your partner.
  • Creating your ideal one and spending your time looking for them is originally a faux pas. 
  • The logic behind the current day’s rapport is erroneous.
  • The enigma one’s necessity of adventure and the other’s security.
  • Prurient elegance and Why today’s couples require it.
  • The rudimentary behind a victorious abiding romantic Relationship.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Desire and Love

How to implement the practice of self-love?

Have you ever a feeling that you weren’t enough? Have you ever had to take the blame for things that weren’t your fault? Can you name the last time you appreciated the way you look or your work without paying attention to your ugly side? 

Yes? Okay. If you are here to change that, we have the perfect episode for you! 

Kamal Ravikant is present here to bring to your notice how appreciating yourself every now and then can make such a difference to your daily life. 

But back to why we are talking about this, the course here consists of the following:

  • One consonant design content and fortunate beings.
  • An oath, Mr Kamal made sure to follow when he was experiencing some moments he isn’t proud of.  
  • The 4 points to complete living. 
  • What was something Kamal grasped while publishing his book?
  • The drastic change in his living style after he became a CEO. 
  • How something as simple and easy as gratitude came to bring significant divergence. 
  • Why utopia is kind of in the neighborhood of our thoughts.

The art of conscious parenting.

Do you remember noting down the points your parents used to raise you? Just going like, “Nah, this is a good thing mommy does. I’m putting that down on my mental list of things I’ll follow for my kids as well.” and then, one day, you are the parent and nope, that’s not how you expected that to turn out? 

Conscious Parenting Mastery

Smiling at the memory? Well, that’s a good thing but keep in mind that these stereotypes about parenting are followed by a huge number of crowds and that is exactly why there are very few “cool mommies”. 

So, here we bring Dr Shefali Tsabary who is a psychologist and parenting expert who explains the effects of stereotypes and the most reasons where parents might be wrong. 

Watch my full review here:

Can Anxiety be turned into a Deep Connection?

Have you ever felt left out of a group? As if you didn’t matter? Do you suffer from shyness? Or can you just be suffering from anxiety? Whatever the case, maybe Andrew Horn will walk you through it all. 

The main topic that he helps people out within this course is understanding how it feels to be socially anxious. He helps us understand the superior power of the social flow that he is passionate about. 

He also mentions a concept called the “Flow Triggers,” and he helps users understand how they work and how they can benefit by using them.

Mindvalley Relationship

Attracting the ideal lover

This Mindvalley course was taken up by Katherine Thomas. She had told her audience that the key lies in being brave. She is an expert who is reputed around the world and is an experienced family therapist who also helps with marriage issues. 

She tells us that the secret to attracting our ideal lover is to be straight up, take action, and remain bold. Listeners are sure to be sitting at the edge of their seats as they try to grasp each piece of information that they get from her.


Below we will talk a bit about both the positive and negative effects of Mindvalley relationships courses. 

The Pros of Mindvalley Relationship

  • Mindvalley is home to some of the best Teachers and thus offers the best Training, all of which are here for you! Mindvalley has gathered some of the top teachers and writers who help you with all your issues in life.
  • You should surround yourself with those you motivate and uplift you every day. With the best teachers helping you with your problems, you do not have to feel alone in this battle of life.
  • Special Discounts On Global Mindvalley Events. Grab every opportunity that is given to you in this program.
  • Access to humanity’s most Powerful Lifestyle Design System. The teachers in the Mindvalley help you understand the best lifestyle design suitable for you and your life.
  • With all the exciting and useful podcasts and programs offered to you, get in the best shape of your life.

Cons of Mindvalley Relationship 

  • The videos can, at times, be too short. This might not be much useful to the viewers or the students.
  • The students’ commitment is necessary to get along with the programs and quests offered or conducted by the teachers. It might not be possible for all the students or viewers to be mentally committed to spare at least between thirty and sixty minutes a day to attend the programs and lessons given by us. 
  • Willingness to change is essential for the students. If they are unwilling to change or take a step forward in their lives, none of these programs doesn’t make sense to them.
  • Believing the outcome or change is necessary. The students have to find their teachers and work harder to get the result.

FAQs- Mindvalley Relationship

Will one course help me that much?

The courses which are offered by Mindvalley can only be used as a guide. Yes, they can help you. That too, they can do it to a high degree, even. Finally, you will have to be the person who gets things together and makes the final step. To ensure that you come out on top and remain that important person in your life.

How will Mindvalley courses redefine my life?

Mindvalley has made a lasting impact on the lives of many to date and will continue to do so in the future. Mindvalley courses are taught by experts in their respective fields and have always been made, keeping the viewers in mind.

Is it worth paying for these courses?

I believe that the price is quite fair for the hurt that one may be experiencing when looking at this course. The struggle to lose someone you loved dearly is not something to be meddled with, which is why the price tag on these Mindvalley courses is justified.

Conclusion – Mindvalley Relationship

Mindvalley Relations is a course that many would kill to lay their hands on! During a time period, when you are at your most vulnerable. Did your girlfriend dump you? Children left you? Having problems with the people who seem to be the most important to you?

Yes, it will be tough. Only you would know how you are feeling at a time like that. One can only begin to fathom the relief you would gain when you realize these things don’t just happen to you.

It is just a bump in the valley known as life. It can be nothing more than just a little set back to something that redefines your life. Mindvalley Relations provides a suite of courses in which you can use to help feel better about yourself. 

Course Reviews

Jim Kwik Review 2023: Should You Join it? (Honest Opinion)

“Brighter Brain Brilliant Life”

In today’s scenario, it works on the topmost mantra that “If knowledge is power, then learning is a superpower”. Jim Kwik works on this mantra and helps people to enrol and grasp advances, current ideas, and build oneself onto a different level.

Its one of the world’s number 1 couch that helps you to upgrade your mind and boost mental performance to open the doors to a remarkable and notable life.

Over 25 years, esteemed and eminent brain couch, Jim Kwik, has worked lately with many of the CEOs, executives, athletes and celebrities in various industries to uplift and upgrade the brain performance through increased and accelerated learning programs and proven methods for brain fitness.

The ability to recall expeditiously, making prompt agile decisions, boosting focus, and producing efficient performance are the core areas that are being developed by logging into the courses of Jim Kwik.

 To be superheroes, you need superpowers that come along with this course:-

  1. to upgrade your brain to have a full focus and concentration
  2. It’s the best thing to get on a journey from slow learner to fast learner conquering the world and learning at exponential speeds.
  3. We are waiting to unblock all the expertise and hidden talents in you.

In this Jim Kwik review article, we will be doing a complete detailed review of Jim Kwik and get to learn everything about him.

Jim Kwik Review – Is He Legit? 

About Jim Kwik

As Valentine’s Day marks the fall in love, similarly, the podcast of Jim Kwik marks the fall in love with learning!!! A love of learning exposes us to a world where we work to achieve our goals and expand our skill sets to lead a content, satisfactory life.

Jim Kwik Review

Jim Kwik’s podcast helps you in learning the ways that could turn your life by discovering different and unique strategies to make you discover the portions and the insights of your love for learning.

After the childhood injury, he committed himself to enhance his mental performance and created immense, dramatic strategies for the same. His adherence and devotion to benefit others to discharge their brainpower and live a life of huge power and purpose.

The focus of Jim Kwik in on learning so, here are some reasons why you have to love learning.

Why Love Learning?            

 1) The first step to growing your business comes through growing yourself.

2) Goals are accomplished through learning only.

3) A task to be delivered to the next step requires quite hard work and learning.

4) It’s important to remember that you are either growing or decaying, so, someone who loves to learn always grows.

5) Your boredom, frustration, and confusion get easily wiped off when you learn from this podcast.

“Limitless” is the book written by Jim Kwik that deals with dropping off your anticipated limitations. Offer you to reach beyond your imaginations and innovations and hold up the power to make you limitless. It will aid you in learning everything faster and uplifting your career, business, education, and even though your relationships as well.

These pages will make you discover certain things about yourself:-

1) The seclusion of memory and recall.

2) The Fastest simple method to learn anything.

3) A process to make yourself a “Superhero”.

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Who is Jim Kwik?


Jim Kwik is proudly titled as the “boy with the broken brain” He is a deft, adroit person that believes that learning is power, is today a social entrepreneur, ardent speaker internationally, and a speed reading expert.

He is in charge as the CEO of Kwik Learning whose aim is to make people agile, canny, and resourceful by making them learn to be brainy and reaching their full potential.

Early Life, Education Background

At the age of five, Jim Kwik suffered from a head injury and come up as a person who has to live with a learning disability thinking he cannot be good as the other ones.

As a kid, he was admired for reading comic books and superheroes stories, the books kept him alive,  and he didn’t stop to learn and always hoping to improve.

Jim later started learning the complications with his brain and develop different tactics and expedite learning systems.

He believed that one can always rebuild one’s brains. He doesn’t limit his beliefs and develops a dedication to help people on the same thing.

Business Career

He believes that despite anyone’s age, family background or education one can use his/ her brains to find new ideas.

He had spent his last 25 years to learn and grab new ideas and use his brain to his best interests.

Business Career: Jim kwik

Interesting Facts  

Throughout his career, Jim has met renowned, lively people such as Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Stan Lee, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey.  

Luckily, he always concluded that our education system still uses methods that are buggy and old, and we reside in a world of spaceships and supercomputers, so learning skills should be the topmost priority as it is never too late to learn many new skills.  

Kwik Learning… How?

The ability to READ gives essence to your Success.

Free masterclasses are being provided by the Kwik learning that seeks to speak without glancing, missing words, or losing any troy of Comprehension.

Kwik Learning

The things that you learn in the masterclass!!

1) It will help you to increase reading speed directly from 25% to 50%.

2) It activates certain areas of your brain, thus, improving your comprehension.

3) Hype your concentration and focus on this amazing master class.

4) Say goodbye to your bad habits.

5) Provides you the levels of personal change.

6) Ways to eliminate your procrastination.

What Does Jim Kwik Do?

Jim Kwik aims at spreading positivity around the world. Jim Kwik is one of the prominent brain coaches around the world.  Brain-based coaching is an approach embedded in neuroscience.

Brain-based coaching enhances the principles and practices of coaching to create powerful, positive, and transformational changes for the coach.

Jim Kwik will be using his deep knowledge at every point which helps to create a brain-friendly coaching environment.

That helps to focus on our thinking, helps in icebreaking, enhances new thinking and insights, enlarges your brains preference for hardwiring, and implants new learning and behavior.

Jim Kwik Review - Works

Jim Kwik has spent decades working along with industrial experts like CEOs, executives, sportspersons, super-achievers of various industries, students, celebrities to enhance their brain performance through worldrenowned learning programs.

Along being a brain-based coach he is an author of the bookLIMITLESS

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Limitless – Author

Limitless is one of  the self-help books as it mainly focuses on personality development and  acts as an exordium to reader

Jim Kwik believes that we humans hold the best technology with us -that is our brain. So he named his book limitless as there should be no limit to human brains.

The book limitless in divided into 4 parts:

  1. 1. Free Your Mind
  2. Limitless Mindset
  3. Limitless Motivation
  4. Limitless Methods

Which helps the reader to overcome his struggles and transform them into strengths.

Jim Kwik’s book “limitless” is available on Amazon with a  5-star rating and feedback from the buyers.

Limitless – Author Jim kwik

Kwik Podcast: Jim Kwik Review

Jim Kwik provides the feature of a podcast so that even busy people can learn and become active in no time. Jim Kwik podcasts are everywhere around the internet, you get to listen to him over apple podcasts, Spotify, and at play stores.

Kwik brain podcast has more than 21 million downloads and over 3,100 peoples rating and with 4.8 as an average star rank.

Kwik Brain Podcasts mainly help busy people to reach out to their mental status and help them to think in a broader sense that helps them to develop themselves in the fields of learning and behavior.

Kwik podcast

Online Courses:

Jim Kwik has broken the traditional boundaries of learning. He expanded his teaching all over the world by designing online courses. Kwik online courses help the coachee to stay connected and learn. Kwik online courses and corporate training include:

Online courses:

  1.       Kwik Recall masterclass
  2.       Kwik Reading
  3.       Kwik Thinking
  4.       Kwik Student

Corporate training:

  1. Corporate Reading
  2. Corporate Recall


Being a Brain-based coach, it’s obvious that Jim Kwik is a public speaker too. He has been among the most intellectual platforms around the world.

A huge number of people turn up to auditoriums to hear him and get motivated and learn the process of developing their mental abilities. Jim Kwin takes these opportunities to train the mass crowd to help them to reach their ambitions.


Jim Kwik always aims at making a better society, better thought process, so he always posts various posts that share useful strategies and tips to those who apply. Do follow Jim Kwik on youtube.


Jim Kwin has a very unique way to make people feel motivated, he has his merchandise that is accessible to everyone. Check out his t-shirt collection on the official website.

What Does Jim Kwik Teach? 

Jim Kwik has always been a support system for different organizations, personals, students by improving their capabilities to recall fastly, to enhance reading skills, to make smart decisions, boost focus, and improve productivity.

Jim Kwik has designed a structured course by world-class learning programs that help an individual to improve his thinking abilities.

Jim Kwik Online Courses

His available online courses are:

1. Kwik Recall :

As said earlier, Kwik believes that the human brain has the most advanced technology in the world. We need to believe that there is nothing like good memory or bad memory, everyone can retain even the smallest detail.

This course helps you to focus on your memory power which helps an individual to improve his storage capacity and enables us to be conscious about the past happenings and future events.

2. Kwik Reading:

Human beings spend a lot of time reading, at a point we may not believe it but it’s true.. so there is nothing like a good reader or a bad reader, it’s just we have issues with reading habits.

Jim Kwik has come up with a course to enhance the reading skills of an individual so that it helps the user to improve the speed, focus, comprehension, and retention of the subject matter. Which helps the user to complete tasks in time.

3. Jim Kwik Thinking:

Jim Kwik, as a brain-based coach, has a great knowledge of neurosciences. Apart from science, he shares how a human being can use his brain to improve his area of interest by engaging thoughts.

Kwik thinking specifies how to think faster and smarter. This course enables an individual to confidently make decisions, overcome hurdles, and maximize their success. Thinking is the only way to take essential steps of success and make an effective impact on the subject matter.

4. Kwik Student:

Jim Kwik created an atmosphere for students where they need not get frustrated because of their academic stress. Kwik students teach students with contemporary world skills.

Kwik teaching mainly deals with sharpening your memory, analyzing, and recalling abilities with no stress course.

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

What Is His Podcast?

Jim Kwik always aims at making a better society, better thought process, so he always posts various posts that share useful strategies and tips to those who apply.

Jim Kwik Podcast

Jim Kwik provides the feature of a podcast so that even busy people can learn and become active in no time.

Jim Kwik podcasts are everywhere around the internet, you get to listen to him over apple podcasts, Spotify, and at play stores. Kwik brain podcast has more than 21 million downloads and over 3,100 peoples rating and with 4.8 as an average star rank.

Kwik Brain Podcasts mainly help busy people to reach out to their mental stimulate and help them to think in a broader sense that helps them to develop themselves in the fields of learning and behavior.

These podcasts are fun-based and very friendly. They are very useful to the visitors as these podcasts are very effective and efficient.

Jim Kwik Review – Pros & Cons 

There are always two sides to a story. One which has a positive outlook in life and another which has a negative outlook in life. We choose what we believe.

The same is the case with Jim Kwik’s courses and podcasts. Jim Kwik’s masterclass is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is in search of a detail orientated masterclass.

The podcast is a bonus to Jim Kwik’s ideologies, theories, and techniques to unleash a person’s true genius and brainpower for faster learning and to live a life with greater productivity, power, and purpose. 


  • Jim Kwik’s masterclass focuses on personal development, finding inner self, and improving brain powers.
  • Jim Kwik inspires people in 150 countries through his online masterclass, courses, and podcasts. 
  • The most important thing about his masterclass and podcasts is to inspire people of all age groups around the world. He believes in the pathway of self-love and motivates people to focus on it. 
  • You can listen to his podcasts anytime from any corner of the world at your own convenient time. 
  • The idea behind Jim Kwik’s courses and podcasts is to never give up on life. Instead, fight back the hurdles which life throws at you and grow as a strong person ideally. 


  • One major default of this podcast is not having one on one interaction with Jim Kwik personally. 
  • The program is not available to watch it for free although you can buy it with discounts and get it for a cheaper price which helps you save both time and money. 
  • There’s no guarantee that one can learn everything from one session but it could be a start to learn things slowly and gain knowledge accordingly. 
  • Even though you are investing a lot of time in the sessions you can still download and resume watching whenever you can. 

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Jim Kwik Review By Clients 

Client reviews give you an insight into how the Courses and MasterClasses work and what benefit you get out of all these programs. These are actual people who have attended and listened to Jim Kwik’s masterclass, courses, and podcasts which made a huge difference in their life. 

Claudine C Bastien 

Claudine is a musician, yoga instructor, and sole proprietor from Philadelphia, United States. 

She says, “ I am curious and excited to reclaim my brain!” Claudine’s problem is she cannot remember names and technical words. English is a second language for her.

As a child, Claudine was an A+ student which brought a lot of bullying to her when she was in 4th grade as she could understand the entire mechanic’s demo and the Astronomy class.

She is a beginner on Jim Kwik’s masterclass and there are 11 lessons which she needs to catch up but all in all she is very happy and satisfied with the course and helping her to reclaim her brain. 

Eve Smith 

Eve is retired and has an interest in American History. She likes to improve her memory and find new opportunities to engage in stimulating conversations.

She lives in Conyers, United States. Eve says, “I’ve noticed a difference in my energy” A week ago she came across Mindvalley’s masterclass free segment with Jim Kwik.

She was intrigued by the masterclass and wanted to learn about the prospect of her life to improve her memory and prosper in life. 

Eugene Chong 

Eugene is a Music Instructor, DML Creative Music from Sungai Petani, Malaysia. Eugene says, “My life has changed in tremendous ways” He always believed in learning and how to learn things.

His life has been changed in tremendous ways and he is thankful to Mindvalley, Vishen, and Jim Kwik. He believes learning is not about being perfect but making lifelong progress and becoming the best version of ourselves every day. 

FAQs – Jim Kwik Review

Q. Are Jim Kwik courses free or paid?

A. . Well unfortunately all the courses of Jim Kwik's are paid. They are not for free but the good thing about this is you can explore multiple sessions to explore and gain insights on how to develop your brain functions by following different procedures that are explained in the sessions. Jim Kwik will change your life with a positive outlook and helps in functioning your brain faster through simple yet ideal methods.

Q. What is the idea behind Jim Kwik's Masterclass?

Q. Is spending money on Jim Kwik's Masterclass worth it?

A. Honesty spending money on an online program can be tricky but in Jim Kwik's masterclass, you will receive authentic information that helps you in gaining knowledge about personal development and helps you find your inner self and increases your focus on life.

Conclusion: Jim Kwik Review

Jim Kwik is known as the “the boy with the broken brain”. He had a childhood injury at the age of five which left him struggling at school. He was never good like the others when it comes to learning.

He often talked about “superhero brains”  and “superpowers”. Jim believes no matter how old you are, where you are from or the level of education you obtain should never stop you from exploring and learning new things in life. Jim is the founder of Kwik Learning, speed-reading training, and memory improvement. 

Jim helps in obtaining long-term memory. He inspires people to learn more in less time and he also focuses on a positive outlook in life. He speaks about how negative outlook impacts one’s life.

He talks about his life journey as to how it impacted his life and motivates people to focus on all the good things in life.

He is on a mission to teach people how to learn faster, memory improvement, boost confidence, improve self productivity, and sharpen memory which helps in the development of the brain.

He inspires people on how to find a purpose in life and motivates people to focus on how to fight on our own and to never give up and remove the barriers which are present in the journey. 

I hope you liked our Jim Kwik review and do let us know what you think about him in the comments below.

