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Becoming Limitless Review 2023: Should You Join? (Honest Opinion)

Searching for the next level of self-mastery?

It is a course present on the mind valley application by Vishen Lakhiani. This course is designed for the students who are wandering in search of self-mastery on the next level.

At a time, we all think that we are stuck at a place and our lives are just revolving around one particular schedule. We may feel as if we are not growing or evolving.

What about the dream I have been dreaming about for a long time? What about the hard work I have been doing? Why is everything stuck on a point in life? These are the various questions we cross paths within our mind.

Is there a missing feeling inside you? Is there something that is missing in your life due to which it is getting difficult for you to cope up with the modern world?

Many students are working for their personal development, and they are not able to cross the vast gap of what they are and what they wish they would be. This course by Vishen Lakhiani is designed to help these students to cross this bridge.

Due to the difficulties faced by us in crossing this bridge, we think that the people, who are at a position in their lives where they want to be, have some magical powers and they can shape their world according to the thoughts they have. They can bend reality according to their wishes. They do not wait for the opportunities to knock their door; instead, they create opportunities for themselves.

We think that those people are different from us, and we cannot achieve that phase of life. Yes, indeed, these people are different, but how? They have achieved the phase of life that we are yet to get to. Just because we have not just achieved the phase that does not mean we can not. 

Every person on this planet can achieve this phase of life and live with their hearts in the air. 

This course is now named as “Be Extraordinary”. In this course, you will realize that everyone is capable of achieving this self-mastery. 

How can you achieve this? This course will guide you throughout every step to take to achieve this phase of your life. In short, this level of self-mastery can be achieved by evolving your conscious level.

You can level up your life by directly levelling up your conscious level. This course is excellent for people who wish to be different. It provides the guide for every level and helps you get your level up.

Who is Vishen Lakhiani?

He is the founder of Mindvalley and the person who takes this course. He struggled in his initial phase of life. He was working as a salesman in Silicon Valley. We all are aware of the disgracious behaviour the salesman goes through. He was so tired of all the abuse, language barriers, hang-ups. He was emotionally drained.

Vishen Lakhiani

He then signed himself up in a meditation class to get his everyday life a little easier. But meditation provided him with a lot more than he expected. He not just gained relaxation and peace but also was able to get successful. 

He realized that in a significantly less period he was getting better in his job and he doubled his sale and was much more relaxed and worry-free.

He was continuously doing great and was doubling his sales every month. He started thinking about the reason behind it and then came across the concept of “bending reality”. He was mesmerized by the concept, and he focused on creating Mindvalley to make meditation get some light in the world.

He created his level of consciousness by adding up his 25 years worth study. He explains these levels in this course.

In this course, he has parted the framework into four stages:

  • The culture scape barrier
  • The awakening
  • Record yourself
  • Be extraordinary/ Becoming limitless

Becoming Limitless

Explanation about the course: Becoming Limitless

Millions of people are there on this planet, and each and every one of them is living their lives at a level one of these. These levels decide the way of living as well our capacity for peace, success, fulfilment, impact and connection. 

Most of the time, people spend their entire life just being on a lower level, and they take themselves to be ordinary, but it is not that difficult to rise to any higher level. What we need is just patience and guidance. This course provides you with guidance and tells you the right steps to take to achieve the magical phase of life.

Being an extraordinary framework at the first step helps you decide the correct level at which you are living their life. This course also provides you with insights and tools to rise to another higher level.

Let us go through the levels discussed in the course:


This level is filled with the maximum percentage of the people around the world. In this level, people live their lives according to the conditions given to them. They do not think much, and they live their lives without asking several questions. These people work under the guidance of culture, society and education. 

The people at this level are so focused on fulfilling their ego and are just following the old social norms. These people are not aware of any kind of life except the traditional 9-5 job, marriage and then having kids, buying a house for kids and raising them.

Their primary purpose of life is just surviving, and in the process, they sacrifice their gift and purpose of their life. They concentrate on pleasing society somehow.

To rise from this level, you need to ask for questions against the human pattern. When you start to ask questions and do not just follow everything the society says then you have started to grow.

Level 2:

This level is also called the “Thoughts Create Reality stage”. Personal growth resides at this level. Here in this step, after asking a question now, you start to search for various ways to express yourself to the world. It may be emotionally or in a way where you can achieve better places in your professional life. 

In this, you discover the concepts of speed learning, meditation, fitness hacking and personal transformation. When you start discovering these concepts and start to follow them, then you have raised to a higher level from the everyday world. 

The people in this stage start to look through the veil placed on their minds by the cultural norms and society. They then get that they do not need to be the person society wants them to be instead, they start realizing the person they want to be.

They get their mind clear with the idea of life happening “for them” and not “to them”. After this realization, they start shaping their reality into the one they want.

At this level, people realize that your emotions and your thoughts do change your life at a more significant impact. You are now free from the race everyone is participating in without even thinking, and you get to experience things that are not easy to understand for ordinary people

Level 3:

This is the magical stage.

Till this level, you have gone through the questioning stage, and till now, you have questioned many beliefs of the traditional world. At this level, you will start to feel something new inside you. You will get introduced with some new qualities in you. You start being “a servant to a higher calling”.

These qualities can be the feeling of connectedness with the existence of all the living things, and you will start practising humanity concept more often. You will feel you are tapped into your self made inner wisdom and intuitions. 

You realize the true identity of your life, the purpose of your life. People at this stage will stop being judgemental and will start embracing everything around them. After this stage, the person will get luck and success all with him/her.

You will hence feel so much power that the passion inside you will increase up too.

At this level, your thoughts will start becoming a reality, and you will now create new opportunities for yourself. You will start feeling a connection with a higher power, and it will boost up your self-confidence.

