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How to choose your Digital Nomad Backpack

Are you in the market for a digital nomad backpack? Have a look at our recommendations for the best backpacks for digital nomads to support you on your journey.

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Everyone has their own style of traveling. Maybe you prepare a detailed itinerary for your trip, or perhaps you are more of a go with the flow type of traveler. Your travel style can include everything from where you stay, what you eat, and even includes your packing methods. If you’re frequently moving around like us, you most likely have a digital nomad backpack of your own or are looking to invest in one.

Traveling with a suitcase is not the only way to travel anymore. Backpacks are becoming a popular way to travel. Backpacks are a great carry-on option to pack everything you need, while also not having to worry about lugging around a suitcase.

Many travelers try to spend the least amount of time at the airport – there are only so many airport drinks you can have before a flight. Just kidding! Once you land at your destination, it seems everyone is in a rush to get off of the plane, and out of the airport asap. One way to make a smooth exit is to travel with a backpack.

Since our trip to the Philippines, we have switched to hand luggage only. It saves us time and money on flights, especially when in Asia!

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Best backpacks for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad has many benefits. One perk is having the option to always be on the go. This can be in the form of traveling from city to city, country to country or even working from different coffee shops and coworking spaces.

Of course, you always need to bring with you your essential items for your work and your day. When choosing a backpack, there are so many options online; it can be overwhelming to pick one!

Digital nomad backpack standing on a rock with a mountain and the sunset in the back.
Which digital nomad backpack will you choose?

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is a backpack to support you on your journey.

Let’s have a look at the best backpacks for digital nomads to fit your traveling style.

Best Carry-On Digital Nomad Backpack

If you’ve researched travel backpacks before, you most likely have come across the Osprey brand. This is the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads, as it is the perfect size to fit everything you need for your trip, while also meeting the carry-on restrictions for most airlines. Whether you are taking a city break or exploring the countryside, this bag is excellent for both. It’s resistant, comfortable, and you can fit 40L.

There is a lockable padded laptop compartment to keep your laptop safe. 

The backpack has a sleek design, with front compression straps to fit anything extra. This Osprey is a traveling backpack classic. 

Black backpack for digital nomads

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Best Digital Nomad Carry-On Duffel Bag

Carrying a backpack can get tiring when you have a lot of stuff. This bag is great because it’s versatile to carry. You can wear this convertible backpack in a few different ways to give your shoulders a break.  

You can opt for the classic backpack, a shoulder bag, or a hand carry bag. It’s excellent to use as a work bag or a gym bag on your travels – or both! The bag holds up to 60L, so there is room for all your day to day needs.

The bag is great for any trip – it is water-resistant, durable, holds all your items, and easy to carry. 

Black backpack duffel bag style

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Best Business Digital Nomad Backpack

If you travel with a lot of electronics, this is an excellent backpack for you. There are storage compartments for all your devices – a phone, a tablet, a keyboard, a mouse, a laptop – all your electronic goodies. The backpack can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

The backpack has a port for your headphones, so you can listen to your music or talk on your phone, hands-free.

There is a built-in USB charger on the outside, with a charging cable on the inside, so you can conveniently charge your phone on the go. 

The backpack has a sleek design, and looks like an expensive buy, but is available at an affordable price.

Blue digital nomad backpack

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Best Digital Nomad Baby Backpack

If you’re a digital nomad family, you need to be prepared for yourself and your family. 

This backpack is convenient, versatile, and cute! It’s a stylish diaper bag that stores all the necessities for your baby, including diapers, bottles, and toys. You are able to smartly organize all your items. On top of that, the backpack includes a waterproof changing pad and insulated bottle pockets to keep drinks cold. There is even a parent proof pocket, where you can conveniently access your valuables.

Lastly, there is a padded laptop pocket to keep your laptop safe. The backpack comes in a neutral style and colors, so it’s suitable for mom or dad to carry around.

 What else could you want as a digital nomad parent?

Giving your children the gift of travel from a young age, will educate and stick with them forever, and hopefully influence them to continue traveling as they grow. 

Grey digital nomad backpack when travelling with kids

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Best Digital Nomad Day Bag

Safety is usually something on most traveler’s minds as they venture to new places. You should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when navigating new and unknown streets. Unfortunately, petty theft, such as pickpocketing, is becoming more common around the world. One thing that can instantly ruin your trip is having something of yours stolen.

If you’re a digital nomad, you know just how important your laptop is to you – it’s what allows you to keep living your nomadic lifestyle.

This backpack is the perfect day bag, as it’s an anti-theft backpack. The backpack is made from anti-scratch and cut fabric. There are hidden zippers to the main pocket and a secret pocket in the back, so your stuff is not easily accessible while you are carrying it. There are tons of pockets inside the backpack to keep you organized and safe.

There is also a built-in charging cable inside, with the USB charging port on the outside, so you can charge your device anywhere and everywhere.

The backpack has a modern design and holds all your digital nomad accessories, and all for a great price!

There is enough to worry about when you travel, and this backpack helps to minimize some of those worries!

Black backpack with phone charger at the side

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Best Adventure Digital Nomad Backpack 

Exploring nature is one way to really get to know a place. This can be through walks, hikes, camping – whatever you enjoy!

However, you probably won’t want to bring your usual work bag out into the countryside. This backpack is the perfect adventure companion for your travels. It folds into a zipped inner pocket that you can easily pack for your trip. You can unfold it from the pocket, into a backpack in seconds.   

The backpack has mesh shoulder straps with plenty of padding to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. There is also a chest strap to help you lock your backpack in place securely, and take some strain off your back.

This backpack is perfect for the outdoors, as it is lightweight, yet durable, water-resistant, and comfortable. It also holds up to 35 L.

It comes in a range of fun prints and colors, all at an affordable price! It’s a great packing companion, as it won’t take up a lot of space, and you will always be ready for your next adventure.

Blue hiking backpack, different colour option on the side

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Best Trendy Digital Nomad Backpack

For the fashion-forward digital nomad, this backpack won’t clash with your look. It’s cute and stylish while also holding everything you need. You can carry the bag from the top handles as a tote bag, or wear it as a traditional backpack. 

The backpack has a wide opening, and stands up on its own, making it easy to pack for the day. There is a zip pocket in the back to hold your phone, keys or cards, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being able to access them.

The backpack also has side pockets big enough to hold your water bottle or coffee. 

The backpack comes in a few prints, but black is a good way to go, as it goes with everything.

Black trendy backpack with zippers.

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As a digital nomad, you’re regularly carrying around your essentials. From your passport to your laptop, all of these items are necessary for your digital nomad journey.  The backpacks mentioned in this article offer all the qualities of a great digital nomad backpack.

One of the most essential things you carry around is your laptop. All of the backpacks in this article offer a secure space for you to transport your laptop. 

Most of the backpacks are waterproof, which you don’t realize how important that is until you get caught in the rain. There are several compartments to keep you organized, and even secret compartments to keep your stuff safe.

After that, it’s up to you. How do you like to travel? Are you a digital nomad family? Do you love adventure? Or are you always traveling and on the go?

All of these backpacks come with great reviews, and at an affordable price. So which one will you choose?

Are you after more resources or gadgets for digital nomads? We’ve got you covered. Check out these posts here and here to get more digital nomad accessories inspo.

By Julia Jerg

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