>> Check Out Jim Kwik Now <<

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Meditation Review 2023: Is It Worth Paying? (TRUTH)

Introduction To Mindvalley Meditation Review

In today’s hectic world, everyone is busy and stressed out. We don’t have time for ourselves. Our society has always ignored and hushed up mental issues in one’s life, yet it is crucial for our well being. Ignorance of which has caused many to suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, eating disorder, schizophrenia, and addictive behaviors.

The working of our whole body depends on the efficiency of our mind. One can have a better understanding of their internal self and how they respond to the external stimulus.

Meditation Benefits to be reaped from Mindvalley Courses

There are several perks of meditation. Put in the most straightforward word, meditation is relaxing the mind and making room for more ideas and introspection. Our brain is working all day round, even when we are fast asleep, but this superfast and hardworking organ needs rest and inactivity.

You can get a glimpse of the benefits offered by Mindvalley Meditation below:

Mindvalley Meditation Review

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

Meditation aids in decreasing cortisol levels and Cytokines (inflammation-promoting chemicals) in the body. Reduction in stress levels goes parallel with the alleviation of anxiety.

Better Focus and Concentration

Now, how does meditation do that? It works something like sleep. I’m sure most of you have heard that sleeping is nothing but a relaxing time for your body?

Meditation is the relaxing period for your mind, which eventually spreads out to your body through the deep relaxing that it feels like it’s almost being spread through your bones!

When your mind is fresh, your productivity will increase in terms of Concentration and coming up with new ideas.

Makes You More Empathic

Have you ever felt that your brain is completely jammed, and you have shouted at your family, friend, or colleague and regretted it later? 

Meditation helps you to think better, and you consider the point of view of others. Since your brain has no extra disturbing thoughts, so your emotional intelligence gets boosted up.

Improve Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Through meditation, one can plunge into your deepest thoughts and emotions. In this mental session, you are the sufferer and healer both at the same time. So you have to solve your intrinsic and extrinsic issues yourself.

This improves your mood and will also develop a sense of self-love. We all know self- confidence is a close relative of self-love.

Help Overcoming Meditation

Addiction is nothing but an unconscious urge of Dopamine in the brain. People who do not get sufficient Dopamine from their daily routines tend to acquire it from alternative methods. 

Meditation provides calmness to your mind and will help synchronize the release of this pleasure hormone. Such that the newbie integrates meditation to this daily life and slowly gives up all his addiction and rejuvenates as a whole new personality. 

Meditation styles 

Has there been a time where you tried the thing almost every morning person has been talking about? Is that thing being meditation? But ended up disliking it to the core of the earth? 

Well, that must be because you tried a meditation style that didn’t suit you at all. And to help you learn your meditation style, we are here to help you. 

So, let’s start with the types of meditation. 

Mindful meditations. 

So, this is the most common meditation practiced, which gradually leads to better working of the brain. Like we said, it helps in relaxing the brain and letting go of the stress forced upon your mind. 

Now, this is the most basic type of meditation. It is excellent to start with if you are a beginner. 

Body meditations.

This meditation style is known for the ability with which it can ease physical pain.

 It usually takes help from your mind and spirit and helps you get rid of any abnormalities that can be cured through meditation. It also contributes to stress relief in the body.

Religious meditations.

Well, as you can say, this particular type of meditation brings out your potential about your consciousness. It is also associated with practices and philosophies of various religions. 

In addition to this, they donate in aiding you to connect with yourself and with your consciousness. 

Sound-based meditations.

Here, you take a single short word or a mantra and keep saying it while keeping your breathing incheck. 

This helps in finding inner peace and receiving calmness. 

Modern meditation.

These meditations are uniquely created with the help of modern study and traditional practices. 

They give the results just as the good as the others but are simplified to use which makes it all the better!

How will Mindvalley Meditation Review help you unlock these benefits?

Mindvalley has gathered a vast collection of courses that are all taught by experts in the field to help listeners experience the world of mediation. The experts have created a curriculum for Mindvalley listeners to adore the art and authorize them to transform their lives in the process.

Each of these courses targets a different issue that can be resolved by Mindvalley. They walk you through the various avenues of meditation to reap the maximum benefits out of it. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review

Step by step procedure to access Mindvalley Meditation Programs

Step 1 – What’s the first thing you do when you take part in something? That’s right, and you include your name and details in a form. Well, nothing changes here either. You just go ahead and fill up an online form to register your name.  

Mindvalley meditation login

Step 2 –  After filling the form, go ahead and get to access your account at Mindvalley. But to do so, you have to check your mail for the login details at first a few times if you’re a new user.  

Step 3 – Once you are in, you’ll set foot within the dashboard of the Mindvalley website for their users. Here, you will get access to the meditation tracks. 


Step 4 –  You’re just one click away from playing the tracks and relaxing in your comfy chair or the bouncy bed or the cold, hard floor to experience these quality meditations.

The Courses MindValley Offers for your Benefit

Mindvalley has taken the effort to organize their work into various courses. A few of the meditations courses for free are-

A daisy pond: when it comes to meditating and relaxing, you slow down the natural cycle known as aging, heart rate, releasing muscle tension. This particular meditation will also get you as relaxed as it gets with the different descriptions of beautiful and calming scenery. 

daisy pond

Discovering your inner worth: remember the last time you took out time just to take a walk for no reason? Just because you wanted to? No? Well, then, this particular audio will do wonders to you with the truth. It is clear audio for self-motivation and self-love. Here, you’ll know why you are the most important person to yourself and why you should put effort into loving yourself. 

Discovering your Inner Worthiness

6 phase meditation: oh, this meditation track is from none other than the marvellous founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani! In this track, you’ll explore the deep wonders of ecstatic gratitude, and the various positive effects you’ll experience you will gain as you get the willpower to implement the ideas and practices in your daily life. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review

 Deep night: now, how many of you end up playing some soft relaxing music while working or reading or just sitting by the window, watching the raindrops slide down to the grass? Sounds calming, right? To dig into your imagination while all the music does is to let you fool around with your thoughts? 

Well, that is precisely what this track of Mindvalley’s meditation will offer. It’s a simple non-vocal music track that will let you free your thoughts and allow you to lift the pressure off your muscles with each idea released. 

Deep night

Deep rest: The Mindvalley expert who teaches this course, Paul Hoffman, has taken the initiative to bring this lovely track into the lives that many experiences every day. Here, it’s the plain relaxation that helps you eliminate the unnecessary pressure your body carries around all day. 

Even now, while you’re reading this, let go of the stress in your face muscles, make your forehead smooth out, and notice how your mind starts feeling almost light-headed with the gone pressure. 

This is precisely what the podcast “deep rest” can help you do. To feel genuinely comfortable and relaxed. You would be so relaxed that all your woes would be forgotten. 

Deep Rest

Abundance meditation: ever had a feeling that being just a bit more abundant would be helpful? In this track, Bob Proctor will present you with a nice fill of abundance and help you put together a perfect future for yourself, motivating you to get to your feet and make that happen!

Abundance meditation

An Overview Certain Meditation Courses that are Offered

All of the courses ensure the highest degree of quality. The courses provided here are qualified and highly educated professors and motivators. Many of them have this immense thinking capacity that allows them to empathize with others.  

They all more or less help you with one problem or the other. Wonder how that is? Well, the courses cover a wide range of topics that involve the initial and general encounters everyone faces. But other than that, these meditations will help you change your attitude gradually. They open up the different kind of thinking that can  

With Mindvalley meditation courses, many people were able to turn their life around. 

Mindvalley Meditation Review- Pros and Cons


Mental and Emotional Balance-  Nothing is better than having a peaceful day. No one wants the stress and unnecessary tension in their lives. Love and compassion is the dire need of any human. Meditation nurtures mental and emotional prosperity. 

While meditating, we can get a clear snapshot of our minds. The same thoughts that can drive our our actions. Thus it is clinically proven that because meditation can improve your self-image and, therefore, your self worth, people who regularly meditate tend to maintain a high sense of emotional as well as mental stability.

Boost Concentration and attentiveness- We all have work to do, but we often get tired and bored out of our daily chores. A composed mind has a better output of his skill set.

These days life is keeping us so busy that we’re down to multi tasking with no other option left. 

Now naturally, due to this, we have to devout our attention to various tasks at the same time. 

Meditation helps to gather our scattered focus. When one meditates, s/he trains their mind to be aware of action/behavior/event that is being done at that particular moment. Hence, meditation boosts one’s Concentration and enhances their Concentration.

Meditation has no requirement except time- You can literally meditate anywhere and at any time of the day. You can do it while travelling, sitting in a boring class or even while having a walk in a park.

Meditation creates an ambience of being cognizant  and conscious of all that happens around you. Just control and be aware of  your breath, and let go of all worries.

Immediate Effects- How Many times have you blanked out at an exam or at work ? Sometimes our brain stops responding in critical situations. We feel the whole world shattering on our feet, all our expectations and plans, everything makes no sense and sense of futility develops.

In such conditions, all one needs to do is, sit down and try clearing their thoughts for just five minutes. It is very similar to restarting a machine or computer, and work wonders. These five minutes can save your whole day.

Sleep Better- A Sound mind has a sound sleep. Are you one of those who have trouble sleeping? All you do is change position all night and tolerate your restless brain? You can’t compromise on your sleep for it is compulsory for physical rest.

Then this might come helpful to you! Just Before bed practice deep breathing and sweep all the distorted thoughts in a corner of your brain.


Lack of motivation- yes, that’s right. If you are used to procrastinating, leaving your work unfinished or are too lazy to do even start working on your thoughts and ideas, meditations may not be good news for you. 

A few researches have confirmed that the disinterest can come from non-attachment which is actually a common skill most individuals who practice meditation strive for. 

Your basic senses may experience a change- ever felt like someone called out your name but you’re not sure if you heard it or felt it? 

Well, that is something that will be happening around 5 times more to a meditator who was unfortunately to encounter such bad luck but allow me to tell you a few things that might happen like seeing a light that doesn’t exist, hallucinations, visions, smell something that isn’t present at that moment, etc. 

Negative thoughts might become your daily routine- many reach out to meditation because of its ability to help you become a better person in every aspect.

But that might fireback. There’s a chance that you get delusional and may lose control over yourself to work on things you need to.

Reliving moments you would like to forget- as the heading already says, there’s a good chance that meditation may bring up repressed/suppressed emotions and memories.

FAQ- Mindvalley Meditation Review

Why should I sit through the entire course?

Find it too, time-consuming? Feel like it's not worth your time? Well, that is where you are wrong. These Mindvalley courses will help open up your mind like never before. Wake up to feel a whole lot fresher than ever before.

Does meditation really work?

Yes! Meditation is often overlooked, and people don't always understand the real value that it provides. It is the best prescription for a whole suite of problems. Problems ranging from insomnia to depression and sometimes even addiction.

How practical are these Mindvalley courses?

They can be as effective as you make them, or as ineffective as you choose. If you listen to all the courses with patience, you are assured of getting results. If you do not correctly follow the instructions given to you in the course or not listen to their ideas with an open mind, then no, you will not see results.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Meditation Review

We know that meditation is the need of the hour, and MindValley is an excellent medium that provides self-development and relaxing podcasts and sessions from the experts. MindValley bridges the gap of the destitute to expert consultancy.

 It is a one-stop destination for those who seek any assistance and encouragement for acquiring mental stability. 

Mindful Pondering helps to tackle fundamental life issues. It makes you happy, calm, and confident. We then reverberate this positive energy to our physical surroundings and make it a better place not just for ourselves but for everybody who is a part of it.

 Meditation is no magic and is neither easy. One cannot achieve mental stability in one night. You will need to invest time and energy. It demands self-determination and consistency. 

In the long term, you can make the most out of it, and starting meditation is your initial step towards a better and productive life.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Courses Review 2023: Are Mindvalley Courses Worth It? (TRUTH)

Mindvalley is a popular community of leaders and entrepreneurs. It organizes various seminars and meeting sessions where all successful leaders are invited to take part. 

Today, in this post we are going to talk about Mindvalley Courses in detail. Are they worth it? 

Let’s find out: 

Why Mindvalley Courses?

It is an excellent stage to showcase your own leadership skills and learn from others. You find people who are either more intelligent than you or at your level. 

Everyone is a master of their respective fields. When you think of a way that can bring positive change in your life, you need the willingness to act and think differently.

And to give you this, Mindvalley courses have been designed. It will change your approach to something and how you see this world. The Mindvalley courses are worth to buy.

Do They Have An Academy?

Yes, it is Mindvalley Academy, where more than 300,000 students connect from all over the world. This is open to all personal growth teachers and authors, thought-leaders, experts, and plenty more.

This academy is much more than just education. Top American teachers help you discover every aspect of life and outside that you have never known before.

It focusses on not only mindfulness and well-being but also in health and longevity. This academy has an online presence so that there is no barricade in the path of success.

Mindvalley University

This is an event for Mindvalley students. It is a 21-day course to immerse into the best content and teachings of Mindvalley. This is also a top-class curated community that takes place in new cities spectacularly.

MindValley University

The program is designed based on the latest demands, and it teaches you to tackle real-world problems that today’s literacy system lacks.

It consists of workshops, talks, seminars, and of course, networking opportunities that guide to live extraordinarily.

Here you can meet and be a part of a community that lets you discover new and growing cultures as well as experiences. This event now attracts 1000+ students each year. 

The Mindvalley Platform is created by Vishen Lakhiani

Things to expect:

  1. You will get a chance to connect with a massive community of people like you. From entrepreneurs to students, you will meet everyone here. 
  1. You can connect and boost your business. Maybe you get a Co-founder for your company. Who knows?
  1. You will learn how to create a strong bond with family and friends.
  1. After learning from world-class leaders, you will acquire real-life skills that ultimately leads to a happy life.
  1. You will be able to develop a forwarding path that leads to the next level of success. You definitely become a better version of yourself. 
  1. Through Mindvalley, you get several opportunities to discover a new city and explore new experiences.
  1. The best part is that you will not only change your life, but your family’s too because you are taught to better your relations and become more connected around you. 

This is why we confidently say that today’s education system is not going to teach you this. You find your type of people. That is what we call a tribe. You will never feel lonely.

Some Famous Mindvalley Teachers:

Vishen Lakhiani
Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley
Verne Harnish
Verne Harnish, entrepreneur and author.

Lisa Nicholas
Lisa Nicholas, motivational speaker
Sri Sri Ravishankar
Sri Sri Ravishankar, spiritual leader

The quality of people you meet in Mindvalley can blow your mind. You find everyone loving, open-minded, and entirely into self-growth. They are change-makers for sure.

They broaden your minds and teach you to create a love for learning.

19 Best Mindvalley Courses

Everyone in the business of self-growth has come across Mindvalley. This platform specializes in teaching quality of life experiences.

Here are some best Mindvalley courses.

Super Reading

Super reading is speed reading. After completing this course, you feel fortunate to have it.

This is a course of three weeks in which teacher Jim Kwik teaches how to read well with 10-20 minutes daily exercise. It boosts your reading comprehension, as well as information processing. 

It is best for those looking to engage with more useful content without sacrificing their precious time.


This exciting program focuses on harnessing those treasured forces of energy present in and around your body.

You are taught to open your intuition, tap into the undiscovered energy, and enjoy a beautiful life.

You will be able to unlock your energy and get ready for the highest calling. It centers heavily on envisioning your desires and lets you harness your power you just opened.

7 Days To Break Up With Sugar

This program is pretty cool, as its name suggests. The class lasts for seven days.

This is a short program, so it can be a plus or minus depending on how you take it.

MindValley Course - 7 Days To Break Up With Sugar

Sugar and salt are powerful addictives that cause you to crave more and more.  Everything in excess has a damaging tendency. This is why excess sugar results in weight gain, insulin insensitivity, other health issues.

Through this class, you will learn to master over your super cravings. It emphasizes on being conscious of what to eat and what to not.

Conscious Parenting Mastery

This is a sort of parenting class that nurtures your inner child but also plays a part in a parent. So, you can raise children making a more impactful connection. 

MindValley Course - Conscious Parenting Mastery

It doesn’t center around the kids but the parents. If the parents improve as an individual, the family improves as a whole.

Check out my review:

Speak And Inspire

It is clear that the class teaches how to build public speaking skills. It is high in demand now. 

Jerry Seinfeld says that public speaking is more fearful than death. MindValley Course - Speak And Inspire

Everyone faces some issues and nervousness while standing on stage to speak the very first time.

Here your body language and confident tone work magic, and these become more powerful weapons for public speakers.

This class is all about tried-and-true techniques and is a course of 30 days. Here you learn how to channel charisma through awareness, estimate the real power of the story, and tap into others’ hearts. You harness emotional life experiences. 

Feng Shui For Life

We call the energy of our surroundings as Feng Shui. 

This is a spiritual course that teaches you to change the balance of the energy present around us. MindValley Course - Feng Shui For Life

Just make it simple, does a cluttered room makes you happy? No, right. Because you like everything arranged around you, a messy room or a messy life makes you calm less.  

Marie Dimond is a Feng Shui consultant and works for Steven Spielberg and the Rolling stones. She teaches you to reconfigure your environment to boost productivity and achieve happiness for sure.

Getting a knack of interior design is tantamount to that, isn’t it?

Little Humans

The testimonials of this course are glowing and very promising.

This course strengthens your pillars by teaching you Emotional Intelligence, education plus growth, external influences, routines and rituals, relationships. 

Sixteen parenting experts make you get a good cross-section of ideas and techniques of parenting.

You will crave to dig deeper into the ocean of knowledge.

Mind Valley Yoga Quest

Yoga is not just tricky stretching and expensive yoga pants.

Along with stretching, it strengthens your heart, soul, and mind. 

This is 21 days solid course with practical sessions to make you gain mastery over strength-awareness and muscle-flexibility. You learn better stress management and many down the line.

Hero. Genius. Legend

It is a behemoth of a course. Over the span of 66 days, Robin Sharma teaches leadership, life mapping, productivity through a quest.

Hero. Genius. Legend

Each day, you spend 10 minutes pondering insightful ideas that impact your productivity and future.

Life Visioning Mastery

Michael Bernard Beckworth, a founder of a trans-denominational spiritual community, takes this class.Life Visioning Mastery

Through this course, you will be able to create a roadmap and reduce the victim consciousness in you. You will replace negative energy with a positive one. The class helps you to discover the purpose of life using manifesting techniques. 

This is the best class for life coaching and learning new age spirituality. You should give this session a try. You get what you pay for. 


This is tantamount to super reading and is a 30-day course. This trains you to rewire your brain to comprehend things easily and retain more information efficiently.MindValley Courses - Superbrain

This super technique is well researched and well-tried. It improves memorization, vocab list, and learning without going through any trauma or injury.

Be Extraordinary Quest

Vishen Lakhiani’s be extraordinary quest focuses on motivating adolescents to gain purpose, confidence, compassion, self-acceptance.

It helps you know how to actualize a goal, understand your talents, improve connections, and boom confidence.

This is a 10-day curriculum that features 20 minutes of content videos to achieve self-growth. 

Learn to be logical and short enough so that you don’t bore others. He is a great teacher and motivator for sure.

The Longevity Blueprint 

This course is all about achieving optimum fitness and extending it throughout your life.

These promises fix for all your body related issues. The Longevity Blueprint 

Your trainer Ben Greenfield combines flexibility, cardio, and strength training to meet your fitness goals. He underestimates long, grueling workouts. 

You acquire sustainable habits and reach peak fitness. It is long, but an excellent factor is high.

The New Psychology Of Winning

You want to win, reach goals, and feel content with your life. This is an 85-day quest to increase productivity, achieve super performance, and get what you deserve. You notice that you come back with more substantial setbacks than ever.The New Psychology Of Winning

This class is fundamental to develop the winner’s mentality. It is honest, not couched in layers of puzzling terminology.

This session deserves appreciation as it has helped many. 

Unlocking Transcendence

If you yearn to feel connected to the universe, unlocking transcendence quest is just for you.Unlocking Transcendence - Best Mindvalley Courses

It is a 60-day class that focuses on mental, physical, emotional, impact awareness.

 It brings enlightenment and motivates you to enlighten others.

It moves your focus away from materialistic things and put on spiritual matters.