Level 4:

In this level, you will learn to use the new qualities you are experiencing in yourself. Vishen says that this stage is challenging to get to, and not every person can get settled on this stage. The course will focus more on guiding you to reach level 3 first.

The creator of this course is Vishen Lakhiani. He is also the founder of Mindvalley. Mindvalley is a great educational platform. Over 15 years of his life, he has been spending his time reimagining the experiences faced by humans, and he is exploring the science behind guiding people to reach the maximum of their potential.

He guided Mindvalley to enter the market and prepare fortune 500 governments, companies and millions of people all over the world to be the best version of themselves. His work in personal growth has extended to help the public sector a lot. He is guiding us to evolve our lives to rise to a higher level. 

The course module:Becoming Limitless 

It is parted in 8 modules-

  • 1st Module- In this module, Vishen tells you about the framework of this course. He takes you through the reality check of our lives. He encourages you to break the social norms and dream big.
  • 2nd Module- This module teaches you to heal yourself from all the past wounds and encourage you to forgive the people who are the reason for your bad experiences in life. This will lead your mind to inner peace, and you will embrace the maximum potential.
  • 3rd Module- In this module, Vishen guides you to go beyond just the peace you are getting till now and to go the stage where you will get the real joy of life. This part guide you to navigate your emotions, and will you will be guided to hack your happiness so that you can be happy whenever you want to be. This module revolves around forgiveness, active gratitude, presence, self-love and the concept of “I am enough”. The best part of the module is the way he makes the connection between the slowing the ageing process and the emotional well being.
  • 4th module- It is all about making the way to systemize thinking. He will guide you to connect yourself with the purpose of your life. According to Vishen, this will decrease the stress level, and you will lose the anxiety you feel.
  • 5th module- In this module, he will teach you to strengthen your intuitions. You will generate a 6th sense that will help you reach the goals in your life. You will be able to see the new opportunities around you and will create new ones too.
  • 6th module- This module guides you to be ready to enter stage 3, and you can create your results fast. The module tells us about the concept of “bending reality”.
  • 7th module- The module provides you with the tools to go for your life so that you can think about the highest level of success you can imagine. 
  • 8th module- This module will guide you through inspiring people around you about the vision. Everyone doesn’t need to believe in you. Otherwise, you cannot get better. No, this is not the concept behind it. Instead, this is to guide others as well to get better like you. They will contribute to your vision or the purpose of your life. This module will guide you with the ways to influence the right people who can help you in the purpose of your life.

Becoming Limitless Review

In the course, Vishen talks about Steve Jobs and Richard Branson being able to “bend reality” and “tap into altered state” respectively. For him, the concept of “working hard” to be successful is not very logical. He thinks it is just a myth.

This myth is spoonfed to every person starting from our childhood. This concept is going on through the centuries, and this concept is wrong. This concept has made many people work hard, but there are no results.

In my opinion, indeed, the situation we faced is generally the outcome of our thoughts. If we are pessimistic about the situation, then there are larger chances that the result will be negative and vice versa.

When Vishen started to talk about this particular concept, I got interested and was so much into the course that I wanted to join it and complete it well. 

I always think there is something to learn in this world. No one can say that they know everything and do not have anything left that is left to learn—people who have achieved great heights in their life never stop learning and raising their level of knowledge.

In my opinion, whenever we learn something from anyone, we tap into their energy on a very subtle basis.

Vishen Lakhani is a great man full of intelligence, and he is thriving too. 

Yes, indeed the course is a lot of expense to the pocket. Like come on as being practical, we never think to invest $545 on a personality development course. We always ask this question: do I need a personality development course? Can’t I learn myself?

We need to go through the positive and negative points of the course for deciding whether it is worth the money or not. As for everyone, the worth of money is different.

Pros & Cons:Becoming Limitless Review

Pros of the course:

  • Great investment for the future
  • You will get the secrets behind success directly from Vishen Lakhiani.
  • Mindvalley is an educational platform that is trusted worldwide.
  • The course will provide you with the material forever, and hence you have access for your whole life. You can re-watch the course once again anytime in your future.
  • You can also pay the course money in instalments. This can get easier for the pocket.
  • You’re almost all limitations will get dropped till level 3.
  • Easy to understand. Vishen is very clear about the points he wants to explain.
  • Full access to the Mindvalley community that let you get introduced with like-minded people.
  • You will form a greater sense of purpose and the connection.
  • The concept of law of attraction will be more transparent, and you will think more about the positive things that will at least enhance your mental health.
  • The course is worth the money.
  • Modules contain techniques that need actions to help you level up your life.
  • Mindvalley offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of the product:

  • The course cost is high.
  • The course is quite large, and you need to give extra time for it. It would help if you gave about 90 minutes a week for eight weeks.
  • Though the course is said to “Be limitless” but still there is no guidance for being on the last stage that is difficult to get up to. That can be the reason for changing the name of the course to “Be extraordinary”.
  • You can not directly speak to Vishen as the modules are pre-recorded.

Conclusion: Becoming Limitless Review

At last, I would really recommend the course to everyone as it is great to be able to know these concepts. They will help you find the purpose of your life. You will be able to come out of the false image of reality. You will be able to get out of the feeling of being stuck in your life. This is a great course and will surely help.

By Julia Jerg

Julia is the founder and chief editor of Jey Jetter, a site that showcases the option of working remotely and travel as much as you like. Julia is a former PR/marketing consultant who turned into a remote working social media manager, travel writer and public speaker living location independently since 2011. She has been to 86 countries on all 6 continents and lived in several different countries for more than six months. Her laptop is her office and the label 'digital nomad' fits best to describe her lifestyle. On this site, she writes about personal freedom, remote work and her passion for travelling.

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