The Mastery Of Sleep

If you are among those who struggle to have a sound sleep, this course promises the solution. Michael Brus brings you the best remedy that takes you through deep uninterrupted sleep patterns.

He says evening routines play an essential part in night’s sleep. You might try to use your surroundings to your advantage rather than blaming it for the interruption. The diet schedule works in union with a sleep schedule. He introduces you to sleep robbers and promising solutions.

This is a real 30-day course with actionable content.

Everyday Bliss

Life is full of stress, but it can be stress-free if you walk on these techniques.

Become resilient to stress, focus on better sleep, and overcome fears. 

Chakra Healing - Best Mindvalley Courses

This 21-day journey with a 15 minute a day lesson makes your life stress free.

This sort of courses are blessings to remove negativity from our lives.

Chakra Healing

Chakras are not a common word in the western world. It refers to pools of energy that swirls around our body.

There are seven main chakras through which energy is supplied. If these get blocked, mental state imbalances and suffers.

Teacher Anodea Judith shows ways to harness your spiritual energy so that you can heal and balance your chakras. You learn to access high consciousness. 

She guides you on how to unlock chakras that lead to positive actions in all aspects of life.

This training can directly and quickly affect your life.

The Money EQ Quest

It teaches you to make a positive relationship with money and make sound financial decisions.

It is a direct 21-day course that draws a map between you and money. You will gain the ability to tackle problems immediately.

How To Get Benefit From It Now?

In this corona outbreak, you and everyone are stuck at home, isolating from others.

Don’t blame the situation. Instead, make use of it. You have enough time left with you. It is a godly chance to stuck in Mindvalley Courses.

It is the most significant self-educational program going viral through the internet. Each course is knowledgeable and unusual that can open your eyes and change the way you view this world. It enlightens you and makes you focused on the right things that can lead to success for sure.

The mind valley company has a range of experts who teaches you how to groom skills and be unique than most of the others out there.

Take the first step. You will understand why we talk so much about it. The courses in it are all about transformative learning but are insightful and logical. It’s a little addictive. Addiction to good habits, never harmful.

What Is An All-access Pass In Mindvalley Quest?

This is a pass that grants you full access to almost each and every quest. Cool, no?All-access Pass In Mindvalley Quest

This Mindvalley all-access quest gives you an outstanding opportunity to be a better version of ourselves.

Don’t worry about the charges and all. They are quite affordable and come with a 10-day money-back guarantee. Do you have better offers?

Don’t fear if you are unsure about the comes. It happens first. Each teacher here is very down-to-earth and relatable that your fears put to rest.


  • Mindvalley courses are of high quality.
  • You get a lot of advice from experts and professionals.
  • The classes can change your life for good.
  • You get invaluable information.
  • You get self-development training


  • The videos are short at times. But each of them is incredibly full of insights. 
  • This course requires commitment like any other course. You need to commit to giving 30-60 minutes per day to get the lessons and complete the given assignments.
  • You need the willingness to change. Mindvalley courses are of no use. Suppose you do not apply it. On applying, it brings positive change. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are Mindvalley courses for?

Mindvalley courses are for everyone who wants to improve themselves, feel more happy and confident than before. If you are so glad and want no improvement and changes in your life, then you should not be bothered to take up this course.

Price of Mindvalley courses?

Experts teach you on this platform without costing you an arm and a leg. Charges may vary for different courses. The all-access pass will cost you $595 a year or $20 per session. You get a 10-day money-back guarantee too.

Can I find a mobile App?

Yes, it has, and it is fantastic. The app is easy to understand and of good quality. You can watch the videos on the phone or laptop, whatever works best for you.

To Conclude: Are Mindvalley Course Worth It? 

We tried our best to give you the best. Everything mentioned in this article is well-researched and time-tested. We recommend you to try the Mindvalley Course at least once. It is quite affordable, and at last, you get what you pay for. Giving accurate information to the readers is our primary motive. 

Stay tuned for more valuable information.

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Yoga App Review 2023: Should You Join?

Introduction to Mindvalley Yoga App

Yoga is not a part of everyone’s life. People do a lot of physical activities to be fit. People who do not do yoga may wonder many things while observing others who do yoga in their daily life. They may think about whether they are fit or slim enough? Are they flexible and disciplined enough? Do they have a peaceful mind and life?

Yes, these are the fundamental questions that arise in one’s mind. Any fitness exercise is never enough. You can tie yourself forever with yoga practices for long and better results. Yoga will give inner peace, strength, confidence, reduce weight, discipline, and many more benefits.

Mindvalley has introduced a Mindvalley Yoga app called Zenward, which includes a 21-day yoga quest. It can help you in achieving fitness goals if you think you are very busy, or unfit, or getting fat. Yoga is far more than an exercise, and it keeps your body balance both mentally and physically. You can start with the Mindvalley yoga quest and then lock it up in your life forever.

How is Yoga a Work In?

Yoga gives you balance over your body and mental strength that cannot be gained from any other fitness exercise. Many people around are switching from other fitness techniques to yoga. They are getting satisfied with the results and are watching people around them. 

People are becoming fit physically, but they lack mental strength and peace. What is the use of muscular physique when you do not have a sharp mind? With fitness practices, people should also prefer doing spiritual practices. These exercises will improve your mental strength and make you more stable to compete with the real world.  

Yoga is a power pack which includes everything that makes you physically, emotionally and mentally fit. It is a fantastic exercise for your body and mind. It includes the following things, which can help you with every step of your life:

Mindvalley Yoga App
  • You can do self-inspection by getting more information about yourself. It will improve your senses that can help you in making better decisions in your life.
  • Yoga improves flexibility, muscle strength, and body posture. Your age doesn’t matter because you can start yoga whenever you feel like.
  • It will help in improving your relations by giving you inner peace and help you to control your anger.
  • You can get over your traumatic experiences in the past and give your life a new start.
  • It will help you to shed excess weight from your body and maintain your perfect weight.
  • It helps in lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and making your immune system strong.
  • Your memory becomes sharp and organized.
  • It will help you to judge what is good or bad for your health.
  • It will keep you rejuvenating so that you can feel fresh every day. You will forget about being tired.
  • You will feel relieved from various chronic pains, joint pain, back pain, and many types of muscle pain.
  • It will keep you more focused on increasing your ability to concentrate. It will help in making you more productive.
  • You can get rid of anxiety, depression, stress from your life, and have a peaceful mind.
  • It will help you to make a strong connection between your body and nature. The spiritual sense will make you feel connected with this world and support you in every part of your life.

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How Yoga Affects the Functioning of Our Body?

Yoga is not only a good exercise for the body, but the mind also. As per science also, yoga has proven to be the safest and effective fitness exercise. Here is the detail about how yoga is affecting our body and our mind.

Our body is connected to our nervous system. It is the controlling section of our body. All signals are analyzed by it for further reactions. It regulates many functions of our body like digestion, breathing, and functions of several organs.

This autonomic nervous system is of two types:

Mindvalley Yoga
  • SNS: It refers to the Sympathetic Nervous System, which is directly related to your fight-or-flight responses. It triggers harmful situations like sudden loud noises, high levels of stress, or growling dogs.
  • PNS: It refers to the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is also known as the rest and digest system. Its primary function relies upon the conservation of energy by slowing down the heartbeat. It takes care of functionings like managing the working of intestines, various gland activities, and regulating the digestion process.

Both SNS and PNS go hand in hand, they are connected like if one goes down the other one goes up. Nowadays, life is full of stress, which leads to disturbed body and mind. People spend a lot of time with their unhealthy lives, and hence, facing imbalance. You may be struggling to spend some time for yourself, to relax, to get recharged, and live a healthy as well as focused life.

Yoga will help in improving the disturbance in your body and mind. It will help you to maintain the balance among various activities in your life. Yoga activates your SNS and PNS and encourages them to work properly. It will bring you back from physical, mental, and emotional torture to a happy, peaceful environment. Yoga is now influencing millions of people around the world.

What are the Pros and Cons of Doing Yoga?

Every program has pros and cons, and thus yoga does. Let us discuss them.

Pros: Mindvalley Yoga App

  • Improves Flexibility: Practicing yoga will increase flexibility in the body. It makes your muscles loose and increases the motion. 
  • Increases Strength: Easy poses of yoga practices will increase your muscle strength and endurance.
  • Improves Posture: Yoga practice will help you to improve your posture by practising various poses daily.
  • Relieving Stress: The techniques of meditation will help you in reducing stress from your life. It will help you self-introspect to improve yourself.
  • Helps in Weight Loss: Yoga will help you in reducing weight, and weight-related problems. It helps in the toning of your body.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: With improvements in body, yoga also helps in improving your mental health. It gives you inner strength physically and mentally.
  • Reduces Chronic Pain: Yoga helps in reducing back pain, chronic pain, and several types of joint pains. 

Cons: Mindvalley Yoga App

  • Expensive: You may find having yoga classes quite expensive. For each yoga session, you may have to pay a large amount of money.
  • Risk of Injuries: If your poses don’t get perfect, then you might get muscle injuries.

What is Zenward?

Zenward is a yoga platform introduced by Mindvalley, i.e., designed to help people to improve their body and mental health through yoga exercises. It is suitable for people of all age groups, body types, fitness levels, and mindset. 

The program helps people by providing high-quality instructors for yoga around the world. They guide various yoga techniques to people and help them to transform their bodies. It is a community of high-qualified yogis, which share their ideas, experiences, and support for practising yoga. 

The instructors will provide you with guidance daily with different challenges. They will push you to achieve tremendous goals for your body and mind. It has separate popularity with yoga that you never forget.

Mindvalley Zenward

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What are the Features Offered by Zenward?

It offers excellent features that people with easy understanding of techniques of practising yoga: 

  • Help in Increasing Wellness of Body as Well as Soul: Mindvalley is not only focusing on body wellness, but mind and soul wellness is equally important. The instructors will help you to create a unique journey of balancing body and soul.
  • Helps in Creating One’s Journey: It has a team full of experienced yoga instructors that will help you to create personal adventure at different levels of your life. 
  • Saves Money and Time: Zenward will provide you sessions from 10 to 60 minutes which you can work at any time at your homes, offices, parks, and anywhere you want. It will save not only your time but also money. You can carry your yoga sessions wherever you like with your mobiles and laptops.
  • Never Feel Alone: You can start this program with your friends, fellow teammates, and with who so ever you like to. You never have to experience the yoga journey alone. The experienced instructors will always be there for guidance. You can even upload your yoga photos and videos on social media and share them with the world.
  • Available at Affordable Prices: Zenward has offered these yoga classes to people at a very incredible price that can easily fit into anyone’s pocket. It costs less than a live yoga class where you have to practice 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  • Get a Perfect Guide: You will be provided with expert yoga ideas, experiences, and guidance. The Co-founder of Zenward, Cecilia, has made this excellent application to practice yoga daily to develop personal growth. He has managed all the yoga instructors with their training by herself. 
  • 7-day Yoga Journey: you can join a week yoga journey to balance your mind and body strength. It will make you calm and focused. Once you take the 7-day yoga adventure, you can easily add up in your life after it.

What Will be the Offerings After Enrollment for This Program on the Mindvalley Yoga App?

The program offers the following features after enrollment for this program:

  • Helps to Build a Daily Routine of Doing Yoga in No Time: Mindvalley has a team full of experienced yoga instructors. You can opt for anyone you like. Cecilia has made this 7-day journey for beginners that help them to refresh their mind. It convinces people to add yoga in their daily life. These practices will make you relaxed, motivated, and energized. It improves your breathing skills and releases body tension.
  • Several Ways to Learn and a Guide is Provided to Help Throughout the Journey: It is up to you whether you need to go for a 30-day yoga journey or a 7-day yoga challenge. Your journey will be recorded, and the experts will help you throughout your yoga journey.
  • Get Full Access to the Zenward Community Growing Day by Day: After enrolling, you will get full access to the Zenward community. You will learn about the useful insights that can help you to form various study groups, discussions. There are many things to know about different courses that encourage you throughout your yoga journey. You can make new relations with yourself, your body, soul, and the real world.
  • Customizable Yoga Courses: You can easily customize the yoga program that you have selected. There is a list of well-experienced yoga teachers. They are specialized in their unique yoga styles. So, if you ever get bored with one instructor, you can go for the teachings of another one. You can pick a class with your favourite instructor as per your mood and need. 

Mindvalley Yoga App

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What are the Pricing Plans for Using Zenward?

Mindvalley is offering two pricing plans for a subscription at affordable prices. Let us discuss them below:

  1. Monthly: It will cost you $14 per month when you start subscribing. There can be added prices in the future. The plan has offered a 30% discount when you subscribe.
  2. Yearly: It will cost you $119 per year. You can also pay the price monthly by spending $10 per month. A 50% discount is offered on the yearly pricing plan while subscribing.

Who is the Founder of Mindvalley Yoga Program?

Cecilia Sardeo is the co-founder Of Zenward introduced by Mindvalley. She is also the host of Zenward and has a community of people that love practising yoga. Day by day, new people are joining yoga with Mindvalley. She is the one giving training sessions to her instructors and managing them. 

Cecilia has introduced art to maintain the fitness of one’s body and mind. She has opted for the spiritual exercise called yoga to introduce to people so that the world can make themselves fit through easy and peaceful exercises.

After many restless years, Cecilia at the age of 28 found an unbalanced life with increasing weight, and stress in her life. Then she decided to do yoga and maintained herself.

Her experience has encouraged her to get a 500-hour yoga teacher certificate in Bali and introduce a yoga app. She discovered more powerful techniques that help her to lose weight and balance her life. Now, she is a well-certified and experienced yoga instructor who helps people with the ancient art of getting fit.

Why has Mindvalley Created Zenward?

Mindvalley is very creative and very determined for the well being of humanity. It encourages people to lead a healthy and happy life. They want humans to unleash their potential and achieve their life goals.

It believes in educating people in every aspect of life, world, and themselves. They provide innovative ideas and knowledge of every possible level so that to make them live to the fullest.

Mindvalley has created a yoga app called Zenward, to build human health and lead them to be fit. It published various tools, techniques, and communities that help them to grow. It eliminates the negative thoughts and rejuvenates your mind with peaceful and positive thoughts.

Who is Going to Deliver Yoga Sessions to the People?

Zenward has an extensive collection of top yoga instructors that will provide yoga sessions to users. Here is the list of yoga instructors below:

  • Tymi Howard: Tymi is the certified international teacher of yoga practice and a holistic coach of health. She will provide you guidance with the combination of Vinyasa and Yin yoga that will help you in awakening the inner strength, freedom, and helps you to heal.
  • Richard Schultz: Richard is one of the experienced Vinyasa yoga teachers. He will provide you guidance on how to select potent yoga with correct rhythm and flow.
  • Delamav Devi: She is a senior prana vinyasa yoga teacher. She has a great interest in yoga and will provide you guidance on how to use your body movements as medicine and how to use human cycles for existence.
  • Erin Motz: Erin is known as the fun-loving bad yogi. He loves to teach vinyasa yoga, eat french cheese and red wine to drink. He is an independent, free of judgments, and rules.
  • Dashama Gordon: Dashama is known as the Anthony Robins of yoga. He will guide with various yoga styles that come across the world. He will help you to heal yourself through yoga and lift your consciousness.
  • Aaron Kleinerman: Aaron is a specialized yoga teacher in Acrovinyasa that means doing yoga from earth to air. He will show you the brightest side of doing yoga and how it encourages excitement in a human body and makes it calm as well.
  • Lindsay Sukornyk: Lindsay is a good leadership and vinyasa yoga teacher. She has a unique knowledge of enhancing personal growth by practising yoga. 
  • Bryan Kremer: Bryan is a hatha yoga teacher. He will help you to free your spiritual, mental, and physical energy through meditation practice. He has an intense connection with the ocean.

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How is it Helping People in Improving Their Daily Life?

Designing this unique technology is playing a significant role in the lives of many people seeking fitness. The Zenward has been introduced with the Mindvalley yoga quest, which helps people in maintaining balance over their body, mind, and soul.

Mindvalley has invested a considerable amount of money in providing people with the service of yoga on this platform. This platform has enhanced the user experience and evolved the concept of digital learning.

Mindvalley is the first Academy who has introduced this application. They have launched their meditation app in 2012 named Omvana, which is famous in about 35 countries. Then another app for people who have sleeping problems named Dormio. Mindvalley designs more and more apps for the well being of people.

They want people to learn more advanced things by educating them. They are focusing on conceptual education and ideas that help people in redefining themselves. Constantly, they are working on the improvements and offers that they can provide to the world. They have introduced various programs with expert guidance around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mindvalley Yoga App

Can I Practice Yoga at My Office?

Yes, if you are having this Zenward, the yoga app by Mindvalley. Then you can carry it anywhere you want to with your mobiles and laptops.

Is it Important for Our Children to Take Yoga Classes?

Yes, yoga is essential for everyone, and anyone of any age group can practise yoga for fit body and mind.

Who is the Best Instructor in Zenward?

Zenward is a house of high-qualified yoga instructors. It is up to you which instructor you choose as per your mood and need.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Yoga App

Here, we have studied the Mindvalley yoga app named Zenward. It is getting world famous day by day. Many people are switching from other fitness exercises to yoga. Zenward has a great collection of yoga experts that will help people in every step of their classes. In this app, users will get online live courses for practising yoga.

It is the application that comes with affordable prices. You can opt for any instructor you want that matches your needs. You should consider this review, which will help you to know more about Zenward.

General Family Travel Tips Top Travel Posts

Your Complete Toddler Packing List: 27 Worry-Free Tips

Are you wondering what to bring when you travel with your toddler? You’re not alone! It’s a big task! That’s why we created this toddler packing list to help you tick off all the essentials that you need to bring when you travel with your toddler. 

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As soon as you know where to go, make sure to bring as much as necessary and as little as possible – it’s all extra weight that you will have to carry. I am sure you know how much your little ones love to be held, no matter how full your hands are or how much weight you are already carrying on your shoulders, overpacking will cause more trouble than it’s worth!

So, with this complete toddler vacation packing list that includes 27 worry-free tips for beach and winter holidays, the chances are high that both you and your children will enjoy creating new memories, and traveling the world together.

Pin for Pinterest with a collage of pictures and 
text saying 27 tips for your toddler packing list.
Your complete toddler packing list – save it for later!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a small commission but come at no extra cost to you. This helps with the costs of running our blog so we can keep our content free for you. Thanks as always for your support! See the full disclosure here.

Prepare in advance, but pack light 

While you do not want to bring too many items, especially if you’re paying for checked bag fees, some things are essential when it comes to traveling with young ones. 

It is imperative to prepare in advance and think about the individual needs of your child. Since every child has different needs and every trip is different, planning for your little ones in advance is better than being underprepared. 

Yet, with this in mind, many items are available for purchase at your selected destination. But who wants to start their holiday with a run to the supermarket? 

I don’t know about you, but I know I prefer to have a few items prepared and planned so I can enjoy the benefits of traveling and exploring a new destination rather than worrying if a store has my preferred cloth diapers in stock. That is why I follow a toddler travel checklist to ensure I always pack what my littles need. 

While there are shops for children all around the world and many at lower costs than our home countries, some items are essential to bring and create a less worry-free holiday for us busy mothers who deserve the extra time to enjoy our family holiday 🙂

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Toddler packing list for plane rides

A mother and her child walking on the rollfield towards an airplane, the mother looks back and smiles.

With long haul flights, the stress of entertaining your little ones, and even luggage restrictions and federal regulations, packing for your children can be confusing, and often overwhelming. Here is a reliable flying with a toddler checklist that includes various must-haves to pack in your carry-on bag for a stress-free flight. 

1. Diaper essentials 

Pack your standard diaper bag complete with the essential items you typically bring for an outing. Your toddler tote should include diapers, changing pad, wipes, bags for soiled clothes, and diaper cream. 

Pro Tip: Bring a pack of disposable diapers even if you’re using cloth diapers like us. While you are on the way to your destination, it’s a lot easier to use disposable diapers – depending, of course, on the travel time, but for a long-haul flight, you don’t want to collect dirty cloth diapers in your carry-on luggage. 

2. Inflight entertainment 

If traveling with an active toddler, you will need plenty of options packed in your carry on to keep your little one entertained. Packing small and inexpensive distractions like toys, books, crayons, or playdough can provide cognitive and emotional stimulation for hours of inflight entertainment. 

3. Snacks and drinks 

Bring more snacks and drinks than usual to prepare for long-hauls, possible delays, and those above-average hungry days. To prevent pickiness from offerings in the plane or airport, pack a few of your children’s go-to snacks, and a sippy cup, preferred drinks, and juice boxes to hydrate.

4. Wet wipes 

Having wet wipes, in general, is a smart tip when traveling with little ones, but even more so in the time of COVID. Wiping down the tray tables before your children eat off of it will give you peace of mind.

5. A stuffed animal and/or blanket

A stuffed teddy bear partially covered with a blanket - for the complete toddler packing list.

Packing the items your children tend to gravitate towards for sleeping is essential for nap time, long flights, or on a redeye. Planes can also be quite cold, and a blanket will keep your toddler nice and toasty. I also tend to pack a hat in case of cold planes to keep my little one’s ears warm.

6. Extra clothes 

I always travel with extra clothes in case of diaper leaks, potty training accidents for the older ones, or general emergencies. There’s a possibility you might experience an accident and will be exceedingly grateful for the extra set.

7. First-aid kit

Pack a first-aid kit in your carry on with bandages, fever and pain reducers, any prescribed medications, and motion sickness relief.

8. Sky pillows 

Sky pillows or inflatable travel pillows offer neck comfort for your little ones during nap time, for yourself, and make long haul trips more tolerable for the entire family. 

9. Toy bungee

The toy bungee is an essential carry-on item that attaches to your kid’s toys to prevent them from launching across the cabin, from touching the floor and keeping their toys germ-free. Without this strap, you might have toys hitting other passengers’ heads or even flying down the aisle!

Toddler packing list for beach destinations

A toddler is sitting at the beach viewing the ocean.
Beach anyone?

Going to the beach with a baby or toddler can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! With a great travel checklist for kids to follow, a little planning and preparation in advance, you can sit back and watch them splash, giggle, and play, knowing you have everything you need. You might even have time to sneak in a few pages of that book you’ve been eager to read.

1. Sunscreen  

Pack your favorite baby-safe sunscreen and reapply as needed. 

Pro tip: Choose a sunscreen with zinc, which creates a barrier to protect the skin and is even great for sensitive skin. Also, avoid oxybenzone when packing a sunscreen due to its potential hormonal effects, and destructive properties to coral reefs. 

2. Sun hats

A baby smiling at the camera wearing a sun hat - mandatory on your toddler packing list!
Protect those little ones from the sun!

We need to keep our littles sun-safe while at the beach, and sun hats are great for keeping faces and ears shaded.  

3. Swimsuits

If you’re planning on an extended trip to the beach, packing two swimsuits per child will always allow you to have a dry one available. For additional sun protection, packing rash guards and cute cover-ups are great options to protect your baby’s skin.

4. Beach shoes 

Even for adults, walking on the hot sand is torture, and water shoes are a great option to protect your baby’s feet from not only the sun but any chance of sharp rocks in the water. 

5. Beach towels 

Beach towels toddler travel essentials for any trip for fun in the sun, and having one per child will ensure no fussiness for sharing a soaked towel for two unhappy kids.

6. Floaties and toys

A little girl is jumping in the water of the ocean wearing floaties.
Having fun in the water, independently thanks to floaties!

Inflatables and swim vests are great tools for interactive water play. They give confidence and independence to little ones, especially if they’re learning how to swim. For optimal sandcastle building without taking too much space in your beach bag, bring only a few buckets and shovels. Your children will be grateful for the ability to mold sandy creations and utilize their imagination.

7. Swim diapers, wipes, and bag for changes 

Pack extra diapers for accidents, wipes for a sand-free clean-up, and a bag to carry any soiled items. 

8. An option for shade

Two little kids below an umbrella at the beach.
A cool place to stay at the beach…

To make beach trips less of a hassle, consider packing a portable umbrella or beach tent to give your little ones a break from the sunshine. Depending on where you are traveling, the sun can be powerful, and sometimes, sunscreen and sun hats don’t offer enough protection for our children.

9. Beach blanket 

A large beach blanket is easy to pack and perfect for the entire family to sit on. It also comes in handy for diaper changes. 

10. Drinks and snacks 

Pack a small cooler with easy beach snacks such as fruit, sandwiches, crackers, and chips. For drinks, bring water and juice boxes to offer plenty of options to keep your little ones hydrated. 

11. Change of clothes 

To prevent rashes from a long day at the beach in wet swimwear, bring extra clothes for a dry nap or in case of accidents. 

12. Pacifier or teething toys 

Depending on the age, I would advise bringing a pacifier or teething toys to prevent your children from eating sand, rocks on the beach, or any other foreign objects you certainly don’t want your littles to touch. 

13. Don’t forget about yourself. Bring a separate bag for your beach essentials

Mothers need self-love and attention too. Pack a separate small bag with your own go-to beach essentials. I typically bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Money
  • Hair accessories 
  • A compact first aid kit 
  • Aloe vera 
  • Chapstick 
  • Hand sanitizer 

Kids travel packing list for winter holidays

A mother and her child in a landscape wearing long clothes - helpful for a toddler packing list
There is no bad weather, they say…!

Packing and preparing for any holiday is no laughing matter, but packing for a winter destination can be stressful when ensuring your children stay warm and toasty amid unpredictable weather. The key to packing light for cold destinations is layering, and always starting with a base layer followed by more. If your little one starts overheating, remove one layer, and place it in your travel bag. To prepare in advance for any emergencies or accidents, keep two sets of clothes for both tops and bottoms on hand. Keep reading for tips on my toddler travel packing list for winter holidays.

1. Winter tops 

For the first layer, choose a singlet or long sleeve top. The goal is to choose clothing that will keep your children warm for exploring colder destinations for prolonged periods. For the second layer, add a sweater or knitted jumper to provide extra warmth, and finally, add an insulated outerwear jacket with a hood for wind and rain protection. 

2. Winter bottoms 

For a base layer, start with cotton leggings or tights, followed by fleece, corduroy, or snow pants, depending on the activity if playing in the snow. 

3. Keep the toes and fingers warm

A happy camper in the cold weather will need insulated socks and gloves and waterproof boots. Boots will keep their tiny feet warm, and will offer a better grip while walking or playing in the snow. 

4. Other essential items 

Of course, like any destination, you will want to bring your go-to bag for outings. Your toddler tote should include diapers, wipes, changing pad, Ziploc bag for soiled items, pacifiers, a first-aid kit, toiletries, medicine, nap-time essentials such as a blanket or stuffed animal, and favorite toys. 

5. Calling ahead for night time 

Before booking an accommodation, I like to prepare in advance and call the hotel to reserve a crib or pack n play. With the fear of COVID, I ask them to sanitize them thoroughly before use, and I even prefer to use wipes to eliminate any likelihood of germs. If the hotel or Airbnb doesn’t have what I need, I try to recreate their home bed as much as possible. For example, I bring their favorite stuffed animal, blanket, toddler pillow, and baby monitor. 

Remember to enjoy your holiday 

There you have it, a complete toddler packing list with 27 worry-free tips for each destination, no matter the season. Traveling with your little ones can be stressful and a hassle. But following a traveling with kids packing list like the tried and tested one I’ve created in this article will make your holiday more enjoyable and give you the well-deserved time to appreciate memories and present moments with your family. 

How do you prepare for the holidays with your children? What would you add to our packing lists? Let’s chat in the comments! If you enjoyed reading this article, why not share it with a friend who is preparing for a red-eye flight or holiday to the beach with their family. 

Course Reviews

Mindvalley Academy Review 2023

Are you finding it challenging to scale your business to the peak? Maybe you are struggling to make things work in your life. For sure, you are not the only one. That’s why Vishen Lakhiani and his team over at Mindvalley have embarked on an incredible journey; to create a successful generation of humanity through transformational learning and beyond the four walls of traditional classrooms and institutions.

This Mindvalley Academy review is here to help you decide how you can turn on your propeller to keep going – there’s something on Mindvalley that will keep you up and taking your life to the next level.

Because let’s be honest, so many of us are pursuing ultimate well-being and success. But many quit, not because they lack academic know-how and certifications. No, they quit because there’s no one to encourage, no one to educate and enlighten on how to navigate the slippery path of success. They lack the skills to overcome limitations and discover the hidden power within them to attain a spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, and financial breakthrough.

Life is full of inadvertent corollaries. Addressing these corollaries is what our brick-and-mortar system of education has failed to give humanity. Hence, there is a need to fill this gap. 

Without boring you down with extended historical writing, this immersive yet concise guide covers everything you need to know about Mindvalley Academy. So let’s find answers to your questions.

What Is Mindvalley Academy?

A banner with Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani promoting a sneak peek into Mindvalley University.

Mindvalley Academy is an online learning institute that focuses on training the mind, body, and spirit. The company specializes in delivering self-development courses and has a wide range of renowned experts teaching what they do best. 

Founded in 2002 by Vishen Lakhiani in a bid to transform education into a boundless and lifelong process, Mindvalley Academy is arguably the number one online education platform specializing in “culture hacking”, which means “value recoding” and creating new models of education that transform human’s life. Irrespective of age, location, and status, you can learn anywhere, anytime.

As stated staggeringly on its website, Mindvalley Academy boasts 12 million students across 80 countries of the world, and with a projection to have helped over a billion students by the end of the year 2020, a more than feasible feat considering the pace at which the company grows. 

After digging up so much about self-improvement education, there seems to be no learning platform that rivals Mindvalley Academy. Thanks to its extensive set of life-changing courses that have helped reshaped focuses and mindsets irrespective of your present difficulties. 

Vishen Lakhiani has done a great job of gathering the most prolific self-improvement talents in the world to join his mission of creating a better life for everyone. Marisa Peer, a famous UK psychologist, takes hypnotherapy on Mindvalley Academy. Emily Fletcher teaches meditation and brain expert Jim Kwik takes students in brain performance. Hands-on professionals well bake all courses on Mindvalley Academy, and they are uniquely engineered to attaining optimum performance in some of the most complicated aspects of human life.

Who Is The Founder Of Mindvalley Academy?

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley looking very confident and content towards the camera.
Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy.

The author of the book “The Code of Extraordinary Mind”, Vishen Lakhiani, is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy. A Malaysian entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker. He was a one-time Amazon’s famous author and an established Forbes author. 

Vishen Lakhiani has always advocated for and emphasizes the need for humanity to shift attention away from your life struggles and focus on self-improvement to make your life better. As contained in one of his sayings on personal development, “you need to overcome the stress of chaos by immersing yourself in yourself instead of chaos.” A mindful, thoughtful, and insightful saying that says it all about Mindvalley Academy. 

How Mindvalley Academy Works

Mindvalley’s platform is built on the foundation of helping people find their feet when life seems unbearable and exhausting. Be it marital cases, parenting difficulties, confidence building, psychological upkeep, establishing self-esteem, or other career-related problems. All their courses are designed to help proffer solutions to someone’s life adversity. I wish I had known about Mindvalley in 2011 when I quit my job and embarked on my life-transforming journey and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle.

It’s all about transformative learning, as said my Mindvalley, “it’s the learning that, inspires, activates and ushers growth in every year of life, from health, relationship, to business and spirituality.”

They offer some of the most useful career-development programs available on the internet, and becoming a student is as easy as shopping online. Whatever your goal is, maybe you need to be more thoughtful about your life or shed some weight, there’s something on Mindvalley Academy to help.

What Mindvalley Academy Courses Look Like

Mindvalley Academy courses are video-based courses and are all structured in the same way. Each video has an average of 10-20 minutes, and a course will mostly take you 30-45 days for completion. Meaning, there are about 30-45 videos that can fit well in your daily schedule one at a time.

This institute has gathered the most respected talent of the world to take charge of all the courses they offer. These seasoned professionals will guide you through the core, dive in deep on how to improve, and rewrite your story. Outside the classes, experts also recommend additional material for you to learn and grow more.

After taking you through the lesson, you will be given an after-class exercise to take action and how best to apply what you’ve learned in class. You will be given access to a community of like-minded people, going through the same issue as yours. Here, you can share thoughts, connect, and together work your way out to life.

Mindvalley Academy Courses

Presently, there are several paid and free courses available on Mind valley Academy cutting across a wide range of categories, all to help you lead an ideal life. All courses, paid or free, are categorized under five broad categories, which include: Career and Influence, Lifestyle and Productivity, Mind and Spirit, Health and Fitness, and last but not least Love and Relationship.

Below is a quick overview of what these courses entail:

  • Career and influence

Courses under this category are curated to enhance your work performance and impact your professional pursuit. Here, you can meet world-leading entrepreneurs and experts and learn their story of inspiration to fuel your digital nomad journey

  • Lifestyle and productivity

“Unleash Your Brain from All Limitation and Develop a Super Memory” by brain expert, Jim Kwik is one of the best courses under this category. They are designed to imbibe the spirit of consistency, support, and integrity and create a healthy brain to make you an exceptional talent within your organization and society.

  • Love and relationship

Struggling to hold a relationship or can’t fall in one? There is a multitude of courses here to help you forge and nurture a meaningful relationship. With the practical application, you will create a love story for yourself and everyone around you. An example is “Limitless Love and Intimacy, With The Ancient Art of Tantra” by Psalm Isadora. You will learn, unlearn, and relearn what love and relationship building is.

  • Health and fitness

Obesity, body shame, and other health complications have been, and will ever be a mainstream discussion in human’s life. Leveraging scientific discovery and orthodox wellness practice, experts like Ben Greenfield will help students attain optimal wellness and fitness goal by transforming their bodies without die-hard workout or dangerous chemicals and pills.

  • Mind and spirit

Under this category, students learn about how to challenge the convention and think outside of the box to create spiritual freedom. It gives a holistic re-evaluation of the daily practices that remain unchecked through your lifelong education. 

Who Are Mindvalley Academy Courses For?

Is Mindvalley Academy for everyone? Talking from a practical viewpoint, and in all honesty, the Mindvalley courses aren’t for everyone. For those who feel fulfilled and happy with their lives and lack nothing to improve on, there’s no need to take courses. However, for those who struggle with emotional or mental distress or feel like you are doing too little in life and your life lacks direction, Mindvalley is a great place to be. In a nutshell, their courses are incredibly valuable for the journey of life; else, you are doing great naturally.

What Mindvalley Academy Is Not

Although Mindvalley now offers coaching and mentoring services for its students, it’s yet to become a full-fledged platform for hands-on student-teacher interaction. Everything on Mindvalley is thought with relevant and useful material, and the efficacy is left to what the student can make out of it. 

This direct access to instructors is what some are looking for and what can help their situation; hopefully, Mindvalley will become one in the nearest of days. Compared to other online platforms that specialize in workshops that give students tools and direct access to change their life. Hence, it depends on what you are looking for, and you’d like to self-improve.

What People Say About Mindvalley Academy

Using Trustpilot as the ultimate source of information, Mindvalley Academy has received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. The feedback summary was impressive and encouraging as users highlight how positively these courses have influenced their lives and why they keep coming back for more. 

There are few critiques about this great academy, the bulk of which centers on billing and customer support, not the course content, and how they are delivered. 

Based on the general review, there’s little to no risk in taking any of the courses from Mindvalley academy, provided you are willing and ready to take action. Remember, “Heaven helps those who help themselves”. 

Mindvalley Academy Pricing And Refund Policy 

Although there are special offers and seasonal discounts for courses on Mindvalley Academy, courses generally range from free to around $900. What separates these courses most is the duration of the sessions, ending certificate inclusion, or other out of the class materials. 

Generally, Mindvalley offers a different refund policy based on several factors, since we are interested in courses here, let’s take a look at the relevant policy:

Courses have a 7-days free trial period wherein you have the liberty to opt-in or out. You will only be charged at the end of this period if you remain active, after which there will be no refund. 

Note: Before buying a course, make sure you check their website to be sure of any update. 

Wrapping It Up

There is nothing magical, or let’s say nothing like overnight success about Mindvalley Academy. The courses are only useful for those who are ready to take action. Perhaps, the high price many loathe about is purposely to push you through the courses and get your return on investment.

So, as long as you remain up and doing, utilize the strategies and do your part, there’s no worry you could become another successful student of Mindvalley’s Academy and join the community of millions who have attained life-changing personal growth and development.

Course Reviews

MasterClass Vs Mindvalley Which is Better & Why?

The MasterClass logo laid over a collage of tutors on the MasterClass platform.

If you have come this far, it is because you want to develop your personal and professional skills. For this, I bring you this review of MasterClass and Mindvalley, two platforms where it is very likely that you can get what you are looking for. I will explain the key points of each one, including the courses and instructors that you can access.

And so you can quickly establish a comparison, in each section, I will talk to you simultaneously about both platforms. In the end, I will leave you my general assessment based on this MasterClass and Mindvalley review.

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What Is The Essence Of Mindvalley And MasterClass?

I have always had a great curiosity for knowledge. And I know of many people who share this personal characteristic. I remember that the first courses I did were in language. Later, I became interested in affiliate marketing courses. And now, I like those that deal with mediation and yoga.

Since then, I have tried different teaching-learning platforms, and this is the Mindvalley Quest and MasterClass opportunity.

Mindvalley’s Quests

This is one aspect where the MasterClass and Mindvalley review finds a difference. According to Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, this is a company designed to help people achieve a more rewarding life.

Based on this, it is that they design their courses, which they call quests. Well, they consider that each one of us should be concerned with finding our balance with the world.

Each quest helps build that path. Whether it be developing mental capacities, or creating skills such as concentration and relaxation in us. For this, Lakhiani included “Quests” as part of the company name.

So personal development is the essence of Mindvalley courses. And consequently, it is the very essence of the company. However, they focus primarily on developing a healthy mind in a healthy body and on spirituality. As a gateway, this makes the platform attractive to any digital nomad, even when having a family.

Creativity Belongs To MasterClass

A selection of four of the 45+ instructors of the MasterClass online platform.
Learn from the best in their field: MasterClass instructors know their game!

When starting this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, I did not expect to find differences in the essence of these companies. I had heard that both were dedicated to personal development. However, MasterClass focuses its purpose on developing people’s creativity.

This I easily observed when browsing the categories of their website. Most are aimed at developing arts-related skills. For example, Music, Films, and TV. And at the other disciplines, creativity is essential to be successful. Like Sports, Games, Business, Politics, and Society.

Of course, the essence of MasterClass also catches the attention of digital nomads. And it is that to work traveling the world, we need to be competent in what we do. For this, we must enhance our creativity.

Watch our video review here: MasterClass vs. Mindvalley review 2020

How Do MasterClass And Mindvalley Work?

In this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, I got a similar behavior on both platforms. Basically, in both, you gain knowledge through short video-recorded classes. On average, each course has between 20 and 40 lessons. Being able to divide the content into shorter videos from 5 to 15 minutes.

However, Mindvalley’s quests are longer on average than the courses you get through MasterClass. And on both platforms, you can access lessons online or download them to your digital devices to see them later.

On the other hand, there are some differences in terms of the communication channels they use. You will also see differences in prices and their free promotions. Let’s see what this is like, shall we!?

Start transforming your life with Masterclass!

Accessing Content

Both in MasterClass and Mindvalley, you can see the lessons from any place and device. This, thanks to the fact that both platforms have an application to access classes from your mobile or tablet.

Also when doing this review of MasterClass and Mindvalley, I found that it is easy to see the content through social networks. This is good for digital nomads because they will be able to enter from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

But here is another difference. In addition to the lessons, I was able to listen to some Mindvalley podcasts. They are short audios recorded by personalities who speak on topics related to quests. You can get notifications if you subscribe to Mindvalley’s iTunes and Spotify channels.

For example, I really liked being able to listen to a podcast from NBA superstar, Reggie Jackson. In it, he talks about how visualization helps you achieve your sporting achievements. Furthermore, he talks about his planning to improve himself every day.

What Is Free And What Is Paid?

A table of three MasterClass instructors to support this MasterClass and Mindvalley review.

Here I show you separately the results of the MasterClass and Mindvalley review.

You can get the MasterClass All-Access Pass by paying 180 USD. With this, you have access to the entire catalogue of the platform for one year. Eventually, you must renew the license. Thus, you have access to more than 85 classes, with an average of 20 lessons per class, and 10 minutes per lesson.

In MasterClass, you decide which classes to watch. So, you can be in a chef Gordon Ramsey class, and stop momentarily to see a lesson from another chef. For example, it could be a lesson from Tomas Keller’s Meats, Stocks, and Willows.

But in MasterClass, there are lessons free too. In certain jurisdictions, you can access MasterClass Free Trial All-Access Pass for one day. And at the end of this period, the annual cost is automatically charged to you the payment method that you register at the beginning.

Now let’s talk about Mindvalley. On this platform, you pay $ 595 for full access to all courses. In the MasterClass and Mindvalley review, I verified in the first fifteen days that this platform has more than 30 quests.

The good thing is that they do the Mindvalley Life Assessment. This is a 22-minute test that tells you the areas of your being that you must attend to first. I used these results and took a quest for the area that I need to reinforce.

Besides, you can test the quality of the platform with some free Mindvalley courses. For example, I enrolled in Vishen Lakhiani’s “The Three Keys to Transformative Learning” course. It seemed great what he discussed, and his way of explaining was very clear.

Guarantees Of These Learning Platforms

In MasterClass you have a guarantee for 30 days after the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied with the learning experience, your subscription will be refunded. On the other hand, in Mindvalley, the guarantee is for 15 days. If you decide to cancel it in this period, they also return your entire subscription.

Excellent Lessons

I have no bad things to say about the lessons in this MasterClass and Mindvalley review. Both learning platforms really have excellent quality videos. These are short, with clear and in-depth explanations.

Also, each lesson is a very pleasant experience on any of these platforms. The reason is that you can watch the videos whenever you want and even from the comfort of your bedroom. This is very convenient for any digital nomad, and even more so in these times of social quarantine.

MasterClass and Mindvalley Categories

MasterClass has the lessons classified into eight categories. These are:

  • Writing
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Culinary Arts
  • Film and TV
  • Business, Politics and Society
  • Games Design and Sports
  • Photography, Fashion, and Lifestyle
  • Science and Technology

For its part, Mindvalley classifies its quests as follows:

  • Mind
  • Performance
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Kids, Teens and Parenting

The Instructors

MasterClass and Mindvalley have world-renowned and experienced instructors. Like guitarist Carlos Santana, film director Martin Scorsese, and tennis player Serena Williams, in MasterClass. And also, Jim Kwik (accelerated learning, fast reading, brain performance, …), Marisa Peer (Britain’s # 1 hypnotherapist), and Vishen Lakhiani (learning and personal development), at Mindvalley.

To test the quality of the instructors, I signed up for Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani and Business Leadership with Howard Schultz. They are extraordinary instructors. Then, I will continue my personal development on both learning platforms.

There are veteran teachers available for different careers in Masterclass listed below:

Carlos Santana Masterclass ReviewGuitar
Mira Nair Masterclass ReviewIndependent filmmaking
Helen Mirren Masterclass ReviewActing
Samuel Jackson Masterclass ReviewActing
Serena Williams Masterclass ReviewTennis
Gordon Ramsay Masterclass ReviewCooking
Masterclass Free TrialFree Trial
Dominique Ansel masterclass reviewCooking
Wolfgang puck masterclass reviewCooking
Will wright masterclass reviewGame Design
Dan Brown Masterclass ReviewWriting thrillers
Stephen Curry Masterclass ReviewShooting, Ball handling and scoring in Basketball
Garry Kasparov Masterclass ReviewChess
Jimmy Chin Masterclass ReviewAdventure photography
Spike Lee masterclass reviewFilmmaking
Christina Aguilera Masterclass ReviewSinging
Ken Burns Masterclass ReviewDocumentary filmmaking
Werner Herzog Masterclass ReviewFilm-making
Aaron Sorkin Masterclass ReviewScreenwriting
Jodie foster masterclass reviewFilm making
Deadmau5 Masterclass ReviewElectronic music production
Usher Masterclass ReviewArt of performance
James Patterson masterclass reviewWriting
Marc Jacobs Masterclass ReviewFashion designing
Herbie Hancock Masterclass ReviewJazz
Chris Hadfield masterclass reviewSpace Exploration

Other masterclass reviews,

Mindvalley Vs. MasterClass

After what you have read in this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, you will have already formed an opinion of these learning platforms. But for us all to be happy, beloved digital nomads, here is my conclusion.

As I said, if the creative part catches your attention or you have an artist hidden inside you, you had better enrol in MasterClass. If you are looking to elevate your spirit and develop your awareness, I recommend Mindvalley.

Among the different criteria that I presented in this MasterClass and Mindvalley review, in my opinion, the main points of comparison are the following:

  • Although both platforms have excellent videos, as far as image and sound are concerned, I stick with those of MasterClass.
  • MasterClass instructors have better credentials that support their experience and knowledge. In turn, Mindvalley instructors use better motivational techniques. Hence, this platform has a lower dropout rate in its courses.
  • Mindvalley talks and podcasts are a plus compared to the communication channels MasterClass uses.
  • MasterClass does not grant course certification or any masterclass discount, while at Mindvalley, you get the certificate when you finish each quest.
  • Mindvalley is biased towards Eastern religious practices.

Really, in general, I think that these two learning platforms are excellent. But which one is better than another for you, depends on which skills you want to reinforce.

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

What Digital Nomad Podcast You Need to Listen to

One media that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among digital nomads, is podcasts. You can find podcasts on almost any subject – really, have a look! As a digital nomad, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, there always seems to be new questions or challenges that come up. A digital nomad podcast is a great way to keep learning on your journey, find new inspiration, and listen to fellow nomads and travelers’ stories. 

So, what are the best digital nomad podcasts you need to listen to?

A mobile phone showing a digital nomad podcast on its screen, next to it are headphones, a notebook and a cup of cappuccino on a wooden table.
What digital nomad podcast are you listening to?

11 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts

Nomad on FIRE

The founder of Nomad on FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), Eric Richard, believes that there is more to life than working in a 9-5 job to save up for retirement. He believes that becoming a digital nomad can mean becoming financially independent, allowing us to retire early. This is the key to creating a life you love and living a happy one. 

Eric interviews digital nomads, entrepreneurs, world travelers, early retirees, and many more to gain insight and tips into living a financially independent lifestyle on the podcast.

Listen to Nomad on FIRE or jump directly to the episode where I was interviewed on.

The Nomadic Spirit Podcast

The Nomadic Spirit Podcast focuses on the digital nomad lifestyle and everything that comes with it. The podcast covers everything from packing, to digital nomad fashion to creating connections while traveling, and personal development. Hosted by Omar Mo, he helps you create that life that you want as a digital nomad (or aspiring ones). Omar works online to fund his travels, and shares tips on marketing, working online, living from a backpack, and so much more. On his show, he interviews other digital nomads about how they manage their nomadic life. 

Listen to The Nomadic Spirit and here’s my interview.

The Kevin Shee Show

The Kevin Shee Show is a learning journey for the host and for its listeners! Kevin aims to learn new topics from a variety of people. He talks with experts from fields such as health, business, technology, and investing. If you want to continue your learning journey, this digital nomad podcast allows you to learn with Kevin as he navigates these popular topics.

Listen to The Kevin Shee Show and the episode where I talk about being a digital nomad mom.

A photo collage and a title saying 11 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts you need to listen to; a microphone, smartphone, a girl with white headphones.

The Offbeat Life

Debbie, the founder of The Offbeat Life, has an amazing story and has been on a fantastic journey to get where she is. Growing up, she was encouraged to follow a more traditional path and degree, but instead, she followed her passions and found a love for the arts. Her love of photography led her to travel the world. Now, Debbie helps others who have felt lost, as she did once, and encourages them to follow a path that will challenge them and bring them joy. 

Listen to The Offbeat Life or click here to listen to how to work as a remote social media manager.

She Goes Digital

Mel is a digital nomad who helps others achieve the lifestyle she has. She went from working a 9-5 job to starting a consulting business and living the life she wanted. She is now able to work and travel freely. Originally from France, she is currently based in Bali.

Mel shares tips about business, marketing, and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Listen to She Goes Digital

Nomad Together

Many podcasts are from the perspective of solo digital nomads or couples. Welcome to Nomad Together, which is the making of Paul and Becky, Kortman, and their four children. Paul and Becky have lived the nomadic lifestyle as a couple, and starting a family has not slowed them down. The podcast gives you insight into living as a nomadic family and helps you achieve the same. 

Listen to Nomad Together

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is known for his book and idea of the 4-hour workweek. Tim supports a lifestyle that allows us to leave the corporate world and start your own business, to fund your lifestyle. The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts and widely praised. Tim talks with a range of people, from athletes to business owners, to find out what makes them tick and succeed. 

Listen to The Tim Ferriss Show


Nomadtopia shares with us digital nomad stories to keep us inspired and entertained. Amy talks to a range of digital nomads, living all over the world and doing a variety of jobs – from owning their own business to house-sitting around the world, each nomad has a unique story to share. They talk about daily life, the struggles digital nomads face, and how you can get started and make it happen.

Listen to Nomadtopia and the episode where I talk about life as a digital nomad family.

Location Indie

The Location Indie podcast gives you a behind the scenes look at being a digital nomad and location independent. Sometimes, all we see are the exciting parts of being a digital nomad and traveling the world. However, there will be struggles or issues you may face, and the Location Indie podcast addresses and shares this with us. It’s refreshing to get a full look at what it means to be a digital nomad.

Listen to Location Indie

Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher talks about business, marketing, branding, and inspiration.  She answers your questions about leaving your 9-5, working online, and how to turn your passion into a career. Jenna is a self-made millionaire and shares her tips on how she got to where she is today. Jenna is relatable, and her podcast helps you get into the mindset you need to succeed. She also interviews other successful entrepreneurs who share their business and lifestyle secrets.

Listen to Goal Digger

Digital Nomad Mom

Last but not least, we would like to mention our own podcast for (aspiring) digital nomads and especially digital nomad families (to be). The Digital Nomad Mom podcast focuses on family-specific topics and everything related to helping the listeners to get inspired and finding their way into a location-independent lifestyle.

If you have an inspiring story to share, please get in touch to become one of our future guests on the show!

Tune in to check out our Digital Nomad Mom podcast!

The digital nomad lifestyle lets us pursue our passions and live the lifestyle we want. However, you probably don’t have it all figured out (just yet). And things can change so quickly, both in the world and in the online space. So, once you find the perfect digital nomad podcast for you, it will help you keep up to date with how to navigate your digital nomad journey and how to stay current and informed while working online. 

What digital nomad podcasts do you recommend?

Not done reading yet? Here a list of digital nomad podcasts where I got interviewed on: Check them here!

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

The Only Digital Nomad Packing List You Need 2023

Network, connect and exchange knowledge with other digital nomads and travel families in our Facebook group.

Packing for a trip can be a stressful experience for a lot of people. You have an idea of what you want to bring, but when it gets down to actually packing, you question everything. You either have too much or not enough stuff or have no idea where to begin.

If you’re a digital nomad, it can be even more stressful – you are carrying your whole life around with you. 

So what do you put on your digital nomad packing list? It may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry! 

In this article, we will tell you what to pack as a digital nomad to ensure you have all the essentials and make your packing experience stress-free.

A pin for Pinterest showing a map, a camera and a man with a pen.
Pin this and save this post to Pinterest for later!

Where to begin 

You’ve scored an online job, bought your plane ticket, and are almost ready to go, but you don’t have any digital nomad gear! 

Let’s start from the beginning.

Looking to get started as a digital nomad?  

Check out my Social Media Marketing Guide

pink ebook cover with title Kickin' It On Social Media'
A great item to put on your digital nomad packing list – lightweight and super handy!

This ebook covers all the topics needed when starting out on social media or when you’re feeling stuck with your current strategy.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a small commission but come at no extra cost to you. This helps with the costs of running our blog so we can keep our content free for you. Thanks as always for your support! See the full disclosure here.

Backpack vs. Carry on Suitcase

There is a great debate between using a backpack or a suitcase for travel. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, one will better suit your traveling style. However, if you’re unsure where your travels might take you, a backpack is a more comfortable option to travel with.

Having a digital nomad backpack makes it easier to travel from place to place, without the worry of lugging your suitcase along. Especially in countries where sidewalks are non-existent, and traffic is crazy, it’s easier to navigate the streets with a backpack. 

When traveling with a suitcase, you usually want to get to your destination right away to drop it off, so you can start exploring, hands-free. With a backpack, you’re able to take your time getting to your destination and not worry about your baggage – literally.

One of the best brands for a digital nomad backpack is Osprey. This is the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads, as it is the perfect size to fit everything you need for your trip, while also meeting the carry-on restrictions for most airlines. This bag is excellent for city breaks or exploring the countryside. It’s water-resistant, comfortable, and you can fit up to 40L.

Black backpack

Great, so you have your backpack (or suitcase), but now for the hard part, what do you need to bring?

Digital Nomad Packing List – Everyday Items


One of the hardest parts of packing is thinking of what clothes to bring. Traveling light is always the way to go, so how can you keep to being a minimalist digital nomad while carrying everything you need? 

If you stick with the basics, you can’t go wrong! It can seem challenging to pack for different countries and climates, but one of the best tips I’ve received is you can always layer clothes! It’s recommended that you pack enough clothes for a week. You’re sure to pick up some new clothes on your travels!

Digital nomad fashion is what you want it to be. One great part about being a digital nomad is that you don’t have to go into an office every day, but instead, you get to choose where your office is for the day. Your outfits can range from loungewear to a bathing suit, or if you want to get dressed up, you can – it’s up to you!

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Whether you plan on walking a lot or not, most likely you will end up walking a lot. One of the best ways to explore a city is by foot, so make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes so your feet can keep up!

Flip Flop Sandals

If you’re planning to visit multiple climates and destinations, having a pair of flip flop sandals for warmer weather will make your life much easier! Flip flops are great for the beach, or if you are staying in hostels, having a pair of flip flops for showers is a necessity.

A pair of golden colored flip flop sandals

Day Bag

You might find yourself in an adventurous destination and need a bag to bring along for the day. This foldable day backpack is light to carry around and compact so that it won’t take up too much room. It folds into a zipped inner pocket that you can easily pack for your trip. You can unfold it from the pocket, into a backpack in seconds. The backpack has mesh shoulder straps with plenty of padding to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. 

It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and comfortable – what more do you need!

A green backpack and various colour options next to it.

Quick-dry towel

A quick-drying or microfiber towel is an excellent thing to have on your travels! First, it doesn’t take up much room – you can fold it down, so it takes up as much space as a t-shirt. Second, it really is quick-drying – you won’t have to worry about it getting the rest of your clothes wet.

Travel towel bag and rolled up travel towel underneath it.

Combination Lock

A combination lock is essential to keep everything safe. We recommend a combination lock (vs. a key lock), so it is one less thing to lose! Most hostels will have lockers, but it’s up to you to bring the lock. 

A blue combination lock with numbers.


You should pack the essential toiletries for your travels such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a brush, and anything else you will need! 

Keep in mind that you can purchase most toiletries on your travels, so don’t worry about bringing enough for your whole trip.

However, you should pack anything special you use, such as hair products or makeup, as you might not be able to find the same ones abroad!

What to Pack – Technology

As a digital nomad, you will be carrying some tech with you, but what is essential to bring? Of course, you will need your laptop and phone but outside of those, let’s look at what digital nomad gadgets and accessories to bring along.

World Travel Adapter

Wherever your travels might take you, you always need to be plugged in! With this world travel adapter, you will be ready to work from anywhere. This travel adapter accepts plugs from more than 150 countries. It also contains USB ports so you can charge more than one device at once. 

A black travel adapter.

Noise-canceling Headphones

As a digital nomad, you will be working from different places on your journey. Some will definitely be noisier than others, so it’s essential to have all the tools to be as productive as possible! Whether you are working from the airport, a coffee shop, or a coworking space, all the new noises will get distracting. 

Noise-cancelling headphones will keep you focused and in the zone. Over the ear, headphones take up more space than traditional headphones, but it’s worth it to keep you productive!

Black headphones.

Portable Battery Charger

As a digital nomad, you need to make sure you can work to keep living your lifestyle. Having a portable battery charger on hand will help ensure this. It’s light and compact, so you won’t even notice it’s there, and you will always be prepared and able to use your devices. 

Black portable battery charger by Anker.

Electronic Organizer

Between all your gadgets, your electronics can get tangled or damaged if they are free in your bag. An electronic organizer will keep all your devices in place and safe! This organizer is waterproof, secure, and easy to access.

An open bag to organise electronics with various color options on the side.

What to pack – Extra room

If you have extra room in your bag, here are some additional items that will make your digital nomad journey easier.


It can be hard to find time to sit down with a good book between work and life. Traveling is a great time to indulge in all those books on your booklist. A Kindle is a great way to have your choice of books on the go.

It’s great to unwind on the beach or to keep you entertained during your flights.

A Kindle from back and front.

Classic Notebook 

A writing notebook is always handy when working online. You can use it to document your trip or to make a digital nomad checklist for your work or travels. It’s a great way to keep track of everything that happens during your digital nomad journey.

Turquoise classic writing notebook.

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle keeps you hydrated and is an excellent alternative to buying plastic water bottles (the environment will thank you). Not every place you visit will have drinkable tap water, but when you do refill it, the insulated bottle will keep your water fresh and cool.  

Eight reusable drinking bottles in different colors.

Leave It At Home

External Hard Drive

While having a physical backup of your work can feel safer, you are able to back up your work in so many different ways these days – iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. An external hard drive is just another thing to lose, and most likely, you’re already backing up your work online, so it’s just added space!


It’s always fun and exciting to buy a guidebook about your next destination but leave those bulky books at home! Everything is at the tip of your fingertips on the internet so you can research your destination as you go (and document everything in your new notebook).

Packing Tips

  • If you run out of space while packing, bring items that would be expensive to replace on your trip
  • Make a copy of your passport and any other important travel documents and keep them in a different location to the real ones
  • Don’t carry a lot of cash at once. You will be able to take out money from your destination
  • You can download a map of a city in Google Maps, and use it when you are offline, without data or internet

What else is on your digital nomad packing list?

Are you interested in becoming a digital nomad, but not sure where to begin? 

Check out the ultimate guide for online success, Kickin’ It On Social Media, to help you start your digital nomad journey.

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Digital Nomad Family Tips

How to be a digital nomad with a family

Would you like to connect with other digital nomad and travel families? Get inspired and learn from those who are living the lifestyle you might still be dreaming of! Join our Facebook group to make the first step towards your dream life. Get access here.

This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. For more info: Disclaimer.

It might sound like a contradiction: digital nomad equals freedom. Right? Digital Nomad with family sounds like all the other things but freedom. If you are laughing now, you most likely have kids yourself. Even if I am exaggerating here, I think you get my point… 

The laptop lifestyle initially attracted the 20somethings single freelancer dudes. But time has changed and so have we, the digital nomad generation that started this lifestyle has matured. 

Many of us are still on the road and have designed their nomadic life WITH kids. We know a lot of families living alternative lifestyles and it’s always refreshing to see that we are not the only ones.

So, if you have doubts that the digital nomad lifestyle is feasible or not, even when you tag your spouse and kids along, then read on! This article will help you see why you can be a digital nomad with a family – and that it’s actually a lot of fun.

Being a digital nomad with family means being able to share more special moments with your children.

Most people who are new to this way of living ask me how we manage to focus on our job. I get it, usually you are in beautiful places, like Koh Phangan in Thailand, for example, where the beach is calling you every day. But then again this is the key to it: we are in these settings on a daily basis. That’s why we can also easily stay away from the beach or skip sight seeing as we have time to do so on the long run. We don’t have the urge to tick off as many activities as possible in a short amount of time as most tourists or traveling families have.

The perks of being a digital nomad with family

I will state the obvious first: When you have kids AND a career, it sometimes can become overwhelming to give your best in all areas of your life. Keeping up with your daily chores plus your job, travel planning AND raising kids – the plate is really full.

And this is when the digital nomad lifestyle comes in very handy. You are in charge to create your work schedule and organise your playtime. For me, that’s what I love love love about our lifestyle, as exhausting as it might sound, at least we have the freedom to work our job around our kids’ needs. 

I always put my children first. Sometimes this means that I have to add a night shift to get work done. But it doesn’t bother me, because I prefer it this way. At least I know that I was there for my children during the day when they needed me.

Watch this video to get insights into a life as a digital nomad with a family.

Quick facts about being a digital nomad with a family

  • Claudio and I both have a steady income and still spend as much time as we want to with our children. 
  • No day looks the same, no matter how structured we are – WHICH WE LIKE.
  • Our children are in the privileged position to have their mommy and daddy around them to an equal amount of time during the day. That’s, of course, wonderful for bonding.
  • We work as much or even more as we used to in our ‘normal’ jobs.
  • We slowed down as soon as we got kids and now choose to stay in one place for around six months.

At the moment, our nomad life with a baby describes the following daily routine: we rotate watching the kids on a half day basis. When I play with the kids in the morning, Claudio will take care of them in the afternoon and the following morning too, before it’s my turn again. This way, each of us gets to work a full day cut into half. Get it? It helps a lot when you are working on a project and want to focus on something longer than just half a day.

Yet, there is a lot more to keeping sanity as a digital nomad family. We already shared our tips in this article. But here are briefly our tips to juggle this travelling life with kids:

Tips on how to live and work remotely as a digital nomad with a baby

  1. Having a set schedule or a routine, really helps everyone in our family to make this lifestyle of remote work and travelling with kids work.
  2. Communicate EVERY need and problem that is arising – it’s key to avoid major crises!
  3. Regularly remember your ‘why’ and you will stay motivated and dedicated to pursue your new dream life.
  4. Zoom out and laugh about life more often – humor really helps when you’re finding yourself in challenging situations or when you’re miserable. Try to not take everything so serious – life is good!
  5. Your children will thank you later – so, all you are doing today, they will remember as they remember a happy childhood and experiences, not toys! 

Do you have a nomad personality?
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what it takes to become a digital nomad with a family!


Challenges of being a digital nomad with a toddler

Life seems to stop when you have children. Not really but yes, it changes a lot.

As digital nomad parents, you will slow down for sure. You adjust and transform your daily life according to the new little human’s needs. You know, I think it’s a lot of fun to be able to do so in a surrounding where others go on holiday.

So, I don’t mind slowing down or stopping even for a while. Claudio and I have done our travels before, individually and together. So, we don’t feel that we are missing out on something.

Now, it’s all about the kids. And we believe in the saying “Happy parents have happy children.” I just made this one up but it does resonate with our motto. What good does it do to live in a city where the kids have all the toys in the world and their own room but their parents are miserable?! 

I cannot speak for families with older children as both my kids are very young still. In their cases, I can definitely say that it is the best decision we have made to take them to places where we find our ideal surroundings. For us, this is pleasant weather, other families, affordable prices and friendly people. Thailand is one of these places, we’ve found.

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my life as a digital nomad mum.<<<<

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FAQ for digital nomad parents

Finally, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked and that we have heard other families living alternative lifestyles get asked very often:

  • Nomad family meaning: A family that travels around the world and makes money from remote work or an online business. They usually home-school their kids or have found their ideal way of alternative education.
  • What does the nomad life with a baby look like? As mentioned above, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot slower than before and it is also challenging at times. But we prefer to rock our baby to sleep with the sound of the ocean waves and let him learn how to crawl and walk on a sandy beach.
  • Is there a remote year for families too? Yes, there is! We highly recommend checking out Remote Year if you want to test out the waters and travel with other families for one year. 
  • What travel insurance do you have? We recommend SafetyWing, their medical travel insurance is made by nomads for nomads, which is why it fits best for our needs. We love it because they are affordable, flexible and all we need. You can book instantly online and cancel any day. Check them out here.
  • Have you found any digital nomad jobs in Thailand? We have, in a sense. We don’t have a work permit for Thailand but whenever we meet new people, they are interested in our story and in how we make money. Sometimes it turns out that they are in need of our services and so we start a new online gig. 
  • Do I need to start a travel family blog in order to become a digital nomad with family? You definitely don’t have to start a blog, if you don’t feel like this is something you will be enjoying. Blogging is tough and requires dedication. So, don’t start if it’s not something you really want to be doing for the next five to ten years. But I can say that it really helps for connecting with brands, other bloggers, creating an online presence and so much more. I wrote about it in this article in a more detailed manner.
  • Are there any other families who travel? Absolutely! We are not the only ones. 🙂 As described above, there are more and more digital nomad parents and many events around the world to connect people with a similar mindset. Check this list for events in 2020.

Final thoughts

No matter if you are single, in a relationship or have a family, becoming a digital nomad and changing your lifestyle is a big step. Take your time to think about all the things you have to organise first and make sure that you have your finances in order before you start travelling. Once you’ve decided to choose this way, you can congratulate yourself, as every new experience will bring benefits to you and your family. 

Plus, you can always try it out for a while and if you don’t like it, simply go back to your old life. But I warn you, most people we know who have started living location-independently and world-travelled the world on a full-time basis, find it hard to imagine to go back to the life they led before. If you are in doubts and want to get help, please check out our digital nomad coaching services here.

Did we miss anything? Do you have more questions? Leave a comment below, we’d love to know!

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Best Travel with Kids Quotes in 2023

Traveling can be a special experience, and traveling with your family enhances that experience even more. It can sometimes be hard to put this unique experience into words, so we are here to help. We’ve gathered some of our favorite travel with kids quotes that you can use to inspire your own travels, or use to get you and your audience into that wanderlust mindset. If you’ve recently taken a family trip and are looking for family trip quotes to use for your Instagram, look no further!

Bonus: We asked some of our fellow travel bloggers to share their favorite travel with kids quotes and the stories they connect with them.

So, buckle up and get ready for some inspiration!

Travel with kids quotes pin
Pin this travel with kids quotes pin for later.

10 favorite traveling with kids quotes from fellow travel bloggers

Father, mother and their son in an airplane.

“The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.” – Og Mandino

I’m a firm believer that travel is great for kids for so many reasons. One of the greatest reasons is the wonderful memories that will last children their lifetimes.

When your children are adults, they might remember a few special toys, but they won’t remember most of them. They won’t remember the clothes they wore, what car you drove or much of the food they ate. But they will remember the time you spent traveling together as a family.

When I was young my parents had a caravan. We used to spend weekends and school holidays visiting different places in the UK and that has given me so many happy memories. Even though I can’t remember too much of the actual places we visited, I remember sitting around the table playing cards as the rain hammered on the windows of the caravan, I remember throwing stones into the sea and I remember the friends I made at the playground.

Does that mean that travel has no benefit for children who are too young to make lasting memories? Of course not! It’s still a fantastic thing to do for their development. Plus, happy parents make better parents. So, if travel makes you happy and it makes your children happy, then that’s a good reason to do it as much as you can. Whether you’re backpacking around the world, taking a luxury cruise or just camping a few miles from home, don’t waste any opportunity to make happy memories with your children.

Jenni Fielding runs the family cruise blog

“Are we there yet?” 

12 months before our family was due to set off on our 6 month trip around Australia we started preparing the kids for the journey. At the time they were 8 and 10 years old, the ideal age for the book by Alison Lester – “Are we there yet?”. The family in the book were missing a term of school, so our kids were very impressed that we would be away for two school terms. The book also helped to prepare the kids for the idea of living in a camper trailer, and let’s just say they were possibly more excited than us.

The book follows the family’s journey around Australia as they visited many famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Ayers Rock, Head of the Bight, The Pinnacles, Murphy’s Haystacks and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

As we took off on our own adventure, we incorporated many of the places the kids had heard about in the book and I think this made the trip even more special. To travel around Australia, you are required to cover vast distances between each location and the familiar cry from the backseat during the 6 month road trip was “Are we there yet?”

Natalie and Steve run the Australian family blog Curious Campers

“Travel in the younger sort is a part of education; in the elder, a part of the experience.” – Francis Bacon

Traditionally, a child’s education was synonymous to classroom learning. Nowadays, more and more families are realising the importance of experiences in a child’s development and a unique way to supplement classroom education.

On the contrary, travel in the elder sort, is a part of experience. Throughout childhood and adulthood, you learn so much about different places in the world. Getting the chance to experience these magnificent places is the best feeling.

What I love most about this quote is that it includes all age groups. It mentions children and shows how important travel is for them, not just for an experience point of view, but also for an educational perspective. But it also includes elders and reinforces how important traveling is for families.

Traveling can be made child-friendly. In fact, it’s easier than you think to choose kid-friendly activities to enrich their minds, that adults too will love. One example is a holiday in the Cook Islands. Located in the Pacific Ocean, this little-known holiday destination is popular for New Zealanders and Australians. There are many great things to do in Rarotonga perfect for families, including traditional arts and crafts, cooking classes and educational cultural shows.

Many activities provide a means of education that do not conform to society’s norms of a classroom. Being a millennial, I relate to both sides of the quote. Although I have gone through the traditional education system, I still feel I have a lot more to learn through travel, and many more places to experience.

By Delilah Hart from Our Travel Mix 

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen” from Winnie the Pooh, by A.A. Milne

We spent a year touring Europe in a motorhome while homeschooling our daughter, and we often used to say this quote to each other. 

We’ve always been big ‘Winnie the Pooh’ fans and our blue days are ‘Eeyore days’, but this quote perfectly sums up the excitement of traveling with people who just make life fun- make the smallest, silliest thing into an ‘event’.  

It’s often confused with another AA Milne quote “ “When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.”- also in the House in Pooh Corner.

This is another charming saying we love to (mis)quote when we put on our adventure boots, ready to see where the road will take us this time! 

If you’re traveling with kids, it’s a fun idea to grab a whiteboard and write some quotes onto it, so they can see, read and remember them. That way, they’ll be able to use them and you can create your own version of cute travel quotes. 

By Kat from Wandering Bird

An té a bhíonn siúlach, bíonn scéalach (Irish proverb)

 “He who travels has stories to tell.” 

This is the English meaning of this Irish proverb and is one of my favorite travel quotes. Although my son is a little young to understand the meaning, it is one I will teach him about as he gets older. It is a saying that is applicable whether young or old.

Although he doesn’t realise it, he already holds true to this proverb, through his recounting of stories and memories he has of our travels. Tales like making a fire in the woods during our Yellowstone trip and making s’mores, seeing Santa in Lapland or visiting the best castles for kids in Ireland and pretending to be a dragon hunter. He is still young but certain trips have obviously resonated with him. He even surprises by saying “do you remember when we went to …” and telling us a memory that we genuinely did not think he remembered.

It is also a quote that makes me think of my son’s grandfather, my Dad. My father has always travelled, ever since his early twenties. He’s been a deep-sea fisherman in the North Sea, worked on building sites in London (but originally from Dublin), worked on several different mines in Africa and spent several years in Angola during the civil war in the 90’s. And often regals us with tales of his time in these different places.

So, the saying holds true. Anyone who travels will have stories to tell of those travels. Whether young or old, whether the trip was good or bad, there will always be a story to tell from a trip.

By Cath from Passports and Adventures

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

My favorite travel quote is from the 1978 book ‘I Can Read With My Eyes Shut’ by Dr. Seuss. The book was poignantly written after Dr. Seuss (otherwise known as Theodor Seuss Greisel) had started to lose his eyesight. The quote is ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’ Though this quote can be applied to people of any age and ‘going places’ may not refer to traveling, I like to think this quote means that the more you read, the more curious you will be about the world around you and the more you will want to see it for yourself. I regularly quote these words to my three children in the hope of inspiring their own wanderlust. I also used the quote many times to encourage the children to homeschool during our family gap year in which reading formed the backbone of their home school education! Their love of reading has helped to inspire their wanderlust. For example, my daughter longs to go to Greece after reading the Percy Jackson novels whereas my other daughter wishes to go to Prince Edward Island after reading Anne of Green Gables.  

By Sinead Camplin from Map Made Memories

Children sitting on a wooden table out in a field reading books.


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“May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home.” – Trenton Lee Stewart

Traveling as a family can bring about a lot of different adventures and experiences.  Many families experience things at home, and travel infrequently.  Their highs and lows are experienced mostly in one place and their home base is where the majority of their memories are formed.  When traveling with family, it is important to experience meaningful experiences, new adventures and important milestones anywhere, but especially while adventuring.  A lost tooth in a hotel in London, a first walk at a grandmother’s house in Poland, chasing a pigeon for the first time in Krakow, or going on a boat adventure in Spain.  These memories and experiences bring our family closer together even though we may not be in the comfort of our own home. Even little things that we may not think will forma s a memory, such as having a new breakfast will be remembered more so if it isn’t at our own home.  A new meal, or a new friend that isn’t against a familiar backdrop creates a new adventure. 

Milestones and family time can be spent anywhere, and this quote resonates immensely in that it fully explains that being home isn’t where things happen.  Home is where your family is, and that can be anywhere.

By Diana from Travels in Poland

Mother and her son from  the back sitting on rocks overlooking the ocean and cliffs.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” 

Though this quote is often attributed to Emerson or considered a Native American proverb, its origins are unknown. Often quoted and paraphrased, the meaning isn’t lost: respect the earth now for it belongs to generations to come.

For me personally, it reminds me to not only show my children the world, but educate them to preserve it. It encourages me to travel mindfully and teach my children how to respect nature, history, and culture, whether that be through eco-tourism, volunteer work, or just through respectful exposure.

Growing up in a social media driven world can often instill a sense of instant gratification in children. The meaning behind these words can counter that by reminding families to approach travel as a means of connecting and learning about different places, cultures, and landscapes. Not just visiting a place for a picture but to understand it.

Ultimately, I love this quote because it reminds me that we are all connected. None of us is more important than the other, nor are we more important than the Earth that provides us with so many resources and experiences. Keeping that in mind can help preserve and create a more tolerable, connected world through travel, especially when we pass those sentiments to our children.

By Victoria from Tori Leigh | Family Travel & Lifestyle

Pin for Pinterest: Travel with Kids Quotes

“When you travel with children you are giving something that can never be taken away… experience, exposure and a way of life.” – Pamela T. Chandler

For me this quote totally encapsulates my feelings on family travel. It is so much more than checking out of work to enjoy a week in the sun. It’s about finding connections and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. For my children, travel is the best education. It opens their eyes to all the possibilities that are out there.

From a very young age we have travelled extensively as a family. We have trekked the Himalayas, lived in India, meditated with monks in Thailand and traversed Africa in a Land Rover. Yes they may have only been two when they saw the Taj Mahal, or three when they saw Victoria falls. But those memories stay with them in their own way and have formed them into the people they are today. 

Our boys are now 5 and 6 years old and travel has become our way of life. We don’t stay in fancy hotels and lounge by the pool (well we do sometimes for a very special treat), but we often travel using local transport, stay with local families or camp, and try as much local food as possible. All these little experiences and exposures develop into the way we choose to view the world. 

By Jenny from TraveLynn Family

Two small children looking out of a tent on the roof of a Jeep.

“The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.” Mark Paterson

I like this quote because I have lived it. Over the period, I’ve come to realize that learning comes to life and becomes all the more fascinating when kids step outside the four walls of the classroom. Kids learn far more by seeing and observing than by reading and listening. Travel is when education mingles perfectly with fun giving an extra edge to kids. And, then travel teaches children to be patient, perseverant, accommodating, compassionate, forgiving, and responsible – attributes (highly underrated) that kids don’t learn in schools.

Supplementing our daughter’s school education with extensive travel across the world has helped her grow in prodigious ways. I mean, it’s amazing how exposing kids to diverse cultures, traditions, and languages around the globe epitomizes raising well-rounded kids. Now at the age of eleven, my daughter is fearless, bold, knowledgeable, confident, and kind. All because of the experiences she has gained while traveling. Watching her grow from a naive little girl to a fine young girl makes me feel glad about my decision to choose travel as a way of life for our family. Our travel blog aims to inspire parents to invest in experiences rather than material things.

By Anjali from Travel Melodies 

“Having kids is a reason to travel, never a reason to stop.” – Author Unknown

In a lot of cases, travelers who have children feel that they need to stop traveling once they start a family. Of course, your family comes first so every family will be different BUT you shouldn’t think of children as a reason to stop traveling. Instead, you should think of it as having more travel partners! 

For us, we had been traveling around the globe for five years non-stop before our kids were born. At first, we debated and weren’t sure what would happen after we had our children but it became clear very quickly that we would not want to change our lifestyle. In fact, we were getting more and more confident that our lifestyle would be as much fun for our children as it is for us.

Seeing them grow up exploring the world with us is the greatest gift and our fuel to continue traveling with kids – until the moment one of us says stop. But until then, we keep enjoying learning as much about life and this planet as possible, day after day, one place at a time.

By Julia from Jey Jetter

Woman holds a small child in her arms, the ocean and rocks in the background.

More great travel family quotes

Pinterest pin for travel with kids quotes.

“It is never too early to start exploring the world.” – Unknown 

One of the best gifts you can get your children is the gift of travel. Introducing them to travel at a young age opens up so many doors. As the quote says, it really is never too early to start exploring the world! These are the memories that children will remember as they get older, and hopefully it ignites something in them to continue traveling.

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” –  Bob Talbert

Children learn through their parents, so setting a good example when they are young will stick with them. Introducing your children to travel and what is out there in the world is a great start exposing them to the ‘bigger picture’. School is important and plays a large role in a child’s future but it’s also important for them to understand there is life outside their homework.

Mother and her little child looking up at the sky towards hot air ballons.

“Don’t just tell your children about the word. Show them.”  –

Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing it! You can tell your kids about all these far off places, and they will only seem like a dream. But if you can, the best way to truly understand these places is by exploring them. 

“Not all classrooms have four walls.” – Anonymous

As mentioned before, there are new ways to learn, outside of the traditional classroom. The traditional way of learning, inside a classroom, is still vital to a child’s education, but in today’s age there are other ways you can educate your children. Traveling with your kids is one way to continue their learning experience outside of the classroom. There is so much to learn through travel, about other people, places, and cultures, and about yourself.

“In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy you bought them, they will remember the time you spent with them.”Kevin Heath

Material items will come and go but memories last forever. Traveling with your family may not be cheap, but if you spend money on travel experiences, instead of toys, you won’t break the bank right away. Spending quality time with your children when you can will help influence who they will be as an adult. Sometimes kids might not fully appreciate the meaning of travel at a young age, but as they grow older, they will look back on it and understand the value of these experiences, and (hopefully) understand all the long plane and car rides!

“A road trip is a way for the whole family to spend time together and annoy each other in interesting new places.”  – Tom Lichtenheld

Travel is never perfect, and that includes traveling with your kids. If you have more than one child, chances are they will argue or disagree during your trip. A road trip is a great way to test those boundaries. 

“There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.” – Dave Willis

This quote deals with the not so perfect side of traveling. Behind all those perfect family photos, there might have been a meltdown or two, but that doesn’t take away from the good parts of the trip or memories. 

Did we get you into wanderlust mood? Let us know in the comments below, which favorite travel quotes you like best.

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

How to find the right digital nomad community

Looking to connect and network with other digital nomad families? Join our Facebook group for digital nomad and travel families here.

When you start your journey as a digital nomad, your main worry might be: “How do I meet other digital nomads?”. The world seems big and to be honest, this lifestyle can become lonely, if you don’t know how to find like-minded people. 

But the good news is, there are plenty of digital nomad communities around the world – even for families! You have the option to choose from online and offline communities!

But first of all, let’s see why you join digital nomad communities in the first place!

Why you should join a digital nomad community

Together we are stronger. That’s a common rule to live by. Especially when you cut yourself from society in the traditional way, you might feel a little lost out there in the world, all by yourself. But it doesn’t have to feel this way!

  • Affirmation: When I first started my solo backpacking travels around the world, I felt alone and like an outcast. Only when I met other people who did the same as me – on a daily basis – I realised that I wasn’t all too crazy. The same goes for digital nomads; if you meet (virtually or personally) with others who understand exactly what you are doing because they are doing it too, your universe will expand. Mindset is key for this lifestyle!
  • Network: While being social is necessary and fun, you should always keep in mind, that you could find your next online gig or clients when mingling in a digital nomad community. So, keep your eyes and ears open plus, always have your elevator pitch ready to make a quick and good first impression.
  • Mental Health: As described briefly above, we humans need other humans to feel good. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for you to take advantage of the many offers of online/ offline communities that are out there. There is no point in spending your days alone in front of the computer building your online presence and feeling lonely in real life.
  • Promote: The more digital nomads connect with like-minded people, the more we will spread the word and promote this lifestyle. So, joining a community helps increase the perception of others that this is not just a temporary thing but a new chapter in human history.

So, let’s have a look at the right digital nomad community for you!

Join an online digital nomad community today!

One of the perks of being a digital nomad is clearly the freedom to roam the world. Yet, for some, this might also be one of the challenges as it puts you constantly into the position of leaving your new friends and of having to find new ones in your next destination. However, there are ways to connect with fellow nomads even before you get to your next destination. 

Our favourite online digital nomad communities:

  • Digital Nomad and Travel Families – This is our new group and we are on a mission to grow it big! Here, we discuss family travel and nomad lifestyle questions. So, if you are a travel family or want to become one, then this group is for you!
  • Digital Nomad Families – another one for travel families and those who are constantly on the road. Here, you can connect and ask all your burning questions when it comes to travelling and working remotely as a family.
  • Digital Nomads Life: Remote Work & Travel – This is a group with zero tolerance for advertisement or spamming. It’s meant to be a place for digital nomads to share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • NomadX Support Community for Remote Workers – Here you have another great example of a growing and vibrant digital nomad community. These guys rock and help you get excited for this nomadic lifestyle!
  • Global Digital Nomads – one of the biggest one out there and yet, it feels like a group of family members. Check it out and connect with others!

What is the best offline digital nomad community?

And now you are wondering how to connect with digital nomads in real life!? Don’t you worry, there are equally as many options as there are online. You have the option to choose from get togethers, weekend-conferences or long-term retreats. Read our full article about these great conferences and events for digital nomads here.

These are our favourite offline communities for digital nomads:

  • Nomad Summit – In January 2020, we went to mingle with more than 300 digital nomads in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was one of the seven speakers there and talked about social media marketing. We love Nomad Summit because it’s a down-to-earth event with great breakout sessions and loads of fun activities. You can find long-term relationships, new projects and make friends for life.
  • Nomad Cruise – Equally fun and informative, this was our first nomad event that we participated in. Once you have joined one of their cruises or get-togethers on land, you are in a community digital nomad style forever.
  • 7 in 7 – this stands for seven continents in seven years. You have to be quick, they have already gathered together on five continents, so only two more left for you to join. What you’ll get: fantastic locations, fun people to be around and loads of fuel for your digital nomad journey.
  • Koh Phangan Wintercamp – For digital nomad families, this is the place to be from December to March. Each year, many travel families from all over the world, but mainly from Germany, to be honest, are coming to this beautiful island in Thailand, in order to escape the winter on the Northern Hemisphere.

Not into events or conferences?

No worries. Sometimes, big crowds or organised events can be intimidating. We get it. If that’s the case, then try to connect with other digital nomads while working in a coworking space or popular cafe in town. Mostly, Starbucks or big coffee chains like this, offer good wifi and attracked remote workers…you’ll see!

Simply, start a conversation with one of the people in their hiding behind their laptops – they might be happy to connect and as lonely as you are. 😉

Do you have more tips on how to find a good digital nomad community? What is your favourite one? Tell us in the comments below!

Tools and Tips

How to choose your Digital Nomad Backpack

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a small commission but come at no extra cost to you. This helps with the costs of running our blog so we can keep our content free for you. Thanks as always for your support! See the full disclosure here.

Everyone has their own style of traveling. Maybe you prepare a detailed itinerary for your trip, or perhaps you are more of a go with the flow type of traveler. Your travel style can include everything from where you stay, what you eat, and even includes your packing methods. If you’re frequently moving around like us, you most likely have a digital nomad backpack of your own or are looking to invest in one.

Traveling with a suitcase is not the only way to travel anymore. Backpacks are becoming a popular way to travel. Backpacks are a great carry-on option to pack everything you need, while also not having to worry about lugging around a suitcase.

Many travelers try to spend the least amount of time at the airport – there are only so many airport drinks you can have before a flight. Just kidding! Once you land at your destination, it seems everyone is in a rush to get off of the plane, and out of the airport asap. One way to make a smooth exit is to travel with a backpack.

Since our trip to the Philippines, we have switched to hand luggage only. It saves us time and money on flights, especially when in Asia!

Hand holding black backpack, pin for Pinterest
Pin this to decide later which digital nomad backpack is right for you!

Best backpacks for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad has many benefits. One perk is having the option to always be on the go. This can be in the form of traveling from city to city, country to country or even working from different coffee shops and coworking spaces.

Of course, you always need to bring with you your essential items for your work and your day. When choosing a backpack, there are so many options online; it can be overwhelming to pick one!

Digital nomad backpack standing on a rock with a mountain and the sunset in the back.
Which digital nomad backpack will you choose?

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is a backpack to support you on your journey.

Let’s have a look at the best backpacks for digital nomads to fit your traveling style.

Best Carry-On Digital Nomad Backpack

If you’ve researched travel backpacks before, you most likely have come across the Osprey brand. This is the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads, as it is the perfect size to fit everything you need for your trip, while also meeting the carry-on restrictions for most airlines. Whether you are taking a city break or exploring the countryside, this bag is excellent for both. It’s resistant, comfortable, and you can fit 40L.

There is a lockable padded laptop compartment to keep your laptop safe. 

The backpack has a sleek design, with front compression straps to fit anything extra. This Osprey is a traveling backpack classic. 

Black backpack for digital nomads

See on Amazon

Best Digital Nomad Carry-On Duffel Bag

Carrying a backpack can get tiring when you have a lot of stuff. This bag is great because it’s versatile to carry. You can wear this convertible backpack in a few different ways to give your shoulders a break.  

You can opt for the classic backpack, a shoulder bag, or a hand carry bag. It’s excellent to use as a work bag or a gym bag on your travels – or both! The bag holds up to 60L, so there is room for all your day to day needs.

The bag is great for any trip – it is water-resistant, durable, holds all your items, and easy to carry. 

Black backpack duffel bag style

See on Amazon

Best Business Digital Nomad Backpack

If you travel with a lot of electronics, this is an excellent backpack for you. There are storage compartments for all your devices – a phone, a tablet, a keyboard, a mouse, a laptop – all your electronic goodies. The backpack can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

The backpack has a port for your headphones, so you can listen to your music or talk on your phone, hands-free.

There is a built-in USB charger on the outside, with a charging cable on the inside, so you can conveniently charge your phone on the go. 

The backpack has a sleek design, and looks like an expensive buy, but is available at an affordable price.

Blue digital nomad backpack

See on Amazon

Best Digital Nomad Baby Backpack

If you’re a digital nomad family, you need to be prepared for yourself and your family. 

This backpack is convenient, versatile, and cute! It’s a stylish diaper bag that stores all the necessities for your baby, including diapers, bottles, and toys. You are able to smartly organize all your items. On top of that, the backpack includes a waterproof changing pad and insulated bottle pockets to keep drinks cold. There is even a parent proof pocket, where you can conveniently access your valuables.

Lastly, there is a padded laptop pocket to keep your laptop safe. The backpack comes in a neutral style and colors, so it’s suitable for mom or dad to carry around.

 What else could you want as a digital nomad parent?

Giving your children the gift of travel from a young age, will educate and stick with them forever, and hopefully influence them to continue traveling as they grow. 

Grey digital nomad backpack when travelling with kids

See on Amazon

Best Digital Nomad Day Bag

Safety is usually something on most traveler’s minds as they venture to new places. You should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when navigating new and unknown streets. Unfortunately, petty theft, such as pickpocketing, is becoming more common around the world. One thing that can instantly ruin your trip is having something of yours stolen.

If you’re a digital nomad, you know just how important your laptop is to you – it’s what allows you to keep living your nomadic lifestyle.

This backpack is the perfect day bag, as it’s an anti-theft backpack. The backpack is made from anti-scratch and cut fabric. There are hidden zippers to the main pocket and a secret pocket in the back, so your stuff is not easily accessible while you are carrying it. There are tons of pockets inside the backpack to keep you organized and safe.

There is also a built-in charging cable inside, with the USB charging port on the outside, so you can charge your device anywhere and everywhere.

The backpack has a modern design and holds all your digital nomad accessories, and all for a great price!

There is enough to worry about when you travel, and this backpack helps to minimize some of those worries!

Black backpack with phone charger at the side

See on Amazon

Best Adventure Digital Nomad Backpack 

Exploring nature is one way to really get to know a place. This can be through walks, hikes, camping – whatever you enjoy!

However, you probably won’t want to bring your usual work bag out into the countryside. This backpack is the perfect adventure companion for your travels. It folds into a zipped inner pocket that you can easily pack for your trip. You can unfold it from the pocket, into a backpack in seconds.   

The backpack has mesh shoulder straps with plenty of padding to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. There is also a chest strap to help you lock your backpack in place securely, and take some strain off your back.

This backpack is perfect for the outdoors, as it is lightweight, yet durable, water-resistant, and comfortable. It also holds up to 35 L.

It comes in a range of fun prints and colors, all at an affordable price! It’s a great packing companion, as it won’t take up a lot of space, and you will always be ready for your next adventure.

Blue hiking backpack, different colour option on the side

See on Amazon

Best Trendy Digital Nomad Backpack

For the fashion-forward digital nomad, this backpack won’t clash with your look. It’s cute and stylish while also holding everything you need. You can carry the bag from the top handles as a tote bag, or wear it as a traditional backpack. 

The backpack has a wide opening, and stands up on its own, making it easy to pack for the day. There is a zip pocket in the back to hold your phone, keys or cards, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being able to access them.

The backpack also has side pockets big enough to hold your water bottle or coffee. 

The backpack comes in a few prints, but black is a good way to go, as it goes with everything.

Black trendy backpack with zippers.

See on Amazon

As a digital nomad, you’re regularly carrying around your essentials. From your passport to your laptop, all of these items are necessary for your digital nomad journey.  The backpacks mentioned in this article offer all the qualities of a great digital nomad backpack.

One of the most essential things you carry around is your laptop. All of the backpacks in this article offer a secure space for you to transport your laptop. 

Most of the backpacks are waterproof, which you don’t realize how important that is until you get caught in the rain. There are several compartments to keep you organized, and even secret compartments to keep your stuff safe.

After that, it’s up to you. How do you like to travel? Are you a digital nomad family? Do you love adventure? Or are you always traveling and on the go?

All of these backpacks come with great reviews, and at an affordable price. So which one will you choose?

Are you after more resources or gadgets for digital nomads? We’ve got you covered. Check out these posts here and here to get more digital nomad accessories inspo.

Top Travel Posts

Thank you, COVID-19!

In times like this, when crisis and panic are your neighbours, it’s even more important now to stay calm, sane and positive. A few weeks ago, I did not think that the coronavirus outbreak could affect us during our stay here on Koh Phangan. In fact, I didn’t even pay much attention to it, as I don’t read/watch the news. Only when people started talking about it in Facebook groups and when they cancelled one of the events we were supposed to attend in Europe, I knew, the upcoming months would be changing drastically…

And that’s ok. We are stuck in paradise, it could be worse.

No, seriously, I mean, at first, it sucked, sure. Especially because we lost around 1000 Euro due to non-refundable accommodation bookings and flight changes, not considering the potential business ops that such events mean for us. But hey, in the end, it is only money. We are not hurt or don’t suffer anything other than being forced to change our travel plans. 

So, I know this is complaining on a high level. Therefore, I decided to not think about it any longer. Why waste this kind of energy if you simply can not change it?

Here is our Coronavirus Diary, to give you a daily update on how things go here in Thailand:

Why every crisis is also an opportunity

A few weeks ago, I talked about this on my Instagram feed and wondered how many people are actually thinking about the Covid-19 outbreak as a positive thing. I, by no means, want to belittle things and I truly feel sorry for those who are affected and suffer from the virus’ effects. But at the same time, I think we all need a little upbeat music in this orchestra of serenades.

And that’s why I think, we should start to put this into perspective, so here are some stats for you:

  • Seasonal flu deaths this year: 102,429
  • Road traffic accident fatalities this year: 284,514
  • Deaths caused by smoking this year: 1,053,641
  • Deaths caused by Coronavirus this year: 154,388 (18th of April 2020)
  • Recovered Coronavirus Cases: 575,837 (18th of April 2020)

Again, I am not trying to diminish any concerns about this virus, but before you start buying supplies or survival kits, please look at the stats without the panic glasses on – according to ‘an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses’ – every year. This is a fun website to check out, by the way, but that’s a different topic, let’s go back and focus on the stats again.

What do you think are the causes for the worldwide panic and hysteria then?

Exactly. The media and our governments are freaking us out. Right!? Even if the virus spreads in an extremely rapid manner, and ok, yes, it is highly contagious but AGAIN, look at the numbers, PLEASE. It is still not some sort of killer virus that goes around to erase human mankind. I simply don’t get why in Europe now panzers and the military pop up like pimples! Do you?

Why the f… are we not globally staying at home for two weeks or more and the whole drama would come to an end?! Seriously, if the lockdowns are there to minimise the spread or even eliminate the virus, then it should be done on a global level. Otherwise, all the individual efforts of those countries who are putting their people under quarantine or into lockdowns will be in vain.

What I truly appreciate, in times like this, is the fact that our travel insurance is covering us all the way, even when my home country’s companies long have turned their backs on us! In general, I am a big fan of SafetyWings, they are such a great solution for nomads like us. Plus, I met the Co-funder of SafetyWings in Chiang Mai and learned that the company is not only delivering great products and solutions for location-independent people but also are truly idealistic and visionaries too.

So, if you are looking for travel or health insurance that covers you worldwide without breaking your bank account, consider booking via our affiliate link here (to no extra cost to you, of course).

UPDATE (18th April 2020): Check this site to know if you are eligible for coverage in a coronavirus affected country: HERE.

Back to our story.

How Coronavirus messed up our travel plans:

For us, travelling is not some sort of vacation – it has turned into our lifestyle. This means, when I say that our travel plans have been messed up, I am actually talking about that our life, in general, has come to a halt, as we don’t have a home base. So, every flight that we have to cancel means that we don’t know where else to go, or at least, we have to rethink again. Yes, we are homeless but happy, so to say.

But especially during a crisis like this one, it makes it a bit more complex: if your government tells you to return to your home country, they are talking about ‘normal’ people with a home and a life there. We don’t have either. 

So, when we came to Chiang Mai in January where I gave a talk on social media marketing at Nomad Summit, our plan was to continue in March from there to Italy to attend another travel conference. As you can imagine, this conference was cancelled.

This was the first blow because without the conference our flights to Europe became obsolete: why head to Europe if there is nothing but cold weather (well, and lovely grandparents, uncles and aunts, and some friends, of course)?

So, we decided to spend some money to change our flights (=445 Euro) and extend our visa (=100 Euro) for another 30 days.

It seemed to be a smart decision back in February because we thought that with the upcoming speaking gigs in Georgia in May (Nomad Summit) and Rumania in July (Bansko Nomad Fest), we will have to fly to Europe anyways… we still don’t know if those will happen – who knows for how long the worldwide air travel ban will last.

As of the moment of writing (18th of April 2020), the situation in Europe seems to become under control though, so there’s hope.

Currently, our visa is valid through to the 30th of April, and then we will have to see what the Thai government decides for those foreigners in their country who have already overstayed their normal visas, like us.

A month ago, we were looking at these three options:

  1. Leave Thailand and go to X destination
  2. Leave Thailand and come back in (aka do a visa run)
  3. Take our scheduled flight to Germany
    All three options stopped being options by the end of March when Thailand closed its borders and international air traffic was put to a halt. (see updated text in red below for the current situation here in Thailand)!

UPDATE (18th of April 2020): Thailand’s borders are still closed The country is still under a state of emergency. At the beginning of April, the Thai premier minister officially announced that most foreigners’ visas will be renewed automatically until the 30th of April.

As of the moment of writing, this is the situation with Coronavirus in Thailand:

  • Total Cases: 2733
  • Active Cases: 899
  • Recovered: 1787
  • Deaths: 47

The German embassy helped stranded tourists to get an extension to be able to overstay their visa without being fined. On April 5th, our flight got cancelled, so we were part of the group of foreigners affected who got stuck in Thailand.

Looking back now, we have had so little restrictions for our daily life here and have been able to participate in pleasant activities such as going to the beach, driving around the island on our scooter or using the resort’s pool, that we are very grateful and happy that we decided and were forced to stay put.

Still, I can only say, thank you, COVID-19 for making all our lives a bit more complex.

I will update this post on a frequent basis, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back on a frequent basis if you are interested in how our journey will continue…

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy. <3

Oh and, here are two websites that I think everyone should know of…

Best resources to check Coronavirus updates:

Digital Nomad Tools and Tips

19 Best Digital Nomad Conferences and Events in 2020 You Won’t Want to Miss

2020 seems to be the year of the digital nomad conferences and events. There are more and more options out there for anyone who wants to learn about this popular laptop lifestyle and connect with like-minded nomads. And it makes sense while working remotely means location-independence, digital nomad gatherings adds the people aspect to this alternative way of living.

So, whether you’ve been like me, a digital nomad for years, or you are thinking about making the leap, check your calendar and make sure to socialise at least once this year on one of these epic digital nomad conferences in 2020.



Nomad Summit

If you are on my mailing list (why wouldn’t you be!?), you might know by now that I gave a talk in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January 2020. For me, as a social media marketing coach, it was a no-brainer to help the attendees of the Nomad Summit with questions related to online business and social media. 

Watch my entire speech here:

However, many people approached me after my talk and asked me about how I actually live the digital nomad lifestyle with kids! Therefore, Johnny FD and his team invited me again as a speaker to talk about our life as a digital nomad family at the upcoming Nomad Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia. UPDATE: The event will take place in from August 14th to 17th.

Will I see you there?

>>Book your ticket with my promo code to get 10% off any ticket using JEYJETTER when making your booking!<<<

Bansko Nomad Fest

After Nomad Summit in May, you can see me on stage at Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria, from 29th of June – 5th of July 2020. I have never been to this digital nomad event before, but it is supposed to one of the biggest nomad gatherings during which the nomadic lifestyle is being celebrated. With 500+ participants and over 70 speakers, I am imagining it to be a very intense week for us!

My speech for this nomad conference will also be about life as a digital nomad mom of two. It’s really great to see, how this topic around nomadic families has become of interest to so many digital nomads out there.

>>Use my promo code juliajerg to get a 10% discount when registering your ticket. Choose your ticket option here.<<<

Why you should attend digital nomad conferences

Before we dive into the list of amazing remote retreats and nomad events that you can be part of in 2020, let us take a look at the benefits of attending such events.

  1. Boost your digital nomad career
    Digital nomad conferences are great to network and learn about others’ projects that they might need help with. In the session breaks, it’s best to mingle amongst the other attendees and chat to as many people as possible. You never know, you could meet your next business partner or remote work employer.
  2. Make new friends
    While your main focus should lie on business when attending such events, there is no harm in combining work with pleasure. So, perhaps a bonus take-away from your next nomad retreat will be that you meet a bunch of cool people who you can now call best pals and visit all over the planet.
  3. Promote your project or brand
    It’s no secret that those kinds of occasions will include a big amount of time talking to other people. So, use every conversation (if possible) to drop the name of your brand or project that you are working on and want people to know of. It’s not everyone’s favourite but the good old-fashioned business card sometimes comes in handy too!
  4. Learn from others
    Now, this is a no-brainer! Of course, you will learn a lot while attending events that include workshops and breakout sessions that aim to keep the attendees up-to-date on new trends and topics of the industry. So, even as a seasoned digital nomad, it’s always good to take a look at current topics and also listen to how others create/sustain their laptop lifestyle. 
  5. Break your routine and socialise
    Last but not least, it’s important to get out there and meet other people every now and then. If you are one of the lonesome work desk warriors who enjoy a fancy view from your desk but works from morning till night, then you already know what I mean: social life can sometimes fall short – despite the commonly promoted image of a party/beach bum lifestyle. In fact, there is a whole new niche that addresses the topic of loneliness that some digital nomads might experience when working and travelling alone. Events are a great way to change this. 
Read all about how to use networking events
to boost your digital nomad career in this post HERE!

Top Digital Nomad Events in 2020

Now, let’s see which of the many great options out there are there for you to put on your event calendar list:

1. Nomad Cruise (cancelled!)

I put Nomad Cruise here first because I think if you want to join just one nomad network then it should be this one. As a travelling nomad, you’ll like the fact that transportation and accommodation are already included. Chances are that you already know about this cool networking event on a cruise ship as it has become one of the most popular nomad conferences out there.

As of today (April 2020), we know that one of the two planned events are cancelled. You can no longer join Nomad Cruise 10 as they announced to not go ahead with the event due to the current Coronavirus alert!

Also, the first alumni reunion on land in Mallorca got cancelled!

Ticket prices start at 145 Euro:
– May 14th – May 17th: Mallorca, Nomad Cruise Alumni Reunion

Have a look at what Nomad Cruise looks like!

2. Nomad Train

There are many cool things about this program: you get to travel with 30 like-minded digital nomads while crossing all Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway. You will make six stopovers in key cities like Moscow and Novosibirsk and enjoy fun activities while on the train. Plus, train rides are not only fun but also leave much less of a carbon footprint.

Enjoy your ride with a 50 Euro discount on your tickets! Simply use JEYJETTER when you make your reservation here! Or click this link:

Join the next group trip on the Trans-Siberian railway:
May 18th – June 2nd POSTPONED!
September 8th – September 23rd
Ticket price: 1720 Euro

NOTE: You can also choose your own dates and travel solo or with your friends! Just ask the guys at Nomad Train for more details!

Map of train route. Picture of train at the station. Picture of couple embracing at the train station. Picture of girl walking to the train to board, holding her luggage.
6 cities, 1 epic journey.
Photo from Nomad Train

3. Nomad Summit

As the name implies, this is one of the biggest nomad networking events out there. It’s a mixture of networking events and workshops, each time in a beautiful setting. So, make sure to book a few days extra before and after the conference, to enjoy the location’s attractions – their next event is going to be in Tbilisi, Georgia!

You will be able to sign up for the optional workshops to learn more and get small group training on topics you’re interested in!

Prices start at $149.00 USD:
– August 14th – 17th: Nomad Summit Tbilisi

Use JEYJETTER as a discount code to get 10% for ANY ticket including the early bird specials!

Check out the last Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

4. Coworking Safari

I love the idea of going on a safari while doing business – it is definitely a unique setting for your next networking event!

With Coworking Safari you have the choice to join them for 4, 10 and 14 nights. Together with other entrepreneurs and digital nomads, you will enjoy daily tours to enjoy the beauty of the South African scenery. And the best part, you can even get some work done as they are trying to work around your schedule!

For those who can afford to switch off their phones for more than one day: They even offer a ‘detox weekend’ – as the name suggests, you will be without WIFI for the whole weekend. Can you imagine???

Prices start at 349 Euro (self-drive…wow! Would you dare?).
Next trip: A
pril 9th, 2020

5. TBEX Travel Blog Exchange (postponed!)

Most digital nomads that I know and have met on my journey not only work remotely for a company or for different clients, but they also have a travel blog. So, if you are one of them, check out this great event where travel bloggers and digital content creators meet the travel and tourism industry. You will most likely find new business contacts, friends and hopefully new sponsors for your brand.

If you want to know how such a travel blogger event looks like, then go ahead and check out my Instagram Stories (in the Highlights section) to get an idea of how much fun it is! Or read our workation guide for the Philippines where we attended TBEX Asia in 2016.

In 2018, I was even invited to speak on stage about social media marketing, this really took my career as a social media coach to the next level.


This year, TBEX Europe got hit hard by the Covid 19 news, thanks to the virus, the event in Italy was cancelled. As of the time of writing (March 2020), the organisers declared to postpone the event to a later point during the year. Currently, they are planning to have it in September.

But don’t worry, there is still one more option for you: TBEX North America will take place in Billings, Montana. So, if this is an option, click the link below for more details.

Ticket prices start at $297 USD:
– September 11-13: Billings, Montana

Julia speaking at TBEX Ostrava on social media marketing.

Read all about how to use networking events
to boost your digital nomad career in my other post HERE!

Woman sitting in front of the ocean working on her laptop by the beach.
The Philippines have some great spots to get the most out of your workation lifestyle!

6. WIFI Tribe

Now, this is something that takes co-working retreats to the next level: with WIFI Tribe you can travel the world together with 12-25 other nomads while working online. Every 4 weeks, the so-called ‘tribe’ goes to a different country and you can join them if you are part of the community.

You can choose between different lengths of membership options, depending on how long you would like to join the community on their group slow-travel journey.

Memberships start from $900 USD.
In August, they will be in Colombia, Greece,
Bolivia, and Bali!

A collage of pictures, one each for Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America and South America.
Picture courtesy of WIFI Tribe

7. Freedom X Festival

This is a great event to network and be inspired. You will be with a like-minded community, allowing you to share ideas and build new connections, and friendships. There are both business and spiritual topics you can explore.

This year, the festival will take place in Ubud, Bali! There will be 4 stages will a full program for 5 days. This event was online!

Tickets start from $997 USD. FREE
April 8th – 12th, 2020: Bali

8. 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

The 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference aims to have 7 conferences on 7 continents in seven years. This is the fifth year, after Asia, Europe, South America, and Oceania in the first four years. This conference is exclusively for digital nomads who have been location independent for at least one year. Only 100 attendees are accepted, in order to keep the sessions intimate and engaging.

In 2020, you will get to enjoy the beauty of South Africa, as their fifth conference takes place in Cape Town. Following a week of speakers, panels, workshops, breakout sessions, parties attendees you will have the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community by doing something completely offline.

Cape Town, South Africa. October 13th to 20th, 2020

Ticket prices start at $549 USD:
– October 13th -20th, 2020: Cape Town, South Africa

Check out the recap from last year!

9. Virtual Working Summit

Sometimes even a nomad is tied to his/her location for whatever reason. For those who can’t travel but still want to learn even more about remote work, this five-day virtual event makes it possible for you to attend, no matter where you are!

During the Virtual Working Summit, you have access to recorded interviews from expert speakers on remote work. They will provide tools and techniques for you to enhance your relationships and efficiency with your remote clients, customers or co-workers.

Register for FREE to get access to the summit as soon as it starts in October 2020!

10. Unsettled

Not everyone is a fan of organised tours or set schedules. If this is you, then you should check out these guys! ‘Unsettled’ organizes group travel experiences but not like the conventional ones. There are no itineraries or set sights to be ticked off. All they do is connect people who want to explore, network, and visit a new location at their own pace.

Ticket prices start at $1200 USD

There are many dates and locations you can choose from, here are a few upcoming ones:

– March 30th – April 27th: Bali
– May 23rd – May 30th: Costa Rica
– June 27th – July 25th: Barcelona

Image of Parc Güell in Barcelona, Spain.

11. Nomad City

Last year, we discovered that there are many other digital nomad families in Gran Canary! No wonder that Nomad City chose Gran Canary as their conference location!

So, if you are around in November (escaping the cold!), you should check out this amazing nomad get-together! Experienced speakers and hundreds of attendees from all over the world, will discuss the future of work during this weekend.

Prices start at 147 Euro
– November 6th – 8th: Gran Canaria, Canary, Spain

12. Social Workation

This is another great project by founder Stella Airoldi, who I personally met during our cruise from Colombia to Portugal a few years ago. She gave a speech on her social business, the 22StarsFoundation, that helps children and their families in Africa rise out of poverty.

Knowing her grounds, she is now offering trips for digital nomads in Uganda. You will get to explore the area and the community she supports with her foundation while enjoying the company of other nomads who want to make an impact while travelling.

This is the right nomad coworkation for you if you’ve ever wanted to explore Uganda with a local, network with other digital nomads and learn about how you can make a social impact while getting some work done.

Prices start at 1685 Euro:
– August 21st – September 2nd

13. Work Wanderers Cape Town Retreat

Another one in Africa – so high on my bucket list: Cape Town, have you been? This could be your next workation spot if you join the Work Wanderers program! They will be in Camps Bay, Cape Town where you will live in a villa close to the beach. Of course, you won’t be alone! This program is for like-minded other digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

Use the discount code JEYJETTER10 for 10% off all tickets!

Ticket prices start at $950 USD:
– November 7th – November 29th, 2020

19 best digital nomad conferences and events in 2020
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14. Edumadic

Perhaps you are still learning a new skill in order to start your digital nomad lifestyle? Or you want to add one to spice up your skillset!? Then this program might be of interest to you! With Edumadic you can travel and focus on your educational course, creative project, or entrepreneurial idea at the same time! Plus, you will be in great company. The groups spend 6 to 12 weeks together while polishing their education and travel at the same time!

Check out their itineraries and all the upcoming trips!

15. Digital Lifestyle Conference

This is an online conference where you’ll learn from over 40 entrepreneurs over 7 days. So, as much as you might love travelling, for this event, you’ll have to stay put to learn and listen. But the list of great and successful digital nomads is promising! They will share their knowledge and expertise on topics like how to make a full-time income with a lifestyle business or how to even get started. You will also learn about the newest trends in online business/ marketing – and much more!

Sign up for free, for a limited time, here!

16. Malawi Safari Trip

Sorry, guys but this is an exclusive Girls only safari! Here you’ll have the opportunity to spend one week discovering Malawi, taking part in community mentoring work, visiting the beautiful rolling tea estates, a 2-night safari, including a riverboat safari, and ending on the idyllic Mumbo Island. If you want to travel with a purpose and take part in inspiring community initiatives, this safari trip is for you. Join the ladies and discover one of the off-the-beaten tracks of Africa.

Price: GBP 2900
– April 25th – May 2nd, 2020

Image of a giraffe in the savanna. The sun is setting and there are trees surrounding the giraffe.

17. Nomad Planet

Nomad Planet is for those who want to be part of a community of professionals working remotely and experiencing the world together. You can join the program in different cities around the world, and it gives the option of choosing to stay for as short as 1.5 weeks up to a year.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to do much more than getting there! Nomad Planet takes care of all the arrangements (accommodations, travels plus activities with the group). You will have enough time to keep working on your own existing projects, and afterwards, you can explore the locations you will be living in together with your digital nomad group in your free time.

Ticket prices start from $985 USD:
– October 2020 – La Paz, Bolivia


18. DMSS Bali

Just another digital nomad event in Bali, you might think! But don’t jump too quickly to your conclusion… The “Digital Marketing Skill Share”, short DMSS, happens to be one of those conferences for digital nomads that include huge brands like Google or Hootsuite amongst their speakers but also promise to bring you down-to-earth networking fun with like-minded nomads. Their focus lies on “inspiration, creativity, and joy”.

So, if you happen to be in Asia this fall, make sure you grab one of their tickets to be part of an epic event in beautiful Seminyak, on Bali’s popular West Coast.

Tickets will be released April 1st, 2020

– October 29th – November 1st

19. Freedom Business Summit

Last but not least…We all know it: the business world is changing towards more flexible work relations aka remote work. Many digital nomad friends I have, enjoy the fact that they are location independent and so many companies have come to understand the benefits of employing remote workers or simply out-source their tasks.

During the Freedom Business Summit, you will learn from and listen to those who have already created their laptop lifestyle. So, don’t miss out on this cool conference, the line-up is promising and for sure you will learn a lot!

You need to register to get their tickets and currently there is an early bird special.

Check it out here:
– September 19th: Kyiv, Ukraine


Past Events

Digital Nomad Conferences and Events in 2019

  • Koh Phangan Wintercamp 2019
  • Nomads for Change, Bali (October)
  • Borderless Retreat, Portugal (October)
  • Remote Leadership Summit (September)
  • Invest Like a Boss Summit – Live Event in Vegas! (September)
  • Running Remote, Bali, Indonesia (June)
  • DNX Festival 2019, Berlin, Germany (June)
  • Travelcon, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (June)
  • Nomad Misfit Month, Berlin, Germany (June)
  • Nomad Cruise (April)
  • The Remote Work Summit, Online (April)
  • Remote Working Summit, Dallas, USA (March)
  • The Coworking Unconference, Goa, India (February)
  • Nomad Summit, Chiang Mai, Thailand (January)

Have we missed an event that you think that HAS to be on this list? Please let me know in the comments below, and we’ll update this post! Thanks!


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Is your event calendar already full enough with digital nomad conferences but you still have some spare time to travel? Then make sure you bring along the right tools and gadgets for your trip.



19 best digital nomad conferences / events in 2020

Top Travel Posts Travel

4 Day Thailand Itinerary

The headline sounds crazy, I know! But perhaps one day you’ll find yourself in this tricky situation where you’ll be short on time when it comes to visiting one of the most popular Asian destinations. So, imagine you only had four days to spend in beautiful Thailand! Here is our 4-day Thailand Itinerary and what you could do to get a glimpse of Asia’s number one travel destination – even in such a short time!


4 Days Thailand Itinerary. Pinterest

How to Spend 4 Days in Thailand

Let’s pretend, you’d only have four days to discover the beauty of Thailand, here are the highlights for a 4-day itinerary you won’t want to miss if you go to one of the most popular Asian countries for travellers.

A boat trip to one of Thailand's beautiful islands.
Even on a cloudy day, the dramatic scenery of Thailand’s waters is so intriguing… Photo by Marcin Kaliński on Unsplash

2 Days in Bangkok

Really the only place to start any trip to Thailand is the capital city of Bangkok. We suggest two days in Bangkok will just about be enough to see the main sights and give you a good feel for the city.

Day One: Best Temples in Bangkok

Thailand has always been known for its beautiful temples and palaces, more than just its lush, green forests and pristine beaches. Some of the best temples are in Bangkok; there are four must-see temples in Bangkok alone, and one Royal palace to visit. In our Bangkok itinerary, we recommend ending the tour with a relaxing river cruise.

Book your River Cruise Tour here!

Begin your tour at the Grand Palace. It is made up of complex buildings divided into four main parts, namely: the Outer Court, the Inner Court, the Middle Court, and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It used to be the official residence of the Royal Family from 1782 to 1925. Currently, the Palace is open to the public as a museum, but there are still royal offices operating inside.

Grand Palace in Thailand. Photo credit:
The Grand Palace in Bangkok. Photo credit:


Next, walk a couple of blocks south from the Grand Palace to Wat Pho. It is the oldest, largest, and most famous temple in Thailand. It had been recognised by UNESCO in their Memory of the World Programme because it is believed to be the earliest public school in Thailand. But their most popular attraction here is the Reclining Buddha, which is 46 metres long and 15 metres high.

Wat Pho in Bangkok. Photo credit:
Wat Pho in Bangkok. Photo by

After, make your way across the west bank of the Chao Phraya River to visit Wat Arun. It is also named the Temple of Dawn, and you can get the most breathtaking views of the city here. There are five prangs in the temple, you can choose to climb the main prang which is decorated with colourful porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Still need accommodation in Bangkok?

Lastly, drive back to Chinatown to visit Wat Traimit. It is hard to miss the six-ton, solid gold Buddha statue in the temple. It is considered to be the biggest golden statue in the world, valuing in an estimated $250 million.

Walking through the streets of China Town in Bangkok - one must-do when in Thailand!
Walking through the streets of China Town in Bangkok – one must-do when in Thailand! Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Cap the day off by cruising down the Phraya River via a water taxi. You can relax throughout the ride, get a view of the city from your cruise, and just take it all in.

Note that you should wear something that will cover your elbows and knees when you go to the temples. A long-sleeved shirt and pants will do fine, but if you did not bring any, you can always bring a jacket and a long cover-up with you. If you see the locals leave their shoes outside the temple, you should do the same.



Day Two: Shopping, Food and Muay Thai in Bangkok

Other than the temples, it is not a Thailand trip if you will not get to experience at least one of the floating markets in Bangkok. The two most popular markets are Taling Chan and Khlong Lat Mayom. If this is your first time in Bangkok, you should probably stick to those two first. It is recommended that you get there early in the morning before it gets crowded, not just to make it easy to shop, but so you get first dibs on some of the items.

You can also buy lots of local delicacies, jewellery, produce, and clothes. But you have to decide fast, though, the canal is filled with boats, you do not want to cause water traffic. If you do have some spare time you could also visit If you have time you could also visit Amphawa floating market.

Floating markets - a big highlight when visiting Bangkok!
Floating Markets – a big highlight when visiting Bangkok! Photo by Harvey Enrile on Unsplash.

Next up, a Muay Thai fight in Bangkok! You can make your way to Rajadamnern Stadium, home to authentic Muay Thai fights – by authentic, we mean, there is no show, no script, none of that touristy feel. Muay Thai is considered a national sport, and watching it in Thailand is something you should not miss.

The best thing about Bangkok is there are restaurants and food stalls on almost every corner. You have already been to Chinatown from the first day, but giving it a second visit just for the food is also the perfect way to gear up that food tour.

Beach time in Thailand – one mandatory stop on your Thailand travel guide.
Famous for its beautiful beaches: Thailand really has uncountable hot spots you need to come back for! Photo by Farsai C. on Unsplash

Day Three: Find the Best Beach in Koh Chang Island

After spending your time in the city, you are probably itching for a day at the beach. The great news is there are two cool beaches you can easily reach from Bangkok, one of which is Koh Chang island. From the mainland, it is a five-hour bus drive or a 45-minute ferry ride.

INSIDER TIP: Take the worry out of your arrival or departure from Suvarnabhumi Airport and pre-book a private transfer to or from major destinations in Thailand, including Pattaya, Hua Hin, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Koh Samet and Koh Chang. Book your transfer here!

Koh Chang is home to beautiful beaches like the Lonely beach and White Sand Beach. There are also several waterfalls on Koh Chang, like the popular Khlong Phlu Waterfall and the Khlong Nonsi Waterfall, plus parks like the Mu Ko Chang National Park.

Even on a party island you'll have the most peaceful sunsets...
Even on a party island, you’ll have the most peaceful sunsets… Photo by

Relax and find the best beach in Koh Chang by day. Remember by night Koh Chang is considered to be one of the best party island’s in Thailand, especially in Lonely Beach, so be ready to get your party on when you find yourself here.

Day Four: Chill Out on Koh Samet’s Beaches

Another beach destination for your fourth and last day in Thailand. Koh Samet is only two and a half hours away from the city by bus. You can go to Ao Phai or Hat Sai Kaow. This is where you can truly enjoy the tranquillity of Thailand, away from the city and the crowds and just chill out on Koh Samet’s beaches.

Travel guide for your Thailand trip: White sand beaches are a must see.
Enjoy some quiet time after the hassle and buzz of the city! Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash.

After a chill day at the beach in Koh Samet, make your way back to the city for one last look at Bangkok before you leave. By following this itinerary, you will be able to enjoy the country’s thrilling capital with its delicious food but also get a glimpse of the beautiful nature this country has to offer – in four short days. Make sure to come back one day with more time in your pocket!


As a digital nomad family, we simply LOVE Koh Phangan, read how we got stuck there during Covid-19 and explore our family digital nomad guide for this beautiful remote island.

Or try out our Thailand island hopping beginners guide .

If you are not in a rush or want to come back to Thailand one day (which I recommend you should!), here is why you have to put Chiang Rai on your list!


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